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Valentina Bravo

Valentina Bravo


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  • Location Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Joined in April 2023
  • Knows very well about:virtual private network, project management, cloud storage & cloud backup

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Valentina Bravo is an editor for Cloudwards. Her role is to check the overall content and make suggestions to the writer before an article is published.

Background & Education

Valentina Bravo, an editor at Cloudwards since April 2023, specializes in providing insights into topics such as cloud storage, project management, and VPNs. With a background rich in academic writing, editing, translating, and copywriting, Valentina brings a unique blend of experience to the Cloudwards team.

With a teaching background in academic writing for college students, Valentina possesses a deep understanding of the common pitfalls writers face and how to nurture them throughout their journey. She has also lent her editorial expertise for over 10 years as a freelance editor, working in diverse domains such as academic publishing, online tech education and more.

Furthermore, directing the USFQ University Press enhanced her managerial prowess, supervising every editorial stage from manuscript drafting to publishing across a wide spectrum of academic disciplines. Her articles on tech education have found a home at Career Karma, and her extensive experience as a copywriter has equipped her with the knowledge to produce content that resonates both psychologically and strategically with readers.

Away from her professional duties, Valentina is an avid traveler with a keen interest in understanding diverse cultures and spiritual traditions globally. Her passion for music often sees her at festivals and concerts, while her curiosity propels her towards the realms of psychology and neuroscience.

Valentina holds a triple Master of Arts in Literary and Cultural Studies earned from the University of St Andrews, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, and Universidade de Santiago de Compostela. Additionally, she boasts a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts from Universidad San Francisco de Quito, with minors in Literature, Philosophy and Translation Studies.

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