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Aleksandar Kochovski is an editor and writer for Cloudwards, where he focuses on cloud storage, online backup and VPNs.

Background & Education

Aleksandar Kochovski is a seasoned writer and editor at Cloudwards, with a focus on cybersecurity. With nearly four years of writing experience and three years of editing expertise, Aleksandar has a knack for breaking down intricate cybersecurity concepts into easily digestible content. His mission is to educate Cloudwards’ audience about the perils of the online realm and offering solutions to protect themselves. Apart from his writing and editing roles, Aleksandar has also written YouTube video scripts and coordinated graphic design projects for Cloudwards. Outside the professional sphere, Aleksandar’s eclectic hobbies range from nurturing bonsai and powerlifting to enjoying board games and penning poetry.

Aleksandar holds a Master’s Degree in Architecture from the University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius, Skopje, Macedonia, and has previously worked as an assistant professor of architectural planning and interior design at the European University of Skopje. While he hasn’t pursued additional training in cybersecurity, his academic foundation has equipped him with the skills to delve deep into intricate subjects, ensuring thorough research and clarity in his writings on online privacy.

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