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89%Very Good
Ease of Use
File Syncing & Sharing
85%Very Good
Security & Privacy
Customer Service

Welcome to our pCloud review, where we’ll be looking at some of the upsides to choosing this secure cloud storage provider. In business only since 2013, pCloud has benefited from the successes and failures of the competition, an advantage it’s used to attract over two million clients, including big names like BMW, Coca-Cola, Uber and Twitter.

Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s the right choice for everyone. Coming up, we’ll be evaluating pCloud across a variety of categories to help you make an informed buying decision. After, we expect you’ll see why we named pCloud number two on our list of the best zero-knowledge cloud storage services for 2017 and rank it has one of our favorite cloud storage services overall.

If you think you’d prefer a different service, Check out our comparison of best cloud storage services. If you’d like to just go ahead and jump in, visit pCloud and get your first 10GB of storage for free.

Alternatives for pCloud

Price Plan
$ 5 00monthly
$ 59 00yearly
$ 9 00monthly
$ 99 00yearly
$ 12 00monthly
$ 129 00yearly
$ 25 00monthly
$ 279 00yearly
$ 9 00monthly
$ 5 00monthly
$ 500 00yearly
$ 1000 00yearly
$ 2000 00yearly
$ 5000 00yearly
Storage 100 GB 250 GB 1000 GB 5000 GB Unlimited GB Unlimited GB Unlimited GB Unlimited GB Unlimited GB Unlimited GB Unlimited GB

21-day free trial.

Free setup and minimum 10 users.

$299 setup and minimum 100 users.

Custom setup and pricing, minimum 1,500 users.

Supported servers include Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2012 R2.

Supported servers include Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2012 R2.

Supported servers include Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2012 R2.

Supported servers include Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2012 R2.

SpiderOak ONE Review
  • Unlimited devices
  • Good file sharing
  • Private encryption
  • Expensive
  • No mobile backup
  • No NAS backup
SpiderOak ONE
PlanStarterPro Personal (Option One)Pro Personal (Option Two)Business SoloBusiness ProBusiness Pro Advanced
Price Plan
$ 4 08monthly
$ 48 96yearly
$ 8 00monthly
$ 96 00yearly
$ 8 00monthly
$ 96 00yearly
$ 5 00monthly
$ 60 00yearly
$ 15 00monthly
$ 144 00yearly
Storage 5 GB 500 GB 2000 GB 2000 GB 1000 GB 10000 GB

Individual business plan

2-user minimum.

2-user minimum

Sync.com Review
  • Zero-knowledge
  • Fast syncing
  • Great interface
  • Secure link sharing
  • No 3rd-party tools
  • No monthly plans
Price Plan
$ 1 99monthly
$ 9 99monthly
$ 19 99monthly
$ 99 99monthly
$ 199 99monthly
$ 299 99monthly
Storage 15 GB 100 GB 1000 GB 2000 GB 10000 GB 20000 GB 30000 GB

Free plan.

Annual Discount: 16%

Annual Discount: 17%

Annual Discount: n/a

Annual Discount: n/a

Annual Discount: n/a

Annual Discount: n/a

Google Drive Review
  • Google Docs integration
  • Many third-party apps
  • In-app collaborations
  • Strong customer support
  • Weak file-sharing security
  • No private encryption option
  • No block-level sync
  • Cheaper options
Google Drive

Strengths & Weaknesses

While we list having to pay for zero-knowledge encryption as a weakness since competitors like Sync.com and SpiderOak provide it for free, that’s just one way of looking at things. For those that aren’t interested in this feature, the added cost savings will be a benefit. Also, even paying for this feature, pCloud still represents excellent value.

We’ve discussed this topic at length in our pCloud vs SpiderOak article.


89% – Very Good

As a more recent entry in the cloud storage market, pCloud has had the chance to see what’s worked well and what hasn’t for other providers. On top of that, pCloud has added some innovative features not commonly used.

When you first start pCloud, you’ll see a quick tutorial screen load. After that, you’re given a minimal interface similar to Dropbox’s. What isn’t immediately obvious is that through the pCloud system tray icon, you can access a windowed environment with a decent set of features.

Most users will probably prefer the pCloud web interface over the desktop tool. It’s more attractive, easier to use and packs more features.

One such feature is an image viewer, which lets you view your stored photos with no visible loss of quality, and includes a slideshow mode perfect for presentations.

The pCloud web interface also has an audio player that lets you play tracks directly from the browser, making it a great cloud storage service to store your music collection. You can play other kinds of audio, too.

Video playback is another nice option. Of course, the ability to playback smoothly depends on the quality of your connection and how the video was rendered, but the player itself works very nicely.

If you have content stored with other cloud storage and backup providers, you can even back it up to pCloud.

To protect users against unwanted file changes and even file corruptions, pCloud retains previous versions of files for 15 days for free users and 30 days for subscribers. For some, that length of time won’t be enough, and, for that, there’s an option to add extended file history (EFH) to retain previous file versions for an impressive 360 days. 

The cost of the EFH add-on is $39.99 per year. To be clear, it extends that protection to deleted files, too, so will likely be worth the cost for many. 



90% – Excellent

pCloud offers a generous 10GB of free storage that anybody can sign up for. On top of that, you can earn a gigabyte of additional storage for each friend you refer, up to an additional 10GB.

For personal users, there are two subscription options available, Premium and Premium Plus.

PlanFreePremiumPremium Plus
Price Plan
$ 4 99monthly
$ 47 88yearly
$ 175 00Lifetime
$ 9 99monthly
$ 95 88yearly
$ 350 00Lifetime
Storage 10 GB 500 GB 2000 GB

Annual subscriptions provide a 20 percent discount. If you purchased a Premium Plus subscription on an annual basis and later find it exceeds your needs, you can downgrade to an ordinary Premium account and the difference in cost will carry forward as credit into the next billing cycle.

On top of that, pCloud has recently also started offering lifetime plans, which should keep you going for a while. These plans are a pretty good deal, so if you’re sure pCloud is for you, they’re worth it.

If the 2TB you get with Premium Plus aren’t enough, you can also create a custom plan with as much storage as you need.

Subscribers also have the option to add zero-knowledge encryption for $4.99 per month if you go month-to-month, or $47.88 if you pay for a year in advance (that works out to $3.99 per month).

pCloud isn’t the cheapest online cloud storage provider, but with all the inclusions, the very good cross-platform experience, the well-made web interface, fantastic file sharing system and many additional built-in tools, the prices represent excellent value. Really it just depends on if you expect to make use of all these things.

Ease of Use

95% – Excellent

pCloud has desktop clients for Windows, Mac and Linux. There are also apps for Android and iOS. We’ll start by taking a look at the desktop client, which is similar across all supported platforms.

The pCloud desktop client is similar to the interface of Dropbox (see our Dropbox review for more info), which is fine, but may be confusing for new users expecting a windowed environment. There is an application window available, but it’s not immediately obvious how to access it.

Just like Dropbox, pCloud adds an icon to the system tray so you can interact with your pCloud Drive. This is a virtual drive created in your file system which pCloud uses for file syncing and backup. You’ll be able to see your pCloud virtual drive listed in your ordinary system file manager (Windows Explorer, for example).

This virtual drive shouldn’t be confused with the “drive” and “sync” folders pCloud adds to your home folder. These are empty unless you have the pCloud drive currently mounted as a virtual drive and you have sync enabled.

Sync is definitely not recommended for beginners because it has much more risk than performing manual file transfers. When you sync a file, it will automatically upload or download to any of your connected devices depending on whether the server copy or local copy is the most recent. Many new users confuse sync with backup, leading to disastrous results.

Unlike Dropbox, pCloud does provide access to a windowed desktop tool, however. Compared with the colorful interfaces of systems like SpiderOak and Livedrive, the pCloud interface is a bit drab, but it’s still very logically designed. It’s easy to navigate and the seven main menu buttons across the top are easy to read and understand.

These buttons work in a similar way to a tabbed interface, but without actually using tabs. Each will open a different interface or “page” giving access to the controls that are contained within. 

The “account” page is the best place to start, showing a usage meter so you can see how much of your available storage space is already used.

You can use the settings page to set bandwidth limits.

It’s also possible to prevent pCloud from maxing out your device.

If you need help, there are quick links from the “help” page.

One big feature missing from the desktop client is the ability to monitor files as they’re uploading, which can only be done using the online upload manager. This means if you want to skip uploading an individual large file, you can’t do it.

The only way to pause sync while it’s in progress is to do it from the system tray icon. Inexperienced users will have trouble figuring this out, since you’d expect to be able to do that from the “sync” page of the desktop client.

The mobile app client is another area where pCloud shines. Often mobile apps only have file viewing abilities and most are very limited even at that task. The pCloud client is more mature, letting you edit some documents. While that might only be practical for tablet users, it’s still a good feature to have.

The mobile app can also do similar things to the web client, including image viewing, playing videos and playing audio files.

The browser interface is the simplest, and also easiest for new users to get started with. Where this interface may be less useful is when you need to transfer very large files that the browser would struggle with. In that case, the desktop client will be preferable.

Using the browser interface, you have access to all of pCloud’s tools in one place. You can view or edit documents, put together a slideshow of your favorite images, watch movies and listen to music. You can see some examples of these tools in the “features” section earlier in this review.

File Syncing & Sharing

94% – Excellent

File sync performed flawlessly in our testing. When you enable file sync on your pCloud Drive, it will change the way the drive behaves. If any change in a file is detected on the client side, pCloud will upload the new version of the file, overwriting the stored version. If the server side version is more recent, pCloud will download it to your local storage, overwriting your copy.

This isn’t always what you want, especially if you delete a file, because the file will vanish instantly from both client and server. For this reason, sync is not normally a good option for new users.

pCloud makes sharing content with others simple. In fact, you can share any folder on your pCloud drive with anyone, even if they aren’t pCloud subscribers, provided they have an email address.

In addition to sharing folders, you can share individual files by creating links pointing to them. Unlike most other cloud storage services, pCloud also lets you create upload links that others can use to share files with you.

You can set expiry dates for shared links and password protect them. These security features can help you limit the degree of damage that could be inflicted through malicious access to your shared file space.

If you are using the zero-knowledge encryption add-on, you’ll only be able to share files that have not been encrypted with it.


85% – Very Good

Speed is a contentious issue with pCloud. There seems to be a lot of factors that can affect the speed of uploads and downloads.

pCloud’s own test, which you can view on YouTube, declares that files can be uploaded to pCloud 500 percent faster than to Dropbox. If that is true, we were unable to replicate the conditions that would allow it, because while pCloud performed favorably in comparison with Dropbox, it was nowhere near 500 percent faster.

During our upload tests, the connection speed varied by 400 percent from one moment to the next, but we took 5Mb/s to be the average. With those results, the speed table ends up looking like this:

 First Attempt:Second Attempt:
Upload Time:0:230:260:25
Download Time:0:190:240:22

Connecting to pCloud doesn’t seem to provide a very stable connection speed, but it does seem to hit higher peak connection speeds more often than the average service.

Security & Privacy

90% – Excellent

The security provided by pCloud seems to be very good. There have not been any known major attacks upon the service to date, and there are no known security leaks.

If you have purchased the Crypto add-on, your files are protected by zero-knowledge encryption, meaning only you can decrypt your content. Without Crypto, pCloud retains control of your encryption key.

All traffic is protected in transit by TLS encryption, which is actually a standard feature you should expect from any service. The level of encryption used is 256-bit AES. You can read more about both TLS and AES in our cloud security primer.

The privacy policy is fairly standard, and better than many competitors, but there are a few slightly alarming clauses in there that make us feel getting Crypto is worth the trouble. For instance, pCloud does reserve the right to cooperate with law enforcement, though, as the company is based in Switzerland, this is unlikely, it’s still a bit worrying.

If, however, you hide behind the Crypto private encryption, law enforcement can request all they want, all they get is encrypted files, with not even pCloud itself able to crack your password.

However, all in all, it seems that pCloud is entirely bonafide when it comes to their pledge to keep your data safe, certain odd clauses in their privacy policy notwithstanding. A potential dealbreaker for some, however, may be the lack of two-factor authentication, a feature that is becoming more and more standard in the industry and is remarkable in its absence with pCloud.

Customer Service

90% – Excellent

pCloud has very good customer service. A phone number is provided, but it isn’t intended for general support questions. Customers are generally directed to send an email or use the online contact form on the website.

One of the advantages of pCloud still having a relatively small user base is that support responses may be faster than what you’ve experienced from larger services like Dropbox or Livedrive. My own support question, which I made sure to mention was not urgent, was answered within twenty minutes.

Sending support messages by email is recommended, as the online form is not very well designed.

The Verdict

For the needs of most users, pCloud checks all the right boxes. It’s fast, secure and inexpensive. You have the option to upgrade it to zero-knowledge encryption, but if that’s not something you need, you don’t have to pay for it.

On top of all this, pCloud may have the best file-sharing system ever devised for a cloud storage service. Everything is just so easy to use and so flexible. We like choice, and pCloud provides a lot of it.

Of course, we’d love to hear your own thoughts on pCloud in the comments below. As always, thanks for reading.


pCloud Features
Free Storage10 GB
Free Trial
  • windows
  • mac
  • linux
Starts from$ 3 99monthly
Mobile Access
Mobile Apps
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android
Free External HD Backup
Continuous Backup
Incremental Backup
Backup Scheduling
Bare Metal Backup
Exclude File Extensions for Backup
Network Drives
Bandwidth throttling
Web Access
HIPAA Compliant
File Size LimitUnlimited GB
Included MachinesUnlimited
File Sharing
Multiple Accounts
Share Photo Albums
Music Streaming
Folder Collaboration
Outlook Backup
Local Encryption256-bit
Server Side Encryption256-bit
Keeps deleted filesUnlimited
File Versioning180

pCloud Review

A very secure and highly private provider

A secure cloud storage provider that offers 10GB free with optional private encryption, we recommend pCloud to anyone that needs security and ease of use.
Starts from$ 3 99monthly
Visit pCloud

71 thoughts on “pCloud”

  1. I have spent the last few days going through all the cloud providers that I could find online. I mean all the big players like Mega, Dropbox, OneDrive etc.
    As of this moment, there is no provider that can match pCloud by far!
    I will try to list some of my concerns here:

    – none of the big name clients for Mac would allow me to create my library on an external drive. I have a Transcend 120Gb flash drive in my SD card port permanently which doubles my internal storage. I want to put my music, pictures, photos there as there is no need to access them all the time and want to keep my main drive free. Only pCloud and Mega will allow this.

    – I want to be able to sync individual folders from the cloud to my laptop. Most of them allow this but for example Amazon, which has a very good offer in terms of price/storage, doesn’t allow this.

    – There is no other service that includes an online player which can play my music directly from the site (videos as well). This thing is huge!

    – Their price atm is $4 per month if you get a year plan for 500GB. Most of the other providers don’t even have a 500GB plan, they jump to the 1TB plan for $10 per month. I personally will not fill 500GB in the near future so 1TB is totally overkill.

    – I wrote a feedback message today about something which I thought is a problem and discovered a few minutes later that it was my own error. None the less I got a mail from the support within 30min. Good luck with getting this from Amazon or anyone else! They are too big to care about you (even though I love shopping on Amazon)!

    – I have a vdsl connection at the moment with something like 30Mbit bandwidth and I am using it wireless. For few hours during the last night, I was able to upload 40GB of data. I would call this ‘sufficient’! At some time the upload was 10k/s, while at other it got up to 3Mb/s. Now, I am professional enough to know that this has nothing to do with their servers and everything to do with my network.

    All in all, I think that these guys are amazing and provide an incredible service for an incredible price.


    1. Dropbox lets you put the local storage where-ever you want, I’m not sure why you didn’t include it in you list. But I’m leaving DB for a host of reasons 🙂

  2. For me pCloud is the best! I have tried OneDrive, Dropbox and GoogleDrive, but I like the most pCloud. Its platform is really user friendly, they have good support and pCloud Crypto helps me feel safe about my files.

  3. A few years ago, I was on UbuntuOne, which was good. When they discontinued their service, I discovered Wuala, which I found excellent. However, Wuala (for which I paid) was closed by its new owners – SHAME on them. As a farewell-note they recommended Tresorit. For that service, I paid almost 100 USD for a year upfront. In the beginning, it worked just fine, although for that price you could only connect five machines: too little for a computer at home, one at work, and a laptop for travel, all running dual boot, plus a smartphone and a tablet. Anyway, since it did it’s job nicely I accepted that limitation. After 5 or 6 months, after a Linux-update, Tresorit stopped working on Ubuntu, and it uploaded only random files on Linux Mint. Like that, it’s useless! Re-installing the Tresorit client on all machines didn’t help, and customer support didn’t even reply. Instead, since I stopped using it, I keep getting Tresorit-ads from them. If they would have done their job, they wouldn’t have to waste money to win me back. They won’t, anyway.

    Other users had rated Tresorit’s Linux-client as vaporware. They are so right.

    Glad to have found pCloud – for a month, it has worked flawlessly on Linux, Win, and Android, and I hope they will stay around!

    1. I am also in China and I tried everything already. First I was a dropbox user, then it was inaccessible from China. I switched to Copy, but it was discontinued. Then to Cubby, but that will be eliminated soon as well, what luck! OneDrive works and is reasonably fast for large files but has some issues for me when saving Office documents directly to OneDrive, then it is super slow and freezes the app (Excel/Word) for a minute. So much for my background.

      Then I switched to pCloud after doing some research on what works well in China. I would not say it is fast, despite their own speed comparison to dropbox. Such official speed comparisons are meaningless as far as users in China are concerned. So, while not fast, it does do the job.

      The only issue I have so far is I have no idea how to completely disable the screenshot upload popup. I have no interest in uploading my screenshots to pCloud, yet the popup asks me to do so every couple days. A side search brings up nothing on this topic.

      The Windows client is otherwise well designed. I have not tested any mobile clients because I am a Windows 10 mobile user, and virtually no cloud storage providers create an app for that, apart from OneDrive of course.

      I would recommend to anyone in China. I am thinking of switching to their paid plans soon, 500GB for 4 bucks is reasonable. I just wish they had some servers in HK, TW or Japan to enhance speeds for users in China.

  4. The best cloud software. Easy to set and use, so much better than Dropbox. Reasonably fast in Sydney, Australia.

  5. I like it, because pcloud drive can install on my old pc with window xp sp2 installed. Many file manager can’t install on it, except pcloud. It is very good and easy sync, just copy file and paste it on pcloud drive.

  6. Very very good cloud.
    I could upload my files at 10Mo/s (80Mbits) !
    You can select any folders of your choice to sync, very cool.
    The web interface and android app is good as well.

    The only problem is maybe the security, there’s no 2FA (double factor authentification) and data is not encrypted on their server by default.


  7. I have been using PCloud for almost a year, have not had any issues uploading or downloading, looks like folder upload does not work with IE but works with Chrome. no big issue there.
    I like the free 10gb and the invite friends to get additional 10gb, thinking about purchasing plan for 1 year hopefully with discount. and with Crypto included.
    I would sign up for more capacity but a bit more expensive

  8. I am a ‘Cubby’ refugee so was looking for something that offered many of the features of Cubby, in particular the ability to sync any folder. I looked at many different offerings and in the end found pCloud.

    After using my free account for a short while, I was that impressed that I signed up to a 500Gb paid account to handle both my private and work needs. The features I really like
    – sync any folder (a real deal winner for me)
    – option to allow desktop app to stay signed in or to log out when closed
    – version history (already been a life saver for me)
    – share is so easy
    – shared folders do not take up space in the recipients pCloud account (unlike some other cloud providers)
    – virtual ‘P:’ drive
    – the desktop app itself has a really nice UI
    – mobile app and ability to stream music, pictures and videos is great
    – I find the web layout UI is neater than many other cloud providers
    – auto screen shot saver (didn’t like this at first but have started to find it really useful in my work)

    There are some features that I would like to see added such as
    – ability to see what is in the upload and download queues while syncing
    – a history of what has been sync’d
    – ability to selectively delete version history (e.g. only keep files for X days, or X copies)
    – build crypto into the price of paid accounts (with a nudge and a wink)

    At the minute I don’t use crypto but instead use axcrypt to encrypt important files before uploading – OK the file structure is still visible but hopefully the data is well encrypted.

    Great product, and good value for money.

    1. Thanks Ken for the comment. pCloud’s staff is reading this page frequently so I’m sure they’ll take note of your feature requests.

    2. I team up with all of Ken’s feature requests. Plus:
      What is really annoying, is that after every successful upload, the Windows Explorer gets refreshed, leading to a short flare of all symbols of the desktop. Since I permanently upload files, this is rather annoying.

      1. Same with me. But guys from pCloud support team informed me how to turn it off:

        disable the files status icons from Settings -> General -> Show file status icons

        and annoying effect is gone…

  9. This looks great, especially the Linux support, but the lack of two factor authentication is a deal-breaker for me. Please add it, and you will have me as a paying customer.

  10. why is my download speed so low at only 1.1 MB/s? I have a fiber optic 500 Mbps/s connection and dropbox can download about 10 times faster. I trusted your youtube commercial regarding your “unbelievable” speed compared to dropbox and now I’m paying for a premium account which is worse than my dropbox free one?

  11. I’m wondering if it’s just me, given some fairly glowing reviews above, but I’m finding pCloud a nightmare. It takes forever to open sometimes (I think it’s usually after I’ve added a bunch of new files on another one of my devices), seems to stall a bunch or not respond to my pause/resume, gives misleading amounts of data remaining down download/upload, the android app crashed a few times while trying to do the initial sync, forcing me to clear app data.

    All in all I just haven’t reached a point where I trust that any of my devices have the most recent version, or that it will manage my deletions properly, even though I haven’t specifically had any disasters around this. Part of this is probably just the user feedback around what is going on, but I feel like under the hood there might be way too much going on in terms of how it checks recency.

    I’m hoping after I finally get all my devices in sync that things will be better, but even trying to get 2 devices in sync with my ~130Gb of photos and documents is an ongoing task that has taken about 3 months.

    1. how did you get on… I have just started uploading pictures and it is stalling and hanging up a macbook… are there any settings to tweak to make work better?

  12. On the paid plans, are all the files stored encrypted without paying extra for Crypto Folder feature? Thanks.

  13. Hello all,

    I read your comments with interest. I am currently working through an evaluation of cloud providers and pCloud seems to offer what I want which is essentially a virtual drive with a good starting point of 500GB. What I haven’t been able to ascertain despite going through their support is if they allow storage of adult content (purely for archival and retrieval for ones one use). I cannot get a direct answer. I used to use Keepit which was excellent but they only offer a backup service. Anyone care to expand ?

  14. After testing the pCloud Crypto service for a few days I noticed that I can not download files more than 200mb from the Crypto folder. I contacted support and they said that feature will be supported soon, but currently the only way to download files >200mb is to install the desktop client.

    Also, I did not see where the permissions were listed. Does anyone know where I can see who has read/write access to the folder?

  15. I looked into pCloud after I decided I no longer want to have my data with Dropbox. I love their service: European company, I like the implementation of a network drive where you only download what you need…

    BUT their servers are in Dallas, not in Switzerland. So it’s NOT a viable alternative if you’re a European and looking to store your data outside of the US.

    Here’s the reply I got from their helpdesk: “pCloud users’ data is collocated in data center with SSAE 16 SOC 1, Type II certification that ensures the highest level of assurance.When using the pCloud service user’s data is transferred to our outsourced servers via TLS/SSL protocol and is copied on at least three server locations in a highly secure certified data center in Dallas, Texas, USA.”


    1. At the moment only Degoo have data outside the US. Unfortunately in comparison to pCloud their API and feature look like a 5 year old built it!

  16. Hi I have a friend that wants to email me a Few things though this pcloud will
    It cost me to download the things he is sending me through pcloud to my email ?

  17. I’d LOVE to use pCloud on an XP Pro 32-bit machine and 7 Pro 64-bit machine and sync some folders as I used to do with SugarSync and Cubby.
    But the pCloud installation causes my XP machine to freeze, with the bad effects seen first in explorer.exe.
    Maybe I’m the only one unlucky here, but has anyone else had a similar problem?

  18. Absolutely loving pCloud. Definitely better than Dropbox – havent encountered any bandwidth limit issues as you do on Dropbox. Also faster!
    If anything changes, will revise this post. Until then, for now, go for pCloud!

  19. I love it so far, but It would be perfect if they added the following:

    1. Store our data in Switzerland, not in the US.

    2. Every folder should be encrypted or something, so not even the company, or any institution, could read our private stuff. Specially because they are outsourcing in the US (privacy laws are different there than in Switzerland). I’m a software engineer, and I don’t want my very valuable code to be seen by random people.

    3. Upload speed (sometimes download, too) should be faster. It took me many hours to upload a few folders.

    Besides that, I love the service.
    Very similar to SugarSync, but with no synchronization problems at all.

    pCloud, please follow our recommendations and you will experience a huge increment in costumers.

    I’m paying for the service, but will not pay extra for the crypto folder. I need every folder to be encrypted on the server. Even if that means making the process a few milliseconds slower..

    If we use the service (specially the ones who pay, like me) is because we need a fast, secure and trusted service.

    I’m swiss. I want my stuff in Switzerland.

    Regards and congratulations, the service is great.

    1. I agree 100%. If you are going to store our data in the US zero knowledge encryption must be included for free, not as a paid service. My upload speeds during the initial sync are terrible, +/- 1 – 1.5mbs. My ISP speed is 50/50.

      I had to abandon their Windows app because it ignored the cache limit. Using NetDrive and WebDav instead along with FreeSync.

  20. I’ve been using pCloud for over a year now on Mac and Linux Mint, am impressed in just about every respect that is relevant for my private use, and so I recently became a paying user. I don’t understand the complaints about speed: I’m in Germany, and pCloud is one of the fastest services I’ve tried. Great is the combination of really offline cloud storage (I mean: what you store there does NOT occupy on your computer’s hard disk any more) and selective synchronization (your files are on pCloud AND on your computer(s), if you want). I was skeptical about the not-gratis encryption option (‘Crypto’), but the free trial showed me it works beautifully and ridiculously easily (on Mac, Linux, and also in the web browser interface). For me, this is the one.

  21. Pcloud is the best so far.
    For those who have speed issue its best to uoload only using chrome browser, its way faster than there desktop application.
    I love it so far i have the 500gb plan and soon ill expand to the 2tb plan, i dont regret any penny spent on this awesone cloud. Way better than googledrive dropbox and onedrive as i tried all these and pcloud is way better.
    Thank you pcloud

  22. pCoud is offering lifetime storage of 2TB for $250. Seemed to be a good deal. Any thought?

    1. I think it is a pretty good deal. It’s like paying for a lifetime 2TB NAS. I just abandoned my Amazon 1TB account for lifetime 2TB. The bad news is it will take a little over 4-years to break even. The good news is you have cloud storage until you die or they go out of business.

      Backup speed is similar to both Amazon and Google using the desktop app.

  23. It’s a fantastic deal, for this lifetime plan you can replace external HDD backups!
    Also online cloud is more secure, offers a lot of other features and so on and so on…

  24. To be honest, I wish the WebDAV functionality actually works so I can sync properly directly from my Synology NAS. I contacted support but they simply fingerpointef to Synology.

    1. It works pretty fast using NetDrive2. Their app that mounts PCloud works fine too.


      It did not work on my Seagate Personal Cloud. Gives an unknown error. Couldn’t get it to work with Amazon either.

      I’ve been forced to sync using FreeSync.

    2. Hello, just read your post. Not sure if this issue you have had been resolved.

      The pCloud team provided me with the solution when I was trying to use WebDAV from my Synology NAS and the solution works.

      You may want to try this with your Synology NAS:

      Here are the settings to access your pCloud account via WebDAV protocol:
      link: https://webdav.pcloud.com
      port: 443
      Username: {Your user name}
      Password: {Your password}

      Hope this helps.

  25. +1 requesting 2FA support. This is currently the biggest gripe with the service. Also, what’s with the “screenshot” folder continually reappearing even when screenshots are disabled? Oh, and I’d also really like to see Safari support, cuz it’s a pain to switch over to Chrome.

  26. I too tried it for a while and ended up buying the life time plan, did it because I don’t want to be bothered with payments so hopefully they’ll be here for as long time, which I honestly think they will
    Note of advice though, if you’re uploading loads of data, don’t sync many folders at once, do it slowly, I added all my folders to sync and the desktop app gradually slowed until it wasn’t syncing anymore.
    After resetting everything and starting over one folder at a time (I have lots of folder with 100gb plus of data) it synced perfectly and it’s working flawlessly and even got some days with almost 2mb upload speed.
    Happy customer here and I do recommend this service

  27. It would be an option if crypto folder was included in the price. No reason to pay extra when other cloud providers offer zero knowledge encryption for free.

  28. I do not recommend this provider. Not very mature service, I was stupid and bought the lifetime plan without testing the service for no more than 2 or 3 days. After 3 days of support requesting me to login, update, reset, clear cache, etc. I found that the Mac client doesn’t support folders with chars like á é í ó ú because pCloud will show the folders as empty, I can only use Web interface and hope the fix will come eventually

  29. @César:
    Seems to be the same issue as with German Umlauts as ä,ö,ü – i was wondering why some folders were inaccessible on my MacBook while they were accassible via web interface and on Windows. At least this issue seems to be finally gone by now… Haven’t tried folders with á, é etc..so far. Interestingly, the support was not able to give me that information.

    Apart from that, pCloud is still my favorite cloud storage service. I like the features, the user interface, security and the fact that it really extends disk space of devices.

    1. It is even worse now, not only folders are empty, files can not be opened either. Yes, support is clueless about this, is a concern because this is suppose to be their business.

  30. Testing out now, but extremely slow upload speeds from Dubai. Averaging 300kb/s. This is going to take a long time to switch over from my Dropbox 2Tb account!

  31. I’m very much loving pCloud right now.

    They’re very responsive and helpful when it comes to technical support. Responses usually takes half a day or a day at max. I love how I can customize my folders and subfolders on my pCloud drive as if it’s part of my computer. The download and upload speed varies from computer, time and ISP. Overall, I can’t complain.

    I’m planning to shift into their 2 TB lifetime package, but since I don’t see the need for a bigger storage space as of now, I’ll stick with my 20GB free account until they can roll out more impressive updates in the future that will make me switch. I only mainly back up my photos and videos and important files. The only gripe I have about pCloud is that you have to pay $120 for a lifetime zero-knowledge storage. This is the only bad thing in their otherwise perfect system.

    Which is the reason why I use both Sync and pCloud for my cloud storage needs.

    I keep my sensitive files on my Sync account and non-sensitive files on my pCloud account. If I could afford to waste disposable income to purchase their lifetime crypto package, I would, but for now, I don’t see it as a necessity as there are other viable options such as Sync. If anything, I would rather purchase their 2TB lifetime premium, although I hope they offer to increase the storage space someday to something more like 5TB or 10TB as nowadays, people download and create more files than they can store.

    I horde music and movies on the daily. It’d be nice to have a place where I can store and access these anywhere.

    pCloud is an excellent service and they definitely have plenty of room for improvement and revisions. I’m looking forward for what they have planned in the future. I highly recommend this service along with Sync.

  32. Another problem – this time pCloud with Android: “Automatic Upload” doesn’t work for images saved from the browser. Another example why other services are better, you pay extra for something that actually works and has support.

  33. pCloud has problems when syncing from ANY folder (as of Nov 2017). It sometimes looses sync and does not update the cloud.

    Also pcloud does not provide LOG files, so you never know what it does. Sometimes your surprised that there’s activity at all and files get overwritten and you wonder what is going on?

    Also pcloud does not have management view. You don’t know how many devices are syncing and how many are up-to-date.

    Also the crypto feature is awkward to use with different issues. Although the security is probably good, the handling and user friendliness is abysmal.

    pcloud customer service is only capable of helping on the most basic level. Any advanced topic and any discussions of bugs in pcloud will be shortcircuited by sending you boiler plate answers.

    pcloud has one very nice feature. It allows sync from ANY folder and can even handle 100 of thousands of files with little memory consumption and good speed. But again, that sync does not always work reliably.

  34. Regarding Linux

    The official pcloud linux client does not work reliably. pCloud admits this and tells you to use the new beta version.

    If you don’t want to use beta you’re out of luck. There’s no usable linux client available.

    The new linux beta client is not available for 32-bit linux distros, which might or might not be a problem for you.

    1. I actually have to disagree here, I have Pcloud running across several distros (mostly Debian based), and they are all completely reliable; albeit the key difference is that they are all 64-bit distros (don’t see the point in running a 32-bit distro these days).

  35. I have had Pcloud for about 2 years now, their service is astoundingly solid, which is why I opted to sign up for their lifetime service, it has been well worth it.

  36. I have been using pCloud for quite a while now and I am pleased to share, that so far non of the oder cloud providers which I use (such as Googe Drive, OneDrive not iCloud), offers me the perfect combination between price and amount of storage. In addition to the above, the UL/DL speed is amazing … Highly recommending those guys!

  37. pCloud is actually expensive compared to other providers if you consider:

    1. pCloud is the lees reliable compared to Dropbox, Drive and onedrive. If you need a file with urgency, there is a good chance you won’t be able to access it.
    2. pCloud only give you storage, no extra features for what you pay, even the apps looks like they use the default templates from providers.
    3. There is no tech support at all, just emails with useless replies.
    4. Doesn’t work on Mac with special chars, on Android you can’t expect pCloud to always upload your files. I took photos on Christmas that were never uploaded until I manually opened pClould one week later to try to find out what was happening.
    5. iPad client says No Connection Available randomly.
    6. Reported Issues are ignored, I think that they only have one junior developer, and probably they have this person doing everything.

    pClid is actually very expensive because you can not always use it, it doesn’t work, blocker issues, no support.

    1. It’s worse. I lost GBs worth of data while I was on their paid subscription. Due to some bug, Pcloud application can delete your data while it is getting uploaded. And their customer support is so rude, they blame it on the customer saying that it is the responsibility of the customer to maintain additional copy of the files somewhere so that it can be retrieved if their application goofs up. Completely unreliable.

  38. I used pCloud for about a week and started to see issues having pCloud Drive mount on my Mac. Restarts didn’t solve it.

    To be fair, customer support helped solved it but it came back again. I can’t mount my pDrive again on Mac. It seemed like their stability and reliability for Macs is less than their Windows versions. I’m probably going to switch out of my monthly plan and stop with pCloud.

    I tried downloading my folders using the Web interface, but the archive doesn’t seem to be able to be “unzipped” – Windows or Mac. A bit disappointed with the applications to be honest.

  39. I’ve been using pcloud for about 6 months and find it to be a very good service overall (using Windows and iOS). I think it is definitely better than Dropbox given all the additional features.

    However, private encryption should be included as standard. Thats where they need to improve. All systems can be hacked so the best defence is private encryption. This must be standard practice in the Cloud- not an extra.

  40. I paid for a lifetime contract for 2 TB about 1 month ago. I am a Mac user. I need convenient cloud access to all my files, which is why I decided to pay for it. Now the program doesn’t start on my Mac any longer and my local folder shows empty. Some kind of bug, but I really hope the developers see this and fix it!

    1. If your folder shows as empty probably you are using special characters in folder names. The developer forgot to code support for special characters. They are aware of this bug but they don’t have any plans to fix it. I made the same mistake of buying a lifetime subscription for something that doesn’t work. I asked for a refund for that and many other issues but they responded saying that I can only do that 10 DAYS after buying their service.

      The best solution is to think that your money was stolen and switch to Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive, these review is a joke, they give high scores for such mediocre product.

  41. Cesar must really hate pCloud.

    I have been using pCloud since 2015 and the only problem I encountered was sometime in June 2016. But it was on the android platform where the PDF file wouldn’t open.

    I find pCloud to be very good. This review is not a joke as I have the exact opposite experience than Cesar.

    Also, I would like to add, something that has not been mentioned here, is that you can host files using the Public Folder feature. This is what sets pCloud apart from all the rest of cloud providers. pCloud is now like Amazon S3, but without the convoluted process of uploading files.

    You just drop the file in one of the Public Folder folders you created and then you go to the pCloud browser, then copy and paste the link.

    Public Folder can even host a static website. Yes. You can host a website using pCloud. All you need to do is learn HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

    Please note though that Public Folder is only available to paid subscription and that the monthly traffic is only limited to the size of your subscription. For example, your subscription is 500 GB, your monthly total request traffic limit is also 500 GB. Since you will mostly be hosting pictures for your friends or in some blogs or forums, 500 GB is more than enough.

    I also use file hosting feature for email attachments. In case I needed to remove the attachment, I can just delete the file. If you send a file as an attachment in emails, the email service will host the file. And once it reaches the recipient, and you mistakenly sent a confidential file, you won’t be able to remove the attachment.

    It will also prevent other people from sharing the attachment because you can delete the original file. Imagine you accidentally sent a nude picture of yourself. You are done as soon as you click send. But with file hosting, when they click on the link, all they see is an error.

  42. I just used their “Rewind” feature to restore my account. It dumped all 150GB of my data into the root folder with NO directory structure.

    1500+ folders dumped. And pCloud support will not help me restore the structure. Even a basic web hosting package includes backups, as does Dropbox.

    There’s a good reason pCloud is 1/2 the price of Dropbox: Service and features.

    Very, very disappointed.

  43. If you have an Mac, don’t use Pcloud (for now).
    Pcloud does not handle standby, sleep mode very well. After opening the lid of a macbook, pcloud is in an unworkable state. The only solution I have then is to kill pcloud totally. remove all files of pcloud from the drive, including .pcloud, removing pcloud drive from Finder and remove pcloud entry from login apps (systemsettings, users and groups). And after that reinstall, then I’m able to open pcloud again.
    In my opinion, don’t use it on an mac.

  44. Took pcloud for a test drive last year on my Windows 10 Pro laptop, Windows 10 Home Desktop, Mint 18 Desktop, and my iPhone. Upload/Download speeds are lightning fast, but I found out their servers are located in Dallas, Texas not Europe which explains some of that speed and forget about your data being protected by Swiss Privacy laws. The iOS app is awesome with it’s built in file viewer that is compatible with all common file formats, from MSOffice to Open Office to PDF. I’ve had many challenges with the sync feature though, files being lost or damaged. Because deleted files are purged after 15 days, if the app deletes a file spontaneously good luck finding it in your trash bin (they want you to pay extra for unlimited trash). Also annoying? Files not downloading to my computer for offline access, random app crashes. Plus that epileptic seizure causing desktop icons blink during uploads feature still hasn’t been fixed. Checking the box in settings as mentioned by a prior review no longer works. Email only tech support is slow, agents have poor English literacy skills and often cut and paste solutions which aren’t even remotely related to the issue. As far as files being deleted randomly by the pcloud app, this is a bug which pcloud refuses to acknowledge and the program doesn’t create a journal or log, so it can’t recover gracefully from a system crash or if your ISP is unreliable. I’ve had issues with Spideroak deleting files spontaneously as well from the sync folder and not sending them to the trash can. At minimum, these apps should have a sanity check asking the user if they really want to delete this and that. Especially if it’s a large number of files all at once. We can dream anyway. On a related note, my iPhone is now sending hundreds of international SMS text messages every month to a phone number in Dallas, Texas. Could this be the pcloud app trying to talk to the server? It’s only supposed to use the internet for that.

  45. I had a problem when installing Pcloud, it took them a week to resole, then, two weeks later, they cancelled my account unillateraly pretexting violation of a “chart” that is no where!!!
    Since, i try to contact their phone N° in Switzerland, no body…
    I lost my 250€ and i will never have confidence in such affair. Beware of this site…

  46. well… tested for a week and bought 500gb lifetime subscription. their 500 lifetime price rose from $125 to $175 but anyway I bought. I aint a power user and purchased to store my photos and stuffs and light sharing. So far no regret. Upload speed can be slow sometimes and android app is not that polished yet.

    Hopefully they wont go away anytime soon. cross my heart :/

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