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Jackie Leavitt

Jackie Leavitt

Co-Chief Editor

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Jackie Leavitt is the chief editor of Cloudwards. She manages and works closely with a team of editors and writers to produce content on cloud-based technology. 

Background & Education

Jackie Leavitt’s extensive background in journalism and strategic communication forms the backbone of her current role as chief editor at Cloudwards. Since joining the team in 2019 as a copy editor, she has honed her expertise in cloud-based technology, from online privacy and virtual private networks to cloud storage and project management software. As the chief editor, she dedicates herself to making sure her editorial team is well-trained and that readers can find accurate and insightful information in every article. 

Jackie’s broad spectrum of editorial experiences — from editing with international journalism organizations to medical school essay coaching — has cultivated a proficiency in creating and refining editorial systems, streamlining processes and upholding the highest standards of quality in digital content. As a leader, she is committed to constant improvement, ensuring that Cloudwards remains at the cutting edge of its niche. 

Beyond her professional endeavors, Jackie is an avid sailor and dancer, with a passion for salsa and swing. She balances her screen time with the freedom of running, camping and embracing the adventures that come with traveling.

Jackie Leavitt graduated from the University of New Hampshire with dual Bachelor’s degrees in Journalism and European Culture Studies, before advancing to National University where she earned her Master’s degree in Strategic Communications. This blend of journalistic rigor and strategic prowess equips her with a unique perspective on content creation and editorial excellence.

Media Inquiries

You can contact Jackie at jackie[at]

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