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Mauricio Preuss

Mauricio Preuss

CEO & Co-Founder

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Mauricio Prinzlau is the CEO and co-founder of Cloudwards. He is at the helm of the company and steers a team of editors, writers and designers from around the world. 

Background & Education

Mauricio Preuss is not only the co-founder of but also its prime content strategist and an avid video content creator. With his roots firmly planted in digital marketing since 2008, Mauricio has developed, nurtured and successfully exited multiple online brands, bringing a wealth of digital expertise to the table.

His work at Cloudwards is a testament to his commitment to demystifying cloud storage and online security. Mauricio’s ability to dissect complex topics and render them accessible to a broad audience has made a go-to resource for individuals looking to safeguard their data online. His analytical skills, honed through a robust examination of over 40 cloud storage and encryption services, enable users to make informed decisions in a complex digital landscape.

Apart from his professional pursuits, Mauricio is deeply invested in empowering young entrepreneurs with knowledge on online security and business acumen. His role extends beyond Cloudwards as a mentor and advisor, shaping the next generation of digital pioneers.

When not entrenched in the world of online security and cloud solutions, Mauricio can be found embracing his love for sports. Whether it’s playing beach volleyball or challenging himself with weightlifting at the gym, he believes in the power of physical activity to foster a balanced life.

Mauricio completed his undergraduate studies at the Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft in Berlin, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication Management. This educational foundation laid the groundwork for his comprehensive understanding of digital communication, which he has applied to build into the authoritative platform it is today.

Mauricio Preuss is a thought leader whose practical advice and in-depth knowledge continue to guide countless users through the intricacies of cloud computing and online safety.

Media Inquiries

You can contact Mauricio at mauricio[at]

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