Not Just Data, But Money, Too: pCloud Expands Referral Program

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If you’re a pCloud user and are as impressed with the service as we are, you may want to check out their new referral program. Where before each referral netted users an extra 1GB of storage space when a friend signed up, now there’s also a cash reward of five bucks involved.

It’s not just beneficial for you, either, as the friend in question will get the first month of pCloud for free, rather than pay $5. If after that first month they decide pCloud is for them (and they likely will as it’s a pretty great program), you get $5 cash back into your account.

Everyone’s a winner and can go home happy.

The way it works is simple: there’s a new button on the right-hand side of the pCloud dashboard. Click it, enter the email addresses of the friends you’d like to gift a free month of pCloud to and they can take it from there.

This may be the easiest money you’ve ever made, so why not give it a shot?

As long as your pCloud account is active, you’ll keep collecting $5 for each referral that signs up.

This deal is applicable to all current users, so even if you’re currently not paying for pCloud you’re eligible. If you like pCloud as much as we do, spread the word and make some money.

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