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Best Dropbox Alternatives

Top 10 Best Dropbox Alternatives in 2024: Which Is The Most Secure?

Dropbox is one of the oldest cloud storage services. Even though it is an excellent cloud storage platform, it lacks zero-knowledge encryption and only offers 2GB of storage on its free version. We have reviewed some of the best Dropbox alternatives that will help you store and share files.

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Key Takeaways: Top Dropbox Alternatives
  1. — Overall best alternative to Dropbox
  2. pCloud — Dropbox alternative with pCloud Crypto for privacy
  3. Icedrive — Best option with five-year plans
  4. Google Drive — Best alternative for ease of use
  5. Microsoft OneDrive — Best option for Microsoft 365 users
  6. MEGA — Best alternative with 20GB of free storag
  7. IDrive — Best Dropbox alternative with cloud backup
  8. Box — Best of the Dropbox alternatives for business users
  9. Tresorit — Best option with advanced folder structure
  10. Nextcloud — Best open-source Dropbox alternative

Facts & Expert Analysis From the Article:

  • is the best overall cloud storage: We recommend for its user-friendly interface, robust security and reliable file syncing capabilities. Users can share, store and collaborate on various files affordably without compromising their security and privacy. 
  • pCloud’s privacy and speeds: pCloud is a fast cloud storage service that also excels in privacy, as it uses pCloud Crypto to offer zero-knowledge encryption.
  • Box’s business features: Features like robust collaboration tools, compliance certifications and granular permission controls make Box one of the best Dropbox alternatives for businesses. 
The Best Alternative to Dropbox
1TB – Unlimited GB$6 / month

Dropbox is a cloud-based file management software for storing documents, videos and images online. It is among the best cloud storage providers for file sharing, file syncing and document collaboration. Launched in 2008, it’s also one of the oldest cloud storage platforms. Despite its great file sharing, sync and collaboration features, Dropbox has some flaws — and you might want to consider Dropbox alternatives. 

With over 700 million registered users, Dropbox is one of the most utilized cloud storage platforms globally. However, despite its popularity, it scores low on some features. Plus, its free plan gives users only 2GB of storage, and this limited free storage space might not fit a business cloud storage setup.  

Dropbox also scores low on privacy as it still lacks end-to-end encryption. These two major flaws are some of the reasons why you might consider other cloud storage providers. 

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Best Dropbox Alternatives Comparison

  1. 1
    • :
    • :
    • :
    • :
    1TB – Unlimited GB$6 / month(All Plans)
  2. 2
    • :
    • :
    • :
    • :
    500GB – 10TB$4.17 / month(save 24%)(All Plans)
  3. 3
    • :
    • :
    • :
    • :
    100GB – 3TB$2.99 / month(save 40%)(All Plans) 14-days money-back guarantee
  4. 4
    • :
    • :
    • :
    • :
    100GB – 30TB$1.67 / month(save 16%)(All Plans)
  5. 5
    • :
    • :
    • :
    • :
    100GB – 6TB$1.67 / month(save 16%)(All Plans)

Dropbox Pros and Cons: Why Should You Consider an Alternative? 

Dropbox integrates with Microsoft 365, Google Workspace and other platforms, allowing users to work with their favorite tools and improve productivity. It also has “spaces” where you can share files, create project plans and log meetings. You can also sync files across different devices, which allows users to collaborate on different documents. 

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  • Office 365 & Google Workspace integration
  • Smart storage via Smart Sync
  • Block-level transfer
  • Business plans

However, its lack of end-to-end encryption, among other limitations, has been a concern for many. These are some of the reasons why you may consider alternatives to Dropbox:


  • Free accounts offer versioning for 30 days only
  • Doesn’t offer phone support for low-tier plans
  • Has limited storage on the free plan
  • Has limits on upload file sizes
  • Only offers selective sync

Read our Dropbox Review if you want to learn more about this cloud storage, and our Dropbox Business Review if you’re interested in enterprise plans. 

What Makes the Best Dropbox Alternatives?

A Dropbox alternative will be a cloud storage service that allows you to save, sync and share files on the cloud across different devices, as well as offer file versioning and collaboration features. 

Additionally, a secure Dropbox alternative that scores high on privacy is one that uses zero-knowledge encryption. This means that only you have access to your encryption key.

Ease of use is subjective. However, the UI shouldn’t be cluttered, and users should be able to easily execute different tasks by clicking a few buttons. If you encounter an issue or want clarification, contacting customer support should also be straightforward. 

Dropbox Competitors: Top Alternative to Dropbox Services

Dedicated Sync
Sync Any Folder
File Link Sharing
Versioning30 days on basic & low-tier plans, 180 days on medium-tier plans & 365 days on high-tier plans30 days on free plan, 180 or 365 days on paid plansUp to 15 days on free plan & up to 30 days on paid plansUp to 180 days
Google WorkspaceLimited (add-ons)Limited (add-ons)Limited (add-ons)Limited (add-ons)
Microsoft 365Native integrationAdd-onAdd-onAdd-on
Native CollaborationLimited
2FA Authentication
Zero-Knowledge Encryption**
Monthly Pricing (2TB)$9.99$8$8.33$5.99 for 1TB
Free Data2GB5GB10GB10GB
*Paid accounts only

1. homepage is the best Dropbox alternative and best cloud storage overall
when factoring in price, features, security and privacy.

More details about

  • Pricing: $8 per month (one-year plan) for 2TB
  • Free Plan: 5GB
  • Website: 


  • Zero-knowledge for privacy
  • 365-day file versioning
  • Competitive pricing


  • User interface could be better tops our list of the best Dropbox alternatives. offers a free plan with 5GB of storage and 30-day file versioning. You can upload files, share links through email, enjoy real-time backup and sync, and set granular permissions on the free plan. 

For operating systems,’s apps are available on Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. It’s also possible to access directly from the web. You can learn everything you need about it from our review Security and Privacy

Privacy is one of the reasons why ranks high among Dropbox alternatives. uses zero-knowledge encryption, meaning that no one but you can read your data as the encryption key isn’t stored on the platform. Unlike Dropbox, is on our list of the best zero-knowledge cloud platforms, making it excellent for storing sensitive data. is also big on secure storage by utilizing TLS/SSL encryption to protect data in transit and AES 256-bit encryption for data at rest on its servers. Pricing Plans

Another benefit to is that it also offers better storage and pricing plans than Dropbox. The free plan comes with 5GB of storage, more than double that of Dropbox’s free offer. 

Both and Dropbox have individual and business plans. offers the Solo Basic 2TB plan at $8 per month, while Dropbox’s Plus plan is $9.99 per month for 2TB of storage. See our Dropbox vs comparison if you want to learn more about how the two compare. 

  • 5GB
More plans
Pro Teams Standard
  • Price per user
  • 1TB
Pro Teams+ Unlimited
  • Price per user
  • Unlimited GB
  • Minimum 100 users, custom requirements, account manager, training options

2. pCloud

pCloud offers lifetime storage plans and an integrated media player.

More details about pCloud:

  • Pricing: $8.33 for 2TB
  • Free plan: 10GB
  • Website:


  • Zero-knowledge encryption
  • Integrated media player
  • Generous free plan


  • Extra fees for pCloud Crypto
  • Limited integrations

pCloud is loved for its zero-knowledge privacy and client-side encryption. With pCloud, you can manage digital assets, share files, enjoy versioning and collaborate with team members. This platform is a good choice if you’re an artist or someone who shares many audio and video files, as it has a dedicated media player. 

You can access pCloud through its dedicated desktop apps on Windows, Mac and Linux. Additionally, you can download the Android and iOS apps. The web version is also available for those who don’t want to download apps. We cover more about it in our pCloud review

pCloud: Security and Privacy 

pCloud uses AES 256-bit encryption to secure your data while on its servers and TLS while it’s in transit. You can choose to store files in the United States (Dallas and Texas) or in the European Union (Luxembourg). 

For encrypted cloud storage, you can also opt for extra security by subscribing to pCloud Encryption. This encrypts and password-protects all your important files. The subscription provides access to the pCloud Crypto folder, a feature that ensures all your data is protected by zero-knowledge encryption, which is lacking in Dropbox. 

According to pCloud’s privacy policy, it collects data on how you use their products while adhering to the best privacy practices. You can read our pCloud vs Dropbox article for more insights. 

pCloud Pricing Plans

pCloud has a Free Forever plan that gives up to 10GB of storage. However, you must turn on automatic updates and download its apps to increase it from 2GB to 7GB, and refer three friends to get the full 10GB of free storage space. Overall, it offers more than the 2GB that you get on Dropbox, even if you don’t refer anyone.

pCloud offers different paid plans categorized as Individual, Business and Family. You can choose one-time or monthly payments. For instance, the Individual Premium Plus plan ( of storage) will cost $99.99 per year if you opt for the subscription-based plan, or you can get a lifetime account for a one-time payment of $399. There are also Business and Family plan options. 

3. Icedrive

icedrive android cta
Icedrive offers a great user experience and long-term plans.

More details about Icedrive:

  • Pricing: $5.99 for 1TB
  • Free plan: 10GB
  • Website:


  • Zero-knowledge encryption
  • Generous free plan
  • Virtual drive


  • Limited collaboration tools
  • No integrations

Icedrive is one of the best Dropbox alternatives if you’re looking for a platform with a sleek user interface. Its drive mounting software is a great feature that allows you to manage, update and access the cloud storage as if it were attached to your physical computer. You can open, edit, delete or upload files with a few clicks. 

You can access Icedrive on the web, as a desktop application or on mobile as an Android or iOS app. Although it’s missing some advanced elements found with and pCloud, it has the key features for a Dropbox competitor. 

Icedrive: Security and Privacy

Icedrive has better security and privacy features than Dropbox. First, Icedrive uses the Twofish algorithm to encrypt all your files. Second, it also uses zero-knowledge encryption — but only for the encrypted folder, which is unavailable on the free plan. 

Additionally, Icedrive allows you to enable 2FA authentication using solutions like FIDO and U2F protocols or the Google Authenticator. Paid users can also opt for SMS authentication as their 2FA solution. You can learn about all its other features in our Icedrive review

Icedrive Pricing Plans

Icedrive provides a generous free plan that offers 10GB of free storage, and it has a file-sharing limit of 50GB. To get 1TB, it will cost you $5.99 per month, including client-side encryption. 

  • Bandwidth limit: 50GB
  • 10GB
More plans
Lifetime – LIFE 500
  • 512GB
Lifetime – LIFE 2K
  • 2TB
Lifetime – LIFE 10K
  • 10TB
Lifetime Add On – Stack 100
  • Additional 128GB storage for users who purchased the Lifetime Plan
  • 128GB
Lifetime Add On – Stack 500
  • Additional 512GB storage for users who purchased the Lifetime Plan
  • 512GB
Lifetime Add On – Stack 2K
  • Additional 2TB storage for users who purchased the Lifetime Plan
  • 2TB

4. Google Drive

google workspace drive
Store, share and collaborate on files from your computer
or mobile device using Google Drive.

More details about Google Drive:


  • Integrates with 100s of apps
  • Automatic synchronization
  • Generous free storage
  • Easy to use


  • No zero-knowledge security
  • High-tier plans are expensive

Google Drive is one of the cheapest and most popular Dropbox alternatives. Anyone with a Google or Gmail account already has access to Google Drive, which allows you to back up your documents, images and videos automatically. 

Additionally, Google Drive gives 15GB of free storage space for every new user. It’s also easy to use, and uploading and sharing documents is straightforward. This is a perfect solution for people who want to back up documents easily and use integrations with various Google apps. 

Google Drive: Integrations

Another benefit is that Google Drive integrates seamlessly with hundreds of apps, which improves productivity. You can use Google Drive with other Google apps like Forms, Drawings and Maps. Google Drive also allows you to create new files with various tools like Google Docs, Slides, Forms, Sheets and more.

File sharing and collaboration are also easy when using Google Drive. You can set permissions for users of various documents as “viewer,” “commenter” or “editor.” Check out our Google Drive review for deeper insights into what this platform offers. 

Google Drive Pricing Plans

Google Drive has a free plan that gives you up to 15GB of free storage. There are also seven different paid plans that cater to varying needs. The 2TB plan costs $8.33 monthly on the annual plan. 

  • Free plan
  • 15GB
Standard 200GB
  • *The plan is “hidden.” To find the 200GB plan, you need to be subscribed to one of the other plans, upgrade or downgrade to the 200GB through your account’s settings.
  • 200GB
More plans

5. Microsoft OneDrive

onedrive android cta
You can use OneDrive with Microsoft 365 and third-party
apps to store and collaborate on files.

More details about Microsoft OneDrive:

  • Pricing: $5.83 per month (one-year plan) for 1TB
  • Free plan: 5GB
  • Website: 


  • Integrates with Microsoft 365
  • Has block-level syncing
  • Easy to use


  • No zero-knowledge security

Microsoft OneDrive functions similarly to Google Drive, but the former gives you only 5GB of free storage space. OneDrive integrates with Microsoft 365 (formerly Microsoft Office), allowing you to share, edit and collaborate on user files in the Microsoft tools ecosystem. Our OneDrive review highlights all its features. 

Plus, Microsoft OneDrive has great file-sharing features. You can share files using links, emails or social networks, and set up permissions and expiry dates on this cloud storage space. OneDrive uses the TLS protocol to secure your files while in transit and AES 256-bit encryption while the files rest on its servers. You can download OneDrive apps for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. 

Microsoft OneDrive: Ease of Use and Productivity

OneDrive is the easiest cloud storage for Windows users, and it comes preinstalled in Windows 11. You can also install it on other operating systems, and it will exist as a folder on Windows and macOS computers. 

OneDrive integrates seamlessly with Microsoft 365 tools like Word, Excel, Office and Outlook. You can share and collaborate with team members on different files within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem without relying on third-party tools. You can also manage different OneDrive accounts from the same interface. 

Microsoft OneDrive Pricing Plans

OneDrive has a better free plan than Dropbox, as it gives 5GB of storage. The platform also has two different categories for its paid plans: Home and Business. The Microsoft 365 Personal plan includes 1TB for $69.99 per year, along with access to the rest of the Microsoft 365 software suite. 

Microsoft 365 Free (5GB)
  • For one person
  • 5GB
Microsoft 365 Personal (1TB)
  • Comes with Office 365 Personal
  • 1TB
More plans
Microsoft 365 Family (6TB)
  • Comes with Office 365 Home
  • 6TB
OneDrive for Business (Plan 1)
  • Price per user
  • 1TB
Microsoft 365 Business Basic
  • 1TB
Microsoft 365 Business Standard
  • Price per user
  • 1TB


mega home page
MEGA offers the most generous free cloud storage plan around.

More details about MEGA:

  • Pricing: $9.06 per month (one-year plan) for 2TB
  • Free plan: 20GB
  • Website:


  • Huge amount of free storage
  • Zero-knowledge encryption
  • Unlimited file versioning & retention


  • Limited collaboration features 

MEGA is one of the best free cloud storage Dropbox alternatives as it gives 20GB for free. You can even get more free storage for the first year by completing various simple tasks. For instance, downloading the desktop and mobile apps gives you 5GB each, which is valid for one year. Additionally, you can invite friends and get 5GB for each referral that installs the MEGA app. 

Additionally, MEGA allows you to store and share files with friends and colleagues with varying permissions. You can learn about all the other features in our MEGA review

This cloud storage is also loved for its privacy and security features as it uses zero-knowledge encryption. Using the encrypted chat client, you can securely communicate with other MEGA subscribers. You can access MEGA via the web interface or the macOS, Windows and Linux apps. We have a MEGA vs Dropbox comparison article to gauge the two. 

MEGA File Versioning

As a business owner or an individual, you may need to access deleted or edited files. MEGA is good for file versioning and retention as you can access up to 100 past versions with no time limit. Dropbox keeps unlimited file versions for only 30 days on the free plan. Dropbox’s file versioning on paid plans varies — you can get 30, 180 or 365 days depending on the plan. 

MEGA Pricing Plans

Individuals looking for secure cloud storage space in Dropbox alternatives can use MEGA’s free plan with 20GB of storage, but it won’t be sufficient for business needs. Those who need more space can consider three personal plans and a business plan, but they are on the more expensive side. The personal Pro I plan comes with 2TB of storage at $10.86 per month. 

  • 20GB
Pro I
  • File transfer: 2TB (Monthly plan) 24TB (yearly plan)
  • 2TB
Pro II
  • File transfer: (monthly plan) 96TB (yearly plan)
  • 8TB
More plans
  • File transfer: 16TB (monthly plan) 192TB (yearly plan)
  • 16TB
  • Price per user (minimum 3) 3TB Transfer quota
  • 100TB

7. IDrive

idrive homepage 2024
IDrive offers extremely affordable cloud storage and online backup.

More details about IDrive:

  • Pricing: $5.81 per month (one-year plan) for 5TB
  • Free plan: 10GB
  • Website:


  • Affordable paid plans
  • Automatic cloud backup
  • Zero-knowledge encryption


  • No monthly plans
  • No collaboration features

IDrive is one of the best online backup services, offering various cloud storage features like sync and file sharing. You can download desktop apps for Windows and Mac devices, and control how you store and share your files. There is no limitation on the number of devices you can back up on your IDrive account. However, the service does not offer unlimited storage on any of its plans. 

Additionally, IDrive allows you to back up your Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 accounts at an extra fee and uses zero-knowledge encryption to ensure the privacy of your files. The sync folder on IDrive also makes it easy to sync changes across all your devices. Check out our IDrive review for more insights. 

IDrive: Online Backup

This service combines online backup with cloud storage. IDrive allows you to select files, folders or entire systems to automatically back up to its servers. The platform utilizes AES 256-bit encryption to ensure your data is safe on its servers. IDrive also allows you to create hybrid and image-based backups. 

IDrive stores files in different servers to ensure high availability. You can also schedule backups, which automates the entire process. IDrive even has file recovery features that restore lost files, folders or entire systems. You can check our Dropbox vs IDrive comparison to evaluate their different features.  

IDrive Pricing Plans

IDrive has a free plan (Basic) that gives 10GB of free storage and 10GB of cloud backup. There are also two personal plans, with the most affordable plan costing $35.40 per year for 100GB — that’s $2.95 per month. IDrive also has plans for businesses, and the pricing structure can be confusing. Make sure to check out our IDrive pricing guide for more information.

  • No credit card required.
  • 10GB
  • One user, multiple computers. Plans starting from 5TB up to 100TB. Big discount for first-time signup.
  • 5TB
More plans
  • 5 computers, 5 users. Starting at 5TB up to 500TB. Big discount for first-time signup.
  • 5TB
  • Monthly Plan storage starts at 1.25TB up to 50TB Unlimited users, multiple computers and servers. NAS devices. 250GB storage. Starting at 250GB up to 50TB. Large discount for first-time signup.
  • 250GB

8. Box

Box cta
Box is one of the best Dropbox alternatives for businesses,
especially if you need unlimited storage.

More details about Box:

  • Pricing: $15 per month (one-year plan) for Unlimited GB
  • Free plan: 10GB
  • Website:


  • Native apps for productivity & collaboration
  • Many 3rd-party integrations
  • Numerous business tools


  • Private encryption costs extra
  • Can be quite expensive

Box is a cloud storage solution targeting business owners. This platform uses AES 256-bit encryption to keep your files safe while at rest, and it uses TLS/SSL encryption while uploading or sharing files. However, private encryption is only available at an extra cost and for select plans. We have a detailed article on how to use Box to store, sync and share files. 

Additionally, Box has native apps like Box Notes and Box Canvas, allowing teammates to collaborate and work on documents simultaneously. You can also integrate Box with Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace. See our Dropbox vs Box review to compare their pricing, native apps and integrations. 

Box: Enterprise and Business Tools

Although individuals can use Box, the service has robust features that suit businesses better. For instance, unlike Dropbox, all the business plans on Box have unlimited storage. The inbuilt note-taking and project management apps in Box are a plus for businesses looking for a one-stop solution. 

Box is also big on security and privacy. Users on high-end plans can manage their own encryption keys by buying the KeySafe add-on. Box also integrates with over 1,500 apps to improve workflow and productivity. 

Box Pricing Plans

Box offers a free plan that gives 10GB of storage but has a file size limit of 250MB, and versioning is limited to one file version. Box also has two categories for paid plans: Individuals/Teams and Business. 

  • Single user
  • 10GB
Business Starter
  • Price per user, minimum of three users
  • 100GB
More plans
Business Plus
  • Users: No limit
  • Unlimited GB
  • Users: No limit
  • Unlimited GB

9. Tresorit

Tresorit homepage 2024
Tresorit is a security and privacy focused cloud storage solution for business.

More details about Tresorit:

  • Pricing: $11.99 per month (one-year plan) for 1TB
  • Free plan: 3GB
  • Website:


  • Advanced file structure & secure file sharing
  • Servers in several continents
  • Zero-knowledge encryption


  • Limited space on free plan
  • Some features cost extra 
  • Expensive

Tresorit is another cloud storage service that focuses on businesses. This platform has solid security and privacy features like end-to-end account encryption. It is a Swiss-based company with data centers in the U.S., the U.K., the UAE and Brazil, among other countries. 

Using Tresorit is a breeze. Tresorit has a clean user interface and an up-to-date “resources” page to help you get started. You can access Tresorit through desktop apps for Linux, Windows and Mac as well as mobile apps for Android and iOS devices. You can learn more about this cloud storage service in our Tresorit review

Tresorit Drive Feature

Tresorit Drive functions like a dedicated hard disk, but on the cloud. When you sign up, a Tresorit Drive folder is automatically created. However, you must enable it through Windows Explorer on Windows or Finder on Mac to start using it.

Additionally, Tresorit Drive allows you to determine which folders and files to store locally and which get stored on the cloud. You can share files with people within and outside Tresorit’s ecosystem. 

However, Tresorit does not offer automatic sync. Its strict encryption feature also makes it hard to have block-level sync on your files and folders. Take a look at our Dropbox vs Tresorit comparison for more insights on their sync features and folder structure. 

Tresorit Pricing Plans

Unfortunately, Tresorit is among the most expensive cloud storage services we have reviewed. It has two individual plans, plus three plans in the business category. The 1TB personal plan costs $11.99 per month annually. There is also an Enterprise plan with custom pricing and storage space. 

  • 3GB
More plans
Business Standard
  • Price per user (billed annually), Storage per user, User count: 3-9
  • 1TB
Business Plus
  • Price per user (billed annually), Storage per user, User count : 10+
  • 2TB
  • Price per user (billed annually), Storage per user, User count : 100+

10. Nextcloud

Nextcloud is a unique, open-source and self-hosted cloud storage platform.

More details about Nextcloud:


  • Self-hosting for data control
  • App is free & open source
  • Integrates 3rd-party apps
  • Great collaboration features


  • Some functionalities rely too much on 3rd-party apps
  • Hard to configure for novices

Nextcloud is an open-source Dropbox alternative and a collaboration tool for individuals and enterprises. The platform integrates with other Nextcloud products like Groupware, Talk, Files and Office to optimize workflow and collaboration. You can host your files on-premises or on the cloud while using Nextcloud. 

Plus, Nextcloud has desktop apps for Windows, Linux and macOS. It’s possible to integrate Nextcloud with Google products, OnlyOffice, GitHub, GitLab, Jira and more. You can even extend its usability using apps like video players, photo viewers and password managers on its store. 

Nextcloud: Self-hosting

Nextcloud offers two self-hosting options: on-premises or in the cloud. With the first approach, the platform allows you to host your files on servers that are physically located in your building or data center. For the second approach, using the cloud allows you to host files on the servers of third-party providers like AWS. 

Self-hosting allows you to have control over your data and privacy, which is something that Dropbox lacks. Nextcloud is thus a good option for privacy-conscious and tech-savvy users who want control over their files and data. 

Nextcloud Pricing Plans

Nextcloud’s core software is free and open source. However, it also has Nextcloud Enterprise targeting users involved in education, enterprises, the public sector and the service industry.

The prices for the Enterprise edition are in euros, but we’ve converted them to U.S. dollars for you. The four plans include the Basic plan at $40.50 per user per year; the Standard plan at $73.10 per user per year; the Premium plan at $107.75 per user per year; and the Ultimate plan at $210.14 per user per year. Subscribers must have at least 100 users on each Enterprise plan. 

Final Thoughts 

Dropbox works well as a cloud storage and is quite popular as you can store, share and collaborate on files at personal and business levels. However, there are specific use cases in which you may prefer Dropbox alternatives. tops our list of the best cloud storage services and Dropbox alternatives. It has competitive prices, zero-knowledge encryption and all the other features you can get on Dropbox. Icedrive and pCloud are also great, secure Dropbox alternatives. 

Which of these Dropbox alternatives suits your needs best? Which feature do you like about the alternative you chose? Is there a similar cloud service like Dropbox we may have missed out on? Let us know in the comments section. Thanks for reading. 

FAQ: Dropbox-Like Services

  • The answer will depend on your needs and the features you seek. Choose, Icedrive or pCloud if security and privacy are your main priorities when looking for Dropbox alternatives.

  • It is hard to determine the biggest competitor because different cloud services come with varying features. However, Icedrive,, pCloud, Google Drive and Box are some of the biggest competitors. 

  • Google Drive. This service allows you to store, share and collaborate on files. Google Drive also offers 15GB of free storage but scores lower in security than Dropbox. 

  • Yes. It is estimated that Dropbox has over 700 million registered users.

  • No, Dropbox does not include any unlimited storage capacity option.

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