Top 5 Best VPNs For BBC iPlayer 2017

The British Broadcasting Corporation, more commonly known as the BBC, is one of the oldest TV stations in the world –having been founded in 1922 (making it 94-years-old!). Its unique funding enforces the organization’s commitment to original programming; the corporation doesn’t use advertising, so it’s immune from commercial pressure.

There is also no subscription model either, so the BBC isn’t compelled to sensationalize content. The result of this tradition is a commitment to quality productions and entertainment that interests minorities, as well as mainstream audiences.

Circumventing Regional Restrictions

To keep up with the times, the BBC released their iPlayer app in 2007, finally making their content available on the Internet.

The iPlayer app can be found on:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • PCs
  • Smart TVs

However, there is just one “tiny” snag: the iPlayer app is region-locked, unfortunately. This ban on accessibility is why you need to use one of the five best VPNs for the BBC iPlayer app. TV production companies and movie distribution sites impose regional bans due to national licensing laws. The different libel and blasphemy laws around the world, plus licensing restrictions, make it impossible for the app to deliver content around the globe.

Top 5 Best VPNs For The BBC iPlayer 2017

Rank Company
Price Link
1 Winner
$ 4.92 per month 6 Devices All Plans
Visit VPNAreaVPNArea Review
$ 5.00 per month 3 Devices All Plans
Visit VyprVPNVyprVPN Review
$ 5.75 per month 6 Devices All Plans
Visit NordVPNNordVPN Review
$ 6.99 per month 1 Devices All Plans
Visit CyberghostCyberghost Review

$ 6.99 per month 1 Devices All Plans

The BBC’s VPN Detection System

Funded by the British public, the BBC has a duty to provide its services to the citizens of said country.  

And so the corporation takes its responsibility to restrict access to within the UK very seriously.

They know that people can use VPNs to cheat through regional restrictions; therefore, they naturally have a VPN detection system in place.

Worse yet, the BBC’s VPN detection system works very well. They’ve managed to block access to most VPN services, as their servers maintain a list of known IP addresses and each incoming request gets examined for patterns in its encryption.

Once a VPN gets detected, the address on that request goes on a blacklist, making it easy to block all requests from that same address in the future. Some companies are taking on the challenge of fooling the iPlayer proxy. This commitment requires a lot of resources, and money. 

Therefore, VPNs that can access BBC shows while outside of the UK tend to be a bit more expensive than other vendors on the market. Every VPN on this list has been tested and is proven to get you in, so without any further delays, let’s check out the five best VPN services for the BBC iPlayer app.

1. VPNArea

VPNArea keeps constantly adjusting its service to combat regional blocking and even more powerful anti-VPN blocking attempts — such as the Chinese Golden Shield project.

VPNArea can get into just about every restricted streaming service on the planet, so it’ll work for stuff like Netflix, Hulu, and not just the BBC’s iPlayer. The iPlayer’s regional restrictions present no challenge to VPNArea.

In many countries, accessing the BBC’s iPlayer app can be a double-gated challenge. First, a VPN needs to avoid detection by the local authorities, and then it needs to fool the BBC’s detection systems.

For example, the Chinese authorities can crack the 1028-bit RSA encryption key, so in response, VPNArea ramped up its RSA key length to a 4096-bit key, so their security procedures are now uncrackable, even by the Chinese.

Why We Like It

VPNArea was created by a technically-competent owner, who focuses the company on keeping the VPN up-to-date.

Which is important when the digital cat-and-mouse game that streaming sites (like the iPlayer app) play with VPN services.

VPNArea’s interface is very easy-to-use, and it works on Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, and Linux. 

Mauricio Prinzlau – Cloud Storage Expert at
By Mauricio Prinzlau – Cloud Storage Expert at

2. VyprVPN

VyprVPN stays ahead of the game by constantly revising and improving its back-end. The application is designed to fit on a smartphone screen, with the designers managing to cram a lot of information without overcrowding it.

VyprVPN is more than just a pretty interface. The company invented an obfuscation technology that can evade detection by the toughest  ISPs, and regional restrictions, such as the one run by the BBC iPlayer.

VyprVPN has named this technology “Chameleon,” which scrambles packets to make them look less like the product of a VPN.

You probably don’t care about the nuts and bolts of your VPN; all that matters is that the service does what it says on the box, and in this case, VyprVPN delivers access to BBC’s iPlayer from outside the UK, flawlessly.

VyprVPN has two levels of service, and the Premium package comes sporting Chameleon. You can get a three-day free trial to test its abilities before ponying up cash.

Why We Like It

This Hungarian-run, Swiss-owned VPN, is part of a collection of nifty networking utilities produced by Golden Frog.

Created by technicians with a political passion for Internet privacy, their dedication to this cause definitely goes beyond the call of duty, so to speak.

Their ability to outwit the VPN detection processes of the BBC will persist, no matter how many resources the corporation throws into its regional restrictions.

Mauricio Prinzlau – Cloud Storage Expert at
By Mauricio Prinzlau – Cloud Storage Expert at

3. NordVPN

NordVPN‘s abilities, of course, extend to providing access to the BBC iPlayer app, but it can also do the same for Netflix in the: U.S., Canada, France and India.

NordVPN is very easy-to-use and utilizes a world map to aid in server selection, all you have to do is scroll to a country you want to connect to and double-click on it to engage the selected server.

To get into the BBC iPlayer app, just click on the UK server location, which is a big button at the top of the app that can be turned off and on again.

This service’s ease-of-use makes it an excellent choice for those who neither know nor care about how a VPN works, but just want to watch some good old BBC produced entertainment.

The two-year subscription offer is pretty cheap, and users have a full 30-days trial to try out the service, and the trial features a money back guarantee if is it’s canceled within 30-days.

NordVPN supports up to six simultaneous connections, which makes a subscription even cheaper if it’s shared with friends or family.

Why We Like It

NordVPN being based in Panama, which is an additional benefit for privacy-conscious users who like to download entertainment and stream it.

If you’re an avid fan of torrents, there’s need to worry about the risk of being taken to court for copyright infringement.

Panama has no laws requiring data retention, and NordVPN takes full advantage of this omission to enforce a full no-logging policy.

Mauricio Prinzlau – Cloud Storage Expert at
By Mauricio Prinzlau – Cloud Storage Expert at

4. CyberGhost

CyberGhost is cheeky and fashionably designed VPN service that has a very efficient and effective back-end. The company is based in Romania, which is a country with adamant privacy laws, so you don’t have to worry about activity logs falling into the wrong hands.

In an effort to ensure that CyberGhost is truly ignorant of who its customers are, payment gets collected by a separate company, and access is granted via an unknown ticket number.

The company offers three levels of service, including a free one.

The free service is ideal for general surfing, but it can’t access any streaming sites. You need to pay up for the Premium package, to get around the BBC’s regional restrictions.

The Premium service can get around the detection methods of the most other streaming services around the world as well, except for Netflix.

However, the speeds offered by CyberGhost VPN are comparable to VPN.Asia’s fast servers, so at least that’s a silver lining to look forward to.

Why We Like It

With one of the best-looking interfaces in the business, CyberGhost VPN is a chic software accessory for any laptop or mobile device.

The paid service will get you into the BBC iPlayer app and will speed up a connection to ensure uninterrupted streaming.

When it comes to apps, the service support Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and even Linux!

Mauricio Prinzlau – Cloud Storage Expert at
By Mauricio Prinzlau – Cloud Storage Expert at

5. VPN.Asia

In Central America lies the sleepy and often overlooked nation of Belize, which is the home of VPN.Asia, and Belize is just as uninterested in forcing digital rights as Panama is.

You can safely download entertainment for free with VPN.Asia and no one will ever be able to trace you. VPN.Asia also has a very fast network, which makes streaming iPlayer content a joy.

Better yet, the service can get into just about any streaming site in the world and dodge regional restrictions with ease.

However, don’t be put off by the intentionally misleading name, because VPN.Asia works well in Europe and North America. The VPN’s interface is very straightforward and installs effortlessly.

The customer support team, however, is lousy, and you better hope it works from wherever you are, because the company doesn’t honor its seven-day money-back guarantee.

Try out the one month plan to start off with, just in case your location is in a VPN.Asia’s blind spot.

Why We Like It

The speed offered by VPN.Asia is exceptional, and the service can dodge regional restrictions on:

  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • iPlayer

You name it.

As an extra bonus, the VPN is suitable for lovers of live server speed reporting and unlimited bandwidth

Mauricio Prinzlau – Cloud Storage Expert at
By Mauricio Prinzlau – Cloud Storage Expert at

In Summary…

Our pick of the top five VPNs for the BBC iPlayer service all come with different strengths. If you need to improve the speed of a connection, then VPN.Asia or CyberGhost should serve well.

Those connecting from China or the Middle East, need the ironclad detection avoidance offered by either VPNArea or VyprVPN.

Your privacy is assured with all of these VPNs, because every one of them is based outside of the U.S. and run strong no-logs policies.

If money is tight (and let’s be honest, it’s always tight), then the super low prices for the one-year Premium subscription should be taken into consideration.

If you have friends to share an account with, then get your monthly VPN costs lowered with the discounted two-year subscription from NordVPN.

Have you tried using a VPN to get into the BBC iPlayer from abroad? Which one got you in? Leave a comment below, and share this article with your friends — since everybody all over the world should be able to enjoy watching iPlayer content for free.


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