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Kit Copson

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Kit Copson is a writer for Cloudwards. Her writing and research focus on streaming devices and streaming services. 

Background & Education

With a passion for the written word and a knack for breaking down intricate subjects, Kit Copson brings over two years of experience writing and creating content briefings for Cloudwards. Specializing in streaming services and entertainment, Kit ensures that Cloudwards’ readers remain informed, entertained and ahead of the curve. Before joining the Cloudwards team, Kit honed her communication skills as an English teacher, which molded a unique writing style — one that’s detailed yet easily digestible. Living in China provided a firsthand understanding of the importance of VPNs, particularly for accessing streaming services. Beyond her professional life, Kit is an ardent animal lover and enjoys delving into books, writing fiction or poetry, experimenting with veggie recipes, and wrangling her many pets.

Kit earned a BA in English & Creative Writing from Birmingham City University, U.K. Further strengthening her writing prowess, Kit pursued an online writing course with Contena Academy. Additionally, a CELTA certification highlights Kit’s versatility and diverse set of skills.

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