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Sandra Pattison

Sandra Pattison

Writer, Editor

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Sandra Pattison is an editor and writer for Cloudwards. Her writing and research focus on streaming devices and VPNs. 

Background & Education

As a writer and editor for Cloudwards for more than half a decade, Sandra Pattison has established herself as an authority in areas of digital privacy, online streaming and children’s online safety. Her approach to writing is deeply informed by her hands-on experience as a parent, offering a dual perspective that resonates with a wide range of readers, from tech enthusiasts to concerned parents.

Sandra’s journey into the world of technology writing began with Cloudwards, where she has since flourished, both as a writer and an editor. Her ability to demystify complex tech topics and present them in an easily digestible format has made her contributions invaluable. Outside of Cloudwards, Sandra has edited for several notable tech and design publications.

When not engrossed in the latest in VPNs and streaming technology, Sandra enjoys photography and unwinding with movies or a relaxing session of The Sims.

Sandra’s expertise is self-taught and honed through years of hands-on experience and continuous learning in the fields of digital privacy, streaming technology and children’s online safety. Her in-depth knowledge and understanding come from practical involvement and personal interests rather than formal educational qualifications, showcasing her commitment and passion for the tech world.

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