Free Cloud Storage in 2017: Top Five Providers with Large Free Service Plans

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Finding a cloud storage provider is easy, but finding one with a lot of free storage space and all the features you require is much more difficult. has put together a guide on finding the best cloud storage providers with plenty of free space for that very reason, so you won’t have to traverse the cloud storage jungle alone.

New cloud storage providers often offer generous free storage plans to get more users, but they soon get discontinued (even Microsoft did it). Not to mention that with new providers there is always a risk of the entire company shutting down.

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The Best Free Cloud Storage Providers of 2017

If you, too, are faced with the same dilemma, then today’s your lucky day. We have researched and found the five top cloud storage providers with large free service plans and great features; each of our top five has been offering these plans for quite some time, to boot.

After we pitted them against each other, pCloud came out as the clear winner thanks to its 10GB of free storage space (expandable to 20GB), clean interface, fast syncing and easy file restoration.

What Makes an Online Storage Service the Best Free Service Provider

The good news is that cloud storage providers are giving up to 100GB of storage space away. The sad news is that it comes with some restrictions. You can’t, after all, have your cake and eat it, too.

Start by analyzing how much storage space you will need and then decide how much privacy you require. If the files you want to store on the cloud are critical and you are only looking for file syncing, then you might want to opt for one of our best zero-knowledge providers like with 5GB free storage that can you can extend through referrals.

MEGA can be an excellent option if privacy is crucial to you, but you still need more space. It comes with 50GB of free storage space, secured through private encryption. Its up- and download speed is a bit slow, however.

On the other hand, if you are looking for more space, seamless web and mobile interface and automated backups, but end-to-end encryption isn’t something you need, then pCloud can be an excellent choice, with its 20GB of free storage.

If you are solely looking for large free storage with not many extra features, then go for a provider like Degoo with 100GB free storage. There is no web interface, file syncing or scheduling, but, hey, you can’t ask for too much when you are already getting 100GB for free.

Top Five Providers with Large Free Service Plans

Without further ado, let’s take a look at our rundown of providers.


With 10GB of storage space. expandable to over 20GB, pCloud provides its users with efficient syncing, backup and file sharing, which is why it’s on the top of our list.  While there may be providers on our list offering more free storage space than pCloud, they don’t provide quite as many extra functions.

Users get 10GB storage right after signing up to pCloud. You can get the extra 10GB by following a series of extra steps, like sending referral links to your friends (both you and your friends get an additional 1GB) or by linking your social media accounts with pCloud.

In fact, pCloud has a dedicated page for getting more space, with all the ways through which you can get extra free storage space. 

Other Reasons We Like pCloud

pCloud’s interface is clean and easy to navigate. Its web app has all the necessary buttons located on the left and the desktop apps are just as good. It also has a “rewind” option which lets users find previous versions of files from up to 180 days ago. The visual scale with the number of days on it makes finding the right version easy.

pCloud is also the only storage provider on the list which has an option to generate both download and upload links, allowing someone other than the account owner to upload files without having to create a separate pCloud account.

Also, when you upload files to pCloud, they get automatically placed in different folders depending on the file type. So, image files go into “my pictures,” music files go into “my music” and so on. Check out our complete pCloud review for more details. provides 5GB free storage space for all users, which can be further extended by either following bonus steps or inviting friends to sign up.

5GB may seem like a rather small amount, but this is offset by not setting a limit to the extra free storage you can gain through referrals. You can invite as many friends as you would like and for every friend who signs up, you both get an additional 1GB of storage.

Apart from a referral signup link, also provides a referral code which your friends can use even after they have already signed up. If you have any other friends that are users, you can just ask them to enter your referral code (or vice versa) to get 1GB of additional space. It might seem like a small feature, but when you are looking for free storage space, every little bit counts.

Other Reasons We Like is our favorite secure alternative to Dropbox thanks to its fantastic zero-knowledge security. That means your data is encrypted locally and then transferred to the cloud and even employees have no knowledge about what data you are storing. also provides seamless file syncing across multiple devices and secure file sharing. The files shared via links can also be password protected for further security.

If that was not enough, also allows users to disable password reset and enable two-factor authentication. Check out tour complete review to know what makes it a great file storage service.


MEGA provides 50GB free storage space for all users, though there are some conditions that made us decide to place MEGA third on this list.

For starters, there is a bandwidth limitation on the amount of data that a user can download or upload in a given time, which invariably leads to slower speeds that can be rather annoying. Luckily, there are browsers extensions for both Chrome and Firefox which claim to increase overall performance.

With 50GB of storage space already available for free, there are understandably no referral programs available.

Overall, MEGA can be a good option for you if you are looking for cloud storage to backup all your data for an unforeseen event and don’t need any file syncing on a daily basis. If you are looking for a more efficient, all-in-one cloud storage provider, then MEGA might not be for you.

Other Reasons We Like MEGA

MEGA provides great private encryption. None of your passwords will get saved on MEGA’s servers, providing extra protection. Forgetting a password, however, can create a huge headache.

Luckily, MEGA gets around this issue by providing users with a master key which is in the form of a text file. The master key is available for download at the time of signing up. Check out our complete MEGA review to know more about it.


100GB free storage space and yet Degoo only makes it to the fourth place on our list? Well, that is because Degoo is a cloud backup provider. It does not provide file syncing and a number of other crucial features expected from a cloud storage provider.

We had to include Degoo on our list just because 100GB free space is too good to not mention. As you might have already guessed, it provides the highest storage space among all the other providers on our list.

You can further expand this 100GB storage space by referring Degoo to friends. For every referral, you get 3GB and you can get a maximum of 500GB storage space this way. So all in all, there is 100GB + up to 500GB of free storage space available with Degoo.

Much like MEGA, however, it lacks in essential features like file syncing, sharing and backup scheduling. That is why Degoo ends up being an average cloud backup provider and nothing more.

Other Reasons We Like Degoo

Since Degoo has its headquarters in Sweden, it’s more privacy friendly and also outside the reach of the NSA, which automatically makes it much more secure.

You can also connect multiple devices with Degoo, including your laptops and mobile phones. Scheduled backups aren’t possible; instead, Degoo automatically backups up data every 24 hours. It does have an incremental backup option which means only those files are uploaded that were modified since the last backup.

Encryption only happens when the data is in transit and on server-side. It goes without saying that end-to-end encryption would have made Degoo an excellent choice and probably got it a higher position on our list. Check out the full Degoo review for more details.


hubiC is a rather new player in the cloud storage field, which is probably the reason why you might not have heard of it. Since it’s new, it’s trying to get ahead of the competition by providing users with 25GB free storage space.

If that isn’t enough, hubiC also offers a generous referral plan where you can earn up to 25GB of storage space by recommending hubiC to a maximum of five people. And every friend who uses your referral code also gets free 5GB storage space.

You can either invite friends through Facebook, Twitter or email. There is also a code that you can directly share with your friends which they would have to enter at the time of signing up.

However, hubiC is last for a reason: it’s security leaves much to be desired. Files are only encrypted when they are in transit and there is no local-side or server-side encryption, making hubiC the least secure cloud storage provider on this list.

The free 25GB storage space might sound good, but MEGA provides 50GB storage space with private encryption and Degoo provides 100GB storage space with transit and server-side encryption.

Other Reasons We Like hubiC

hubiC has both backup and file syncing functionalities. Uploads and downloads are possible through the desktop app or the web app.

File sharing is also pretty straightforward. Users can generate a link, send it via email or directly copy and paste it. Shared links can also be password-protected for extra safety.

hubiC has a mobile app as well, but it’s rather buggy and there been no update to it since 2014. Luckily, hubiC’s web interface is pretty clean which more than makes up for the mobile app. Check out our complete hubiC review to know more about this service..

Honorable Mention: IDrive

A cloud backup provider, IDrive also offers seamless file syncing, sharing and private encryption. With only 10GB of free storage space and no referral program, however, IDrive doesn’t quite make the cut.

Unlike other cloud providers with accumulative storage space, IDrive segments its backup and file syncing space. So, every user gets 5GB backup space and 5GB syncing space.

If you don’t mind making do with just 10GB of free storage, then IDrive can be a great option for you. has an extensive IDrive review which explains why it’s one of our preferred cloud backup providers.


As you can see, there are plenty of options to choose from if you’re looking for free storage service plans. If for some reason you can’t quite find what you’re looking for here, you may want to check out our list of cloud storage reviews.

Each cloud storage provider on our list offers something that others don’t. Finding the right provider for you will strictly depend on your storage needs and other requirements. We recommend checking how much storage you need and then comparing the list of providers.

pCloud and are two stalwarts and we will always recommend either of these two excellent services to anyone. However, MEGA, Degoo and hubiC do have their moments as well, making the decision maybe less clear-cut.

Which free cloud storage provider do you use? Please let us know in the comments below and thank you for reading.

31 thoughts on “Free Cloud Storage in 2017: Top Five Providers with Large Free Service Plans”

    1. weiyun storage is only available for Chinese or those with a Mainland Chinese number. So yea they wouldn’t be listed here.

      1. Nope, you can actually click on a tiny link under the mobile number field and change your country 😉

      2. Actually, you can sign up with phone number from anywhere. Example: for a number in the US do +1##########.
        If you need to you can sign up from their phone app which was super painless.

        And it’s not 11TB, it’s 1TB.

        If you need 4TB you can get a 360microcloud account at
        then all you do is log in from your phone and the desktop app and boom, 4tb.
        The only big hoop is that you need to go to your account info on and add your email so you can log in from the PC client.

        Just thought it’d be worth the mention.

      3. Not true, you can sign from any country, you just have to click in the link just below the edit box to select another country.

      4. I searched Google for them & there is an English version, site & app:-) 11tb for free gonna test it right away

    2. Now, as of 1/16/2017 weiyun cut its free storage to 10GB per user, and you have to translate from Mandarin to sign up

  1. How can we be sure that our files will never be lost, e.g., when the company goes out of business or decides to end its online storage service? I need to learn more about the history and future direction of each company before I entrust my precious files to them.

    1. This is the thing which happened to me . I was signed in a small cloud storage which after decided to end their service after 5 years. They sent me a email regarding that and i was sent a link for downloading all files or another was quite interesting. They were giving me WD disk with all my cloud files loaded in that at a discounted price. The service is big , so something solution may be figured out

    2. You can always use more than one as a backup, and have n copies of each file stored on n storage sites.

  2. “ADrive is a company that believes in free storage.”

    not anymore 🙁 they’re cutting off their free plan and turning adrive into premium only…

  3. Thanks for the heads up about Adrive. Never received an email saying it was closing the free account (nor did 2 friends I checked with). Signed on today and see I need to move 45GB of data – grrrr!

  4. What happens to my data if company fails and is extinct?
    I’d go for MEGA top of the list but who knows how secure files are in it.

  5. Hi,
    Thanks for the list, before I always stick with the 3 well known cloud service company and now I have others to use. I will create account on each service on your list.

    1. MEGA is well known, and it also offers even better encryption than GDrive or any of the others, and it doesn’t send your data to the NSA whenever they ask for it (I think they will delete stuff to comply with DMCA takedown requests, you know, so they don’t get sued and shut down again)

  6. Hi everyone,
    I’m using one-drive, google-drive, drop box, and also I started to use Mega.
    I don’t know which one is secure and I will not lose my files, and which of these cloud drives are safe and trust-able.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Sayed, that is a smart question, with lot’s of opinions, I’m sure. It also happens to be something I’ve been learning a lot about myself lately :). Personally, I like to use two options: I use Google Drive for work because I like the tools, while I use a Sync for personal files, because of it’s zero knowledge architecture, which is best for security. But I do like Mega, too, which is also zero knowledge. We have many articles on good cloud storage solutions that will help you learn more about this. Such as:

  7. Mega sounds attractive, but isn’t this started by Kim Dotcom of Megaupload fame? He is currently being hounded by the U.S. Department of Justice.

  8. I use a simple copies rule:
    “If you have a one copy (of your files), it’s like you don’t have any copy. If you have two copies, consider you have one. If you have three copies, consider you have two.”

    So I try to have at least two or three copies of my important files in different places – external HDD or cloud. I don’t trust in any cloud service 100%. You never know when the day X will come and they’ll quit their service.

  9. Unfortunatelly we are more and more forced into paid subscriptions. Some months ago, there was a myriad of free storage services like Copy, Surdoc, MEOCloud, LG Storage, and so on… Then, one by one, these services started to stop its activities (MEOCloud didn’t stop, but limited the use for Portuguese users). I Still use Mega, Dropbox, pCloud, Yandex, Degoo (to backup a folder of my PC), Hubic, BOX, MediaFire, Amazon Cloud Drive and Asus Webstorage for free. But as I can’t neither complain nor get surprised if the above mentioned companies shut down their free storage services, I had to sign up for a 100 GB Google Drive account for USD 1.99/mo and I got a 1-year-free 1 TB account at MS Onedrive because I bought an Office 360 subscription. P.S.: I felt particularly upset about LG Cloud Drive because it was the one cloud software available in my smart tv. But, life goes on. Now, I must focus on my Google Drive and OneDrive. I still use the other existing services, but only in rare cases.

  10. Awesome suggestion. I personally use Dropbox and Google drive to store my website backup and other personal files. But my storage size is almost exhausted and currently looking for best alternatives.

  11. It is said that Degoo doesn’t save other user’s data to your hard disk any more(p2p), they use the mainstream servers now but reading the terms and conditions you agree to just that. So do they or don’t they?

  12. Hi,everyone!
    A few thoughts on the storage business.
    1.I completely agree with Dave’s comment (Unfortunately,
    we are more and more forced into paid subscriptions. )
    2.DEGOO- it might be lovely but it’s a problem to switch
    (log in-log out) to another account—their help says you
    have to rename an account to log in to a different on) —
    cumbersome,time consuming and boring.What happens
    if I have to use up to 20 accounts per day?
    3.YUNPAN 360 CN (WANGPAN) — Although they claim 36
    TB the upload is extremely slow on my PC with 100
    mbps !!! Yakkk!!!
    4.WEIYUN (TENCENT) – Uploading is limited and a propos,
    do you you all have a good command at Chinese? Only
    the simplified version of it? LUCKY YOU !!!

    In a nutshell — back to square one?

  13. I’ve tried many, but Mega, Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive are the best…pCloud is greatoo…II use it to stream music

  14. I personally use the iCloud for my photos and documents and have a another backup on Mega. $1/month for 50GB is pretty decnt and Mega is free which is even better. But I need more storage and don’t wanna pay $10/ month for a TB storage so how bout open source services?
    Has anyone used any of them? I would love to get some feedback on some of these services such OwnCloud, NextCloud, SeaFile, Tonido, Pydio and many more!

    1. I can highly recommend nextcloud if you have a bit of the knowledge and/or patience required to get it up and running!

  15. Thanks for this list of cloud service providers. From what i can observe, it seems like you take your time to research the information. Good job and Kundos to you. I hope in the future when you revisit the list you may also want to include a service provider called They are running a sign-up promotion of 100GB. I just signed up with them so my take of their service is good thus far.

  16. I’m just curious, why did no one mention Box, which seems to have a favourable choice of applications and is strong on the sharing?
    Could some one express his/her experience with Box?

    1. Hi Robert,

      We’re actually working on an in-depth Box review right now, which will be published within a week or two. However, as free storage space goes, Box would still not end up in our top five, here.

      Fergus (chief editor)

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