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Any business needs a backup plan, however, on-premise backups are not enough if a disaster strikes (on-premise is also really expensive). So, we analyzed over 20 business online backup services, and now, present our top 5 picks here — with Carbonite leading the pack.  Keeping business information safe is the top priority of IT departments across the globe.

While they work hard to ensure servers are working properly and files are backed up, it can be an expensive and daunting task. But even if you don’t have an IT department and are operating as a small business, either alone or with just a few employees, keeping an off-site backup is essential. More companies are using off-site backup these days. Using the cloud, companies are freeing up their resources and enabling workers to have more freedom when it comes to accessing files, even when they are not at their workstation.

An online backup solution protects business files from:

Finding the best option can be difficult, but that’s why we’ve compiled a list of the five best online backup services for a small business.

Rank Company
Price Link
1 Winner
$ 5.00 per month Unlimited GBStorage All Plans
Visit CarboniteCarbonite Review
$ 5.99 per month Unlimited GBStorage All Plans
Visit CrashPlanCrashPlan Review
$ 5.00 per month Unlimited GBStorage All Plans
Visit Backblaze
$ 4.99 per month 50 GBStorage All Plans
Visit SOS Online BackupSOS Online Backup Review
$ 4.34 per month 2000 GBStorage All Plans
Visit IDriveIDrive Review

The Benefits of Cloud Technology for Small Businesses

Small businesses need all the help they can get. Funding is often limited and they work with what they’ve got. Unlike large multi-million dollar corporations, small companies often have no choice, but to cut corners to keep their bottom line intact. In some cases, the security of a small company’s servers can be easily compromised.

Not by a hacker, but by the simple lack of funding required to keep expensive servers going as they should. If it’s not a server that carries a business’s most important information, it can be an employee’s computer. If data is lost due to a virus, malfunction or disaster — it can be devastating to the bottom line.

Which is why online backup is a cost-effective option for small businesses. Instead of spending thousands to maintain a bank of backup servers (and the staff to care for them), they can instead spend a couple of hundred bucks and have access to the same files from anywhere on the planet with an Internet connection. Online backup is an option that should be strongly considered by any small business owner.



Carbonite is our top choice when it comes to backing up business data that’s on Windows computers, MySQL databases and servers. Small businesses interested in saving files online should consider taking advantage of Carbonite. This version of the service differs from the home based one, as it is a limited service. However, that limited space is then shared among several different systems.

Carbonite Review Homepage

Carbonite for business can be easily deployed among desired units. Typically, consumers can setup the necessary program within ten minutes. Installation does not require users to restart their systems or stop using other applications.

The setup is simple and doesn’t need a lot of tinkering, the default settings are usually good enough for most companies. However, if you runs into problems with the initial setup, Carbonite offers a valet service to help get things going.

Other Reasons Why We Like Carbonite

With Carbonite, you can backup virtually anything, such as photos, documents and system settings. Customers can also get 250GB of storage, including external hard drives, NAS, and unlimited computers at $269.99 per year. For those who need more storage, there’s the 500GB plan for $599.99 per year. And if you need complete disaster recovery, just pay $999.99 per year.

Read the review here.

CrashPlan Pro

CrashPlan PRO is a great solution for a business with lots of data to backup, because it comes with unlimited storage and file versioning. CrashPlan PRO has two different options from which to choose.

Crashplan vs Carbonite: Is This The Best Service

Endpoint Backup Plus: offers continuous data protection with administrator initiated restoration, deleted file restoration and cross-platform restoration are available too. Customers can choose from private, hybrid or public clouds. Private and public cloud options include a free trial, after which the paid plan starts at $5 per month (per user).

Code42 platform: Like the endpoint and restore option, this service provides high levels of encryption and cloud deployment options. In addition, users can audit systems and allow two-factor security authentication.This plan runs at $10 per user, per month.

While the prices are based on per user/per month, CrashPlan PRO does bill yearly and requires a minimum of 25 people to qualify.

Other Reasons Why We Like CrashPlan PRO

When it comes to small businesses, CrashPlan is an option that makes a lot of sense, since unlike the competition, CrashPlan offers truly unlimited space.

However, customers may pay slightly more per year, if they have several computers which need to be linked to the service. We loved the service’s flexibility and the archiving of unlimited file versions — even for files that aren’t used that often.

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Backblaze is certainly the easiest online backup solution for small businesses out there. It just works out of the box, almost no configuration is necessary and it is very affordable.  Backblaze is one of the few business options that offers true unlimited backup. File size and type are not restricted by the system. This feature alone makes it a strong option to consider when purchasing cloud backup options for a small business.

Backblaze Review

In addition to never having to worry about running out of space, consumers also enjoy military grade security. Also, administrators and IT personnel are able to keep personal encryption keys locally, on their servers, rather than leaving them in Backblaze’s hands.

The program downloads in just a few minutes and the setup process is simple. Default settings help ensure that important files are saved to the cloud. However, if a detailed setup is required, the user is on their own.  Backblaze is an ideal option for any business looking to utilize an IT staff on a budget, since the backup service itself isn’t very costly to implement.

Other Reasons Why We Like Backblaze

Despite the lengthy time it can take to upload files initially (which is a general problem with any online backup service), Backblaze is still one of the more affordable options to consider. However, each computer does need its own license. But, the cost is only $50 per-user, per-year.

This service supports both Windows and Mac. And even the most computer illiterate user can install Backblaze on their own.

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SOS Online Backup

SOS Online Backup is a great option for a small business, if it’s using the Windows platform, as the Mac version comes with a few downsides.

SOS Online Backup Review

Not every company wants to buy a license for each employee, which can be tedious, as workers come and go. SOS Online Backup offers a business solution that allows  unlimited numbers of computers, smartphones and tablets to be secured in one location. Like Carbonite, businesses pay for the amount of storage they use.Plans start at 100GB and scale up all the way to 5TB.

Monthly and yearly plans are available, with a discount on yearly and two-year contracts, if paid in full upfront. The service does provide end-to-end encryption with military grade security. Which is really important, as security is the single most important feature any online backup service should offer.

Other Reasons Why We Like SOS Online Backup

SOS backup selects files that need the most protection, after which the files are automatically saved on a regular basis.

No files are ever deleted, allowing for a true archival backup. Of course, this means storage can fill up quickly, if files are not manually checked and chucked out. Very small businesses may save cash if they go for the consumer version, that includes 5 computers and unlimited storage.

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IDrive is a powerhouse of features when it comes to online backup services. If you’re looking to backup crucial business data, SQL databases or Windows servers, IDrive can do it all.  IDrive offers an express transfer feature, named IDrive express –who could’ve guessed? The company sends the user an external drive with 3.5TB of capacity, users then load the data they wish to save, and return it to IDrive.

IDrive Review

The company will then upload that data to the user’s account, without ever using his or her bandwidth. Consumers can take advantage of this service up to three times per year. Plans start at 250GB of space for $99.50, customers can get as much as 12.5 TB for $2999.50 per year. Businesses can backup MS SQL, MS Exchange and MS SharePoint servers. 

IDrive comes off as a good choice for any business that stores, and plays around with a lot of data in general — think photography and video editing.

Other Reasons Why We Like IDrive

IDrive offers business features that would make most companies blush.

While the central storage location is shared, each user has a sub-account setup and controlled by a single administrator. This provides great flexibility and control over backup sets and individual employee storage quotas.

Read the review here.


Business maintenance is an expensive venture. Backups must be routinely conducted, an exercise which eats up precious personnel and personal time. However, by utilizing online backup services, a small business can save on time, money and effort.

IT personnel can dedicate their talents to providing better support for fellow employees and business owners won’t have to worry about what will happen if their system crashes. So, in conclusion, our advice is to test each service out (most come with a free trial or plan) and then decide which one to pick based on your budget and requirements.

Of course, we always love hearing from you, so feel free to express your opinions and thoughts on the issue in the comments section below.

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