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Overall Rating 93%Excellent
Usability & Look and Feel
File Sharing & Syncing
89%Very Good
Speed, Upload and Download

General Overview of Sync.com

How to free up hard drive space with Sync.com

How to Free Up Hard Drive Space Using The Cloud

Check out the website: www.sync.com

Imagine a cloud service which aims to be fast, easy to use, with high security and lots of features… and manages to pull off almost all of these qualities?

Sync.com Review 2016 | SECURE CLOUD STORAGE

Sync.com Review 2016 | SECURE CLOUD STORAGE

Sync, a Canada based zero-knowledge provider, has just managed to do so (exceptions apply, read on). Recently out of Beta, the brand new sync and storage service is going to be cast into a feeding pool filled with some pretty big sharks like:

  1. Dropbox
  2. OneDrive
  3. Google Drive

Does it have what it takes to swim with the big boys? We’re here to find out. After all, Sync does claim to be a secure alternative to Dropbox.

Alternatives for Sync.com

Starts from
$ 5.00 per month
OneDrive Review
  • Free 5GB of storage
  • Amazing web app
  • Great Windows 10 integration
  • Great cross platform availability
  • Slow upload & download speeds
  • 10GB per file limit
  • No local encryption
  • 20,000 file count limit
  • Open door NSA policy
  • Buggy iOS app
Starts from
$ 5.00 per month
Carbonite Review
  • Carbonite supports Android, iOS, Windows & Mac
  • The service offers a 15-day free trial
  • Offers a Courier Recovery Service that retrieves backed up data
  • Physical security measures like 24-hour server room surveillance
  • Data is protected through 128-bit Blowfish encryption
  • Several file restoration methods
  • Unlimited storage space isn’t really unlimited
  • Carbonite’s speed is capped after a plan’s storage threshold
  • Carbonite does not support Windows phones
  • All plans are priced on an annual basis
  • Only the $59.99 per year basic plan supports Mac & Windows
  • The Plus & Prime plans are only available for Windows users
  • Users cannot create public links to share or distribute files
Starts from
$ 5.00 per month
Amazon Cloud Drive Review
  • Good photo storage solution
  • Affordable unlimited cloud drive
  • No syncing options
  • Media file playback very limited
  • No automatic backup features
  • No collaboration features

Usability & Look and Feel

95% – Excellent

Before continuing, it should be noted that this review was conducted using Windows 10, and not OS X, which has its own Sync.com app. On Windows 10, Sync works and feels exactly like OneDrive, it’s a file integrated system which can be controlled from the Task View drop down menu.

It’s a cohesive, easy to use and logical system. However, there is no Sync GUI at all, it’s integrated completely into the look and feel of Windows 10, with a folder which provides access to synced and stored content.

Users looking to access an interface of some sort will be directed to the web client, which is awesome! It’s clean, easy to handle, logical and utterly simplistic. You really have to be brain dead or close to not figure out how things work on the web interface.

The web client is broken into 4 categories, all of which do exactly what they say:

  • Files
  • Vault
  • Links
  • Shares
  • Upgrade

Files is the lens through which files are uploaded, stored, shared and secured. You can set expiry times, password protect links, and of course, everything is encrypted during upload and storage.

Vault is… well, I’ll let Sync explain it:

Files added to the Vault do not get synced to your other devices – allowing you to free up space by archiving your files in the cloud. From the files tab, you can copy any of your files or folders into the Vault.

Links simply provides a list of linked content, and also shows their expiry dates and security status. Shares shows which folders have been shared and with whom.

Users can:

  1. Unshare
  2. Wipe data remotely
  3. Add or remove selected users
  4. Set permissions

Finally, there’s Upgrade, which simply shows the best available upgrade options and their costs, plus the amount of space each upgrade comes with. It should be noted that none of these features are available directly through the Windows App, and settings such as bandwidth control, file settings, account settings and others are only in the PC app.

So both the web panel and the computer app work as two parts of a whole.

Sync.com Review – Web Panel


PlanStarterPro PersonalPro Business
Price Plan
$ 8 00monthly
$ 96 00yearly
$ 5 00monthly
$ 60 00yearly
Storage 5 2000 1000

Free storage, never expires.

Advanced sharing controls and admin tools.

Administrative console to provision and manage multiple users.

File Sharing & Syncing

89% – Very Good

We come to the bread and butter of Sync.com’s services, the file sharing and sync process. File sharing is a short and sweet process. Simply select the folder or file you wish to share, either invite collaborators or share it as a link.

Anyone can sign up for a free account which comes with 5GB of free storage for life, and additional storage can be earned via referrals.

Sharing allows for the setting of an expiry date, a limit to how many times the link can be used, and even an alert to notify you when the file has been downloaded (or I guess from the sharer’s perspective, successfully shared).

What about syncing? Well, the efficacy of this feature will obviously depend on the available bandwidth and how any devices are involved. Sync is cross platform so a PC owner can sync their files on an iPhone and Android tablet all at once.

Sync.com has a small flaw here which needs to be noted. The link to download various apps is located at the bottom of their homepage; it’s rather obscure.

A more prominent placement on their main page and even an option within users’ accounts would be much appreciated. If you don’t scroll to the absolute bottom of their homepage, there’s no way to find the download link to the PC and smart device apps.

Just download the correct app and hit the Sync button and kickback. Maybe brew a coffee or watch reruns or Little House on The Prairie. Personally, I’d rather watch Fresh Prince of Bel-air when waiting for folders to sync up.


100% – Excellent

Moving on from butter and bread, we now arrive at Sync’s secret and most seductive weapon – security.

The whole selling pitch of Sync is that it offers the ease of use that Dropbox has, with up to the minute zero-knowledge security. And indeed, there’s some pretty tight security on offer. Let’s start off with a brief introduction to zero-knowledge security. What exactly is it?

According to Wikipedia:

In cryptography, a zero-knowledge proof or zero-knowledge protocol is a method by which one party (the prover) can prove to another party (the verifier) that a given statement is true, without conveying any information apart from the fact that the statement is indeed true.

In common practice, zero-knowledge storage simply means that the host of your data (in this case, Sync) does not know or have access to your content (or its metadata) in any way, and also encrypts that data during transit (like uploads and downloads) and while at rest (when it’s doing nothing).

So non accessible, fully encrypted data is basically what practical zero-knowledge data boils down to.

Sync indeed offer this, to sometimes the detriment of usability. A noticeable flaw in this state of security was the lack of file and image previews, as each image has to be decrypted before it can be shown.

The process takes about 2-3 minutes (on my Internet speed) for a single slideshow image to actually appear. This is, however, just the nature of encrypted services. If you want fast sideshows, feel free to use Dropbox or something else with bare bones security.

In addition, Sync also has a few extra security perks to keep snoops and hackers and other unsavory types outside the digital gates:

  1. 2048 bit RSA
  2. 256 bit AES
  3. SSL & TLS encryption

Users can avail of the two-factor authentication, account notifications and file audit logs. We already mentioned remote wipe and remote log out previously.

Sync has two SOC-1 certified data centers in Ontario (one in Toronto and the other in Markham) which are designed to offer redundancy (hardware and network) and sport compliance for the following long list of acronyms:

  • PIPA

At the time of this review, I had a working knowledge of what HIPAA is, but the other acronyms were simply gibberish to me.

Luckily, Sync assumes that idiots like myself will be using their website, so they included these two links to explain what exactly all those big letters mean:

  • HIPAA (https://www.sync.com/healthcare/)
  • The Others (https://www.sync.com/pdf/sync-canada.pdf)

What’s the legal status of data uploaded to their servers? Since Sync is not located in the US, it is NOT subject to the US Patriot Act, and technically, data in their servers should be harder for the NSA to get it’s hands on… it is not impossible, just highly unlikely.

Until a report of some sort of hack or other similar news comes to light, so far, Sync’s security seems pretty airtight.

Speed, Upload and Download

90% – Excellent

Uploading files depends, once again, at the speeds you have available, but unless you bother tweaking both upload and download speeds in the settings, Sync tends to use the entire available bandwidth to accomplish its task.

In my case, it maxed out the 20 Mbps connection I have in under 5 minutes. But since it encrypts the information as it uploads, the actual time taken to finish uploading a file or folder is usually twice what a non-encrypted file might take.

Another minus I’d like to note (though this maybe my own fault) is the fact that there is no auto-resume for file uploads when an internet connection dies suddenly. So if you’re uploading a big file and the net cuts out halfway for whatever reason, you must restart the upload from zero.

Update 2016: We’re glad to report that Sync.com fixed this issue. Uploads now resume automatically even if your Internet connection breaks along the way. 

Overall, I’m amazed at how well Sync.com handles large files. As I produce a lot of videos that can easily exceed 5GB in raw files, I’m able to send those quickly to my video editor, and she can send the files back just as quickly. 

Anyway, we uploaded a 5GB mixed file at max speed and it took around 30 minutes while encrypting. Downloading took slightly longer at around 48 minutes, same speed and same 5GB file

In short, Sync works your network to the bone, but due to:

  1. Encryption
  2. Uploads

Data previews are a lot slower than one one would assume, if their previous experience has been with services like Dropbox or Google Drive.

Alternatives for Sync.com

Starts from
$ 5.00 per month
Dropbox Review
  • Free 2GB storage (expandable)
  • Good file syncing
  • Great 3rd-party integrations
  • Easy to use
  • Good device support
  • Works on all major operating systems
  • Paid storage is relatively expensive
  • Can’t share files with non-members
  • Many consumer complaints
  • Terrible rating with BBB
  • Customer service needs improvement
  • Concerns about security
  • Minor privacy policy concerns (tracking)
  • Based in the U.S.
  • “Hostile to privacy“
Starts from
$ 5.00 per month
Google Drive Review
  • Great sharing and document collaboration capabilities
  • Very easy to use
  • Generous 15GB free plan
  • Syncing only bare bones
  • No selective folder sync
  • No local encryption
Starts from
$ 5.00 per month
SpiderOak ONE Review
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Zero-knowledge service
  • Strong focus on privacy & security
  • Plenty of control for advanced users
  • Support for many operating systems
  • On the expensive side
  • File syncing is slow
  • Maybe a bit too secure
  • Based in the U.S.


90% – Excellent

Now, we take a look at the final piece of this puzzle, the support. First off, there is no form of live support whatsoever.

No Live Chat or phone calls can be made, the quickest and first option is to e-mail support with your question… and just wait for a reply (which in all fairness, they do promise to make that reply as swift as they can, especially if you’re a Pro user).

Pro users get priority and then the rabble are given attention. Of course, there’s a sweet and short knowledge center available which did adequately answer most of my initial setup questions. If that’s simply not enough, support is broken into the three following departments:

  1. Technical support
  2. Sales
  3. Other Requests

Simply shoot them an e-mail and kickback while you wait for a reply. There’s also a Getting Started paper and of course, a snail mail option. You can write Sync an actual paper made letter if you want.

I’m honestly rather disappointed about the lack of a Live Chat, especially for Pro users, and I do hope it’s being worked on as we speak. Though I did e-mail support to ask if they have plans to implement chat and live calls.

I guess we can chalk up the lack of live support to the relative newness of Sync, but I still think they could have done something about chatting.

Sometimes, a person needs a quick and correct answer to some sort of question which is not covered in their FAQ and Getting Started, and waiting around for them to get back to you via e-mail just may not be the fastest way to get an answer.


Final Verdict

Well, with all said and done, where does Sync stand as the dust settles? It stands dead center of pretty good. It’s an easy to use and up-to-date software package, which on Windows, at least, relies heavily on the web panel to do the brunt of its work.

Security wise, no real complaints. Secure protocols, in-house secure servers, and fully encrypted data during transit and rest all make a compelling case, and we all appreciate their open distance from the US Patriot Act.

Of course, the downside to encryption is the hit speeds and previews takes, which is, I guess, simply the nature of encrypted data at the moment.

In terms of:

  1. Storage
  2. Backup 
  3. Remote access
  4. Control over sharing
  5. Security

I couldn’t find any real flaws. Pretty solid stuff there. Support is great, in fact, Sync.com guarantees 1h email support replies even for free accounts which is unheard of among “the big guys”. 

We love the fact that Sync.com performs well with large and small files alike, so it doesn’t matter if you have 10.000 small files to sync or large 5GB video files (which we do). Do you have any experience, complaints or questions about our review?

Feel free to express yourself in the comments section below. And thanks for reading!


Sync.com Features
Free Storage5 GB
Free Trial
  • windows
  • mac
PriceStarts from $ 5.00 per month
Mobile Access
Mobile Apps
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android
Free External HD Backup
Continuous Backup
Incremental Backup
Backup Scheduling
Bare Metal Backup
Exclude File Extensions for Backup
Network Drives
Bandwidth throttling
Web Access
HIPAA Compliant
File Size LimitUnlimited GB
Included MachinesUnlimited
File Sharing
Multiple Accounts
Share Photo Albums
Music Streaming
Folder Collaboration
Outlook Backup
Local Encryption256-bit
Server Side Encryption256-bit
Keeps deleted files30
File VersioningUnlimited

Sync.com Review

Secure Dropbox alternative with plenty to offer

Great cloud syncing services with private encryption. NSA safe, with a fantastic attitude towards privacy. Ability to use a "vault" to free up hard drive space.
Starts from
$ 5.00 per month
Visit Sync.com

61 thoughts on “Sync.com”

  1. Disappointed 🙁 I bough PRO account from sync.com and uploaded 22GB to the server. I shared the 22GB folder to other people (who are not pro) but they can not upload and modify it because of free account is only 5GB. Funny message appeared. Karen from Support confirmed that it is normal situation and everyone who wants to collaborate must buy Pro account. It is illogical thinking … in my opinion. They should solve that problem and clarify their point of view. It would be great if they can describe this limitation at sync.com website so people would know that fact before wasting money and time.

    1. if a share is created by a PRO account, free accounts wont be charged for disk usage. the feature was added a couple of months ago. however i don’t think the feature was applied to old shares retroactively

    2. Hi.
      It needs to be that way and that is normal behaviour for cloud storage: A shared folder/file counts as used space on all accounts that it’s shared with. The reason is because if they didn’t do that, then anyone could open up multiple free accounts, share the folders between all accounts, and get huge amounts of free storage that way. That wouldn’t be fair to the cloud host company.

      Not great, but they don’t seem to have much choice.

  2. Really fast syncing and secure file sharing. I have tested the performance from multiple cities in the US, Europe and Asia and it remains consistently fast. Love the unlimited file revisions feature in my Sync 2TB Pro account. Great pricing.

    1. Thanks, we’ll add that more visibly to our review. At the bottom there is a features overview where you can review the OS’s supported.

      1. The first line of the Usability section still reads “it should be noted that this review was conducted using Windows 10, and not OS X or Linux, both of which have their own Sync apps.”

        Please make the lack of linux support much more clear in the review, as this is something many of us might be interested in!

        1. Yes! Do make it clear that Sync doesn’t support Linux.
          I bought PRO 2TB based on your review thinking I had found a great service only to find out I cant sync my iMac with my Ubuntu work stations.

          Giving them until my subscription comes up for yearly renewal to deliver on the “everywhere” promise.

  3. To be fair, slow upload and download speeds are NOT due to encryption. Technically, the speed of encrypting and deencrypting the data depends entirely on your machine specs because that’s where it’s happening. But most modern machines can encrypt data much faster than they can upload it, even at 20Mbps. For example, large block 256-bit AES/CBC encryption should easily exceed 80MBps, which is 32x faster than your internet connection. At that rate, some hard drives might not even keep up with encryption.

    In the end you uploaded at around 22Mbps and downloaded around 14Mbps. I don’t know why the download was slower but it was not due to deencryption. From what you’ve stated, something is also broken with their preview, but I highly doubt it has anything to do with encryption. It’s more likely something to do with the code (maybe JS) they’re using in the browser.

  4. I just tried to set up sync and for some reason it did not recognize the password I set up. So, I tried to change it. The “forgot password” link only sends you a hint. In order to change a pw you must be in one of the apps or your desktop app to change. Sync has no feature to change the pw from the sync.com page. YIKES!! Moving on to vet a new cloud for my COPY replacement. If support is amazing, I will update this review. Yes, I had to write support to get a password reset……….

    1. I imagine that’s because it’s using blind encryption, so only your local machines would have the decryption key.

  5. I was an early adopter when syn.com was early beta — opened a free account in 2013, and bought a Pro account in Jan 2014.

    I *love* sync.com. It works completely seamlessly on all my machines (I switch between three laptops, a desktop, two tablets, and a phone). Working files are always synced immediately on starting up, so I can stop working on something at one location, and pick up where I left off on a different machine later. Total security and privacy… what’s not to love? I have also received outstanding customer service on the few occasions when I’ve needed something. Really, an outstanding value. Makes DropBox look old, lame and leaky.

    1. Hi,
      you can – sort of. You can download the movies and then play them back, however, streaming doesn’t seem to be possible.

      1. Thanks, I think I overestimated need to back up movies. They are all in iTunes and a couple externals. Looking at backing up my main files under User on my MacBook Pro instead. Didn’t like BackBlazes metadata and restore issues.

  6. I am on Linux and have been using Sync for over half a year now and I love it!

    As there is no desktop client for Linux I am using the web interface which is working fine. I have inquired if they are working on a Linux desktop version, but they replied they have to get more requests in order to do so….

    Please drop them an email if this is something you would want to be seen developed as well. I think this service would be of great interest to the Linux community.

  7. Love Sync!
    Hadn’t heard about them until I stumbled on this review. Overall service is amazing and fast.

  8. I have 250 files in my sync folder and I cannot find a file search tool on the android app? Does one exist? Or is there a way to make the files visible to android file search apps?
    Apart from this one little issue I am a very happy new user.

  9. Well to me it’s quite useful and fast, in fact I am planning to start using it instead of Dropbox.
    I really like the fact that it’s encrypted (unlike DP!!!!) and really keeps your privacy in tact, bye bye NSA!!

    I will use this for now.

    Have a good day!

  10. I just started to use Sync.com, and plan to upgrade to their 500 GB plan. I was not pleased when I tried to upload 30+ images into Sync, and had to individually select image from my Android device. I was able to mass upload using my MacBook Air, but it seems apps have limited functionality at this time. Will Sync be adding more functionality in the coming days/weeks/years?

  11. There is no explorer integrated/dedicated folder for sync.com, like that for Dropbox and OneDrive, which I think should. Not really sure where to put the sync Folder so that it won’t sync with other servers without manually excluding them in other services. There should be more automated support

    If a password can be reset, I wonder how safe my files would be. Boxcryptor can’t reset a password. If a pw cann be reset, the account can be opened by anyone that has it. Not a complaint, I wonder how a reset can be done while still maintaining zero knowledge assurance.

    On trying out the service, I noticed that any file I wished to view was downloaded, even on the device that is currently being synced. I can understand this process if the online request is on an unregistered Computer. That is a lot of manual work. Download, edit, put the edited file in the sync Folder (that is already there).

    One more concern
    I once had an account with Sugarsync but lost my data. There was “an unusual error” as they informed me, and I saw my files disappear from each synced computer sequentially and could not stop it. In OneDrive and Dropbox, for instance, I don’t need to sync Computer based Files and Folders. Is the Sync.com Folder on the Computer a mirror of the Cloud and does it function bilaterally?. It would be nice to designate rights to File syncing and destruction. Every new sync Program makes me wonder, if the same thing can happen.

    Any thoughts from you or sync.com

    1. I was wondering the same thing. With true E2E Encryption, a password reset should be technically, impossible. Makes me go hmmm? Also, how do they enforce any intellectual property laws when they have “zero knowledge” cloud?

  12. I am trying out sync for the first time. I am having issues with the files that was transferred to the local folder of the sync desktop application, and when I compared the files uploaded to sync versus the files from my computer, some items are missing. Help please. Thanks!

  13. I have installed the Windows version of the Sync app on a WindowsXP system, because Dropbox is about to stop working on WindowsXP. Is there any commitment from Sync that they will continue to support XP?

  14. Now they offer Password recovery without end to end encryption. How does this fit with the zero knowledge model? I like the service, but they should not break the security model. Ok it is optional in the security section, but the possibility to break zero knowledge is what is different to competitors like tresorit or spideroak. Again, i like them, but have to think about it after this move.

    1. Maxwell here from Sync.

      Sync is completely zero-knowledge by default, and your encryption keys are only accessible by you. We provide a technical summary of our zero-knowledge implementation here: https://www.sync.com/pdf/sync-privacy.pdf.

      With regards to password recovery:

      Password recovery is a great example of how Sync does “zero knowledge first”. By default, if you forget your password, your account and all of your data in the cloud is lost forever. There’s no recourse here (unless you have a desktop app installed, which provides local password reset options).

      Password recovery is NOT enabled or even available by default, and technically this feature can only be enabled locally (via the web app, where source code is available). It cannot be enabled server-side (eg. we can’t flip a switch) and it has to be enabled before you forget your password (it cannot be enabled if you’ve already forgotten your password).

      User choice is important, and we believe that as long as we are transparent about it, we can make Sync open and accessible to all users, and ensure that by default, Sync is always 100% zero-knowledge.

      I hope that provides some insight, and feel free to contact us directly here: https://www.sync.com/support/ if you’d like to chat further.

  15. I agree with Max. Furthermore, the encryption keys should belong to you. They state..

    ” By default, Sync does not provide a password reset option, due to the zero-knowledge nature of our storage platform. This means that if you’ve forgetten your password you could get locked out of your account permanently.

    Enabling this feature allows you to reset a forgotten password, ensuring that you cannot get locked out of your Sync account. However, doing so gives Sync temporary access to your encryption keys when the feature is enabled or used.”

    So… they have your encryption keys… where is the zero knowledge ? the encryption keys should be generated by you locally.

  16. Sync has good features but upload speed is very low.
    I have a 100Mbits upload fiber (tested with speedtest many times) but I upload at 512Ko/s…

    Too bad..

    Meanwhile, I can upload 4Mo/s using MEGA and 8Mo/s using pcloud.

  17. Maxwell here from Sync,

    We totally agree with your comment and Max’s comment above as well.

    By default Sync is completely zero-knowledge. We don’t have access to your encryption keys, and we don’t store or transmit your password, ever. Your encryption keys are generated locally (either within the web app, which runs locally within your web browser, or the desktop apps), and your files are encrypted and decrypted locally using these keys.

    We don’t have access to your keys, because they are locked with your password (which is never transmitted or stored). For a technical summary of our zero-knowledge implementation click here: https://www.sync.com/pdf/sync-privacy.pdf.

    With regards to password recovery:

    By default there is no way for you, as a Sync user, to recover your password. If you forget your password, your account and all of your data in the cloud is lost forever. While this is exactly what you and I want, the consequences of losing a password are not always an option for everyone. As such we provide an optional password recovery mechanism.

    Password recovery is NOT enabled or even available by default, and technically this feature can only be enabled locally (via the web app, where source code is available). It cannot be enabled server-side (eg. we can’t flip a switch) and it has to be enabled before you forget your password (it cannot be enabled after the fact).

    I hope that provides some insight, and feel free to contact us directly here: https://www.sync.com/support/ if you’d like to chat further.

    We absolutely love hearing from users like you, users who value their privacy in the cloud. That’s what Sync is all about.

      1. Hi Maxwell,
        Will you be able to delete my photos at any time? although I use the free service

  18. The download of folders is not supported. So if you share a folder, the user with the link must go into the folder and must download every single file?

    There is also no option to select all files and download them at once.

    A better implementation would be:
    – place a download button besides the folder
    – compress the folder on the server to zip and send this link back to the browser so the user can save the zip file

    IMO sharing is the main usage for clouds and that’s why I still prefer Dropbox.

    Greetings from Berlin 😉

    1. Hi Frank,

      Thanks for reaching out.

      We completely agree that being able to download multiple files / folders on a link would be a great feature. “Download as zip” is on our roadmap and something we’ve definitely been investigating and working towards. Dropbox has access to your files which allows manipulate / zip your files easily. We plan on offering something similar, but more in line with our focus on security and privacy.

  19. Hi Maxwell,
    What about support for Linux, is there any plans for including client app for Linux?

  20. Is this review accurate?

    It states that continuous back up isn’t available which doesn’t seem right.

    It also makes no mention of the sync folder. The sync website states that files have to be placed in the sync folder – you cannot make any folder sync. This is the same as Dropbox and was what stopped me using Dropbox many years ago.

  21. I am a user of Sync and can say that I am, so far, very happy with the service. It isn’t entirely flawless/seamless and there is always room for continued improvement and modification, but all-in-all, I definitely view (and use) it as a secure alternative to other services. Of course, this is all predicated on the assumption that the platform is as secure as the company says it is, without any fatal flaws, holes, backdoors, etc.

    Having used Sync for a while though, my biggest concern is that the company doesn’t seem to be engaged in much of (if any) updating to its desktop and mobile apps (and there are clearly a number things that can/need to still be implemented/tweaked). I assume this is a business decision based on available resources (e.g., cashflow and/or staff and manpower), but if that is the case, then it raises some other potential concerns as well–namely, the long-term sustainability of Sync. Please do not misunderstand, without concrete information, I have no way of knowing if this is the case or not, but I do know that thriving entities would seek to constantly push out improvements and updates, and yet we just haven’t seen this from the company for months/a year+. This is definitely something users notice, especially given how many cloud storage companies we’ve all seen come and go at this point.

    For what it is currently, Sync is a good if not great service; however, based on a colossal lack of communication and updates from the company, it’s not without some concern as to where the long-term direction of the company lies and if it will actually be able to get there.

    1. Agreed, this is my main worry for now. Especially since there’s a major bug in the mobile app where it keeps uploading files even though i set it to only upload when wifi is available. Totally burst my data cap and i had to uninstall the app.

      The lack of communication or updates from the company doesn’t give us much confidence either. Makes me wonder whether they’re about to go bust all of a sudden.

  22. Hi I’m a free Sync user at the moment but really on the way to turn Pro with a 2TB offer. I like the service, but what is still preventing me from going Pro and fully replace my Dropbox account is the lack of a desktop Linux app. Hope the roadmap to it will be shorten. Thank you

  23. Im in Australia if anybody is interested, I’ve just recently switched from Google Drive to Sync. All i can say is that it works Great, I’m really happy with the service. I emailed customer support twice with some detailed questions about the company, i got some excellent replies back, and was really surprised with how professional they were about it.

    You all need to remember this is a VERY VERY new company, this will only keep getting better and better, they need improvements in certain area’s, but they are listening to customers requests.

    One thing they have said is they are completely re-designing the mobile apps from the beginning, which is good to hear!!

    I can see this cloud service really succeeding, I’m impressed so far. Uploaded 200GB to the service on the 500GB pro plan, upload & download speeds were constant. Very Happy

  24. I bought a 2TB plan and am happy to have the space. However, I keep my Sync folder on an external hard drive. If I restart, sometimes it will need to reindex the files…2TB of files. The other day it reindexed for 10 hours. I really wish they’d fix it!

  25. Reindex issues. Also as of March 2017 show stopper iPhone app crashes constantly, so much so they are redesigning the app with no ETA on delivery. Looks like after migrating from Dropbox our company will be moving back to dropbox. Story of our life. We used One Drive (slow) box and now sync has not worked for us.

  26. I bought the pro package with 10 users for my company. When I share a folder with one user, I can’t manage the subfolders or share them individually any more! This is something I could have done using the free account. So up till this moment, I don’t get what advantage (collaboration wise) I got from buying the pro version!

    1. Hi Sadek,

      Thank you for your feedback.

      Sync does not support nested sharing permissions, which is why you are unable to share subfolders of existing shares. This is true for both free and Pro accounts.

      We recommend sharing each of the subfolders individually using a flat folder structure so you can choose which users have access to each folder.

      If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us at help@sync.com .

      Thanks again,

  27. Your review is appreciated. However, one of the features, also mentioned above, that makes these sites stand out is the baility to sync folders without having them in a special directory – like SugarSync and Mega.

    I suggest you update your review so this feature is clearly distingushable in the overview of features.

  28. Just wanted to share a Support experience with Sync.

    I (currently) have a free account. I messed up my 2FA access and needed help to sort it. Sync responded in approximately 10 minutes!

    That is some Customer service.

    For the record, I have no connection with the company other than being a user of its services.

  29. Cheap, great features (zero knowledge is really cool), unfortunately quite slow (both at home and from work, maximum 2MB/s often far less, from Europe). I have taken the 2TB package and will look how many weeks it’ll take to upload the files… 😉 I hope the speed will be sufficient in daily use after the upload. The mobile app doesn’t upload video from the android camera, hope that will be fixed in the future.

  30. Update after a few days.
    I’m really happy; my big files still uploads but aside this Syncs performance is quite well and so I use it now as my primary storage cloud provider (Syncthing manages the android camera backups and the linux client). I’ve seen Sync downloads up to 8MB/s – great, hopefully the uploads will catch this sometime.

    Features needed:
    – More space, hope someday it’ll be possible to buy more than 2 TB space

    Nice to have:
    – Mobile client backups videos too
    – Linux client
    – SMS as 2FA

    Feel saver in the cloud, Sync rulez! 😀

  31. I am looking at Sync as part of a file back up plan. If a reader is doing this they will need to sign up for Vault. I might have read through too quickly and you addressed this: if using a syncing cloud system for file back up, cloud systems have a very large danger. While file syncing makes files handy & accessible, IF a file is modified, ALL File modifications get uploaded to the main cloud server. ALL ALL File modifications are copied to all versions of the file and then synced to other devices. IF a file corrupts in one device, the corruption is be copied into all the other systems. The vault avoids this problem AND it avoids the cloud frustration of seeing a deletion of a file in one device spread to all other devices. With the sync vault I believe even when you delete a file on one hard drive/device–you still have it available in vault. Clouds are nice but they are often set to act as mirrors of current hard drive/devices which we tend to forget.

  32. I bought a license for storing all my photos in the cloud. A linux client on short notice would be very nice. Currently I have to run a Windows VM to backup all my stuff.

    Second point is that the Windows App does not allow mapped drives to be used. Only local disks. That means with an organized files server with large disk space I still have to backup all on the VM.

    1. Hi Wim,

      Sync.com is working on a Linux client, but I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you. It’s a real shame, too, but if you want to make use of Sync.com, I’m afraid you’ll probably have to get used to using the VM. If a Linux client does come out, we’ll be the first to let you know.

      Thank you,

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Sync.com Review

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Great cloud syncing services with private encryption. NSA safe, with a fantastic attitude towards privacy. Ability to use a "vault" to free up hard drive space.
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Starts from
$ 5.00 per month
Visit Sync.com
  • Good syncing speeds
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  • 1h Email support response time
  • Encryption slows down uploads and previews
  • Mobile client doesn't allow file sharing