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  • Ease of use
  • Lots of features
  • Great mid-range plan Review

Many companies flock to for their project management needs, thanks to its powerful tools and slick user interface. However, several competing project management platforms are challenging In our full review, we’ll cover everything from pricing to security so you can see if it’s the right software for you.

Brett Day
By Brett Day (Writer, Editor)
— Last Updated: 2024-06-06T15:11:45+00:00 Facts checked by Jasna Mishevska

We’d bet that when you think of project management tools, one of the first names that comes to mind is Thanks to a strong marketing push, a Webby Award and great reviews from users across the board, the project management platform is more popular than ever. Our project management experts have decided to revisit our review to add more information for potential users.

Originally started as part of website builder back in 2010, the software became part of breakaway company daPulse in 2012 — though it soon dropped that capital “p” to become “dapulse.” In 2017, it renamed itself (missing capitals seem to be an ongoing issue) and has been going strong since.

Key Takeaways: 

  • is one of the most straightforward project management tools to use, thanks to its beautifully designed interface.
  • While the Individual and Basic plans are poor, the Standard and Pro options more than compensate for their shortcomings with robust features at affordable prices.
  • Thanks to its tools and views, project management software is suitable for many different companies and projects.

Project management platforms like Asana, Wrike and ClickUp (read our Asana review, Wrike review and ClickUp review) are turning the screw on However, is firmly cemented at the top of many project management software leaderboards — including our best project management software list — for good reason.

If you’re unsure which way to turn regarding project management solutions, check out our list of best free project management software and keep reading to find out more about the platform in this review. We’ll tell you everything our thorough testing uncovered about this WorkOS, including information about its free and paid plans, features, tools, security options and more. 

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  • 02/24/2023 Facts checked

    Our review has been rewritten with new information and uses an easier-to-read format.

  • 04/17/2024

    Updated to reflect changes in the naming of Asana’s pricing plans.

  • 06/06/2024

    Updated the article to reflect’s latest pricing information. Alternatives Review: Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Beautiful user interface
  • Easy to learn & operate
  • Many app integrations
  • Stellar Standard plan
  • Great desktop & mobile apps


  • Free & Basic plans are weak
  • Weaker security & admin options in lower plans


95 % – Excellent

When it comes to project management tools, is one of the best, thanks to all the features on offer. You’ll find multiple views, support for integrations with many applications, easy-to-use automations, the best user interface and plenty of storage space in most plans. 

All of the above-listed features within and its various plans make the project management tool ideal for everything from basic task management to customer relationship management. We’ll break down each plan below so you can see what they offer. Individual Plan Features

The free version of, known as the Individual plan, is quite weak when compared to most work management tools, and it offers only basic features. The tools and views offer just enough for individuals to get by, but you’ll be disappointed if you’re trying to plan anything more than a trip to the grocery store.

The Individual plan offers just two “seats” (people per account), 1,000 items, 500MB of file storage space, one dashboard and a kanban board. In addition, you get access to mobile applications, embedded documents, over 200 templates, 20 different types of columns, shareable forms, a one-week activity log and unlimited documents, but not much else. kanban view
If you sign up for’s Individual plan, your access is limited to a kanban board and one dashboard.

Individual plan members are protected by two-factor authentication and decent security, which meets SOC Type II compliance levels. Support-wise, the free version offers access to a self-serve knowledgebase, 24/7 customer support and live webinars, which will help you come to grips with the software. The free plan provides a good starting point, but not much else. Basic Plan Features

Next is the Basic plan, which unfortunately is another misstep. The plan offers the core features found in the Individual plan and builds upon them by offering unlimited free viewers, items and unlimited dashboards — but users are still limited to one project. The plan gets topped off with 5GB of file storage.

monday templates users have access to over 200 project templates.

We struggle to understand why the Individual and Basic plans exist. They’re virtually identical, except for a few features. We believe the Individual plan should be scrapped, and the Basic tier should become free. Doing this would make a more compelling option for the masses. Standard Plan Features

The Standard plan is a great value proposition, and it’s where project managers of small businesses should jump in. This plan retains access to everything in the Basic plan and gains timeline, map, calendar views and Gantt charts; up to 250 automations and integrations per month; a six-month activity log and a dashboard that can combine up to five boards.

monday gantt chart
The Standard plan introduces Gantt charts and a few other views.

On top of the additions mentioned above, you’ll get other project management features — such as 20GB of storage space and guest access — where four guests are billed as one user. Unfortunately, when it comes to customer support and security, you get the same as the Individual and Basic plans. This isn’t bad, but it could be better considering the cost. Pro Plan Features

You’ve probably noticed a trend in that each plan retains the features from the previous plan and adds features to it, and the Pro plan is no exception. The Pro tier adds private boards and documents, charts and team member workload views, built-in time tracking, a one-year activity log, 25,000 automations and integrations per month, plus 100GB of storage.

monday workload’s Pro plan is ideal for larger businesses, thanks to its workload and time-tracking tools.

The Pro plan also gets unlimited guests, formula columns and task dependencies. Security features get a bump with the introduction of Google Authentication. Pro also introduces administration features, and you can add unlimited board administrators who can edit and create content. The Pro plan is ideal for medium-sized businesses with many team members. Enterprise Plan Features

Large businesses that need all the bells and whistles that offers will need to step up to an Enterprise plan. It includes 250,000 automations and integrations, enterprise-level security, multi-level permissions, advanced reporting, performance insights, a five-year activity log and a dedicated customer success manager — but get your wallet ready.

monday premium integrations
Subscribing to the Enterprise plan will unlock premium integrations.

Enterprise plans, which provide the most project management tools, also guarantee an uptime of 99.9% and offer single sign-on capabilities, HIPAA compliance, IP restrictions, private workspaces and many more advanced features relating to security and administration. The Enterprise accounts also unlock premium integrations with apps like Salesforce and NetSuite.

Views Galore

The views that offers must be considered one of the platform’s key features because they make the software incredibly powerful and user-friendly. It’s just such a shame that so many of the views that can help you visualize projects and track project progress are locked behind different plans. dashboard widgets
The dashboard view offers is powerful, user-friendly and easy on the eyes.

For example, the Individual and Basic plans offer a simple kanban board. The Standard plan adds timelines, calendars and maps, while the Pro and Enterprise plans add Gantt charts and workload views. This level of versatility when it comes to views is why ranked highly in our roundup of best project management software for multiple projects.

Our favorite visual tool is the custom dashboard, which allows you to display multiple views and projects (depending on your plan) in one place. Along with the views, you can add project visualization widgets. All the views are bright, bold, easy to read and easy on the eyes, which is exactly what you want from software that you’ll be staring at for hours.

Compared to project management tools like Wrike or Asana (read our monday vs Asana article), holds its own, and it beats its competitors outright when it comes to how it displays project data. It’s the views that make a stellar project management solution.

wrike screenshot
Compared to Wrike (pictured), which is unbelievably bland, is a delight for the eyes, thanks to its bright colors and overall peppy appearance.

Integrations & Automations is a stout piece of project management software, but like so many of its competitors, it becomes even more potent with third-party app integrations. The app marketplace lists Google Calendar, Microsoft Teams, Slack, plus a ton of cloud storage and time-management solutions, collaboration tools and resource management software.

adding integrations supports integrations with many popular applications.

Thanks to the app marketplace, all the integrations are easy to find and use. You simply pick or search from the integrated apps list and follow the on-screen instructions. Within no time, you’ll have a cohesive WorkOS that integrates seamlessly with other work management tools.

monday automations
Automations within can take a lot of work off your plate.

We’re sure project managers will also be pleased to hear about’s automations. Automations allow you to create simple and complex actions that can take care of repetitive tasks. For example, if you need to send emails when you update the status of a project or send a Slack notification when a task progresses to the next stage, automations can do it for you. 

You’ll find that automations live in a tool similar to monday’s app marketplace. You can find a smorgasbord of premade automations and a custom automation generator here. The automations are painless to use and can help save you oodles of time throughout a project. deserves kudos for making integrations and automations such a doddle to use. Features Overview

Management Views
Kanban board
Spreadsheet view
Gantt charts
Workload planning
Long-term planning
Management Features
Multiple project management
Dependency management
Native scrum management
Set user permissions
File storage
Built-in integrations
Reporting features
General Features
Free plan
Free Trial14 days
Web app
Ticket-based support
Live chat
Phone support


80 % – Good

Overall, we have found that offers pretty competitive pricing; however, we are baffled by the price of the Basic plan, which does not represent a good value for the money. You can find more in-depth details about each project management plan in our pricing guide.

When looking at the prices in this section, keep in mind that to sign up for any of the plans, you have to buy three seats. Let’s take a closer look at each plan.

  • Maximum users: 2
  • Minimum users: 3; All prices per user
  • Minimum users: 3; All prices per user
More plans
  • Minimum users: 3; All prices per user
  • Enterprise-level features. Pricing Structure

Let’s start with the plans you should avoid. First, the free Individual plan — which is listed as a “free forever” plan, like ClickUp’s free offering — is rudimentary to say the least. Yes, you can use a few key features of, and a very small business could get by with it, but we wouldn’t rely on this plan for anything but simple tasks.

The Basic plan is the first paid offering. Honestly, the $12 per user per month hardly offers any additional features. Even if you opt to pay for this plan at the yearly rate, you’ll still be spending $9 per user per month. Just say no.

Fortunately, things improve with the Standard plan. The features you get for $14 per user per month are hard to beat. Paying yearly drops the price to $12 per user per month. We’re not surprised that this is monday’s most popular plan, and it’s why made our list of value-priced project management software. new pricing plans’s pricing is competitive once you move past the Basic plan. Professional Plans

There’s a big jump in pricing between the Standard and Pro plans; however, it’s the option we would recommend for a medium-sized business with multiple ongoing projects and team members. If you choose to pay monthly, you’re looking at $24 per user per month, while the yearly rate drops the fee to $19 per user per month.

Lastly, offers a scalable Enterprise plan. No pricing is available as every Enterprise plan is tailored to each business, which means custom pricing. You’ll need to contact for a quote. We suggest you have a stiff drink and a chair nearby when you do. We also think it’s prudent to remind you that paid plans have a minimum requirement of three seats. Plan Progression

monday’s plan progression is erratic and makes little sense. Both entry-level plans (Individual and Basic) are weak and are outdone by Asana’s free and $13.49-per-user-per-month Starter plan and Clickup’s Free Forever and $10-per-user-per-month Unlimited plan.

Trello and Wrike offer more compelling entry-level plans, as well. You can read more about those options in our alternatives article.

monday plan progression’s plan progression is disappointing, with many features kept behind the paywall of the Pro and Enterprise tiers.

It’s not all doom and gloom, as’s Standard and Pro plans are more competitive. Still, it’s a shame to see restricting most of the views to higher-cost plans, and it’s disappointing that time tracking, private boards, advanced reporting, security and administration features don’t come into play until the Pro and Enterprise tiers.

We feel that the Standard plan is the standout option that’s well-suited to small business owners and some medium-sized businesses. Only you know what’s right for your business, but we highly recommend you spend time comparing’s plans to competing options. You can also sign up for a free 14-day trial of monday’s Pro plan to see if it offers what you need.


95 % – Excellent

If you’re looking for a project management solution that’s an absolute delight to use, look no further than Without a doubt, has the cleanest, most user-friendly work management software on the planet. In fact,’s easy-to-use nature helped it earn first place in our roundup of best project management software for beginners. get started makes it easy to sign up for an account.

The ease of use starts from the very beginning when signing up for an account, and it just keeps on going. You’ll be managing projects and your team in the blink of an eye. Be sure to read our guide on how to use to find out how to set up an account, create boards and custom dashboards, integrate external apps and more. Let’s break things down further.

User Interface

The easy-to-use interface means that even those new to the world of project management can jump right in and feel at ease, thanks to a well-thought-out menu system that uses easy-to-read fonts and icons that make sense. You’ll also immediately appreciate the bright, bold colors that are used across the canvas. The UI is pure eye candy.  

Switching between views is effortless, thanks to a top menu that’s clearly labeled. Moving between projects and boards is quickly done via a menu — which can be hidden if needed — on the left. Accessing your account information is as painless as clicking on your avatar in the bottom-left corner. There’s nothing about the interface that needs explaining. It just works.

monday user interface’s user interface is bright, clean, smooth and is just a delight to use.

You’ll find that creating views, adding new tasks and assigning them to team members is a painless experience. Adding third-party Integrations and automations is as easy as visiting the marketplaces and clicking on what you need. Communicating with a team member takes no time, and the dashboard provides a no-fuss way of seeing a global view of your project.

Another huge plus is how smoothly everything operates. Moving cards in the kanban board is fluid, Gantt charts scroll as smooth as butter, and transitions and animations are slick. Only Asana comes close to the interface that uses, and even then, it’s still way behind. If you value form and function, could be for you.

Admin Controls and Other Tools

The administration panel isn’t as visually appealing as the rest of the, which is fine, but it is just as functional as everything else. Unless you sign up for the Pro or Enterprise plans, you won’t be spending much time in this panel as most options will be unavailable; however, we still feel it’s important to show how the back end of looks.

monday administration
The administration panel is nicely laid out and easy to use.

The admin panel allows you to change your account information, add branding, invite users, change and manage security settings, and view usage stats, among other things. As long as your plan supports the administration side of things, you can manage a lot through this control panel with minimal fuss. It’s clean and functional, and that’s all we could ask for. Desktop and Mobile Apps

Project managers who despise working with browser-based software or who travel a lot will enjoy the desktop and mobile versions of The desktop client, which is available for macOS and Windows, made it onto our list of best project management software for Windows. The fully featured app provides access to integrations, communication tools and automations.

monday ipad app
The mobile and desktop versions of are just as slick as the web version.

The mobile app — available for iOS and Android devices — is not as feature-laden as the other versions. You can complete basic chores such as creating, assigning and moving tasks, but little else. However, the touch screen interface is a delight to use. To learn more about desktop and mobile apps, read our best project management software for Mac and iOS roundup.

Tutorials and Learning Curve

We mentioned above that is easy to pick up and use, and that’s absolutely true. Take a look at our how to use guide to see for yourself. Still, there will be times while using the software that you’ll become stumped; however, you have nothing to worry about as provides enough resources to help you get out of sticky situations.

monday community
The community forum is full of hints and tips, and if you post a question, you’ll receive a quick reply.

Whether you need help with creating boards, figuring out how to use project tools or pipeline management, support is right around the corner. You can access a help menu at any time and find links to monday’s knowledgebase, the lively community forum and the academy, which houses courses and webinars.

monday academy
The “academy” that has put together is full of practical courses.

The good news is that the knowledgebase, community forum and academy are available in every plan. Enterprise members also have access to a support team that can provide onboarding, extensive training and tailored support. Should you run into any operational issues, we’re happy to say that will have your back.

Security & Privacy

90 % – Excellent

We’re all concerned about security and privacy these days, and rightly so. When dealing with information that could damage a company if leaked, it’s imperative that the company hosting said data is fair and reliable. Fortunately, security and privacy are two more things that gets right.

Security Features

From a security standpoint, you have little to worry about with Our biggest caveat is that — like Asana and a few others — uses AWS to store your data. Unfortunately, AWS has had a few leaks over the years; however, this is not the fault of or anyone else who uses their services. Still, it’s something to be aware of.

monday security’s security is robust enough to put your mind at ease.

We’re happy that uses TLS and AES-256 or better when transferring your data to AWS, and the platform is SOC 2 Type II certified. Every paid plan also offers two-factor authentication, which is a great feature. The Pro plan adds Google Authentication, while the Enterprise plan adds single sign-on and IP restrictions. In all,’s security is robust.

Privacy Policy’s privacy policy is in line with other project management software, which is to say it’s not perfect, but it’s more than good enough for most. While the company will collect a large amount of data about you, they don’t sell it. will only use the data to improve the software and to send you targeted ads, which is par for the course these days.

Other points that stand out are the fact that is GDPR certified, which means you can opt out of the above-mentioned targeted ads if you’re based in Europe, and that PrivacyTeam protects the company. As a result, you can use without worrying about what’s happening to your data behind the scenes.

monday privacy’s privacy policy, while not perfect, is better than many others.

Customer Support

95 % – Excellent

We have been quite impressed with the support that has provided us. Should you run into any problems, we’re confident that the issue you are facing will be dealt with quickly and professionally.

Unfortunately, there’s no phone support (unless you have a billing issue), which is a shame. However, a handy AI chatbot can provide links to the academy, knowledgebase or forum when posed with a question. The bot can also create help tickets for you. We created a ticket and received an email response within 24 hours, which impressed us.

monday support
Should you run into a problem or have a question about plans,’s support staff are quick to offer help.

Live chat is an excellent resource too. We asked questions about features and had a few pleasant conversations. If you’re an Enterprise member, you’ll also get access to a dedicated customer success manager who will help you navigate any issues. Overall, the customer service on offer is top-notch.

The Verdict offers one of the best user experiences when it comes to project management. Still, it’s not perfect and is let down slightly by a weak free plan and a poor Basic tier. However, the platform shines when you move into the Standard and Pro plans.

Compared to other project management tools, is an easy choice, thanks to its outstanding user interface, wide range of tools and the number of third-party integrations. In addition, customer support is top-notch, training resources are readily available and easy to follow, and security and privacy are more than acceptable.

If you need project management software that allows you to hit the ground running, is for you. We recommended the 14-day free trial (no credit card required) so you can see it in action. 

Have you used before? Do you like it? Do you prefer a different platform? Let us know in the comment section.


  • is a powerful task management platform that’s well-suited to simple and complex projects. It’s equally capable as a customer relationship management solution for small businesses and large corporations, thanks to its feature set. However, there are better options than for those who need sprints, native scrum support or dependencies.

  • is secure enough, thanks to being SOC Type II compliant and offering two-factor authentication. The platform offers Google Authentication, IP restrictions and single sign-on options, but be prepared to pay for the more costly Pro and Enterprise plans.

  • is a fine project management suite for small businesses. The Standard plan offers everything a small team needs, including kanban boards, calendar views, sharable forms, integrations with communication apps, and unlimited seats, items, boards and docs. Step into the Pro plan and you can add time tracking to the mix, too.

  • offers a free project management plan for individuals, but it’s severely lacking in features. While one could use for basic projects and tasks, we would recommend looking at another platform, such as ClickUp or Trello, thanks to their feature-packed free plans.

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