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A good service that would be great if it'd only update the desktop client and add a few more servers around the world. Besides that, users will find an easy to use interface and great security; it also gets into Netflix reasonably well. Read the details in our full VyprVPN review.

By Fergus O'SullivanChief Editor
— Last Updated: 28 Jan'19
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Starts from $ 500 per month
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Welcome to Cloudwards.net’s updated VyprVPN review. It has been a year since we last took an in-depth look at the service and found little change. This is both good and bad news: while VyprVPN has some strong features, the desktop interface is a gray affair and the server network is still disappointing compared to our other best VPN providers.

However, between the excellent security and ease of use, privacy-conscious people will love VyprVPN. Its parent company, Golden Frog, offers a host of other security-focused products and has high standards when it comes to safety and privacy. It also hasn’t lost its spot in our best VPN for Netflix rankings, though you’re only really guaranteed access to Netflix U.S.

VyprVPN offers reasonable pricing, although other services such as CyberGhost and NordVPN offer better deals There’s also a business plan, but we talk more about that in our article on the best VPN for business; this review will only deal with the personal plans, especially the premium subscription.

With the introduction out of the way, let’s crack on with the review. If you feel like you want to make up your own mind, you can also make use of VyprVPN’s free three-day trial. If you already feel like VyprVPN may not be for you, check out our other VPN reviews instead, especially our ExpressVPN review.

Alternatives for VyprVPN

Starts from$ 666per month
  • Fast
  • Easy to use
  • Split tunneling
  • Accesses all streaming platforms
  • Expensive
  • No ad or malware blocker
Starts from$ 299per month
  • Large server network
  • Inexpensive multi-year plans
  • Included malware blocker
  • Specialty servers
  • Inconsistent speed across network
  • Broken server recommendation
  • No split tunneling
Starts from$ 275per month
  • Gets into Netflix
  • Updated interface
  • Automatic killswitch
  • Lackluster split tunneling
  • No killswitch controls
  • Spotty ad blocker performance
Starts from$ 391per month
  • Fast
  • No logs
  • Multiple protocol options
  • Ad blocker
  • Blocked by Netflix
  • Difficult to switch servers

Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Free 3-day trial
  • Gets into Netflix U.S.
  • Secure
  • Torrent friendly
  • Chameleon protocol
  • Killswitch
  • Cyphr encrypted messaging


  • Bit slow
  • No refund policy
  • Network disappoints
  • No crypto payments
  • No EU Netflix


90% - Excellent

VyprVPN’s list of features is shorter than that of the competition, but it packs a decent punch. Though there are only 72 server locations around the world, the service cycles through around 200,000 IP addresses automatically, so more often than not you’ll get a fresh IP on the same server. It eliminates some choice for control freaks, but laissez-faire types will probably like this.

When it comes to other options, however, people who like their VPNs just so will probably love VyprVPN: as you can read in the “ease of use” section below, a single click on the configuration button in the app unfolds a series of menus that will let you twiddle and tweak to your heart’s content. If only the desktop app looked as good as it works: it’s a gray, drab affair.

While the VyprVPN desktop client may look like it was designed in the 90s — not the mobile app, which looks great — it’s remarkably easy to use: we’re pretty sure your granny could handle using it with ease. Menus are where they’re supposed to be and their names make sense, too.

Speaking of family members, VyprVPN also has a referral program, which is fairly unique among VPNs. You can give away a month of the service and get a free month in return. There’s no net value to this except for the gift of giving, which seems a little out of touch in our late-stage capitalist society. That said, it is a great way to get friends and family to finally start using a VPN.

VyprVPN Security Features

As we detail in our online privacy guide, you mainly use a VPN to stay safe on the internet and you won’t go wrong with VyprVPN here. As we detail in the “security” section, it has the protocols and encryption you need to keep yourself anonymous online. However, the service also has two really neat features not found elsewhere which we’d like to put in the spotlight here.

The first is the killswitch, which any service worth its salt should have, but VyprVPN has given an interesting twist to. In one case it will sever your internet connection if the server fails or you exit the app, in the other it will still work after you quit the app, but only if you’re logged into VyprVPN. Though the first tier is the most likely to be used, both are pretty handy to have.

The second interesting feature, which is unique among VPNs, is Golden Frog’s proprietary Chameleon protocol, which is the main reason why VyprVPN made it onto our list of the best VPN for China. Not only will Chameleon encrypt the VPN tunnel, it will also hide the fact that it is a tunnel: it should show up on anyone’s radar as a regular connection.

Considering that several regimes are cracking down hard on VPN use, people who live in these censorship-heavy countries may want to consider using VyprVPN to not only surf securely, but invisibly, too.

Creating an account with VyprVPN means you also get access to Golden Frog’s secure Cyphr messaging app, which acts like you would expect a messaging app to do, except without the metadata and NSA snooping. The only downside is that you need to get all your friends to sign up to the app, too, but it’s free (and pretty handy for journalists working with confidential sources).

VyprVPN and Netflix (& Other Streaming Options)

Another good reason to use a VPN is to unlock streaming services worldwide. While many VPNs will just have you add to your collection of proxy errors, VyprVPN does a reasonable job, getting into Netflix U.S. It failed, however, to get into the Netflix sites for several European countries and the UK, sadly enough.

VyprVPN Features Overview

Starts from$ 500per month


Payment methods
PayPal, Credit card
Accepts cryptocurrency
Simultaneous connections
Supports split tunneling
Unlimited bandwidth
Free trial available
Refund period
Worldwide server amount
73 servers in 64 countries
Desktop OSes
Windows, MacOS, Linux
Mobile OSes
Android, iOS
Browser extensions
Can be installed on routers


Can access Netflix US
U.S. only
Can access BBC iPlayer
Can access Hulu
Can access Amazon Prime Video


Encryption types
VPN protocols available
OpenVPN, PPTP, Chameleon,
Enabled at device startup
Allows torrenting
No-logging policy
Passed DNS leak test
Killswitch available
Malware/ad blocker included


Live Chat
Email support
Phone support
User forum


80% - Good

VyprVPN offers two subscription plans, each either on a month-to-month basis or per year. The breakdown is in the table below, payment options are limited to credit card, Alipay and PayPal; there is no bitcoin or other cryptocurrency option.

VyprVPN (Monthly)
  • Unlimited GB Bandwidth
  • 3 Included Devices
  • Bitcoin
VyprVPN (Annually)
  • Unlimited GB Bandwidth
  • 3 Included Devices
  • Bitcoin
1-year plan $ 5.00 / month
$60.00 billed every year
VyprVPN Premium Monthly
  • Unlimited GB Bandwidth
  • 5 Included Devices
  • Bitcoin
VyprVPN Premium Annually
  • Unlimited GB Bandwidth
  • 5 Included Devices
  • Bitcoin
1-year plan $ 6.67 / month
$80.00 billed every year

There is no money-back guarantee like with most services, but the first three days are free and act as trial. If you cancel within those first three days, your credit card or PayPal won’t be charged (though you do still need to enter your details for pre-approval).

We’re of two minds on Golden Frog’s policy here: on the one hand we feel a refund period is always a good thing. On the other, however, three days should be enough time to make up your mind on a service, so it really is up to the individual consumer in this case.

The premium package is where VyprVPN really shines as it includes the features that really set the service apart from the competition. Without them, VyprVPN is simply an above average service, so including them makes the most sense, even if it does cost you $20 per year more.

With that in mind, VyprVPN’s pricing is nothing spectacular: with most of our top services the biggest savings are in multi-year plans. A good example are NordVPN and CyberGhost, both of which offer three-year plans for only $19 more than VyprVPN’s annual plan. If, however, we compare it to other yearly subscriptions, it’s an okay deal and a lot cheaper than, say, ExpressVPN.

Overall, VyprVPN isn’t the greatest service when it comes to saving money, though Chameleon does make up for the increased cost of the premium package. The regular package is fine, though you can get more bells and whistles with other services while spending less.

Ease of Use

80% - Good

Signing up for VyprVPN is pretty simple: you visit the website at VyprVPN, click on “get started” and you’re pretty much in business. As we mentioned earlier, VyprVPN offers a free three-day trial, but you don’t have to click on anything or do something out of the ordinary: you just subscribe like you would any other service and the first three days are free.

For our purposes we went for the premium package, simply because it’s worth the extra cost and Chameleon is just cool as hell. Beneath that, you have to enter a password (make it a good one) as well as your email address and, rare for a VPN service, your full name, though you could go for anything here, it’s not like they check.

Below that you enter your payment method and also the postal code linked to that method, which is another bit of personal information we feel a little uncomfortable giving away, if we’re honest.

Once you’re all set, hit the “continue to payment” button and the pre-approval of your payment will be processed. Soon after you’ll get an email that asks you to confirm your VyprVPN account and you’re all set to download the client. All in all, this process takes around three minutes, so won’t be too big a bite out of your day.

You download the client, as well as take care of your account, mess with any and all ancillary features and contact support from the “control panel,” accessed from the website (you need to sign in first). The layout is good once you get used to it, but our first impression was that it felt a little crammed together.

Downloading the client was a matter of hitting the right button and clicking through the installation process, which from beginning to end takes around ten minutes if you include the TAP adapters and all that. You can then access the client from the desktop by clicking on the red-eyed snake icon.

VyprVPN Client

Much like the clients for ExpressVPN or ZenMate (read our ZenMate review), VyprVPN looks like and behaves like a smartphone app. The upside of this is that it takes up very little real estate on your screen and can be moved away to an unobtrusive location. The downside is that you don’t get touches like NordVPN’s interactive server map (we really like that map, as you can read in our NordVPN review).

It should be noted that the bottom half of the app isn’t responsive: it just displays information. That said, we really like the way the most import information is all there for you to see. Knowing your IP address (protected or not, this one is for a coworking space in Sarajevo, FYI), encryption protocol and whether the firewall are on is pretty handy.

What we didn’t like are the color scheme and the generally outdated graphical representation. VyprVPN feels like your using pretty old software, even if what is going on under the hood is state of the art. We would suggest a revamp of its looks just to get away from the Win95 feel.

In sharp contrast to this is the mobile app for Android, which is a super sleek, modern app with cool graphics and an intuitive menu. The knowhow is obviously there at Golden Frog HQ, it just needs to be brought to the Windows app, it seems.

Besides its obviously improved looks, however, the app works pretty much the same way except that the options are arranged a little differently, but more on that below.

Connecting with VyprVPN

Switching on the connection is easy, just hit that big old “connect” button and you’re cooking with gas. We’ll note, though, that connection times are the slowest we’ve seen so far with all upmarket VPNs: it took 15 seconds for the app to go from “connect” to “connected.” It was way faster on mobile.

The default setting is “fastest server,” which like most services uses some arcane algorithm to decide where to connect to. Like most services, it doesn’t necessarily net you the fastest server, so you may want to go the manual route here. VyprVPN makes this pretty easy: all you need to do is hit the geolocation marker next to “connect,” hit “show all” and up pops a comprehensive menu.

As we’ll talk about in the “server locations” section below, VyprVPN has a massive network so you have plenty of choice as long as you’re in Europe or North America. Selecting a service is as simple as clicking a filter or going to the “search” bar, unless your idea of fun is scrolling through hundred of servers (not judging you if it is, our idea of excitement is running speed tests).

Double click your server of choice and the app connects, or you can click on the star icon to the right to mark it as one of your favorites. These are accessible through the “favorites” filter and are a handy little touch, especially if you want to save the servers that skirt the Netflix VPN ban or you’re traveling a lot and need to log into accounts from different countries.

VyprVPN Options

VyprVPN is highly customizable right from the app. For tinkerers this will be a breath of relief as you won’t have to go digging through configuration files like with ExpressVPN or be forced to automatically use certain protocols like with NordVPN. At the same time it also guides you through any process, so it’s not as free-flowing as TorGuard, say (read our TorGuard review).

The “options” bar takes you to the menu where the action happens (more on that in a bit), while “help” either takes you to the FAQ on the website or allows you to contact email support directly from the app (very handy). There’s also a bug-reporting window. Under “help improve VyprVPN” you’re either taken directly to the relevant forum or can directly request a feature through a special form.

“VyprVPN for Business” and the “refer a friend” section speak for themselves. The last section, “more,” sends you to either a page where you can find other VyprVPN apps, other products from Golden Frog and also a link to the blog where you can find a bunch of privacy-related articles that the Cloudwards.net editorial staff heartily endorses.

The real action happens under options where the full VyprVPN toolkit is unfolded. The first tab is “connections,” where some pretty important boxes can be toggled. Also, unless you know what you’re doing, this is also where most people will want to stay.

Most of these options are about when to automatically connect the app and the killswitch, which we talked about earlier. Most of these are about convenience more than anything, though we suggest you always have the killswitch on and have VyprVPN connect when you’re on public WiFi.

Under “protocol” we recommend you always have OpenVPN enabled as it’s generally very secure, though people in countries that censor the internet will want to use Chameleon, instead. “DNS” and “advanced” we won’t much go into here; if you know what you’re doing you won’t need us to tell you and if you don’t have a clue, you’re best off not touching anything.

“General” lets you choose which language you want to use VyprVPN in (you can choose from eight tongues, including Arabic, Chinese and German) and set what kind of notifications you want and whether they should have sound, though you’ll probably think you’re in a concert hall if you’re using an unstable connection.

Lastly, under “account” you can find a direct link to your account setting on the VyprVPN website as well as a button to update the app and subscribe to beta updates, which isn’t always the best idea, we have to admit.

As you can see from the wall of text above, VyprVPN is a versatile and user-friendly client that lets you pretty much configure what you need to. The mobile experience isn’t much different from the desktop experience, either, meaning you can use either without having to learn all-new ropes. Though the colors are a bit drab, that’s really the worst we can say.

Supported Devices

80% - Good

VyprVPN has clients for Windows, Mac as well as a command-line interface for Linux (giving it an honorable mention in our best VPN for Linux piece). On mobile it has apps for Android and iOS, and good ones too as you can read in our best VPN for Android and best VPN for iOS pieces).

VyprVPN also plays nice with routers, good news for people that want to ensure that they’re always on or have just a massive amount of devices to cover in their household.

With the basic VyprVPN package you can connect up to three devices at the same time, while premium allows up to five, another good reason to opt for the upmarket package. Unlike with CyberGhost, there’s no limit to the amount of devices you can install the app on, only on simultaneous connections (read our CyberGhost review to see how the service handles this).

Server Locations

70% - Decent

Currently, VyprVPN supports 200,000 IPs in 72 server locations. We contacted support (more on that in the appropriate section) and were told that VyprVPN is “unable” to say exactly how many IPs are on each server.

Still, 72 locations is a decent spread: North America and Europe are, as is usually the case, represented best, with Asia and Asia following up. Africa trails the list with servers in only two countries.

As coverage goes, VyprVPN is decent, but nothing to write home about, either. Having so many IPs works great for streaming, which is why VyprVPN is in our selection of the best VPN for streaming, but when it comes to sheer coverage another provider may be a better choice.


70% - Decent

We connected to several different VyprVPN servers around the globe from a coworking space in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and measured the speeds we got using speedtest.net. You’ll find the results in the table below.

Location:Ping (ms):Download (Mbps):Upload (Mbps):
Athens, Greece20910.871.45
Amsterdam, NL9010.336.15
New York City26110.212.17
San Francisco, CA3491.431.01

As you can see, VyprVPN’s speeds aren’t too bad, but it won’t be winning the prize for fastest VPN any time soon, either. The drops to L.A. and Macau were somewhat expected, while the NYC connection was surprisingly good.

However, the drops to other European destinations were a bit shocking, especially considering most other VPNs don’t have this problem thanks to a better European server network. Also shocking were the high ping values, meaning gamers might want to look elsewhere, to start with our best VPN for gaming article.

Security & Privacy

90% - Excellent

VyprVPN’s security is very good: as we talked a little before in the “ease of use” section, you can configure to your heart’s content. At the same time, however, it works just fine out of the box as well, meaning anyone can use VyprVPN and be surfing safely from the get go, no further assembly required.

Supported VPN protocols are OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec and PPTP, as well as Golden Frog’s proprietary Chameleon protocol. You can switch freely between these four, though OpenVPN is usually the best way to go. Encryption is 256-bit AES on OpenVPN, Chameleon and L2TP, while PPTP supports 128-AES. You can also configure OpenVPN to support a 160-bit cypher.

For all intents and purposes, VyprVPN’s tunnel is pretty much uncrackable, though adding Chameleon will let you sail by unnoticed, as well. If you’re looking to tunnel under the Great Firewall, we recommend VyprVPN heartily.

Golden Frog also has a very clear stance when it comes to privacy and emphasizes it keeps no logs of your activity. All its servers are P2P friendly, a combination which has ranked the service among our best VPN for torrenting. We still wish we didn’t have to enter our postal code and full name on signup, though.

Customer Service

70% - Decent

Golden Frog supplies an extensive knowledgebase that’s fairly easy to navigate, though sometimes information is presented in such a way that you can’t always see the forest for the trees. That said, with the application of some brain sweat you should be able to get most problems solved without needing to contact support.

God help you if you ever decide to use VyprVPN’s live chat, though. We asked an innocuous question first — how many servers does VyprVPN exactly have, there’s no number given on the site — but all we got was a link to a page that didn’t have the answer. When we asked for the exact number, we got a reply after a few minutes, but the chat was disconnected right after without the opportunity for more questions.

Email is better: it’s aimed mainly at serious technical issues, but even more mundane questions are still answered, though the same brevity is applied as well: an answer was given within an hour and the ticket closed. Though support isn’t bad as such, compared to many other VPN services, it could be a lot better, too.

The Verdict

VyprVPN is a good service, but we find it hard to give a wholehearted endorsement. While it gets a lot right, especially when it comes to security and ease of use, its speeds, server network and customer support could use improvement. Also, while Netflix U.S. is pretty great, VyprVPN’s inability to access other countries’ Netflix is a drawback.

If, however, your main priority is evading the attention of marketeers and secret agents, VyprVPN is a solid choice. What do you think of VyprVPN? Agree with our assessment? Let us know in the comments below and, as always, thank you for reading.

VyprVPN Review

A good service with a small network.

A good service that would be great if it'd only update the desktop client and add a few more servers around the world. Besides that, users will find an easy to use interface and great security; it also gets into Netflix reasonably well. Read the details in our full VyprVPN review.
Starts from$ 500per month
Visit VyprVPN
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