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Eugenie Tiu

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Eugenie Tiu is an editorial assistant who splits her time between fact-checking and marketing outreach for Cloudwards.

Background & Education

Eugenie Tiu combines her extensive background in English education and her sharp eye for detail in her role as an editorial assistant. With over two years at Cloudwards, Eugenie has honed her expertise in a broad array of topics including parental control apps, VPNs, cloud solutions and project management tools. Prior to Cloudwards, her six-year tenure as an English language teacher and subsequent digital marketing roles have provided her with a solid foundation in language mastery and SEO, which she skillfully applies to fact-checking and content creation.

Her personal travel blog showcases her writing prowess and offers insightful perspectives into the numerous countries she’s explored. Eugenie’s multifaceted experiences and education enable her to bring a richly informed viewpoint to the Cloudwards team, enhancing the accuracy and reliability of information presented to readers.

Eugenie Tiu is an alumnus of De La Salle University, Manila, where she received her Bachelor of Secondary Education, majoring in English. She furthered her academic journey at Osaka University, Japan, earning a Master of Human Science. Committed to continuous learning, Eugenie has also expanded her skill set through writing and editing courses on Coursera.

Outside of her professional sphere, Eugenie’s passion extends to creative writing about her extensive travels, enjoying a diverse range of music genres and engaging with aviation and crime documentaries, allowing her to bring a broad perspective to her work at Cloudwards.

Media Inquiries

You can contact Eugenie at eugenie[at]

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