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Aleksander Hougen

Aleksander Hougen

Co-Chief Editor

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Aleksander Hougen is a managing editor at His writing and research focus on cloud storage, online backup, online security and the digital nomad lifestyle. 

Background & Education

Aleksander Hougen, as the managing editor at Cloudwards, blends his extensive knowledge of software engineering with the evolving demands of the tech-savvy audience. Specializing in topics such as cloud storage, online backup, digital security, project management and VPNs, he delivers content that not only informs but also guides readers through the complex landscape of technology.

His expertise is not just limited to writing; it encompasses the holistic management of content that ensures readers are getting the most accurate and up-to-date information. Aleksander is a digital nomad with a passion for traveling, having lived in many countries across four continents.

Aleksander brings a solid educational foundation to his role at Cloudwards. With both a Bachelor’s and a Postgraduate Certificate in Software Engineering, he is well-equipped to dissect and discuss the intricacies of technology in a way that is both accessible and authoritative for his readers.

His educational background allows him to delve deep into topics, ensuring that the content not only engages technology enthusiasts but also empowers them with actionable knowledge.

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