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Encrypting and hiding your internet connection has never been so easy.

What do you want to use a VPN for?

Your first line of defense should always be a virtual private network: a VPN will encrypt your internet connections, making it impossible for hackers, spies and marketers to break in, so to speak, and see what you’re doing while browsing. Not all VPNs are created equal, however, so make sure to check out our VPN reviews as well as these articles.

If you’re currently in a country that has some unpleasant restrictions on internet usage in place, we recommend you place special attention on our selection of country-specific articles. Not only do we tell you which VPNs came out best for that country during our tests, but we also have in-depth information on internet censorship there.

What device will you be using a VPN on?

Looking for the best services?

These services respect your privacy so you can be anonymous online.

Getting started

We pitted the top services against each other. May the best service win.

TunnelVision Attack Vulnerability
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