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Sapphire Fox


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Sapphire Fox is a writer and assistant editor for Cloudwards. Her writing and research focus on online backup. 

Background & Education

Sapphire Fox, a seasoned expert in online backup and cloud storage, brings a unique blend of technical prowess and editorial insight to Cloudwards. With almost four years at the company, she has made a significant impact through her roles as an editor, briefing editor and publisher. Sapphire’s background in engineering, specifically with CNC machines and CAD software, complements her expertise in the tech world, providing a robust foundation for her writing and editorial decisions.

At Cloudwards, Sapphire’s work reflects her lifelong passion for technology and software. Growing up surrounded by computers and gadgets, she developed a keen eye for evaluating software, troubleshooting and offering recommendations, skills that are invaluable in her current role. 

Outside of her professional life, Sapphire enjoys learning about new topics, from baking to sports, instruments and various DIY projects. This continuous learning journey not only broadens her horizons but also infuses her work with fresh perspectives and insights.

Sapphire’s rich professional experiences and deep-rooted interest in technology and engineering shape her comprehensive understanding of her niche. Her hands-on experience and practical knowledge in software and gadget evaluation, honed over years of personal and professional engagement, equip her to deliver content that resonates with both technical experts and enthusiasts alike.

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