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Best Project Management Software for Multiple Projects

Best Project Management Software for Multiple Projects in 2024

Managing multiple projects may feel like a daunting task, but it doesn’t need to be. With the best project management software for multiple projects, you can get your projects into shape and keep your tasks in order. To help you achieve that, we will suggest five project management tools.

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Project management can overwhelm the best of us, especially when we’re managing several projects at once. Thankfully, we live in an era where there are plenty of software services available to help gain control over the work we need to complete. For the project managers who feel they have a heavy workload, the good news is our team of experts is here to share the best project management software for multiple projects, to help lighten the load.

Key Takeaways:

  • is our favorite project management software for managing several projects.
  • Asana is wonderful for those who love using kanban boards, but it’s pricey.
  • Wrike and nTask get straight to the point with their respective pieces of project management software, offering no frills but strong, reliable tools. 
  • ClickUp serves up great features for both advanced project management and basic task management. 

While all of the options here are great for managing projects simultaneously, they’re also good options for project managers focused on one project. If you’re looking for a new project management tool for all types of workloads, check out our selection of the best project management software.

Now let’s get deeper into the conversation. It’s time to unwrap each of our top project management software, showing how each one can help you handle your projects and tasks.

  • 04/17/2024

    Updated to reflect changes in the naming of Asana’s pricing plans.

  • 05/29/2024

    Updated to reflect the’s latest pricing info.

The Top PM Apps for Multiple Projects

What Makes the Best PM Software for Multiple Projects?

In terms of our criteria when making the selection, our first goal is to learn how well each piece of software performs when navigating through several projects. Our project management experts ran intensive hands-on testing, zeroing in on ease of use, the level of customer support on offer, how private and secure your data is and, of course, how much value a service provides. 

Project Management

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  1. — Incredible features for all areas of project management
  2. Asana — A kanban hero with plenty of extra features 
  3. Wrike — A worthy option for those who use Agile methodologies 
  4. nTask — Exceptional product with fantastic pricing 
  5. ClickUp — Suitable for all levels of project management

Our top 5 project management software for multiple projects are, Asana, Wrike, nTask and ClickUp, for their excellent ease of use and capability to give you a broad overview of all your projects and tasks. ranks number one because of its diverse features that are ridiculously easy to use. It functions well too, so the pressure of lots of data and projects won’t slow it down. Asana and Wrike are here because they excel in core areas — kanban and Agile — while having enough substance to appeal to other types of project managers. 

nTask not only offers everything you need, it does so at a phenomenal price. Finally, ClickUp is the perfect all-rounder for new and experienced project managers looking for helpful features in a work management tool. 

The 5 Best Project Management Tools for Multiple Projects

Below, we will dissect each of the project management tools we have selected, giving you a good idea of what they’re about and which one you may want to choose.

1.– Best Software to Manage Multiple Projects

monday com user friendly is the leading project management tool available for individuals and small teams alike.

More details about

  • Pricing: Free; $12 per user per month for the Standard plan, billed annually
  • Provider website:


  • Excellent feature set
  • Easy to use
  • Good value


  • Nothing to note the crème de la crème of project management software. It comes with all the tools for both short-term and long-term project planning, and all of them are embedded in a beautiful user interface that’s easy to use, no matter your level of experience with online project management apps. 

Whether you’re into Gantt charts, kanban boards or calendar views, it’s a breeze to track projects and assign tasks to other team members. Those working on multiple projects can also create private boards, with the ability to grant access only to those who need to see and work within the project. 

To help give you a greater overview of what’s happening inside your project, offers a workload view. Here you can see which team member is working on a specific task, when it’s likely to be complete and whether they’re handling too much work. We like this view as it makes it much easier to get on top of resource management.’s Integrations offers over 200 software integrations. This opens up the door to creating a project management system that goes way beyond the essentials. 

Software developers can integrate with GitHub and GitLab, while marketeers can integrate the likes of Mailchimp and Facebook Ads. There are also integrations for communications tools such as Zoom and Slack (check out our choice of Slack alternatives).

monday get started is an easy-to-use tool for multiple projects.


We’ll repeat: is the best tool to track multiple projects your money can buy. It’s reasonably priced too, and will certainly make managing projects easier. However, it’s also a decent option for people seeking free project management software, plus there’s also a 14-day free trial on paid plans. To learn more, check out our review.

  • Maximum users: 2
  • Minimum users: 3; All prices per user
  • Minimum users: 3; All prices per user
More plans
  • Minimum users: 3; All prices per user
  • Enterprise-level features.

2. Asana – Excellent Free Tool to Manage Multiple Projects

asana colors
Asana offers the best kanban board of the software in this article.

More details about Asana:

  • Pricing: Free; $10.99 per user per month for the Starter plan, billed annually
  • Provider website:


  • Great kanban view
  • Simple design
  • Awesome free plan


  • Pricey
  • No customer support

There’s plenty to like about Asana. First off, it’s one of the best task management apps for those who enjoy using kanban boards. Creating multiple projects and workstations is easy, and navigating between them only takes a couple of clicks of the mouse. 

Functionality-wise, Asana runs as smooth as butter, and the ability to create new tasks within your project works like a charm. There’s barely anything to learn either, and it’s clear how to assign tasks, set due dates and create task dependencies. If you’re not a fan of kanban boards, fear not: You can also see a list, calendar and Gantt chart view of all your tasks. 

Some of the other tools include reporting capabilities, a messaging app to help improve team collaboration and communication and a “goals” space, which allows you to set milestones for your projects. None of them are available on Asana’s free plan, though, so that’s something to be aware of. Read on to learn about Asana’s free plan.

Asana’s Amazing Free Plan

For the purposes of this article, Asana takes the title of being the best free project management software. Users can create unlimited projects and tasks, as well as leave unlimited comments on tasks and access unlimited storage space. You also get a kanban, list and calendar view of your projects, which will be enough for solo users and small teams.

Asana is one of the best free project management software providers. 

Asana isn’t cheap and it only made our roundup of cheap project management software because of its free plan. Otherwise, the paid options are some of the most expensive options in the project management software space. 

Asana is a great project management tool though, and during our testing we really enjoyed using it from one day to the next. You can find out more about the service by reading our Asana review.

  • Up to 10 users
  • Price is per user. unlimited users, expanded features
  • Price is per user. unlimited users, even more features
  • Custom pricing, advanced security features

3. Wrike– Reliable Project Management Tool to Handle Several Projects

best kanban wrike
Wrike is a quality project management tool with advanced features for Agile methodology. 

More details about Wrike:

  • Pricing: Free; $9.80 per user per month for the Professional plan, billed annually
  • Provider website:


  • Advanced features
  • Strong security
  • Easy to use


  • Drab design

Wrike is an easy-to-use project management platform that aids in helping you manage multiple projects. Accessing different projects can be done through either the dashboard or via the left-hand menu of the web application. Organized folks will appreciate that you can sort your projects into folders for a visual structure of your different projects.

Depending on the plan you choose, you can use Wrike’s Gantt charts, which allow you to create tasks and subtasks, alongside dependencies. You also get more control over which users can access specific projects, and what they can do inside the tasks. This is suitable project management software for creatives, designers and marketing teams: small and large.

What makes Wrike a great project management software is its native calendar app. It comes with an extensive range of features that allow you to do things like setting a range of due dates. It offers so much that it’s a little more complex than other project management app calendars; however, after spending some time with it, you’ll quickly get the hang of how it works.

Excellent Agile Project Management

If you apply Agile methodologies to your project management, you’re going to love Wrike. Its Agile project templates are one of the reasons the service made it into our roundup of the best scrum software for project management

The Agile template essentially is a way for users to create a scrum board. Here you can develop your backlog, track issues and set sprints. While Wrike’s overall design is dull, everything works well and using the Agile project management software will help you build your product well and on time.

Wrike is reasonably priced, but has some odd price distance between its plans.

There’s little to dislike about Wrike. The pricing structure is a little iffy, as there’s a big jump in cost between the Professional and Business plans. However, all in all, it’s an excellent piece of project management software and one that’s useful in a range of scenarios, including managing multiple projects. To learn more, check out our full Wrike review.

  • Unlimited users. Basic features.
  • Price is per user. Plans for 5, 10 and 15 users.
  • Price is per user. No monthly option. Plans for 5 to 200 users.
More plans
  • For large teams; Enterprise-grade security and scalability; Plans for 5 to an unlimited number of users.
  • For teams with complex work needs; Advanced tools and analytics for complex work; 5 to unlimited users

4. nTask – Good Multiple-Project Scheduling Software

nTask offers a broad feature set for an excellent price.

More details about nTask:

  • Pricing: Free; $3 per month for the Basic plan, billed annually
  • Provider website:


  • Excellent value
  • Good range of features


  • Too many marketing emails

nTask is as good for task management as it is for deep project management. Its basic tools include a list, calendar and timeline view (it’s one of the best timeline project management tools). More advanced tools like workload management and long-term planning aren’t available on any of nTask’s plans, making the software more appropriate for light users.

It’s not totally basic though, as you’re able to use a Gantt chart view for your projects, and it’s a really good one, too. You can zoom in and out of your chart, and zero in on specific tasks, dependencies and milestones. In this department, nTask rivals TeamGantt — the best Gantt chart software, (check our TeamGantt review to learn more).

We really like the layout of nTask’s software and we commend the company for doing an overall fantastic job with the design. Spacing and positioning is done well, making it simple to locate and navigate through your projects. nTask sets a high bar when it comes to its project overview and dashboard.

Plan Meetings With nTask

Part of project management is having frequent meetings with your team. To help plan ahead, nTask offers a meeting planner that allows you to create dates and times, add participants and embed specific tasks to ensure those attending are fully aware of the objective of the meeting. It’s not a common feature among project management tools, giving nTask an edge here too.

ntask review webpage
You can access a seven day free trial of all nTask’s plans.

We like nTask. The only reason it’s not higher up is because the company likes to send its customer base marketing materials. Plus, while mostly well designed, sometimes it takes too many clicks to get where you want to be inside your tasks, but we’re perhaps being picky in that regard. 

The fact you can access a project management tool of this caliber for as little as $3 per month is remarkable. It’s the reason it tops our list of the best cheap project management software. The free plan is limited, so it’s likely that you’ll soon be bumping up to a paid plan, but the low price should allay any budget concerns. Learn more about it in our nTask review.

  • Maximum 5 team members.
  • No minimum or maximum team members.
  • No minimum or maximum team members.
  • Self-hosted option. 50 team members minimum.

5. ClickUp – Free Project Management Software

ClickUp is a sound choice for those new to online project management software.

More details about ClickUp:

  • Pricing: Free; $5 per user per month for the Advanced plan, billed annually
  • Provider website:


  • Very affordable
  • Diverse feature set
  • Unlimited storage available


  • Performance can be sluggish

ClickUp is cheap, cheerful and has a wide range of options on the menu. Users have a choice of views including lists, Gantt charts and kanban boards (it’s one of the best kanban apps). It’s also possible to create custom fields, so you can craft your project in a way that suits you and your in-house terminology.

The most basic paid plan, Unlimited, comes with some excellent reporting tools that give you detailed insight into all of your projects, while allowing you to track the progress of tasks. If you’re a fan of Agile methodologies, you can also implement sprint management and create backlogs. That’s great considering the most affordable plan costs just $5 per user per month.

If you’re a project manager who likes to create mind maps, you can do so with ClickUp’s intuitive mind mapping tool. From the initial concept right through to the final product, the mind mapping tool gives you a firmer grip of project planning and combines all your tasks in one space. 

Unlimited Everything

If you want unlimited access to anything, you usually need to pay top dollar. That’s not the case with ClickUp. Even ClickUp’s free plan allows you to create unlimited tasks, and the paid plans offer unlimited storage, dashboards and integrations. The generosity of ClickUp is what makes it unique; you can do a lot, without having to pay a lot.

clickup get started
ClickUp has an excellent free plan which will be fine for light use.

ClickUp is a comprehensive project management tool that we really like, but it’s far from perfect. Sometimes performance is a little sluggish — not terrible, but enough to frustrate those managing multiple projects. However, given the cost and range of features, it would still be an excellent choice for many. Read our full review.

Free Forever
  • Basic functionality with some limitations

Final Thoughts

If you’re a project manager, hopefully you now have a clear understanding of which tools will help you get on top of all your projects. Again, you can’t go wrong with, as it’s the project management leader for most categories.

For those wanting free project management software, Asana or ClickUp are the way to go. Read our ClickUp vs Asana comparison guide to learn how the two tools compare.

If the free project management options don’t give you enough, but your budget is tight, nTask is hands down the right path to take. To have so many features at such a low cost is impressive. Let’s not forget Wrike either, though we’d only suggest this option if you’re looking for scrum boards (software development teams, take note).

Which is your favorite project management software for handling projects? Is there a piece of software we missed from this article? Is there a project management software you would like us to review in the future? Let us know in the comments. Thanks for reading.

FAQ: Best Tools for Managing Multiple Projects

  • You can use project management software, as it allows you to create multiple projects inside one account. A well-designed project management tool offers clear guidance on how to navigate between all of your projects.

  • For its range of features and ease of use, is the best project management solution available.

  • Asana is one of the best free project management software options available and it allows you to manage multiple projects simultaneously.

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