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Best Mac Backup Software

Best Mac Backup Software in 2024: Free & Paid Options for Backup

If you want to back up your Mac, you can use Apple's built-in Time Machine app. However, you can also expand beyond Apple and choose a third-party option. There are so many that determining which one to use can be a challenge. To help, we list the best Mac backup software.

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Key Takeaways: These Are the Best Mac Backup Software Options
  1. IDrive — Online backup and cloud storage in one feature-rich service
  2. Backblaze — Unlimited backup storage space in an easy-to-use interface
  3. Carbonite — Quick and easy backup, though with limited features
  4. Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office — Feature-rich, image-based backups with robust scheduling options
  5. MSP360 — Granular backup controls, but can get expensive

What to Know About Mac Cloud Backup Software

  • IDrive is the best overall choice to back up a Mac computer, but if you need unlimited storage capacity then Backblaze is the superior option.
  • Some online backup options have excellent desktop apps that work well with Mac, such as Acronis and SpiderOak.
  • You can get cloud storage and online backup features in one service with options like IDrive, pCloud or Dropbox.
The Best Backup App for macOS

Backing up your Mac is the only way to make sure you can recover your data in the event of an unexpected loss, hardware failure or upgrade. Using one of the best online backup services is a great way to protect your data. To help you pick the right service, we’ve compiled a list of the best Mac backup software.

Every Mac has a built-in backup called Time Machine. It works well but has some limitations, such as few configurations and no cloud backup option. Fortunately, there are plenty of third-party services to choose from. To make it easy, we break down what to look for and show you what each provider offers. Let’s get in to the best Mac backup software options.

  • 07/30/2022

    Updated to reflect changes to IDrive’s UI and pricing structure.

  • 10/26/2022

    Updated Carbonite’s prices.

  • 05/23/2023

    We updated the article to remove IDrive’s free plan and add its free trial.

  • 03/15/2024 Facts checked

    This article was updated to include current features and pricing.

Cloudwards Editor’s Choice: IDrive

IDrive is our top choice for the best Mac backup software. It doesn’t have unlimited storage, but you can back up multiple devices and its 5TB plan is affordable. IDrive is feature-rich and comes with all the functionality you’d expect from a cloud storage solution, including file-sharing and automatic sync. It’s also one of the fastest backup services around, making it an ideal choice for full-device backups.

Editor’s Choice

How to Choose the Best Cloud Backup for Mac

To choose the best cloud backup for Mac, we look for a well-designed interface with plenty of functionality to manage your backups. Other factors we focus on are features, speed, security and privacy.

  • Mac app: We look for overall design, ease of use and functionality in the Mac app.
  • Cloud backup: Some backup services come with additional cloud storage features. How much storage you get is another factor.
  • Backup features: We examine whether the backups are image-based, incremental and capable of handling multiple devices. Scheduling and customization are additional considerations.
  • Backup speed: We test the upload and download speeds to see how fast or slow a backup service is.
  • Security and privacy: The best cloud backup has tight security, zero-knowledge encryption and two-factor authentication.

The 10 Best Backup Software for Mac Compared

App:Free StoragePriceDisk Image BackupAdvanced BackupEncryptionSecurity
10GB$35.40 (one-year plan), 100GBAES-256/TLS/SSL
N/A$9 (one-month plan), $99 (one-year plan), unlimited storageAES-128/TLS/SSL
N/A$4.75 per month (one-year plan), unlimited storageAES-256/TLS/SSL
N/A$103.20 (one-year plan), 50GBAES-256/TLS/SSL
1TB local$19.99AES-256/TLS/SSL
N/A$12.42 per month (one-year plan), 2TBAES-256/TLS/SSL
10GB, $99.99 (one-year plan), 2TB*AES-256/TLS/SSL
2GB$9.99 per month (one-year plan), 2TBAES-256/TLS/SSL
5GB$9.90 per month (one-month plan),$99 (one-year plan), Unlimited GBAES-256/TLS/SSL
3rd-party storage3rd-party storageAES-256/TLS/SSL
*Paid add-on

1. IDrive — Best Overall Mac Backup Software

idrive account
IDrive offers several ways to protect Mac data, including incremental
backups and the ability to create bootable backups.


  • Backup & cloud storage
  • Zero-knowledge encryption
  • No device limit


  • No unlimited storage
  • Private encryption isn’t default

IDrive offers a feature-rich experience, as it is a cloud backup and cloud storage service from one provider. You can back up multiple devices using a Mac, Windows PC, Android or iOS device. IDrive does not have unlimited storage capacity. However, it gives you equal amounts of storage space for your cloud backup and cloud storage needs.

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Mac app

IDrive has a dedicated app for Mac. However, the Windows version works better and comes with more options. The Mac desktop app allows you to access your backups, create a schedule or restore your data.

idrive mac desktop
IDrive’s backup software for Mac has several tabs that let you
manage your backups, adjust scheduling or recover files.
Cloud backup

You can back up your computer through the desktop app or your mobile data through the respective mobile app. IDrive lets you choose which folders you want to include in the backup, including an external disk drive.

Backup features

IDrive has a robust settings tab that lets you customize your backups. The “continuous data protection” feature routinely backs up any folders or files that you update. Another feature called “archive cleanup” removes redundant data to clear up space.

idrive change backup
It is easy to make any changes to your backup settings in
IDrive by adjusting which folders to include.
Security and privacy

You can enable zero-knowledge encryption with IDrive when you create a new account, but you can’t turn it on after the fact. Additionally, if you do make your account zero-knowledge, you lose the ability to share files.

IDrive Backup Speed Test Results

1st Test2nd TestAverage

IDrive has good speeds for both uploads and downloads. Uploads averaged six minutes and 42 seconds, while downloads averaged just over seven minutes.

IDrive Pricing & Value

IDrive has a robust pricing structure, which we detail in our IDrive pricing guide. Personal plan prices start at $35.40 per year for 100GB and go up to 100TB. Read more about this service in our IDrive review.

  • No credit card required.
  • 10GB
  • One user, multiple computers. Plans starting from 5TB up to 100TB. Big discount for first-time signup.
  • 5TB
More plans
  • 5 computers, 5 users. Starting at 5TB up to 500TB. Big discount for first-time signup.
  • 5TB
  • Monthly Plan storage starts at 1.25TB up to 50TB Unlimited users, multiple computers and servers. NAS devices. 250GB storage. Starting at 250GB up to 50TB. Large discount for first-time signup.
  • 250GB

2. Backblaze — Best Unlimited Cloud Backup for Mac

backblaze account
Backblaze shows you any file backup you have saved to your account.
You can also recover files and view your Mac data.
Unlimited GB$7.88 / month
(save 12%) (All Plans)


  • Ease of use
  • Excellent pricing
  • Unlimited backup storage


  • Limited versioning
  • Not suitable for multiple devices

Backblaze is an excellent backup option for Mac, as it is easy to use and won’t cap your storage space. You can be up and running with Backblaze as soon as you download the app, which is required to use the service. Backblaze backs up your entire computer, with the option to exclude items.

Mac app

Backblaze’s Mac app takes a simplistic approach to design and functionality. It doesn’t have many advanced features by design, and the app mirrors this approach.

backblaze backup
Similar to Time Machine backups, Backblaze’s Mac app has
a simplified interface that’s easy to use.
Cloud backup

Backblaze seamlessly and continuously backs up your data in the background, or you can adjust the schedule to regular intervals. Storage isn’t an issue since it is unlimited.

Backup features

Backblaze has limited features by design, as it is intended to be a fast and easy-to-use service. There are three options for scheduling, and you can manually control the bandwidth the app uses.

Security and privacy

Backblaze uses server-side, AES 128-bit encryption to protect your data while at rest and TLS/SSL encryption protocols for data in transit. You can add private encryption through the use of a private encryption key.

backblaze two factor
You can enable two-factor authentication in your account settings. 

Backblaze Backup Speed Test Results

1st Test2nd TestAverage
Upload 0:16:530:17:230:10:28

Backblaze had no issues downloading our test data, quickly getting up to max speed and staying at or near it the entire time. Uploads were noticeably slower and struggled with multimedia files in particular.

Backblaze Pricing & Value

Backblaze offers one plan that you can pay for monthly, yearly or every two years. There is no free plan — only a 15-day free trial. Check out our Backblaze review for more details.

3. Carbonite — Easy to Use Backup Software for Mac

carbonite account
The Carbonite backup tool lets you protect your Mac data and
shows you the complete backup on the web interface.
250GB – Unlimited GB$4.75 / month


  • Easy to use
  • No storage limits
  • Private encryption


  • Limited features
  • Basic desktop app

Similar to Backblaze, Carbonite doesn’t offer many features with its service. What it lacks in features Carbonite makes up for in ease of use, particularly with Mac. Carbonite isn’t the best for versioning, as it only keeps the 12 most recent versions of a file and holds them for 30 or 60 days, depending on your plan.

Mac app

The app displays the current state of your backup and lets you choose to continuously back up your data. There’s a “restore files” section, and the left side of the app displays your files.

carbonite desktop app
Carbonite uses incremental backups and shows you any
recent files added on the main page of the Mac app.
Cloud backup

When you initially set up the Mac desktop app, you can choose which folders you want to back up or let Carbonite choose for you. Additionally, you can choose individual files to back up.

Backup features

Carbonite does not have many features to choose from. You can restore folders or files using the desktop app or through the web interface.

Security and privacy

Carbonite supports AES 128-bit encryption and two-factor authentication. During installation, you can opt to manage your encryption keys. Doing so gives your account AES 256-bit and zero-knowledge encryption, which means only you can access it.

carbonite security
Carbonite has only a few security features, with one
of them being two-factor authentication.

Carbonite Backup Speed Test Results

1st Test2nd TestAverage
Upload 0:16:360:18:130:17:25

Carbonite is not a fast service, with slower-than-expected upload speeds and download speeds that never went faster than 2 MB/s.

Carbonite Pricing & Value

Carbonite has several personal plans to choose from, with the most affordable being the Basic plan for $56.99 per year. All personal plans have unlimited storage. Check out the pricing and more in our Carbonite review.

Carbonite Personal Basic
  • Cheaper price with promo link
  • Unlimited GB
Carbonite Personal Plus
  • Unlimited GB
Carbonite Personal Prime
  • Unlimited GB
More plans
Carbonite Professional Core
  • 250GB
Carbonite Professional Power
  • 500GB
Carbonite Professional Ultimate
  • 500GB

4. Acronis — Best Advanced Security & Backup Suite for Mac

acronis account
Acronis protects against data loss by backing up your entire
file system and making it easy to manage.


  • Zero-knowledge encryption
  • Easy scheduling
  • Feature-rich


  • Slower speeds
  • Can get expensive

Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office — formerly Acronis True Image — supports multiple devices, including image-based backups for your desktop. You can create local backups and customize a schedule so it runs whenever you want. Acronis also has bandwidth controls to avoid slowing things down.

Mac app

The Mac app has a similar look and feel as other Apple products and is easy to navigate and use. In addition to backup options, tabs include “protection,” “disk cloning” and “archive.”

acronis backup
The Mac desktop app has a clean interface and is easy to navigate.
Other tabs let you create bootable backups and recover files.
Cloud backup

Acronis will automatically configure your backup. However, you can change the source to only files and folders, specific disks or mobile devices, or back up your entire disk.

Backup features

The Acronis Mac app has a simplified scheduling tool with daily, weekly and monthly options. An activity log shows you previous backups and other actions. Recovery lets you restore data when needed.

Security and privacy

An option in the app called “encryption” lets you add a password to your backup, giving it an added layer of protection. Additionally, you can enable two-factor authentication.

acronis encryption
You can add a password to any of your backups,
giving it zero-knowledge protection.

Acronis Backup Speed Test Results

1st Test2nd TestAverage
Upload 0:42:430:23:210:33:02

Upload speeds for Acronis were on the slower side, averaging just over half an hour. Download speeds were much faster and more consistent.

Acronis Pricing & Value

You can try Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office free for 30 days. The least expensive subscription with cloud backup is the Essentials plan, which costs $39.99 per year and protects one computer. For more details, read our Acronis review.

Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office Essentials
  • For 3 computers No-limit hard drive backup No cloud storage
Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office Advanced
  • For 3 computers No-limit hard drive backup
  • 50GB
Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office Premium
  • For 3 computers No-limit hard drive backup
  • 1TB
More plans
Acronis Cyber Protect Standard (Workstation)
  • No-limit hard drive backup
  • 50GB
Acronis Cyber Protect Advanced (Workstation)
  • No-limit hard drive backup
  • 50GB
Acronis Cyber Protect Backup Advanced (Workstation)
  • No-limit hard drive backup
  • 50GB
Acronis Cyber Protect Standard (Server/VM)
  • No-limit hard drive backup
  • 250GB
Acronis Cyber Protect Advanced (Server/VM)
  • No-limit hard drive backup
  • 250GB
Acronis Cyber Protect Backup Advanced (Server/VM)
  • No-limit hard drive backup
  • 250GB

5. MSP360 — Best Managed Backup Service for Mac

msp account
MSP360 is designed for more advanced users, but it gives
you complete control over your backup.


  • Excellent backup control
  • Many features
  • Strong security


  • No continuous backup
  • Not meant for basic users

MSP360 — formerly known as CloudBerry — uses other storage providers to back up your data and gives you a robust toolset to manage your account. Amazon Web Services is the default. However, you can choose from others, such as Microsoft Azure. 

Mac app

The downloadable app isn’t the most pleasing to look at. However, it provides plenty of information and settings to manage your backups. A backup wizard helps you get set up after creating an account and downloading the app.

msp backup
The Mac app has a somewhat dated user interface,
but it is not difficult to create and run a backup.
Cloud backup

You can choose the folders and individual files you want to include in your backup.

Backup features

MSP360 has a granular set of backup features. Options include configuring bandwidth settings, setting a file retention policy and adjusting the thread count.

Security and privacy

You can protect your backup with a master password, effectively giving your account zero knowledge.

MSP360 Backup Speed Test Results

1st Test2nd TestAverage
Upload 0:18:050:19:360:18:51

MSP360 had very consistent download speeds, hitting at least 90% of our speed capacity. Uploads were noticeably slower, hovering around 35%. 

MSP360 Pricing & Value

MSP360’s pricing structure depends on your operating system and the type of backup you need. The least expensive option is $19.99 (one-year plan) annually, but all plans include an additional maintenance cost. You can try the service free for 15 days. Check out our MSP360 review for more information.

Desktop Backup Free
  • 200GB
Desktop Backup (Linux)
  • $6 annual maintenance fee
  • 5TB
More plans
Desktop Backup (macOS)
  • $6 annual maintenance fee
  • Unlimited GB
Linux Server
  • $16 annual maintenance fee
  • 5TB
Linux Ultimate
  • $30 annual maintenance fee
  • Unlimited GB
Backup VM Edition
  • 2 sockets included ($89.99 per socket)
  • Unlimited GB

6. SpiderOak

spideroak file sync
SpiderOak has a robust backup tool with plenty of
features to manage your complete backup.


  • No device limit
  • Great file versioning


  • Expensive
  • No unlimited data
Mac app

The SpiderOak application has a lot of information in one window, which can seem overwhelming at first glance. However, it is logically organized and easy to navigate.

spideroak backup
You can easily create a recurring schedule to ensure
your Mac backup runs when you want it to.
Cloud backup

The dashboard displays how much of your storage space your backups are using. There isn’t an option for unlimited storage. However, you can monitor which devices are using the most storage in the “dashboard” tab.

Backup features

SpiderOak has plenty of tools to help you manage your backups. The “backup” tab lets you choose which files or folders to include. You also have the option to remove data from an existing backup.

SpiderOak Backup Speed Test Results

1st Test2nd TestAverage
Upload 3:02:023:10:013:06:01

SpiderOak is not a fast service for uploads; it yielded some of the slowest times we’ve ever tested. Downloads were significantly faster.

SpideOak Pricing & Value

You can try SpiderOak free for 21 days. After that, it will cost you $69 per year for 150GB. A 5TB plan costs $320 annually. We cover pricing and more in our SpiderOak review.

7. pCloud Backup

pcloud account
pCloud is better known for its cloud storage features, but it
also has an effective backup tool to protect your data.
500GB – 10TB$4.17 / month
(save 24%) (All Plans)


  • Fast speeds
  • Continuous backup


  • No scheduling
  • Limited backup settings
Mac app

pCloud Drive is a full-feature app with a dedicated tab for backups. It is easy to use and navigate, with clearly marked icons.

pcloud backup
pCloud’s Mac backup software doesn’t have a lot of customization,
but you can select the folders you want to include.
Cloud backup

You can choose which folders you want to back up in addition to the default options that pCloud chooses. If you have the storage space, you can back up your entire device.

Backup features

There are limited options to customize your backup. You can’t schedule a day or time, as the backup is continuous. On the web interface, you can share your backup with others. Other backups include mobile and some third-party entities.

pCloud Backup Speed Test Results

1st Test2nd TestAverage
Upload 0:08:180:08:440:08:31

pCloud is a fast cloud service. It averaged under seven minutes for downloads and around eight and a half minutes for uploads using 5GB of mixed data for testing.

pCloud Pricing & Value

pCloud has a free 10GB account that you can use to try the service. Paid plans start at $49.99 for 500GB. There are plans for families and even lifetime options. Check out our pCloud review for more.

8. Dropbox Backup

dropbox account
Dropbox backup is a great option, especially if you already
use the service for its cloud storage features.
2TB – 5TB$9.99 / month
(save 16%) (All Plans)


  • Folder selection
  • Block-level transfer


  • Limited free plan
  • No zero-knowledge
Mac app

The desktop app is limited to an icon in the menu bar, with some options for customization. The “backups” tab lets you manage current backups and enable external drives or photos and videos.

dropbox backup
You can manage your Mac backup from the dedicated web interface,
which includes scheduling backups and restoring files.
Backup features

You can back up the contents of your device or connect an external hard drive. Other options include creating a custom schedule, choosing specific folders and recovering your data.

Security and privacy

Dropbox uses AES 256-bit encryption and TLS/SSL encryption protocols to protect your data. You can also enable two-factor authentication for your account.

Dropbox Backup Speed Test Results

1st Test2nd TestAverage
Upload 0:07:030:07:320:07:16

Dropbox has solid upload and download speeds. It handled our 5GB test with an average of just over seven minutes for both.

Dropbox Backup Pricing & Value

Dropbox’s free plan is notoriously limited, at 2GB. Paid personal plans start at 2TB and cost $9.99 per month, billed annually. We provide more information in our Dropbox review.

  • 1 user
  • 2GB
More plans
Dropbox Essentials (aka Professional for professionals)
  • (Formerly Dropbox One) 1 user Signature requests and eSignature templates
  • 3TB
Dropbox Business (aka Standard for teams)
  • 3 users minimum
  • 5TB
Dropbox Business Plus (aka Advanced for companies)
  • 3 users minimum
Dropbox Enterprise

    9. Jottacloud

    jottacloud backup information
    You can manage your Mac backup from the web interface, which
    is integrated with Jottacloud’s cloud storage features.
    1TB – Unlimited GB$5.83 / month
    (save 16%) (All Plans)


    • Unlimited storage
    • Backs up multiple devices


    • Slower speeds
    • No private encryption
    Mac app

    The desktop app has limited features and two primary views. The first shows recent files and statuses for the sync folder and any backup. The second view shows your backups, sync folder options and any archived data.

    jottacloud backup
    The Jottacloud backup tool makes it easy to back up your data
    while giving you control over which folders to include.
    Backup features

    You won’t find your backups on the web interface — only in the desktop app. You can add folders or set up a schedule to run backups.

    Security and privacy

    Jottacloud uses AES 256-bit encryption to protect data at rest and TLS/SSL encryption protocols for data in transit. It does not support private encryption keys.

    Jottacloud Backup Speed Test Results

    1st Test2nd TestAverage
    Upload 0:09:100:08:530:09:02

    Jottacloud had adequate speed — particularly with downloads, averaging just under eight minutes. Uploads were noticeably slower, averaging around nine minutes.

    Jottacloud Pricing & Value

    Jottacloud has a free 5GB account, and the Personal plan with unlimited storage space costs $9.90 per month. For more on its pricing and features, check out our Jottacloud review.

    • 1 User
    • 5GB
    • 1 User (2 months free)
    • Unlimited GB
    More plans
    Business Free
    • 2 Users (2 months free)
    • 5GB
    Business Small
    • 2 Users (2 months free)
    • 1TB
    Business Medium
    • 10 Users (2 months free)
    • 1TB
    Business Large
    • Unlimited Users (2 months free)
    • 1TB

    10. Duplicati

    duplicati account
    Duplicati is an open-source online backup that only
    requires a few steps to back up your Mac data.


    • Totally free
    • Zero-knowledge encryption


    • Not for mobile devices
    • Complicated advanced tools
    Mac app

    The desktop app isn’t a true graphical user interface, as it uses a localhost method to generate a dashboard using your web browser. It has the look and feel of a website, with options on the left side to manage your account.

    duplicati backup
    Duplicati doesn’t have a true Mac app, instead using
    your web browser to access your account.
    Backup features

    Duplicati supports incremental backup and lets you choose the level of security on each backup or create a username and password for access. You can choose the folders you want to include, set a schedule and determine file retention.

    Security and privacy

    You are required to set a password if there are multiple accounts on a single device. If you choose AES 256-bit for your backup, it will also require a password.

    Duplicati Backup Speed Test Results

    1st Test2nd TestAverage
    Upload 0:09:340:10:570:10:16

    Duplicati had stable upload speeds that hovered between 80 and 90% capacity. Downloads were noticeably faster, at just over seven minutes.

    Duplicati Pricing & Value

    Duplicati is a free, open-source program that you can download. It doesn’t overtly cap your storage space, but it is also not unlimited, as larger data sets will have significant performance impacts. For more, read our Duplicati review.

    • $0.0050 per GB per month
    • 2TB
    Google Drive
    • $0.0042 per GB per month
    • 2TB
    Microsoft OneDrive
    • $0.0058 per GB per month
    • 1TB
    More plans
    • $0.0059 per GB per month
    • 1TB
    Amazon S3
    • 0.023 per GB per month
    • 1TB
    Backblaze B2
    • $0.0050 per GB per month
    • 1TB
    Google Cloud
    • $0.0200+ per GB per month
    • 1TB

    Final Thoughts

    Backing up your Mac is a highly recommended practice to ensure that your data is protected from unexpected loss. Apple’s Time Machine will work well enough. However, using a third-party app like our top choices, IDrive or Backblaze, often brings more to the table.

    Other excellent options include Carbonite, which has unlimited storage; Acronis, with its excellent interface; and pCloud, which has online backup and cloud storage features. Whichever of the best Mac backup software options you choose will help keep your data protected.

    Do you use any of the providers on this best Mac backup software list? If so, what has your experience been like? Did we miss a great cloud backup service? Let us know in the comments section below. Thanks for reading our article.

    FAQ: Online Backup for Mac

    • Using an online backup service like Backblaze is the best way to back up your Mac. You can use Apple’s Time Machine, but you could run out of storage space quickly.

    • Nearly every third-party online backup is compatible with the most recent macOS. We never ran into any compatibility issues while testing each service.

    • Backblaze, Carbonite and IDrive are excellent online backup tools that you can use for a full-system Mac backup.

    • You can use an external hard drive to back up your entire Mac computer as long as there is enough space available.

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