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VyprVPN Overview

VPNs range in style from obscure network features that have to be set up manually to plug ‘n play self installing apps that anyone can use. VyprVPN was built to sit at the user-friendly end of this scale. You don’t need to know anything about technology in order to use it; you just need to be able to point and click.

In this review you will learn about all the features of VyprVPN, how to buy it, how it installs and how you can use the app. VyprVPN is a great tool for those who just want Internet privacy without having to know everything about computers. However, it also has some features which techies will enjoy adjusting.

VyprVPN is a product offered by a company called Golden Frog GmbH. The company is registered in Switzerland, which is a good location for a privacy service. The country is famous for its secret bank accounts and the government is unwilling to lean on businesses based there to force them to divulge clients’ secrets.

Golden Frog specializes in a range of products that enforce security over the Internet. The company’s owners are technical experts, so they wrote a unique VPN service that has extra strength secrecy procedures built in.

VyprVPN is one of the few services that can beat the Netflix VPN ban, which, together with its other features, has earned it a spot in our best VPN provider rankings.


Strengths & Weaknesses


90% – Excellent

VyprVPN uses a similar strategy to many successful VPN services in that it doesn’t clutter up its main user interface with settings, but they are hidden away in a separate section of the application.

Many of these features are listed in the security section of this review. The other benefits of the service are:

  • Up to five simultaneous connections, which is more than many competitors offer
  • Entirely private infrastructure, so what little data there is, is kept in-house
  • Unlimited bandwidth: only limit is your Internet connection
  • No data throughput limits, allowing you to download and stream as much as you want.
  • NAT firewall to block hackers and malware
  • Accepts third-party VPN plug-ins
  • Proprietary software with cloaking procedures — these are unique and help evade all kinds of geo-restrictions as well as the Great Firewall


70% – Decent

The subscription prices are mid-range. There are cheaper services among our VPN reviews, but some might not have all the features you want. VyprVPN occasionally runs seasonal offers which help keep the cost down. To give an idea of the relative prices of services, you pay a lot more for ExpressVPN, but other services, such as CyberGhost, barely charge anything.

You can download the app onto as many different devices as you like but if you are on the basic plan, you can only have three connected at the same time. On the premium plan you can have five simultaneous connections. No one ever really has five different computers working all at the same time, so those five connections offer an obvious way you can bring the cost of the service down — share an account with a friend.

PlanVyprVPN (Monthly)VyprVPN (Annually)VyprVPN Premium MonthlyVyprVPN Premium Annually
Price Plan
$ 9 95monthly
$ 60 00yearly
$ 12 95monthly
$ 80 00yearly
Bandwidth Unlimited GB Unlimited GB Unlimited GB Unlimited GB
Included Devices 3 3 5 5

Most VPN services offer seven-day or 30-day money-back guarantees; VyprVPN opted for a free trial period. Wherever you see a free trial or money-back guarantee, it always pays to read the fine print and make sure there are no nasty surprises. In the case of the VyprVPN free trial you can close your account with no obligation to pay within the first three days as long as you haven’t used more than 1GB of data with the service.

Rather than just letting you download the app without paying, or offering a reduced version service, Golden Frog takes your billing information before activating your account. However, they don’t charge your bank account until three days have elapsed. So, if you cancel the agreement before the money comes out, you don’t pay anything.

Beware, however, that VyprVPN is one of the VPN subscription services that sets up a repeat payment agreement on your bank account. So if you just want one month, make sure you cancel the agreement and your VPN account before that month expires. Otherwise you will be automatically charged for another month. The same applies to the one-year subscription.

Ease of Use

90% – Excellent

I really like the design of this app. It crams a lot of information into a small space. The big “connect” button makes using the VPN child’s play and the throughput graphic gives you an idea of how well your connection is doing.

The app is designed to fit on the screen of a smartphone. The size and features of the interface are exactly the same on all operating system versions. Although you might think this is a lost opportunity when the app is run on a PC or a laptop, the consistency is a real benefit. Having exactly the same controls when you hop from you PC to your phone means the app is really easy to use anywhere.

The app will select the most efficient nearby server for you and cue it up in the “connect” button. If you are happy with that choice you only need to click on the big button to get VPN protection. Switching servers is very easy, too. The locator icon next to the “connect” button gives access to the server list. Pick the one you want and then click “connect.”

Supported Devices

90% – Excellent

VyprVPN gets a big boost in its score because it has a version for Linux — a rarity if you look at our VPN comparison chart. There is also an app that is especially written for Blackberry phones. Take a look at the full list of operating systems that the company provides apps for:

Don’t worry if you have never heard of most of these device types — if you don’t know what it is, you probably don’t need it. You will notice that you can load the software onto your router, which means all of your devices within your home will be covered with one install. That bumps up the number of connections you can have running simultaneously beyond five.

Alternatives for VyprVPN

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  • Fast tunneling speeds
  • Kill switch
  • Servers in 94 countries
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Only three simultaneous connections
  • Slow initial server connection
  • No automatic IP switching
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IPVanish Review
  • Transparent
  • Killswitch & IP switching
  • 40,000+ shared IPs
  • Many supported devices
  • Bit slow
  • Pricey
  • Beginner-unfriendly
  • Mediocre support
Starts from$ 5 75monthly
NordVPN Review
  • No-fuss installation
  • 821 servers in 57 countries
  • Gets into Netflix
  • Accepts Bitcoin
  • Killswitch
  • IP leak protection
  • Wi-Fi protection
  • Not very fast
  • No native Linux app
  • Manual setup for Linux and routers

Server Locations

80% – Good

The server network covers 64 countries but the company headlines 70 “locations” — it has servers in more than one place in some countries.

There are no servers in China. However, that is probably for the best because the country has declared VPN use illegal. If you are in China and want to get over the Internet to websites in other countries, you you would be better off connecting to the servers in Hong Kong or Macau.

The server distribution strongly favors Europe and Asia. South America doesn’t have many VyprVPN server locations and the company completely ignores Africa. New Zealanders will be pleased that this VPN provider has a server back home to enable them to check back for streaming video.

The Middle East and Pakistan are tough on Internet access from within their borders over to other countries. So, the cluster of servers in more liberal Middle Eastern nations offers good opportunities for net freedom in Iran, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

In the corporate world, the hardest VPN ban to circumvent is the geo-location VPN detector operated by Netflix. Only a handful of VPN services can get around the Netflix detection system, and VyprVPN is one of them (check out our best VPN for Netflix article for the others). This means you stand a better chance of getting into Facebook from China by using VyprVPN than almost any other VPN service in the world.

If VyprVPN can fool Netflix, they can trick the Chinese authorities. If you can defeat those two behemoths, circumventing restrictions in Iran, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia is easy.


70% – Decent

If you live in North America, Europe or a particularly wired part of Asia, you get great Internet speeds over 10Mb per second. People in the rest of the world are not so lucky and if you travel abroad, you are going to have to put up with the terrible Internet services that the majority of the world’s population has to suffer.

These tests were performed with speedtest.net. When you pick up the free WiFi at a beach bar in the Dominican Republic, this is the kind of speed you will see on a local connection.

If you have an SD Netflix subscription, these speeds will get you continuous streaming while abroad. However, HBO recommends a speed of at least 3 Mb per second for its HD service — HBO doesn’t do lower quality.

Connecting to a server in Miami to pick up U.S. streaming services will get you these speeds:

That level of service is pretty similar to the local connection.

Here are the speeds on an unprotected connection to London:

That’s just lousy, and you would be blocked by the BBC iPlayer, because it only lets you watch programs if you are in the UK and the site can tell that you are not.

Given that the speeds available abroad are terrible, you really don’t want your VPN service making matters worse. Here is that local connection with the VyprVPN server in Miami active on the line.

That performance is a little worse than the unprotected connection. Here is the performance of a connection to Miami with the Miami VPN server engaged:

It makes no difference.

If you want to stream video, you need to connect to a VPN server in the same country as the entertainment site. So, to get into the BBC iPlayer, you would need to connect through a VPN in the UK. Here are the speeds on such a connection.

That speed is considerably better than the unprotected connection and it gets you into the iPlayer. Just don’t select anything in HD.

Regular connection2.92Mb/s1.05Mb/s
Miami server2.67Mb/s0.88Mb/s
London server2.23Mb/s0.87Mb/s

Although turning on the VyprVPN service didn’t impair the speeds on connections to the U.S., they didn’t improve them, either. The improvement on transatlantic connections gives the user the opportunity of getting streaming video over long distances. However, other VPNs offer much greater speed enhancements.


90% – Excellent

The VyprVPN interface has the use of OpenVPN set by default. This is the industry standard and encryption with 256-bit AES methodology is also recommended. As you can see from the below illustration, you can configure the implementation of the protocol to use a shorter encryption key, which makes processing faster.

Alternative VPN protocols that are available are L2TP with 256-bit IPSec encryption or the PPTP system with only 128-bit encryption.

The company’s proprietary Chameleon cloaking methodology is its great strength. Although the OpenVPN standard is believed to be the most secure VPN methodology around, the Chinese government technicians that run the Great Firewall of China studied and targeted this protocol above all others.They were able to detect tell-tale patterns in packets encrypted by OpenVPN and detect them as VPN traffic. Chameleon scrambles the layout of each message so they can get through Chinese government blocks.

Other security features include:

A kill switch to prevent connections to the Internet when the VPN is not active — this stops your computer from reconnecting if a VPN-protected is dropped, or getting onto the Internet connection before the VPN fires up at system startup.

Automatic WiFi connection protection — if you use free WiFi connections in bars and cafe’s you are actually connecting to an unknown provider. Data thieves sit in cafes and set up their own WiFi hotspots, which seem official, but they trap all of your Internet traffic.

A private DNS server to prevent ISPs detecting which sites are being accessed. DNS is the system that translates web addresses to IP addresses. This traffic is normally unencoded.

A pool of temporary IP addresses to mask each customer’s actual location and address. The VPN does not carry your real IP address through to the target server, instead it temporarily allocates your traffic an address from its own pool of thousands.

Privacy Policy

80% – Good

The VyprVPN website declares that the founders of Golden Frog were motivated to create the company in order to provide complete anonymity to their clients. They chose Switzerland for their HQ because of the country’s strong privacy laws.

The question of logging activities is an important one for VPNs. All providers will claim that they keep no logs at all on customer activities. However, some procedural records have to made during each session.

Also, it begs the question that, if the company does not log customer activity, how do they know when someone has gone over a data throughput level of 1GB during the free trial?

The company is adamant that no warrant can force it to hand over customer records regarding which sites were visited or what media were downloaded.

Obviously there is a conflict between the administrative need to cross-reference the client’s real IP address to the temporary address allocated by the company. There needs to be a certain amount of monitoring performed by any Internet service that has service agreements with other companies that may depend on usage levels.

VyprVPN records the user’s source IP address, the VyprVPN IP address used by the user, connection start and stop time and total number of bytes used for each session. These records are held for 30 days in case of billing disputes.

The system doesn’t log user traffic or the content of communications. There is neither deep packet inspection nor shallow packet inspection of traffic unless a user specifically requests it for firewall purposes.



99% – Excellent

Customer support is available back at the website. You can get into the members’ area by clicking on the Control Panel link at the top of every page of the VyprVPN site.

Support is fulfilled by three channels. The members area includes a link to a knowledge base, which could answer your questions. Live chat is available from any page on the site — you click on the blue message in the bottom right of the website. To open a ticket for support you need to click on the “support” option in the left-side menu in the members’ area.

The support request page contains a web form for you to fill in with your questions.

After trying the help system at all hours of the day, I can attest that the live chat system is always manned. So, just click on the blue message in the bottom right of the website to open a session. It’s a lot quicker than filling in a support request.

I really was able to get into the BBC iPlayer without any problems:


Speed tests show that VyprVPN is not the fastest VPN service around. However, their security measures are top notch and they are one of the few VPNs that can get into Netflix as well as skirt the Great Firewall of China.

You can be secure in the knowledge that this VPN will preserve your privacy, whether you are downloading with torrents, or accessing foreign streaming services. The VyprVPN server network is extensive, their customer service is instant and the app is easy to use. This VPN represents good value for money, but remember not to get caught out by the recurring payments agreement.

VyprVPN Review

User-friendly VyprVPN is the security-conscious user's dream

VyprVPN is a fast, secure and reliable VPN provider that not only keeps you safe while browsing the Internet, but is even able to access Netflix.
Starts from$ 5 00monthly
Visit VyprVPN
Starts from$ 5 00monthly
Visit VyprVPN
  • Easy to use
  • Great security
  • Up to 5 connections
  • Clients for most OSes
  • No refund after 3 days
  • Some logging
  • No encryption on basic plan