5 Best VPN for Windows 2017

Best VPN for Windows

Windows has been a part of the technology scene since the early days of personal computing and the Internet’s development.

Their software has dominated various markets for the last 30 years, while making leaps and bounds in the technology world.

Starting originally with DOS, Microsoft eventually made their first GUI operating system with Windows 1.0 in 1985.

Since then, Microsoft has been creating a new operating system every few years, until the latest release of their software — Windows 10.

Which is expected to be the last Windows operating system they release.

Even though their operating systems are ubiquitous around the world, Microsoft has developed a reputation over the years of creating software rich with:

  • Flaws

  • Bugs

  • Privacy concerns

  • Security issues

Best VPN for Windows 2017

Windows… A Security Nightmare

Though many disgruntled users have encountered the infamous ‘blue screen of death,’ there are other concerns which pose far greater threats.

The largest flaws found in any Windows operating systems relate to security, because these flaws have the potential to compromise your data.

Most users have heard that Windows is one of the least secure operating systems ever created, and that it is prone to viruses, malware, and susceptible to hackers.

Not surprisingly, this isn’t too far from the truth.

Microsoft and PPTP

Many Windows users are tempted to use PPTP to establish a VPN tunnel on Microsoft platforms. \

For those of you who don’t know, Microsoft created PPTP back in 1996. That’s one of the reasons why PPTP software is included by default in the software.

However, you should refrain from using this security protocol unless it is a last resort.

PPTP has been known to contain security flaws for decades now, and it offers weak encryption.

To browse the Internet with peace of mind, users should really use the latest and greatest encryption algorithms that cannot be cracked, hacked, or broken (such as AES-256).

However, PPTP still does  provide some marginal value. We already know that the US government (and likely other organizations around the world) have the ability to decrypt data sent through a PPTP tunnel.

Having said that, the average hacker may not have the means to break the tunnel’s encryption.

Still, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and users are better off not taking the risk in the first place.

Windows 10 Security Flaws

Windows users always need to be up-to-date with the latest and greatest security flaws of their operating system.

However, with the introduction of Windows 10, we’ve seen a paradigm shift regarding the types of information security and privacy threats that exist.

Today, there is a new kind of threat lurking in Windows 10.

In the past, the most common Windows flaws and bugs made it easier for attackers to hack into a computer to steal information.

While there are still similar security flaws in Windows 10, users must understand the largest threat that Windows poses is the sharing of personal data.

Microsoft knows the average user doesn’t know the technical meaning of various Windows terms and configuration options.

Because it isn’t open source software, the general public doesn’t really have a clear idea of how the software functions behind the scenes.

Such factors make it very easy for Microsoft to create mechanisms in Windows 10 that share a lot of personal data with external parties.

A few of the settings that should be turned off or changed from their default state include the following:

  • Privacy data
  • Location and telemetry data
  • Cortana
  • Group policies send information back to Microsoft
  • The default update mechanism

For users that are either going to upgrade or install a new version of Windows 10, you can (and should) disable these settings from the get-go.

When a user reaches one of the first installation screens titled ‘Get going fast,’ an option can be seen in the lower-left hand corner that is labeled ‘Customize settings.

The next screen seen after clicking on this option will display four on/off switches that can be toggled to change the default settings.

For the highest level of security and privacy, all of these settings should be turned off.

It really isn’t Microsoft’s business what users do on their computers, and it really seems a little underhanded that they would collect all of this information by default.

To enhance your security, let’s take a closer look at the best VPNs for Windows 10 in 2016.

Before we do, understand that these are the best current VPN services for recent Windows platforms as well (such as 8 and 7), and they also work with Windows phones.

1. ExpressVPN

Express VPN Homepage
Visit www.expressvpn.com

ExpressVPN does a decent job of providing setup instructions for Windows 10 users, and they offer a complete, well-rounded service with fast and reliable server connections.

Users will be able to take advantage of the latest encryption standards for extremely secure tunnels, and ExpressVPN has servers in 100 locations across 78 countries around the world.

This is important for people who want the flexibility to terminate their VPN connection in a neighboring country to decrease latency overhead.

In addition, ExpressVPN has a 30-day money back guarantee. While they don’t offer a free trial, most people agree that an entire month is more than adequate time to test out a service.

However, there are a couple drawbacks to their service. They cost a little more per month than many other VPN providers, though we feel that the quality of their service justifies the cost.

The second drawback is the fact they only allow connections from 1 computer and 1 hand-held device per account.

ExpressVPN Pros:

ExpressVPN Cons:

2. VyprVPN

Visit www.vyprvpn.com

VyprVPN is a clear choice as one of the best VPNs for Windows 10, because they are based outside of the US.

We discussed earlier how Microsoft farms personal data via Express Settings, but many users also fear the US government coercing technology companies to create back doors into their software.

This fear derives from the information leaked by Snowden, but VyprVPN users don’t need to worry about this, since Vypr is  based in Switzerland.

However, there are other attractive features of the service such as a free trial that gives users a chance to test out their servers.

Today, they have 700+ servers in 50 countries, and they even have cool software features such as a kill-switch and the ability to route specific applications through the VPN tunnel.

VyprVPN Pros:

VyprVPN Cons:

3. Torguard VPN

Visit www.torguard.net

Torguard VPN is another fantastic service on Windows 10. Like previous providers, they have a setup guide on their blog that shows users how to setup their client in Windows 10. They also have the added benefit of being based in Panama, therefore being free from the influence and coercion of the US government.

Unlike the previous two VPN services, however, they allow up to 5 simulations connections per account. That way, you can connect smartphones, tablets, and other devices. In addition, they have extra options such as a proxy service to help enhance security.

But the real drawback of their service is that their client isn’t as feature-rich as other providers, and some of their servers don’t offer the strongest security protocols.

Torguard Pros:

Torguard Cons:

4. BolehVPN

VPN Comparison
BolehVPN Home
Visit www.bolehvpn.net

BolehVPN ranks fourth on our list of the best VPNs for Windows 10, and they offer a great service loaded with features. First and foremost, they offer secure protocols such as L2TP/IPsec and OpenVPN. In addition, users can benefit from their very favorable no-logs policy and can rest assured that their activities aren’t being recorded.

They even allow P2P to accommodate BitTorrent users. P2P downloaders might also be interested to know they have a unique torrent tracker called IPTorrents.

There are a couple drawbacks, though. For example, they only allow up to 2 simultaneous connections per account and have servers located in only 11 countries. Having said that, they do offer a fantastic all-around service that’s loaded with features to protect your data, privacy, and anonymity.

BolehVPN Pros:

BolehVPN Cons:

5. AirVPN

Visit www.airvpn.org

AirVPN is our last pick for the day, and it comes with many enticing features. Because of their strong server presence in Europe, the company is a fantastic choice for European users who want to terminate their VPN connections in a nearby country. They aren’t priced too highly either.

A one year subscription will only cost €4.50 ($4.96) per month.

Some of the best features of their service include strong encryption with AES-256 and 4096-bit RSA keys, P2P support for torrent downloads, and a network of internal servers for origin obfuscation. They even show users real-time server data to help them find a server with the most capacity.

AirVPN Pros:

AirVPN Cons:

In Summary…

Windows 10 is touted as  the last operating system in a 30 year long technology dynasty, but it still has serious security flaws.

Remember to turn off the default settings which send data to organizations and Microsoft. These default settings are a massive invasion of privacy.

Rank Company Score Price Devices Link
1 Winner
$ 12.95 per monthAll Plans
3 www.expressvpn.com
$ 9.99 per monthAll Plans
1 www.goldenfrog.com
$ 9.99 per monthAll Plans
5 www.torguard.net
$ 9.99 per monthAll Plans
2 www.bolehvpn.net
$ 7.75 per monthAll Plans
3 www.airvpn.org

In addition, users should refrain from using PPTP – even though the software is readily available and easy to use and configure.

Lastly, because of the security flaws found in Microsoft’s operating systems, and the nature of the Internet, Windows users should always use a VPN tunnel to secure their data online.

If users forgo the use of VPN encryption, there’s no telling who might capture and read an innocent user’s information.

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