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Petar Momčilović

Petar Momčilović

Graphic Designer

  • LinkedIn
  • Location Serbia
  • Joined in March 2024

Snap Shot

Petar Momčilović is a graphic designer for Cloudwards.

Background & Education

Petar Momčilović is a member of Cloudwards’ talented team of graphic designers. With a background encompassing a wide array of projects, Petar’s versatility and creativity are evident in every visual he creates. 

Prior to joining Cloudwards, Petar honed his skills by working on various projects, refining his craft and embracing new design techniques. His experience allows him to seamlessly integrate innovative design concepts into Cloudwards’ visual identity, pushing the boundaries of creativity and delivering impactful visuals.

Although design is his profession, he finds joy in creating different types of visuals every day, including posters, flyers, website concepts and more. Additionally, Petar is a big fan of mixed martial arts and practices Brazilian jiu-jitzu, which fuels his passion for discipline and focus in both his personal and professional life.

Petar graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Nis, in 2022, with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Communications. His educational background provides a solid foundation for his work in graphic design, allowing him to effectively communicate messages through visual storytelling.

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