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Samuel Chapman

Samuel Chapman

Writer, Editor

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Samuel Chapman is a writer and editor for Cloudwards. His writing and research focus on VPNs, anonymity and online privacy. 

Background & Education

Samuel Chapman is a writer and editor at Cloudwards and an expert in online security, privacy and cryptocurrency. His tenure at Cloudwards spans over four years, and he has also written for brands like Koalafi, Ivee and Lunchables, and serves as content manager for PrivacyJournal. Samuel enjoys delivering clear, compelling narratives that demystify complex topics for a broad audience. As an editor, he uses his keen eye for detail and commitment to high-quality writing to make Cloudwards the best online source for understanding cloud-based technology. Outside of his professional pursuits, Samuel’s passions include writing fiction, historical fencing, board games, and hiking.

Samuel holds a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies from Whitman College and a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from the University of Southern Maine.

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