Overall Rating 91%Excellent
Usability, Look and Feel
File Sharing & Sync
88%Very Good

pCloud Overview

Here are a couple of interesting cliff notes about pCloud:

  • pCloud is a Swiss company. It was founded 2.5 years ago.
  • The difference from other clouds is that pCloud DOES NOT take space on your computer. 
  • pCloud is faster than Dropbox and with Crypto also more secure because of private encryption. 
  • pCloud offers 10GB Free with the option to make them 20GB if a user makes the bonus steps.
  • pCloud can share files and folders even with users that are not pCloud users.

  • There is no files size limit.
  • pCloud has apps for Windows, OSX, iOS, Android and Linux
  • pCloud can sync ANY folder, not just one like Dropbox
  • pCloud has a Built-in audio and video players so you can stream music or video

Visit www.pcloud.com

pCloud Review 2017

When it comes to cloud storage providers, pCloud is one that should be considered heavily. Though far from the biggest name on the market, the company has a lot to offer, especially for those who are looking for a simple, easy to use free service. It is a good alternative to those who use Dropbox or Google Drive.

PlanFreePremiumPremium PlusCustom
Price Plan
$ 3 99monthly
$ 47 88yearly
$ 7 99monthly
$ 95 88yearly
$ 15 00monthly
$ 191 76yearly
Storage 20 500 2000 Unlimited

Best for sharing a limited number of files but not very often.

pCloud crypto costs and additional 3,99$ per month if you need client-side encryption.

pCloud crypto costs and additional 3,99$ per month if you need client-side encryption.

Add storage and Download link traffic per your needs.

pCloud has applications available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. In addition, users can download mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. The company is working on mobile software for Windows phones and Blackberry but they have not been released as of yet. All consumers can enjoy the web portal to access their account at any time.

We’ve reviewed pCloud focusing on:

  • Usability, Look and Feel
  • File Sharing and Sync
  • Security
  • Speed
  • Support

Usability, Look and Feel

97% – Excellent

The pCloud interface is clean and easily navigated. The command buttons located along the top make it simple for users to upload, download, and share files or folders.

Users will notice that their files are sorted, in a way. It separates audio and shared data from everything else. Images, videos, and documents are lumped together. Folders can be created in order to organize information stored within.

We found it easy to use and navigate. We especially liked that all the main commands you will want to do are included in the bar at the top. These options include:

  • Invite to Folder
  • Shared Download Link
  • Share Upload Link
  • Copy
  • Move
  • Rename
  • Download
  • Create Archive
  • Delete

Another feature we found to increase pCloud’s usability is the location of the backup. Here, users can monitor the connections from other accounts such as Facebook and Instagram. Consumers can keep an eye on their synced accounts and applications. From there, new connections can be made.

With the ability to either download files individually or create an archive to restore several files at once, pCloud steps up their service options.

Changing settings is fairly easy. In order to make any necessary changes, users have to click on the gear icon next to their username. Passwords can be updated and plans can be upgraded from there. The active token section tells users what device has been used to recently access the account and when that occurred for those who want to keep an eye on who is logging in.

A nifty and unique feature is pCloud Rewind, which allows users to restore their account to the previous state. This is especially useful if you’ve been the victim of a virus or simply need to find something you lost along the way.

The settings tab is also another place users can go to link accounts for backup.

Overall, we found the pCloud web interface to be neat and orderly. It is set up to make things easy to find and use. It is user-friendly, and can be used by novice cloud users.

Alternatives for pCloud

Starts from
$ 3.99 per month
Jottacloud Review
  • Servers in Norway
  • Unlimited storage and backup
  • Decent speeds
  • No local encryption
  • Slower uploads on larger files
Starts from
$ 3.99 per month
Livedrive Review
  • Unlimited backup space
  • Offers reseller plans
  • Works on Mac & Windows
  • Linux users can access it
  • Apps for Android & iOS
  • Option for file encryption
  • FTP, SFTP & WebDAV access possible
  • No free storage offered
  • Demands credit card info upfront
  • Relatively expensive
  • Encryption keys stored remotely
  • Located in UK (servers in UK)
  • Limited currency options for payments
  • Complex cancellation process
  • Privacy policy concerns
  • Strange terms & conditions
Starts from
$ 3.99 per month
Sync.com Review
  • Good syncing speeds
  • Good attitude towards privacy
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • 1h Email support response time
  • Encryption slows down uploads and previews
  • Mobile client doesn't allow file sharing

File Sharing & Sync

90% – Excellent

One of the nice things about pCloud is its sharing abilities. There are three main ways to share files.

  • Invite to Folder
  • Share Download Link
  • Share Upload Link

With the Invite to Folder link, users can request coworkers, family, or friends to view the selected file or folder. Those who receive an invitation can also edit files within the web browser.

It is the closest thing to an actual collaboration feature that pCloud gets. However, only one user can be in the file at a time and there is no way to discuss the changes as allowed by true collaboration program. The best way to let others work on a file saved in the cloud is by inviting others to a folder.

The share download link allows users to share a link to download the file or folder in question. The recipient will be able to make changes on their device and the owner can keep track of how often it was downloaded, who downloaded it and also how often.

For added security when sharing, pCloud has the option to protect links with a password and also set an expiration date, just in case.

There are reasons in which a download link would be a better option for those who want to share a document with others. For example, the person or group receiving the information could be the end recipient for the completed information.

Users can also choose to share an upload link. This will allow someone other than the account owner to upload documents to the account. This is useful in order for groups to be able to share documents with one another without having to resort to email.

The biggest downfall of the pCloud’s sharing options is the fact that there is no way to collaborate with others. There are also no real control over whether a person can view and edit or just view a file. If they are invited into the folder, they can edit the documents within. If a link is sent, once the data is downloaded, there is no way to keep it from being changed on the local device. Of course, the original will remain untouched.

Users can also sync files from other locations. Social media accounts can be backed up to keep them from losing any images or important information that is posted. Customers can also download the desktop or mobile application in order to keep information synced to their account.

While it is nice to have the option to backup folders from their desktop or mobile devices, you have to give your credentials to pCloud in order to backup from other areas. This could cause security concerns for some customers.


88% – Very Good

pCloud offers top tier security measures for their clients. The company utilizes TLS/SSL encryption during transmission from device to the cloud. Information is encrypted while it is being stored on the provider’s servers.

The cloud provider does consider the safety of customer data to be top priority. This is not limited to securing information from potential hackers, but from potential hardware failure as well. pCloud is one of the few services that advertise they keep information stored in not just one location but at least three different sites. These data centers are monitored for added security.

For those who want additional security, there is pCloud Crypto. This premium feature is not available as a part of any one plan. It is an added item with a cost of $3.99 a month. This is in addition to any fees already being paid for service. Users can try it free for 14 days. After this period, the payment method selected at sign up is charged unless canceled in advance.

pCloud Crypto is an additional feature that enables client-side encryption instead of just server-side. The main difference is that users will be in control of the encryption keys, not the company. Files remain encrypted while in storage on the server. For some, this is worth the added cost.

While we do like the fact that data is stored in multiple locations, we see it as a headache to have to pay for the additional security feature. Some of pCloud’s competition is already turning the tide on this and allowing all users to keep their encryption key as a standard feature. It is something we feel the company should consider.


92% – Excellent

When it comes to speed, pCloud doesn’t hold back. There is no throttling on their part, as the settings are set to unlimited. This means users shouldn’t see a huge slow down when they are uploading or downloading files to and from their account.

That being said, there are some considerations. Not everyone’s internet service provides the same connection speeds. It is also important to note that some will find downloading much faster than uploading. It depends on the connectivity and the congestion in the user’s area.

There were upload problems at busier times of the day, tapping out at only 3.1 Mbps. However, this is not typical and had mostly to do with congestion on the internet highway. Downloading was much faster, tapping out speeds of 30 Mbps.

Of course, if you check the help files, pCloud mentions they don’t put restrictions on the speeds. According to the knowledge base, users can throttle the upload and download usage if they wish. This is good for those who don’t want to use all their bandwidth just to download something.

When we checked this feature out, it was available on the free plan’s web portal. We couldn’t find a speed’s subtab anywhere under the settings tab. That does not mean it doesn’t exist. It could be a premium feature that we simply did not have access to at this time. Users should note this when signing up for service.

Our rating: 90% for making speed throttling a premium feature only.


90% – Excellent

When it comes to support, pCloud has a dedicated help file in order to help users find the answers that they need. Consumers can ask questions and look for answers to various topics that have already been questioned.

The knowledge base is sorted out into two distinct sections. One is for FAQ Drive, for the mobile and desktop applications that can be used to access and sync user accounts with their devices.

The other Frequently Asked Questions database is for the web application. This section gives detailed instructions on how to perform certain tasks within the web browser.

Other than the knowledge base, which could be considered extensive, although it is still somewhat lacking, the only other way to get assistance is through email. Both free and premium plans have access to the 24/7 email support. Sadly, despite this option being available, it is not the fastest method. Depending on the volume, it could take a day or more for a technician to get back with an answer.

They may not be the fastest but when a response does come from an email technician, they are helpful, courteous, and professional. Unfortunately, there is no live chat or phone service available at this time.


Overall, pCloud isn’t a bad service. The provider made the interface simple to use, which is perfect for those who have never used the cloud before. In addition, the ability to earn additional storage on free accounts is a good idea. Customers can easily double their space without having to pay any money.

The good points continue with their security. TLS/SSL encryption is not bad and having the files duplicated on different servers, even though users don’t see that duplication, is a good idea. The servers they use are just as likely to go out as any other device, it’s all just hardware. Customers will be comforted knowing that should the drive on one server go out, their data is still safe elsewhere and is still accessible while they recover the downed hardware.

Speed is always important to users. They want to know that it is not going to take a week to upload their files or retrieve them from the cloud. The faster, the better, and knowing that pCloud isn’t putting restrictions on the bandwidth is a positive point in their favor. Users may still experience slow upload and download speeds, however, that is due to congestion or internet connectivity.

pCloud is far from perfect. While the service allows users to share their files with others, those who are invited into the folder cannot be restricted from editing files. There is no true collaboration available for business users. This could be a problem for those who need to work together on large files for a project.

In addition, we found that while their security is good, it could be better. Those who want to pay for the additional security can get client-side encryption through pCloud Crypto. Sadly, there is an additional fee required by the company.

Finally, support could be better. While their technicians are courteous, knowledgeable and professional, the fact that you have to email only and then wait a day or more for a reply could leave some users feeling out sorts. The knowledge base does answer many questions, however, it could probably use a little expanding to help cover more topics and lessen client frustration. Live chat or a phone service would also be a good option.


pCloud Features
Free Storage20 GB
Free Trial
  • windows
  • mac
  • linux
PriceStarts from $ 3.99 per month
Mobile Access
Mobile Apps
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android
Free External HD Backup
Continuous Backup
Incremental Backup
Backup Scheduling
Bare Metal Backup
Exclude File Extensions for Backup
Network Drives
Bandwidth throttling
Web Access
HIPAA Compliant
File Size LimitUnlimited GB
Included MachinesUnlimited
File Sharing
Multiple Accounts
Share Photo Albums
Music Streaming
Folder Collaboration
Outlook Backup
Local Encryption256-bit
Server Side Encryption256-bit
Keeps deleted filesUnlimited
File Versioning180

pCloud Review

Great cloud storage service. Easy to use, excellent support.

Dropbox alternative with 20GB free storage. Decent uploads and downloads speed. No local encryption for the base plans.
Starts from
$ 3.99 per month
Visit pCloud

60 thoughts on “pCloud”

  1. Nice cloud, however i like the compatibility of this cloud but it lacks on many sides. Very slow and RANDOM Speeds on download. Sometimes, a file takes over 1 hour (250mb file) and the nex day when i try to download it, only takes 1 minute (i got 100mbs upload/download speed, cable ethernet). Upload was horrible, because i uploaded only ~400kb/s. Well, sometimes i could get around 800 – 850kb/s, but that is sometimes, and speed drops minimum to 300kb/s. What i can cleanly say is, pCloud is using Amazon S3 Datacenter, and they are really good + cheap, and as you guys know pCloud got new plans.

    500GB = 5$ (monthly)
    1TB )1024GB) = 10$ (monthly)

    And think, who would get net revenue with such big cloud storage? simply not many. And you guys know Dropbox and Google Drive? they are using Amazon S3 (i am not really 100% sure about Google’s). Many people say Dropbox is over-priced, i agree they WERE overpriced. But since Dropbox now opened eyes and saw cloud providers around itself, so did it drop prices DRAMATICALLY to 1TB = 10$. So, my question is, you guys can EASILY see it how big difference is.

    Aaand, they mentioned UNLIMITED speed, many people encounters speed problems, and they assume to have 3 Datacenter which has a copy of your file, and you should probably get a great speed of being benefit of the 3 datacenter which they claim they are doing it (i dont believe that).

    Okay, let’s come to support. it SUCKS! This is all i got. I sended them 2 message, and really asked to them to answer yet no response from their 7/24 claimed supports so it sucks!

    Basicly guys, pCloud is NOT a good cloud, but for the price, you may stick with it (for the 500GB/5$). If you’re sticking for 1Tb or more, then NEVER think for pCloud, when other cloud providers give more and better options than pCloud. An example would be Bitcasa, giving 1TB for 10$. Also it gives same features than what pCloud offers, but also gives more than that. An enhanced TRUE server-side encryption which is AMAZING! Because even they get hacked (which is very rare) so will your files be like “asdaskda927-1947dck18d.ecr” and get splitted many pieces which will be unreadable. However, badside of that is SLOW! I dont mean bitcasa is slow, what i try to mean is since it is TRUE Encryption, so does it take time to open folders & files few seconds more than what a un-encrypted cloud provider offers. So this is the difference of it. Well, bitcasa am i proud but not 100%.

    However, bitcasa has random speed too nvm guys.

    pCloud has very poor support, but on design it is very proffesional, and easy to use. Android app cool, iPhone app nice, Web UI badass looking with glowing things… Anyway guys, 5$/month for 500GB is not bad, but keep in mind that even if you DELETE your files, they remain in their server for 180 days while some other cloud providers keep it forever (forever guys, which i mean, once uploaded, it remains there FOREVER in their servers, so they can see everything once uploaded).

    1. Thanks for your comment. It’s always good to know hands on experience with some services that go a little longer than our shorter test period that can’t cover everything. We appreciate you sharing the experience.

  2. Very, very slow connection. Especially from Europe. We have 300Gb enterprise connection to the internet. I am getting 100-130kb/s upload speed. When testing the connection I’m getting 20Gb upload to some US locations.
    The web interface is very nice. A lot of cool features. Prices are great. But the speed is terrible.

      1. I find it to still be very slow. I wanted to stay with pCloud because of it space and price but it is very slow and such a long lag time retrieving files “Ain’t Got Time Fo Dat!” Get the file retrieving fixed and the speed more compatible to your competitors and you will have me as a client for life! I only give 3 stars because of this. People using cloud for business and school do not want anything SLOW! This is the New Millennium we like FAST!

      2. Hi I have a friend that wants to email me a Few things though this pcloud will
        It cost me to download the things he is sending me through pcloud to my email ?

  3. I would like to stock directly a file in order site on my pcloud storage….how can I do it?

  4. i find it quite useful unlike box its supporting linux
    however it is quite comparable to dropbox with extra space and feature.
    a good deal

  5. The new version is awesome.

    They have files versioning

    And they released pCloud Crypto which is a client side encryption method and sends the already encrypted files to their servers. Even they dont know what I store in there.

    Also speeds are consistent added no limit do bandwith usage.

    Im very pleased!

  6. I have spent the last few days going through all the cloud providers that I could find online. I mean all the big players like Mega, Dropbox, OneDrive etc.
    As of this moment, there is no provider that can match pCloud by far!
    I will try to list some of my concerns here:

    – none of the big name clients for Mac would allow me to create my library on an external drive. I have a Transcend 120Gb flash drive in my SD card port permanently which doubles my internal storage. I want to put my music, pictures, photos there as there is no need to access them all the time and want to keep my main drive free. Only pCloud and Mega will allow this.

    – I want to be able to sync individual folders from the cloud to my laptop. Most of them allow this but for example Amazon, which has a very good offer in terms of price/storage, doesn’t allow this.

    – There is no other service that includes an online player which can play my music directly from the site (videos as well). This thing is huge!

    – Their price atm is $4 per month if you get a year plan for 500GB. Most of the other providers don’t even have a 500GB plan, they jump to the 1TB plan for $10 per month. I personally will not fill 500GB in the near future so 1TB is totally overkill.

    – I wrote a feedback message today about something which I thought is a problem and discovered a few minutes later that it was my own error. None the less I got a mail from the support within 30min. Good luck with getting this from Amazon or anyone else! They are too big to care about you (even though I love shopping on Amazon)!

    – I have a vdsl connection at the moment with something like 30Mbit bandwidth and I am using it wireless. For few hours during the last night, I was able to upload 40GB of data. I would call this ‘sufficient’! At some time the upload was 10k/s, while at other it got up to 3Mb/s. Now, I am professional enough to know that this has nothing to do with their servers and everything to do with my network.

    All in all, I think that these guys are amazing and provide an incredible service for an incredible price.


  7. For me pCloud is the best! I have tried OneDrive, Dropbox and GoogleDrive, but I like the most pCloud. Its platform is really user friendly, they have good support and pCloud Crypto helps me feel safe about my files.

  8. the article scores pCloud speed at 80%. I think this figure should be recalculated. Here in Spain, pCloud is deadly slow. I tried to switch to pCloud from Copy and in the first file uploads I thought I was having some problem with the wifi or my internet provider. Copy is way faster.

  9. A few years ago, I was on UbuntuOne, which was good. When they discontinued their service, I discovered Wuala, which I found excellent. However, Wuala (for which I paid) was closed by its new owners – SHAME on them. As a farewell-note they recommended Tresorit. For that service, I paid almost 100 USD for a year upfront. In the beginning, it worked just fine, although for that price you could only connect five machines: too little for a computer at home, one at work, and a laptop for travel, all running dual boot, plus a smartphone and a tablet. Anyway, since it did it’s job nicely I accepted that limitation. After 5 or 6 months, after a Linux-update, Tresorit stopped working on Ubuntu, and it uploaded only random files on Linux Mint. Like that, it’s useless! Re-installing the Tresorit client on all machines didn’t help, and customer support didn’t even reply. Instead, since I stopped using it, I keep getting Tresorit-ads from them. If they would have done their job, they wouldn’t have to waste money to win me back. They won’t, anyway.

    Other users had rated Tresorit’s Linux-client as vaporware. They are so right.

    Glad to have found pCloud – for a month, it has worked flawlessly on Linux, Win, and Android, and I hope they will stay around!

    1. I am also in China and I tried everything already. First I was a dropbox user, then it was inaccessible from China. I switched to Copy, but it was discontinued. Then to Cubby, but that will be eliminated soon as well, what luck! OneDrive works and is reasonably fast for large files but has some issues for me when saving Office documents directly to OneDrive, then it is super slow and freezes the app (Excel/Word) for a minute. So much for my background.

      Then I switched to pCloud after doing some research on what works well in China. I would not say it is fast, despite their own speed comparison to dropbox. Such official speed comparisons are meaningless as far as users in China are concerned. So, while not fast, it does do the job.

      The only issue I have so far is I have no idea how to completely disable the screenshot upload popup. I have no interest in uploading my screenshots to pCloud, yet the popup asks me to do so every couple days. A side search brings up nothing on this topic.

      The Windows client is otherwise well designed. I have not tested any mobile clients because I am a Windows 10 mobile user, and virtually no cloud storage providers create an app for that, apart from OneDrive of course.

      I would recommend to anyone in China. I am thinking of switching to their paid plans soon, 500GB for 4 bucks is reasonable. I just wish they had some servers in HK, TW or Japan to enhance speeds for users in China.

  10. Actually I could not find any proof anywhere that the encrypted folder content is … really encrypted.
    I am left the impression it is the same scam as Wuala was – only folder structure/file names were encrypted. I suspect pCloud is probably even worse, only the access to the top ‘Crypto Folder’ is encrypted.
    I do not trust this ‘Crypto Folder’ thing. No way to verify that content is really ecnrypted, as the case is for example with boxcrypter/encfs …

  11. The best cloud software. Easy to set and use, so much better than Dropbox. Reasonably fast in Sydney, Australia.

  12. Just want to ask one question. After how many days the files gets deleted from pcloud account if nobody downloads it or it is stored permanently on the server ? And whats file versioning.
    Please reply asap anyone!

  13. Where is the free version? Clicking on the link there is only the option for $4 or $8 a month

  14. I like it, because pcloud drive can install on my old pc with window xp sp2 installed. Many file manager can’t install on it, except pcloud. It is very good and easy sync, just copy file and paste it on pcloud drive.

  15. Not sure if I am correct, but, pCloud will only upload / Download Folders if you use the Chrome browser?
    If so, useless for me as many thousands of files can be in each folder…would take weeks to backup the files I need which are filed in seperate Folders!
    I use FireFox and all my Apps are in that browser…don’t want to change just for pCloud.
    If Folders can be uploaded etc. please advise how.
    Many Thanks…Mike

  16. Very very good cloud.
    I could upload my files at 10Mo/s (80Mbits) !
    You can select any folders of your choice to sync, very cool.
    The web interface and android app is good as well.

    The only problem is maybe the security, there’s no 2FA (double factor authentification) and data is not encrypted on their server by default.


  17. Fled recently from SpiderOakONE after several years of lost files, corrupted files, file permissions and other attributes, being changed, excruciating upload and downloads, and GUI crashes/freezing also SO’s inability to create a cloud share without locking the account. SO’s worthless tech support outsourced to a country where agents don’t own a computer at home? Pathetic.

    So far, pCloud seems really cool. They support Windows and Linux both, although full linux support is limited to pre-system.d ubuntu based distros so my Linux Mint 18 install needs mucho tinkering. Upload and download speeds are perky, (1mb/3mb respectively) but nowhere near my ISP’s capability. While uploading my original sync folder, I had to surprise reboot and the sync upload recovered gracefully. The iOS app is awesome too.

    Unfortunately, tech support isn’t particularly familiar with the product and (like SO) are short on English reading comprehension, and/or make irrelevant suggestions to solve the problem. pCloud claims that it is possible to keep a copy of your sync folder locally on your computer’s hard drive in case you need offline access but that’s not true. Everything resides in the cloud. Problem – if your ISP is down, say for example due to inclement weather or whatever you cannot get to your files. Or if pCloud dies suddenly with no notice (companies do that sometimes) your sync folder(s) are lost because you don’t have a local, updated copy on your hdd.

    I see great potential with pCloud and will be working with their tech support to resolve some concerns but right now I can’t give them more than 3 stars.

    1. Hey Rich,
      Thanks for the awesome comment.
      We will try to improve everything you talked about.
      As for the Sync.
      You can “Favourite” folders so you can access them even when you are offline 🙂

    2. I’m not sure what you mean with this “pCloud claims that it is possible to keep a copy of your sync folder locally on your computer’s hard drive..” but it works exactly as described?

      I’ve set few syncs with specific folders from the cloud and they are synced to my laptop locally?

      Besides that I can mount pcloud drive to the laptop and use whatever file I need at the moment, yes, it’s reside in the cloud, for obvious reason – to save your hdd space.

      1. The default pcloud sync folder, and any additional folders you designate for sync are supposed to save a local copy of each file on your computer. Initially, this did not function as advertised but I figured out why. I have a dual boot Linux/W10 desktop, and a Windows 7 laptop. I installed pCloud on Linux first, then copied all the files I wanted to sync into the sync folder. Something else caused the computer to hang and I had to reboot, upon which time it appeared to resume the sync upload. Once completed, I installed on my W10 and W7 devices. Unfortunately as it turned out because the original upload was from Linux, and/or bcuz it was interrupted, files did not upload completely or were damaged and local copies were not available on my other machines when I was offline. So I purged everything pcloud from all three installs and started over from Windows 10, Windows 7 and THEN installed on Linux. Now I have local copies of my sync folder on all 3 machines and so far sync seems to be working great with new files. I have yet to test pcloud sync with editing word or libre office files that are already in the sync folder. That was something SpiderOak failed at, losing entire pages of a document. Should be fun.

  18. I have been using PCloud for almost a year, have not had any issues uploading or downloading, looks like folder upload does not work with IE but works with Chrome. no big issue there.
    I like the free 10gb and the invite friends to get additional 10gb, thinking about purchasing plan for 1 year hopefully with discount. and with Crypto included.
    I would sign up for more capacity but a bit more expensive

  19. This is a quality service. I use the free version. Streaming is a real plus and successful web interface.
    The Windows application is well made, allows some settings including bandwidth.
    Unfortunately, this promotion of 10/16/2016 is no longer valid.

  20. I am a ‘Cubby’ refugee so was looking for something that offered many of the features of Cubby, in particular the ability to sync any folder. I looked at many different offerings and in the end found pCloud.

    After using my free account for a short while, I was that impressed that I signed up to a 500Gb paid account to handle both my private and work needs. The features I really like
    – sync any folder (a real deal winner for me)
    – option to allow desktop app to stay signed in or to log out when closed
    – version history (already been a life saver for me)
    – share is so easy
    – shared folders do not take up space in the recipients pCloud account (unlike some other cloud providers)
    – virtual ‘P:’ drive
    – the desktop app itself has a really nice UI
    – mobile app and ability to stream music, pictures and videos is great
    – I find the web layout UI is neater than many other cloud providers
    – auto screen shot saver (didn’t like this at first but have started to find it really useful in my work)

    There are some features that I would like to see added such as
    – ability to see what is in the upload and download queues while syncing
    – a history of what has been sync’d
    – ability to selectively delete version history (e.g. only keep files for X days, or X copies)
    – build crypto into the price of paid accounts (with a nudge and a wink)

    At the minute I don’t use crypto but instead use axcrypt to encrypt important files before uploading – OK the file structure is still visible but hopefully the data is well encrypted.

    Great product, and good value for money.

    1. Thanks Ken for the comment. pCloud’s staff is reading this page frequently so I’m sure they’ll take note of your feature requests.

    2. I team up with all of Ken’s feature requests. Plus:
      What is really annoying, is that after every successful upload, the Windows Explorer gets refreshed, leading to a short flare of all symbols of the desktop. Since I permanently upload files, this is rather annoying.

  21. This looks great, especially the Linux support, but the lack of two factor authentication is a deal-breaker for me. Please add it, and you will have me as a paying customer.

  22. why is my download speed so low at only 1.1 MB/s? I have a fiber optic 500 Mbps/s connection and dropbox can download about 10 times faster. I trusted your youtube commercial regarding your “unbelievable” speed compared to dropbox and now I’m paying for a premium account which is worse than my dropbox free one?

  23. I’m wondering if it’s just me, given some fairly glowing reviews above, but I’m finding pCloud a nightmare. It takes forever to open sometimes (I think it’s usually after I’ve added a bunch of new files on another one of my devices), seems to stall a bunch or not respond to my pause/resume, gives misleading amounts of data remaining down download/upload, the android app crashed a few times while trying to do the initial sync, forcing me to clear app data.

    All in all I just haven’t reached a point where I trust that any of my devices have the most recent version, or that it will manage my deletions properly, even though I haven’t specifically had any disasters around this. Part of this is probably just the user feedback around what is going on, but I feel like under the hood there might be way too much going on in terms of how it checks recency.

    I’m hoping after I finally get all my devices in sync that things will be better, but even trying to get 2 devices in sync with my ~130Gb of photos and documents is an ongoing task that has taken about 3 months.

    1. how did you get on… I have just started uploading pictures and it is stalling and hanging up a macbook… are there any settings to tweak to make work better?

  24. On the paid plans, are all the files stored encrypted without paying extra for Crypto Folder feature? Thanks.

  25. Hello all,

    I read your comments with interest. I am currently working through an evaluation of cloud providers and pCloud seems to offer what I want which is essentially a virtual drive with a good starting point of 500GB. What I haven’t been able to ascertain despite going through their support is if they allow storage of adult content (purely for archival and retrieval for ones one use). I cannot get a direct answer. I used to use Keepit which was excellent but they only offer a backup service. Anyone care to expand ?

  26. After testing the pCloud Crypto service for a few days I noticed that I can not download files more than 200mb from the Crypto folder. I contacted support and they said that feature will be supported soon, but currently the only way to download files >200mb is to install the desktop client.

    Also, I did not see where the permissions were listed. Does anyone know where I can see who has read/write access to the folder?

  27. I looked into pCloud after I decided I no longer want to have my data with Dropbox. I love their service: European company, I like the implementation of a network drive where you only download what you need…

    BUT their servers are in Dallas, not in Switzerland. So it’s NOT a viable alternative if you’re a European and looking to store your data outside of the US.

    Here’s the reply I got from their helpdesk: “pCloud users’ data is collocated in data center with SSAE 16 SOC 1, Type II certification that ensures the highest level of assurance.When using the pCloud service user’s data is transferred to our outsourced servers via TLS/SSL protocol and is copied on at least three server locations in a highly secure certified data center in Dallas, Texas, USA.”


  28. I’d LOVE to use pCloud on an XP Pro 32-bit machine and 7 Pro 64-bit machine and sync some folders as I used to do with SugarSync and Cubby.
    But the pCloud installation causes my XP machine to freeze, with the bad effects seen first in explorer.exe.
    Maybe I’m the only one unlucky here, but has anyone else had a similar problem?

  29. Absolutely loving pCloud. Definitely better than Dropbox – havent encountered any bandwidth limit issues as you do on Dropbox. Also faster!
    If anything changes, will revise this post. Until then, for now, go for pCloud!

  30. I love it so far, but It would be perfect if they added the following:

    1. Store our data in Switzerland, not in the US.

    2. Every folder should be encrypted or something, so not even the company, or any institution, could read our private stuff. Specially because they are outsourcing in the US (privacy laws are different there than in Switzerland). I’m a software engineer, and I don’t want my very valuable code to be seen by random people.

    3. Upload speed (sometimes download, too) should be faster. It took me many hours to upload a few folders.

    Besides that, I love the service.
    Very similar to SugarSync, but with no synchronization problems at all.

    pCloud, please follow our recommendations and you will experience a huge increment in costumers.

    I’m paying for the service, but will not pay extra for the crypto folder. I need every folder to be encrypted on the server. Even if that means making the process a few milliseconds slower..

    If we use the service (specially the ones who pay, like me) is because we need a fast, secure and trusted service.

    I’m swiss. I want my stuff in Switzerland.

    Regards and congratulations, the service is great.

  31. I’ve been using pCloud for over a year now on Mac and Linux Mint, am impressed in just about every respect that is relevant for my private use, and so I recently became a paying user. I don’t understand the complaints about speed: I’m in Germany, and pCloud is one of the fastest services I’ve tried. Great is the combination of really offline cloud storage (I mean: what you store there does NOT occupy on your computer’s hard disk any more) and selective synchronization (your files are on pCloud AND on your computer(s), if you want). I was skeptical about the not-gratis encryption option (‘Crypto’), but the free trial showed me it works beautifully and ridiculously easily (on Mac, Linux, and also in the web browser interface). For me, this is the one.

  32. Pcloud is the best so far.
    For those who have speed issue its best to uoload only using chrome browser, its way faster than there desktop application.
    I love it so far i have the 500gb plan and soon ill expand to the 2tb plan, i dont regret any penny spent on this awesone cloud. Way better than googledrive dropbox and onedrive as i tried all these and pcloud is way better.
    Thank you pcloud

  33. Worked well on Linux Mint XCFE but collapsed after upgrading to premium (logs off immediately after logging in). Helpdesk does not respond.

    These are all things you want to hear when you are using this sort of services as a backup.

    When I called them I got somebody who was not able to connect me to any of the devs. I got the impression it was not a company but some individual.

  34. I use Pcloud in Android, Win7 and Ubuntu 16.04.
    While it seems to work well in the 2 first, in Ubuntu I get frequent crashes of the software, which seems to screw the upload process. As a consequence, sometimes I find the same file duplicated 1, 2, 3 times with a [conflicted] tag in the file name, making it difficult to track wich one is the last file.
    Please fix the issues on the desktop application for Ubuntu !
    Apart from this issue, I find Pcloud to be a good service.

  35. I am surprised that two significant aspects don’t appear in your review. One is that, unlike many cloud services, you are not limited to having to place all files for syncing into the one folder. Syncs can be quickly set up between any folder on your computer and a folder in the cloud, after the fashion of Sugarsync and the late Cubby. The other is that, like Dropbox, pCloud also offers LAN sync, which few others seem to.

    I realise these two points may not matter to everyone as much as they do to me, but I am puzzled as to why there appears no mention of either of them in your review. I believe they are significant and should have been included as positive points.

  36. Opps! Shortly after posting my previous comment I noticed that any folder sync actually is mentioned in your review, although as a quote from cliff notes, rather than in the main body of the review. Mea culpa! I apologise, but my second point about the LAN sync still stands.

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pCloud Review

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Starts from
$ 3.99 per month
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