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Online Dating Statistics

25 Online Dating Statistics & Trends in 2024

Tinder, Hinge, – the online dating industry is booming, with millions of users making dating platforms their preferred get-to-know-me method. We’ve put together 25 online dating statistics that show you what’s going on in the industry.

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Online dating has rapidly gained popularity in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. Platforms like Tinder, Hinge, and others have made it incredibly easy to create a profile and meet single people outside your circles. To explore the online dating industry, we’ve put together a list of our favorite online dating statistics. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Online dating platforms aren’t going away anytime soon — their popularity is on the rise, with new users registering every day. 
  • The majority of online daters claim that it’s “somewhat easy” to find compatible partners. 
  • Dating app revenue was $5.61 billion in 2021, even though Tinder — the most popular app — has a free version.
  • Tinder is the go-to dating platform nowadays, but it has strong competition in rivals like Bumble and Hinge. 

Not only are we going to look at online dating sites and how they’re being used, but we’ll also look at the demographics of online daters to better understand what’s going on in the industry. We’ll also touch upon the popularity of each app. (Spoiler alert: Tinder is the most popular online dating app by a long stretch.) 

It’s an industry with incredible variety in terms of both users and apps. Here are 25 online dating statistics to help paint the picture of the online dating landscape. 

online dating statistics by the numbers
Online dating statistics by the numbers.

Online Dating Statistics: User Data

dating app increase
The number of users on online dating apps and sites continues to increase.

1. The Number of Dating App Users Grew to 366 Million in 2022

Even though dating apps have been around for a lot longer than five years, they have exploded in popularity since 2016, when there were 240.9 million dating app users worldwide. In 2022, that number jumped up to 366 million users.10

Millions of Dating App Users Worldwide

2. 19% of Internet Users Are Currently Using an Online Dating Platform

In a recent study, 19% of internet users in the United States claimed they were currently using an online dating app or platform. Even more interesting, a further 27% of participants claimed to have used an online dating app in the past.2

Percent of Americans Who Have Used Dating Sites

3. Different Age Groups Have Different App Preferences

The youngest folks who use dating apps — those from 18 to 29 years old — have a strong preference for Tinder. Given the platform’s playful style and a user preference for less serious flings, this may not be that much of a surprise. To add to this, Tinder is free, though it does have a paid plan. 

Users from 30 to 64 years old prefer, a platform that’s somewhat more serious than Tinder. Users over 65 (only 20% of whom use dating apps) prefer either eHarmony or religious dating sites, tied at 4% each.2

4. LGBTQ Users Are Twice as Likely to Use a Dating App 

According to Pew Research, 55% of LGBTQ adults said they have used a dating app, compared to 28% of straight adults. About 21% of LGBTQ online daters say they’ve either been in a committed relationship with or married someone they met through a dating platform, compared to just 11% of straight users.7

LGBTQ dating online
More than half of LGBTQ adults have used an online dating app or dating site.

5. When It Comes to Race, Platform Use Is Fairly Equal

There is no significant variation when it comes to the race of online dating platform users, with 29% of white people, 31% of black people and 28% of Hispanic people having used a dating app.7

Percentage of Population to Use Online Dating Platforms

Online Dating User Goals & Results Stats

6. 42% of Online Dating Users Aim for Marriage

Some 42% of users aim for marriage by using online dating sites. When we consider how many people look at online dating as a “nothing serious” type of deal, this is a fairly surprising statistic. If you use online dating apps to find a marriage partner, you have millions of potential matches.2

Online dating service stats
Although 42% of dating site users aim for marriage, only 13% get engaged or married from the platform.

7. Over 13% of Online Dating Users Got Engaged or Married From a Dating Platform

Only 13% of users got engaged or married from meeting someone on a dating site, though. Meanwhile, 23.7% claim that they’ve never had more than a date or two. Nearly 15% had a relationship that lasted less than six months, 7.2% had a relationship between six months and a year and 14.7% had a relationship that lasted more than a year.8

Relationship Results From Online Dating

8. 54% of Online Daters in the US Say Relationships That Come From Online Dating are Just as Successful as Ones That Begin in Person

The majority of American online daters — 54% — say relationships from dating platforms are as successful as in-person meetings. Out of the remaining 46%, 5% say that such relationships are more successful than relationships that started in person, leaving only 41% who think online relationships are less likely to last.

This goes to show that in recent years, people are feeling more confident about the possibility of a successful relationship that stems from online dating apps.6

Online Dating Relationships vs Meeting In-Person

9. 26% of Online Daters Aren’t Looking for a Commitment

This doesn’t really surprise us, but given the stigma that online dating doesn’t lead to serious relationships, this is a rather low number. It means that as many as 74% of users of online dating platforms are looking for some kind of commitment. This is reflected in the rise of more commitment-oriented apps like Bumble and Hinge.2

10. 19% of Online Dating Users Talk to 11 or More People

Have you ever talked to more than two people at the same time on a dating platform and found it overwhelming? How about 11 or more people? Up to 19% of users have talked to at least 11 at once, which is honestly impressive. 

From the same research by Healthy Framework, we can see that a quarter of users talk to four or five people at once. A further 23% talk to 2 or 3 people. Only 11% of users talk to a single person at a time on dating apps, and 8% don’t talk to anyone.2

online dating app users
A quarter of users talk to four or five users at a time.

11. 28% of Men and 34% of Women Meet Matches in Person for at Least One Date

Out of online dating users, 76% of women and 83% of men have met in person with someone they first talked to online. Out of all participants, 28% of men and 34% of women aimed to go on at least one date, whereas 25% of men and 21% of women hoped for a long-term romance. 17% of men and 24% of women haven’t met anyone.2

12. Women Are More Likely to Care About Profile Information Than Men

Just how much information you include on your dating profile can make a huge difference in how many matches you get. According to the Pew Research Center, this is more important if you’re seeking to match with women. About 72% of women think it’s essential to list the type of relationship you’re looking for, compared to 53% of men. 

When it comes to personal information, 32% of women and 18% of men want to know about a match’s religious beliefs, and 27% of women and 8% of men are curious about the other person’s occupation. Height seems to be a factor as well: 22% of women but only 8% of men want to know how tall a potential match is.

Political affiliation appears to be the least important thing at just 18% for women and 10% for men.6

Type of relationship
Three-quarters of women think it’s important to list the type of relationship you’re looking for.

13. 29% of Online Dating Users Meet Matches Right Away

Almost a third of online daters — 29% — don’t want to waste any time to meet matches. An almost equal 28% prefer to start by sharing some basic information such as work, hobbies and interests, etc.

About 23% claim that small talk is enough to decide whether they’re going to meet someone in person, with 15% wanting to get to know their match very well on a personal level before they meet.2

14. 49% of Users Said It Was Somewhat Easy to Find People Who Shared Their Hobbies and Interests

Almost half of users said it was somewhat easy to find matches who shared their hobbies or interests, while only 6% reported that it was very difficult.

Another 43% of users said it was somewhat easy to find people they were physically attracted to, and 46% said it was somewhat easy to find someone they wanted to meet in person. Meanwhile, 18% reported that it was very easy to find such a person.6

romantic partners matching online
Half of people dating online say it’s easy to find people with shared hobbies.

15. 98% of Online Dating Users Claim to Be Truthful

Out of the 98% of users who claim to be truthful, 60% say that they always tell the truth, whereas 38% claim to be truthful “often.”

On the other hand, 38% of men and 30% of women claim to have been catfished at some point. Catfishing is a deceptive activity where users pretend to be someone they’re not by faking images and personal information. Catfishers do not always believe themselves to be catfishers, and don’t always admit it even if they do identify with the label.2

While we’re on the subject of catfishing, 71% of online daters think that lying to appear more desirable is a very common occurrence. Half even believe that people set up fake accounts for the purpose of scamming victims.7

The Downsides of Online Dating

16. Romance Scams Increased Over Four Times From 2016 to 2020

If you’ve never been a victim of a romance scam, consider yourself lucky. People use dating apps to make victims think they want a relationship, only to ask their love struck marks for money — usually under the pretense that they can’t continue the relationship without financial assistance. These scams cost users a total of $75 million in 2016, a figure that grew to a whopping $304 million in 2020. 

The most frequent methods scammers use to get money are gift cards and wire transfers, and the median amount in 2020 was a staggering $2,500. The most significant increase in reports filed was among 20- to 29-year-olds, where numbers doubled from 2019 to 2020. 

People aged 40 to 69 were most likely to report losing money to a romance scam, whereas those aged 70 and above reported the highest individual median losses, at around $9,500 per person.9

romance scam online dating
People 40 to 69 years old were most likely to report losing money to a romance scam.

17. Negative Experiences on Online Dating Services Are Not That Uncommon 

When you’re talking to people you’ve never met in real life, you probably expect some unpleasant experiences to happen. Statistics support that expectation, but there’s a striking discrepancy between genders, with women being subjected to inappropriate encounters much more often. 

One-quarter of men and 42% of women were contacted on a dating site or app in a way that made them uncomfortable, with 20% of men and 32% of women receiving unwanted inappropriate pictures.

Approximately 26% of men and 32% of women claimed to have feared for their safety at some point, with 23% of men and 39% of women going so far as to block someone completely or report them to the dating site or app.2

unpleasant interactions on dating sites or apps
Both female online dating users and male users experience unpleasant interactions on dating sites or apps.

18. 45% of Users Say an Online Dating Site or App Made Them Feel Frustrated 

In addition to 45% of users saying they felt frustrated from online dating, 35% say dating platforms made them feel pessimistic, and 25% say using the platform made them feel insecure.

Meanwhile, 28% say dating platforms make them feel hopeful, 29% say they make them feel optimistic and 32% say they make them feel confident.6

This helps put into perspective just how many users aren’t exactly thrilled with using online dating platforms. It’s safe to assume that users may not feel good about themselves if they’re seeing too many people they consider to be out of their league, or if they don’t get as many matches as they expected. 

Feelings Related to Dating Online

Online Dating Industry Statistics

19. Dating Site Revenue Hit a Record $5.61 Billion in 2021

From 2015 to 2017, online dating site and app revenue struggled to breach the $2 billion mark. In 2018, revenue hit $2.38 billion, only to keep growing to reach a staggering $5.61 billion in 2021.

With COVID and lockdowns making physical outings difficult, we aren’t surprised that the years 2020 and 2021 witnessed a $1.79 billion jump in revenue.1

Dating Site & Platform Revenue, in Billions

20. Tinder Is the US’s Go-To Platform for Online Daters

Tinder has become synonymous with online dating, though industry competition is certainly fierce. In January 2022, the platform had 32% of the U.S. market, followed by Bumble (22%), Hinge (15%), Plenty of Fish (15%), Grindr (7%), Badoo (6%), OKCupid (4%), (4%) and Zoosk (2%).1

However, it’s clear that both Hinge and Bumble are eating into Tinder’s market share. Back then, Hinge only had 3% of monthly active users (MAUs), whereas Bumble hovered around 13%. For both platforms, this is a significant growth in MAUs.3 

Top Online Dating Sites Portion of US Users

21. Hinge and Bumble Are Growing Fast

In the same report by Sensor Tower, we can see rapid growth in the user bases of both Hinge and Bumble over the last three years. Bumble notes a 96% increase in monthly users since January 2019, whereas that same statistic for Hinge is an impressive 344%. 

The number of monthly Tinder users, however, has decreased by 1%. Bumble was founded in 2014, whereas Hinge’s initial release was a year earlier, in 2013. Tinder, which launched initially in 2012, has seen much larger growth than both platforms.3

22. Tinder vs Badoo: Global Users

Even though it’s number one in the U.S., Tinder comes in second place globally. Instead, Badoo is the world’s most downloaded dating app, having over 400 million users.1

23. There Are Twice as Many Men as Women on Tinder

If you’ve ever felt that users seeking men have a lot more options on dating apps, this statistic might make you feel validated. As 67% of Tinder users are men, that means that only 33% are women. While it’s true that you only need one person if you’re looking for commitment, this does allow those interested in men to be a bit more picky.2

User Gender Percentages on Tinder

24. Has an Equal Split Between Men and Women

If you’re looking for a more equal split than Tinder’s two-to-one ratio, might be the platform for you. It boasts an even split, with plenty of high-quality singles in both camps.2

25. Match Group Owns 22 Dating Sites and Platforms

Even though we mentioned fierce competition, much of it is friendly. Match Group, the parent company of Tinder, also owns Hinge,, OK Cupid and Plenty of Fish, among others. In fact, Match Group owned six of the top 10 dating apps by revenue in 2020.4

Final Thoughts: Dating Online Statistics

Online dating is a behemoth of an industry, and that’s unlikely to change anytime soon. Millions of people use online dating services to find a potential significant other, whether for a one-time fling or a long-term relationship. 

There’s massive variety in the online dating world, from the types of people who use online dating apps, to the way they use them, to what they expect from their potential matches. There are also plenty of online dating websites and apps you can choose from, making it easy to get into the online dating world. 

Have you ever used an online dating site or app? What’s your experience with it? Did you find someone who piqued your interest? Let us know in the comments, and as always, thank you for reading. 


  • It is estimated that there are over 8,000 competitive online dating sites and platforms worldwide.

  • In 2022, 366 million people worldwide used dating apps or dating sites to meet new people.

  • Yes, online dating is a great way to meet new people who could potentially become your partner. A recent survey revealed that around 35% of online dating platform users have had at least a six-month relationship.

  • Almost 14% of online daters get married to someone they met on a dating site or app.


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