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Cloudwards’ Editorial Integrity Commitment

At, we are committed to providing our readers with the highest quality, most accurate and unbiased information on cloud services and products. Our rigorous editorial process ensures that every article meets our high standards for integrity, clarity and usefulness.

The People Behind the Editorial Process

  • Jackie Leavitt
    Jackie Leavitt
    Co-Chief Editor
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  • Aleksander Hougen
    Aleksander Hougen
    Co-Chief Editor
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  • Aleksandar Kochovski
    Aleksandar Kochovski
    Writer, SEO Editor
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  • Sandra Pattison
    Sandra Pattison
    Writer, Editor
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  • Samuel Chapman
    Samuel Chapman
    Writer, Editor
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Explaining Our Editorial Process

Each article starts with our editors collaborating with writers to create a comprehensive outline covering key topics and details our readers need to know. For each article, the writer evaluates the software thoroughly in objective testing to determine its strengths and weaknesses for a balanced article — we don’t publish any AI writing.

Once a writer submits a draft, our editorial team thoroughly reviews the piece to ensure the information is clearly presented and free of errors, as well as working with the writer to refine and improve the content.

Our dedicated fact checkers then verify all facts, statistics, quotes and other details in the article to ensure complete accuracy. Our experienced copy editors review the article to polish the writing and ensure readability. Finally, before publication, a senior editor completes a final review to guarantee the article is balanced, well-researched and meets our standards for publishing.

We Guarantee Trustworthy Content

This multi-step editorial process allows us to stand behind every article we publish, ensuring our readers receive trustworthy information and unbiased recommendations on the cloud services that matter most to them.

The integrity and quality of our content is paramount at

Balanced and Accurate Articles

At, we understand that true integrity means more than just accuracy — it requires objectivity and balance. When reviewing and comparing cloud products and services, we make every effort to remain impartial, highlighting both the strengths and weaknesses of each option. 

Our writers and editors are committed to providing well-rounded analyses that don’t gloss over where a service falls short or exaggerate its advantages. We believe it’s vital to give our readers a complete picture, not just focus on the positives. 

Our Readers Come First

By maintaining balanced perspectives and an objective viewpoint in all our articles, aims to equip our readers to make the best decisions for their needs when choosing cloud solutions and providers. We pride ourselves on editorially independent, nuanced reporting that explores every angle.

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