MEGA Review

MEGA Cloud is a good solution if free storage is all you want. Great security features. Decent usability and speed, but minor bugs with file sharing.

By Eric Bradley – Last Updated: 13 Apr'18

PlanFreePro LitePro IPro IIPro III
Price Plan
$ 5 94monthly
$ 59 53yearly
$ 11 90monthly
$ 118 96yearly
$ 23 80monthly
$ 238 04yearly
$ 35 71monthly
$ 299 90yearly
Storage 15 GB 200 GB 500 GB 2000 GB 4000 GB

Earn more free storage with an incentive program, although rewards expire after a certain period.

1TB Bandwidth.

2TB Bandwidth.

4TB Bandwidth.

8TB Bandwidth.

Visit MEGA

MEGA is one of the most controversial cloud storage services out there: it was founded by the infamous Kim Dotcom in 2013, a year after his previous cloud storage service, MegaUpload, was shut down by the FBI.

Kim Dotcom is no longer associated with MEGA, which now markets itself as “the privacy company” on account of its use of zero-knowledge encryption and its headquarters in privacy-friendly New Zealand.

The top reason to signup for MEGA in the past, however, was its offer of 50GB of free storage. Unfortunately, its free offer was reduced to 15GB is 2017 with little acknowledgment from the company. While you can still earn big boosts to your storage allotment through a rewards program, the rewards earned expire, limiting their value and jeopardizing MEGA’s place as one of the best free cloud storage services. 

If you still want to give MEGA a test run, head to MEGA and sign up for a trial. If you’ve decided that maybe MEGA isn’t the right cloud storage for you, there are still plenty of great options to pick from, which you can find detailed in our best cloud storage roundup.

If you’re still on the fence, the ensuing MEGA review should help you get off of it.

Alternatives for MEGA

PlanFreePremiumPremium Plus
Price Plan
$ 4 99monthly
$ 47 88yearly
$ 175 00Lifetime
$ 9 99monthly
$ 95 88yearly
$ 350 00Lifetime
Storage 10 GB 500 GB 2000 GB
pCloud Review
  • Free 10GB storage
  • Affordable plans
  • Highly secure
  • Perfect file sync
  • No FTP access
  • Zero knowledge isn't free
PlanStarterPro Personal (Option One)Pro Personal (Option Two)Business SoloBusiness ProBusiness Pro Advanced
Price Plan
$ 4 08monthly
$ 48 96yearly
$ 8 00monthly
$ 96 00yearly
$ 8 00monthly
$ 96 00yearly
$ 5 00monthly
$ 60 00yearly
$ 15 00monthly
$ 144 00yearly
Storage 5 GB 500 GB 2000 GB 2000 GB 1000 GB 10000 GB

Individual business plan

2-user minimum.

2-user minimum Review
  • Zero-knowledge
  • Fast syncing
  • Great interface
  • Secure link sharing
  • No 3rd-party tools
  • No monthly plans

Strengths & Weaknesses

The greatest weaknesses of MEGA is that your free account will expire if you don’t access it at least once every 90 days, which could be inconvenient for some users. 


70% – Decent

MEGA has many of the same features found with many competing services, but they feel a little incomplete at times. A good example is the way MEGA handles images.

The image viewer is functional and provides good quality, but unfortunately puts the image handles (those little arrow icons you use for navigation) directly onto the image. This is not the smartest way to handle that, nor is being unable to create an automatic slide show a ringing endorsement, either.

The image viewer is the only multimedia tool available with the MEGA web client: currently only the mobile apps support an audio player, video player.

MEGA does support a chat system, unique among cloud storage providers, allowing you to perform instant messaging with any other MEGA user. MEGA claims this chat is a secure replacement for Skype and other IM systems.

MEGA is designed to be used primarily for file storage and supports remote file access with a web client or mobile apps. Like most cloud storage service, downloading the MEGA client on your desktop also creates a sync folder. Any files placed in this folder are uploaded to the cloud and sent to other devices with MEGA sync clients installed.

There is also a command line client available for those who prefer to use it.


60% – Fair

MEGA’s biggest hook used to be 50GB of free cloud storage, but those days appear gone forever. You can still get 50B free when you sign up, but 35 of those gigabytes disappear after a month. You can earn them back by completing some easy tasks like installing the mobile app, but then they expire again after 180 days, and they’re gone forever.

What’s the point? Probably to get you relying on the service so that you’ll later have to sign up for a price plan. Unfortunately, MEGA’s subscription costs don’t come close to landing on our list of the best deals in cloud storage

PlanFreePro LitePro IPro IIPro III
Price Plan
$ 5 94monthly
$ 59 53yearly
$ 11 90monthly
$ 118 96yearly
$ 23 80monthly
$ 238 04yearly
$ 35 71monthly
$ 299 90yearly
Storage 15 GB 200 GB 500 GB 2000 GB 4000 GB

Earn more free storage with an incentive program, although rewards expire after a certain period.

1TB Bandwidth.

2TB Bandwidth.

4TB Bandwidth.

8TB Bandwidth.

Services like pCloud and offer better value even without factoring in all the features MEGA lacks. Both have 2TB plans for $2 less than MEGA’s 500GB plan. 

MEGA does have a referral program, but the gigabytes you earn expire in this case, too, this time after one year. Referrals earned by and pCloud, meanwhile, never expire. 

If you want value, you can do much better than MEGA. 

Ease of Use

75% – Good

The simple browser-based nature of MEGA means there is not too much for new users to learn. Access to primary features is provided by a left-side toolbar with icons to represent different areas of the system.

Secondary features are accessed from a hamburger menu in the top-right corner of the screen. Performing actions on individual files requires clicking on a drop-down menu on the file itself. Uploads, downloads and folder creation can be done using file system controls on the top menu line and you can control the on-screen layout using the view controls.

MEGA follows the Dropbox-model when it comes to sync, which revolves around a simple sync folder. Desktop sync clients are available for PC and Mac. There are also mobile apps offered for Android and iOS that are pretty straightforward.

File Syncing & Sharing

80% – Good

MEGA performs admirably when it comes to file synchronization, at least in terms of mechanics. There do appear to some issues with upload and download speeds, which we address in the next section.

The service doesn’t use block-level file copying, meaning even with better full file transfer speeds, it will never be as fast as Dropbox. However, MEGA has a good excuse for not doing so: Because it’s a zero-knowledge service, the company has no visibility into your file content, which it needs in order to perform it.

MEGA does support selective sync, which lets you turn sync off for certain folders so that they are only stored in the cloud and not on your device. This feature is key for saving hard drive space, which for many people is the primary value proposition of adding a cloud storage solution.

MEGA also supports upload and download throttling to control the impact of sync processes on your system resources.

File sharing with MEGA is approached somewhat differently from most cloud storage services. There’s no option to permit file access to specific individuals based on their email address. Instead, you can only generate and share a link pointing to that content.

However, this link retains zero-knowledge encryption: MEGA can’t see what you’re sharing. For others to use this link, they’ll need a decryption key. This key is generated when you generate the link. You can either attach it to the link or distribute it separately for better content control.  

If you have a Pro subscription, you can also create a link expiry date, which is a nice feature if you tend to forget what content you’ve allowed access to.  

Unlike with specific files, you can share folders with your contacts via email address. When doing so, you can grant individuals read, edit or full access to that folder.

While MEGA’s approach to file sharing isn’t perfect, it’s better than many other cloud storage services we’ve tested.


65% – Decent

In order to gauge MEGA’s upload and download speeds, we performed a series of tests using a 1GB zipped test folder comprised of various file types. Here are the results:

@ 5Mbps (625KB/s)
w/ DTAC, Thailand
First Attempt:
Second Attempt:Average:
Upload Time:0:430:400:41
Download Time:0:390:320:36

The upload speeds are about 25 percent slower than we’d hope for, even at 5Mbps: 26 to 30 minutes would have been in the right range. The download speeds aren’t far behind.  

We did notice that small files under 20MB moved without hitch. For small document synchronization, you should be fine with MEGA. Video uploads, however, will be more problematic.

During upload, there were peaks and troughs in connectivity, which occasionally resulted in uploads failing. Download transfers were more steady and did not fail as often, resulting in better times.

Security & Privacy

80% – Good

MEGA provides zero-knowledge encryption by default, making it a direct competitor to security-first cloud storage services like pCloud, and SpiderOak ONE. That means that nobody at MEGA can ever view your file content. It also means that MEGA couldn’t hand over readable copies of your data to law enforcement officials or participate in government surveillance programs like PRISM even if it wanted to.

The level of encryption uses is 128-bit AES. While not as strong as 256-bit AES, it’s believed that AES has yet to be cracked and, in fact, that it would take a supercomputer billions of years to do so.

MEGA protects traffic in transit by TLS encryption.

Another nice security feature provided by MEGA that is not found with many cloud storage and online backup services is connection history. This can show you up to the last 250 connections made on your account, so you can check if anything looks strange, such as log-ins from countries you haven’t been to.

While the security setup is strong, the truth of the matter is that your files are only safe so long as your password isn’t compromised, and weak passwords are much easier to crack than encryption keys. A good way to prevent against this possibility is two-factor authentication.

Unfortunately, MEGA doesn’t offer this option. Because of that, if you really want a secure a cloud storage service, we’d highly recommend going with, a service that gets just about everything right when it comes to data protection.

There are some concerns in the wording of MEGA’s privacy policy and terms and conditions. These may be included merely as standard “legalese”, or they may signify something more Orwellian is going on behind the scenes.

These days, Kim Dotcom himself has proclaimed that you can’t trust MEGA. However, it’s difficult to know if his warnings are genuine or the result of having lost control of the company.

Some of the more interesting highlights from the MEGA policies include:

The sincerity of a service calling itself “the privacy company” really has to be called into question when it openly suggests that it is going to track what you do even after you have left the website.

If the encryption truly works, it is reassuring for MEGA to mention that it can’t gain access to what you have stored.

It’s actually fine for MEGA to assist with investigations because people should not do illegal things, however the problem is that if the service truly is zero-knowledge, it shouldn’t be able to assist even if there is a desire to.

New Zealand has quite good privacy laws, and it’s good that people from anywhere can request their privacy information from those who are holding it. This is in contrast to the European Union, which only requires companies to release privacy info to EU residents. MEGA’s compliance with this law is a good thing.

As noted in the previously cited Register article, security experts have expressed serious doubt over MEGA’s ability to provide deduplication and zero-knowledge encryption at the same time.

MEGA claims this is possible only on shared files, but the flaw is that when a file moves from one encrypted location to another, it needs to be encrypted again with the new password, which would change the file hash, which would make it impossible to detect that the content was the same.

It is a fair point that people should not use MEGA (or any other service) to violate copyright, but if MEGA doesn’t know what you are storing, there really isn’t any action it can take if somebody does. We contacted MEGA about this and the response was unsatisfactory and evasive.

Here again, MEGA is not supposed to know what you are storing, so even if you store something offensive, MEGA couldn’t do anything about it.

This last item is only of interest because it is not encouraging trust when a company states that it reserves the right to terminate your service for absolutely no reason at all.

Customer Service

40% – Terrible

MEGA’s customer service failed to make a strong impression.

Response times were slow compared to many other services, especially pCloud. The responses received were not always good answers to the questions posed, and were typical of services that provide support staff with a manual to look up stock answers from.

When a question touched on anything potentially controversial – for example, we requested information concerning whether MEGA had assisted in any civil or criminal prosecutions against its clients ‑ the question was evaded, with the response simply directing us to look at the policy.

The online knowledge base is reasonably detailed, if a little difficult to navigate. There is an internal search function to help locate topics, but it is a bit over-specific. If you can spare the time to search through the topics, you should be able to find answers to most questions you might have.

The Verdict

MEGA is mostly just an okay choice for those who want a decent amount of free storage space for documents and other small files. Small files upload quite nicely, even if you have a lot of them. Large files, on the other hand, are likely to be painful to wait for.

Now that MEGA doesn’t give you 50GB for free, it’s much harder to overlook better-performing services like pCloud and, both of which land on our best deals in cloud storage list, in addition to being among the best cloud storage services overall.  

We feel reasonably confident that the encryption offered by MEGA is genuine, but with the warning from Kim Dotcom, as crazy as it may sound, it is probably best to manually encrypt your more sensitive files yourself prior to uploading them, just to be totally certain of their security.

MEGA won’t suit users who need total reliability and fast speed. It’s also not the best choice for people who want to frequently access their files or work on files across a range of devices.

What it is good for is using it as a backup space to store archives. If you didn’t have to log in at least once every 90 days to avoid losing your files, it would be perfect for this purpose. As things stand though, MEGA just doesn’t feel compelling enough to recommend it highly the days.

PlanFreePro LitePro IPro IIPro III
Price Plan
$ 5 94monthly
$ 59 53yearly
$ 11 90monthly
$ 118 96yearly
$ 23 80monthly
$ 238 04yearly
$ 35 71monthly
$ 299 90yearly
Storage 15 GB 200 GB 500 GB 2000 GB 4000 GB

Earn more free storage with an incentive program, although rewards expire after a certain period.

1TB Bandwidth.

2TB Bandwidth.

4TB Bandwidth.

8TB Bandwidth.


Sync Folder
Block-Level Sync
Selective Sync
Bandwidth management
Sync Any Folder

File Sharing

File Link Sharing
Link Passwords
Link Expiry Dates
Folder Sharing
Folder Permissions
Link Download Limits
Upload Links


File Previews
Edit Files
In-App Collaboration
Office Online
Google Docs
Notes App
Media Playback
Mobile Apps
Deleted File Retention


At-Rest Encryption
In-Transit Encryption
Encryption Protocol
AES 128
Zero Knowledge
Two-Factor Authentication
Server Location


24/7 Support
Live Chat Support
Telephone Support
Email Support
User Forum


Free Plan

MEGA Review

Free, but kinda hard to use

Best solution if free storage is all you want. Great security features. Decent usability and speed, but minor bugs with file sharing.
Starts from$ 4 96monthly for 200 GB
Visit MEGA

94 thoughts on “MEGA”

  1. EXCELLENT!!!!! I’ve been waiting for this for soooooooooo long and finally it is here! I’m expecting a lot from this service, screw google, screw dropbox THANK YOU KIMDOTCOM! You’re my heroe!

    1. Hey,
      Great! Just be careful to not rely on one single source for your backups. Especially, when it’s only a cloud storage solution.

      1. Will you please go into more detail about your concern and what general set-up you recommend for a complete backup? I want to understand the background regarding your comment.

        1. I’ve learned the hard way. The glitches have locked me out of my account for the second time within a month. Am I permanently locked out?? I still don’t know. I’m afraid to trust this company. It’s like sending your money to the bank, trusting that they will keep it safe, but then they tell you you can’t access your account anymore. What’s the purpose of trusting them in the first place?

        2. Lose the password, you can reset it – no problem. Only if you have the encryption key. Lose that too and you are locked out of your account forever.
          But kudos to Mega, they offered to set me up with a new account with the same email id. Thankfully, I had the encryption key scribbled down in a postit.

  2. Excellent service, when it comes to ‘secure alternatives’ ! However few software options presenting currently, but we can expect more soon. I guess that might be the only reason for the low rating, nevertheless I can’t wait !

  3. Forget Mega. To test, I created a free 50 GB account and tried to upload a 3 gb file. Upload speed was just under 60kb/s. The same speed that the 56k dial-up modems had about 25 years ago.

    To upload a 3 gb file takes 15 hours provided the connection is not broken.

    1. Lol you are a goose, 60KILBYTES a second is not the same as 56k dialup, which was 56KILOBITS. 15 hours to upload a 3gb file is not the issue of Mega, who have plenty of up and down bandwidth, it is an issue of your own upstream bandwidth which is obviously low. Check with your internet service provider. If it was dialup speeds it would take a month to upload that much..

    2. Same problem!!!!!!!!! I shut every other program down and just let Mega run and its taking 302978409138264789364786127864 hours to upload a 7MB file!!!!!!!!!!…It would take 180947519803647856478527 life times to upload 50GB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mega SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Perfect for what need it for – file backups and sharing. I use a dedicated offshore server with 100 mbps connection. Consistently receive 9Mb/s uploads to Mega and almost the same for downloads.

  5. Mega is a great service, the only problem with the free accounts are the limits, until they kick in the max speed I got is 100mbit in download and 120mbit in upload. When the limits kick in (when you reach 10GB per day limit), the speed can drop to 80kb/s, or even stop working. Love the encrypted idea, kinda feel like my files are safe, even tho I lost about 600GB of files to KimDotCom’s last megaupload failure, that is why I’m not excited about buying a subscription for more GB.

  6. MEGA is awesome. Really.
    50GB for free
    Much faster than Dropbox and Google Drive which I’ve been using
    Nice interface…

    a bit unstable web interface, but except from that – MEGA is the best service there is right now for free.

  7. What if I try to upload a folder that´s been uploaded previously? Does MEGA identify identical files and “skip” them or does it overwrite them? Thank you!

    1. Just awesome !
      Very crazy fast to upload and has the only option missing from all other cloud storage service: we can choose which folder we want to upload to the cloud and not only the default sync folder. So it’s kind of a backup cloud service too.

  8. I wasn’t smart enough to use it, I guess. I got my home movies (4GB range) on with a few problems but it worked. Problem was when I got to three of the five I wanted to put on here it kept giving me a message that it wanted to “Permanently” load data on my hard drive. I’m trying to relieve my hard drive and they want to put more on it. No thanks.

  9. I tried it today. And with the 50GB free qouta.
    Trying to upload 50 GB.
    It took, whole day to complete 1 GB so far. The performance is too slow!!!!!!!!!
    Not sure, if its because of encryption.
    I wish the performance is better to make me use it every day.

    But, its similar to any other cloud, on simplicity.

    Yet to try the support to make a comment on that.

  10. I am really happy when i got 50 gb bit i do feel not comfortable because next time i might lose it when you say stop free. If you stop free storage please give time to download all documents.
    Thanks from

  11. Extremely fast and easy to use.
    Uploading files goes at my max of 1,1 MBps (not bits).
    Downloading goes at like 6-11MBps.

    Definitely worth to check out.

    1. Wondering why I couldn’t download any files from using iPhone Mega App via Safari or any others download app

  12. easy to use. browser support are the biggest disadvantage.
    have problem when downloading very big file.
    have problem when multiple file.
    other than that all is okay

  13. i dont recommend their service and here is why:
    i signed up for their 2tb plan. their platform is easy to use, especially with the drag and drop. however, after uploading a couple of folders, i conducted a comparison between both (uploaded and locally stored) and found out that the size doesnt match at all!
    i emailed their support. very unreliable support service thats available on “bankers hours”!
    paying 20 euros for a plan that isnt backed up by available support is just a waste of time.
    i am still searching for a cloud service that provides real unlimited plans or anything above 2tb of storage.

    1. The size reported for the uploaded file may not mean it has not been stored correctly or completely. The reported size of a file depends on a lot of factors, including the possibility that the web site actually runs compression on the stored content to save disk space. If you do a bit of reading about how files are stored, you may discover that the reported size on disk may not really reflect the actual number of bytes in the information contained in the file. I shall not go into the extensive topic of how data is stored, but you can research it for yourself.

      Did you try to down-load the file to your computer (in a separate storage location, so it does not overwrite the original) and run a comparison with the original? This exercise might allay some of your concerns… Sometimes a bit of testing and some knowledge about how computer storage is done and reported by a directory listing can help allay your fears.

      Study a bit, then re-evaluate your concerns.

      Your concern about the size reported may or may not be a real issue… Check it out.

  14. The upload speed for me is great. I use Mega a lot. I use to to store some of my backup pictures, and if I want to bring pictures on a trip to show others. All my stuff gets uploaded quick, and I’m able to give my friend some of my files with the link. Overall – Great.. Check it out!

  15. I loved it… easy upload, etc etc. All the good stuff. But twice now, within a month, I’ve been locked out of my account and no way to get in. These are photos I’ve moved from my computer to regain storage space. No way would I ever use Mega again. I’m currently in a situation where I get an error message saying I don’t have the correct Firefox extension. But I do… I downloaded it yet again. But still, I get an error message saying Mega is not accessible for me. Have I lost all the photos I stored there? I still don’t know the answer to that. This is infuriating!!

    1. You have to remember the password. If not, please find your encryption key which you got during registration I guess. That’s the only way Mega kept it to support security which means they also cannot access it without these! What you can also do is reset account. But then it will delete all the data on cloud and create new account with same Email ID.
      Good luck finding the password or the key 🙂

  16. I use MEGA to backup and Sync my files alot. I’ve been using it for a good 6+ months now so I guess I can give you the good/bad/ugly

    Firstly, MEGA is by no means a perfect service. It has flaws. I would say that generally speaking however, 8/10 times in daily use, what I expect and what I get are the same thing; my files accessible, and at a reasonable speed.

    OK, now to list the problems that occur 2/10 times I use MEGA
    – sometimes when I share a file with a friend, the weird Web interface does not work with my friends browser
    – sometimes the pc sync client incorrectly says it is up to date, failing to detect I have created/modified inside of synced folders
    – randomly from the Android client I get ‘file temporarily unavailable’ this seems to fix itself given 10 mins or so but can be annoying
    – customer support is hit and miss, sometimes you get a reply, sometimes you don’t
    – modified file gets replaced by old file by sync client, especially with Blender files for some reason, for this reason I started always saving with incremented file names like doc1 doc2 to prevent this from happening

    My other complaints is that the Sync client is a bit alienating, unclear when it has updated and not telling you what has changed

    Even with all these problems I still choose MEGA because of their dedication to security which to me is the most important factor of consideration for cloud storage

  17. Ho all. I cant understand what are these crazy upload and download speeds? I am from Bulgaria, we are 3th place at the world in internet speed, just after South Korea and Romania 🙂 My connection is 84mbits and I download from Mega free user with over than 5mb/s. I upload with more than 3mb/s. It is extremely fast. Mega is the fastest free web claud.

  18. I’ve got a free account and am using Mega to store DCPs (film exhibition files) that are downloaded by film festivals. This means I’d ideally like to see them up there for a couple of years.

    Any one have any idea how long a files stays there? This isn’t made clear anywhere.

    1. The files stay there for as long as you stay active. That means you have to login once in a couple of months so your account doesnt get deleted from inactivity. Once in 3months.

  19. I am using Mega to backup my photos on my computer. I like the ease of the drag and drop feature to upload, and the fact that I can upload whole folders at a time. However, for some reason some of my files will not upload and under status it says “file is locked”. There is not further explanation as to what this means or why it will not upload. This is very frustrating, as it is a large amount of files. Please explain why this is happening and is there a way to get these files to upload? Thanks.

  20. Instead of fixing problems your only making things worse,
    Adding a new interface every time one logs in does fix bugs or problems.

    I get little or no support from MEGA at all.
    Of course their right on you soon as you go over your 50 GB free account, but as for actual problems from a real paying customers, you truly suck!

  21. Horrible slow uploads, downloads okay, but up is pain in my ass, horrible slow, unstable, upload broken at many times “Failed upload, try again” , unsafe, because everyone reported you few times, your account is locked, and you never get back acces for your files…it’s a little hypocrite from a man, who get riched by piracy.
    And 50 GB as a free user, that’s a final joke.

  22. Yup, the heavily censorship is working, i see, you not allowed write a negative review…

  23. 50Gb of storage. Right. Sounds like a good deal doesn’t it?

    Well forget this Mega crap, for it’s sluggish speed will drive you mad. I’m sure a mid 19th century telegraphist could transfer my files faster using morse code than this program does…

    So forget it. It’s unusable.

  24. This is actually kind of pissing me off. I downloaded it for a torrent and now it’s taken ALL my files off my computer and stored them online? WTF….I wanted to download one item, not put all of my items on the internet. Is there any way to remove them from the cloud and back to my comp? ’cause it’s not letting me relocate the files.

  25. When trying to upload my files, it gets to a stage and says I should free up space on my phone otherwise my upload is disabled. I don’t know how this is possible, I got mega in the first place because I had no space on my phone, what space am I soppose to free?

  26. not very user friendly. i could rarely log into the web portal, regardless of the browser i was using. i was never able to log onto the app for my iPhone either which is very frustrating. i had 16GB of data saved to the service and got an email the other day saying that i had used my 50GB quota. found out there was somehow 34GB of stuff in my rubbish bin?? tried to log in to the web portal to delete the stuff from my rubbish bin and surprise surprise i couldn’t log into the web portal. also, even if i wanted to add more space, the prices for the pro accounts are very dear. their support took quite a while to respond to my queries as well.

  27. Michael says: not very user friendly.

    You can just use Mega Sync Client So it’s just as quick as Dropbox It is available for Linux; Windows and Mac

  28. I do not recommend this product. Secretly autoinstalled on my computer without my knowledge – annoyed me endless pop ups and took an hour to uninstall. This is an attempt to blackmail by annoyance to get you to buy – then punish you with 1 hour delete time. This is bullshit. Do not buy.

  29. I am very pleased with MEGA. I have been using the service for seven months with NO issues at all. The transfer speeds have been good in London, Nottingham and Liverpool. A lot of speed transfer issues are to do with your service provider and amount of net traffic they have to deal with. Perhaps I have been lucky. Kind regards to all.

  30. During a few weeks mega is blocked by the Belgium gouvernement. That is what my internet Belgium provider” Scarlet” tells me.
    Otherways Belgium providers sa: Proximus and Telenet don’t block this website.
    They say it has something to do whit the licence.
    Can you help me and whole Belgium, using Scarlet as provider, whit this problem?


  31. It’s the best ever.
    People moaning about slow uploads… Have you ever tried uploading 50GB of data on a Gb LAN ? Get real. Add to the fact that your PC is having to encrypt every file before uploading. Even if you had 100Mbps up-stream on your broadband that’s going to take hours to upload on a multi-hop encrypted file over an encrypted (SSL) data stream.
    It’s not somewhere to store all your movies. or to ren a back-up of your PC to, it’s a secure storage for “sensitive” files and it’s AWESOME

  32. I established a new free Mega account yesterday, and experienced nothing but troubles in trying to sync the cloud with only a 136MB of initial data!

    Upload speeds were extremely slow (taking 3-4 seconds for 4KB gif files!), other simple files (e.g., a 69KB PDF file) caused the sync to hang, and worst, after supposedly syncing a folder with over 3,000 small files (Mega says syncing was complete; I reinitiated it, and it said the same thing) the cloud storage was still over 500 files short!

    I was a former user of DropBox, and switched to several years ago, and had absolutely no problems with either (unfortunately, is discontinuing its service as of May 1). Initial setup and syncing for both were a breeze and automatic. Mega is slow and error-prone – I spent the last entire day attempting to have it (un)successfully sync only 136MB of files that synced in just a few minutes!

    I cancelled my Mega account in less than 24 hours.

  33. Having done lots of research on the topic of cloud storage, my conclusion is that if you want your files to be completely secure, there are currently few other options as safe as MEGA. An interesting interview in this regard (conducted by cloudwards) can be found here:

    As for the upload and download speeds, I’ve compared them with Dropbox, Livedrive, Spideroak and and found them to be the fastest (I’m based in Southern Germany).

    Even though PayPal, VISA and MasterCard have recently put pressure on MEGA regarding their zero knowledge policy (the US wants to have access to all our personal files and would therefore do almost anything to destroy platforms such as MEGA), MEGA did NOT change its security and encryption policies, thereby even accepting that PayPal no longer offers its services to them. That’s why I believe MEGA deserves our support now more than ever!

  34. Generally seems good – but beware of Syncing issues that delete data.

    I just moved a whole load of files from Dropbox over to MEGA, by dropping them in a folder synced to mega. Speed was excellent (using University wifi in northern England).

    Last night I checked every folder had the correct number of files.
    I noticed this morning that some folders I moved within the local mega sync folder had completely vanished, along with all their content, and 2 files had zero file size. Even after I forced MEGASync to scan.

    I had to restore them from Dropbox ‘recently deleted’, a feature that is not available on MEGA. (MEGA does have a trash can, but files moved out of the MEGASync folder, or deleted from a local synced folder don’t appear in it, unlike Dropbox, which even allows you to restore old versions of files that have changed). I found Dropbox utterly reliable, always syncing within seconds. MEGA sometimes syncs so quickly I don’t even notice the spinning syncing logo appear; but often it just sits there saying it’s up to date when it is not. A few minutes later it might start chugging away.

    Conclusion: massive free space, and secure; but Dropbox is way more solid & reliable at syncing.

  35. It would be great if one could Preview images and other documents besides seeing they have a file name or folder name. Otherwise the right and or wrong file would need to be downloaded to view and check it before working on or modifying it. Even better if Mega could work with OpenOffice or MS or Google apps to work on the file while in the Mega browser (someday). But at lease being able to Preview would get a big help!

  36. Excellent service, but now is too limited: 6 hours wait to download files.
    Now days, comparing this to other services like DepositFiles or FreakShare where you have to wait 1 hour, well…
    I’m not going to buy a membership for something I use one day every 6 months.

    Going back to Mediafire and Dropbox

  37. SLOW AND SLOWER, upload is mission impossible, SIMPLY HORRIBLE , 3 hour and can not up 1 Gb!!!! Dont waste your money!

  38. Honestly I’ve never had such a problem with MEGA. A few times it Will kinda stall on an upload but I think that was just poor interaction with the gui because it would show no progress and then all of a sudden be complete. Also never had a missing file either. I’ve been using it for about 2 years now I think.
    I honestly prefer the mobile android version over the pc one just because it’s a lot more user friendly.
    I do have advice for anyone uploading huge files though. My suggestion is that you zip your files, one huge file will upload and download quicker than like a thousand small separate ones.
    Also, I think it’s safe to assume that those who are subjected to such slow speeds should probably not blame mega specifically. There are a few things you should take into consideration like firewalls and your internet settings before blaming mega. I only say this because so many people my self included think the speeds are great. Sure, Maybe mega isn’t the most universally grand service but I think you might want to consider it’s purpose, security. It doesn’t promise everyone’s set up will be compatible, though it would be nice it promises safety. On top of that 50gb for free is a hell of a deal.
    Well there’s my 2 cents ciao.

  39. They do have sync clients now, and they have a sync client also for linux (while big Google never bothered creating a linux client for google drive…)

  40. Mega limits my transfer after 50 kB or so, stating I have reached my limit, and wants me to wait 7 h before a new attempt. It is ridiculous to offer 50 GB if you cannot sync even small files at a decent rate.

  41. I recently closed my MEGA account which I was using since almost the beginning of this service. MEGA’s rules changed for free accounts, today you can download only 1.5gb every 6 hours (before you can download up to 10gb refreshing the bandwidth every 30 minutes). It is really annoying. Is Kim Dotcom saying the truth about that MEGA is having a lots of money and administration problems? He’s recommending to backup all our files just in case something happen with MEGA.

    1. That’s true, i have like 40GB of backup and i am already downloading again my files… It’s a shame! I have to download so slow! What’s the point of having 50GB of storage free if you can’t download it properly when you need? That’s not worth it… I will stay with Google Drive, way better, because at least i have support, and, i can download my files normally. What a poor service from MEGA!!!

  42. Hi! can anybody help me? I have been using mega for several months already to download some videos. however, last night, i got this message:

    Bandwidth quota exceeded
    Your download could not proceed because it would take you over the current free transfer allowance for your IP address.

    To enhance this limit, you can register an account. This will not only give you ample extra bandwidth but also 50 GB of secure storage space in the cloud – for free.

    I am already logged in and I have been researching about it online and its said that it will refill after 10 or minutes. My computer has been shut down for more than 6 hours and more than 24 hours since I tried using mega again but i still get this message.

    how do i get to download again from mega? hope someone can help me. thanks!

  43. I had same problem like up here, but dont have Mega account.

    Of course i am not downloading pirate stuff or something like that, but 3D models for XNA/XPS Lara program.

  44. i have a pro lite mega account. 200GB of storage. i’m using 98 gb. i have 1 big 36gb file uploaded. i have verizon fios fiber optic 100mb down and up. upload is very fast. i’m very happy with mega.

  45. I have been using MEGA for three months with no problems. Average upload and good downlod speed for countries with good internet (like Bulgaria). However I backup my most important files to another location.

  46. I am about to quit using mega, I am currently looking at alternatives. Initially I fond the syncing brilliant, although it takes ages to complete the first sync, sometimes days if it is a large folder. One first sync is over new or updated files in the sync are upload almost instantly. My big problems are when I lost a few discs which affected two syncs, for one of syncs I was able to recover the data from the disc except for a few files, the other I could not. I recreated folders on a new machine and configured folders to sync with the mega folders, I expected the mega syncs to restore missing files. Both syncs reported that there were pending downloads, 10 in one case and 29000 in other but neither ever completed. With mega browser interface you can select a folder to download. The folder file download did not seem to do anything, the download folder as zip file also had issues. Initially the folder I wanted to download was 4.5gb and when attempting to download it warned you that it would create a zip64 file but then did not appear did show it was doing something on by showing a percentage complete on tab heading, after 6 hour it had reached 17% and then stopped. I realised there was a sub folder that I no longer required a deleted this sub folder from the mega backup. The brought the size of backup down to 3.95gb when I then tried to download folder as a zip it did not give me message regarding zip64 but surprised me to start downloading the zip file. It did take 2 hours to complete the download. Normally I would expect to download a 4gb file in under an hour. If you ever want to recover a really large sync folder, I would suspect you would find it almost impossible. The 10 files in other sync I could identify and download individually. I have only used free version, I do not know if things are better if you pay but I am looking for something better.

  47. “However, by getting the link, there is the compromise of security because the encryption key has to be included in the email.”
    Wrong. The encrytion key for sharing files is different than the master encryption key.

  48. MEGA has a good upload speed (vary from 1Mo/s to 4Mo/s) and you can select any folders you want But a lot of features are missing.
    -You cant stream your music.
    -There’s no file versioning!
    -When you restore a file, it doesn’t propose its previous location..
    -No Double authentification.

    Best regards,

  49. I’ve been using the free 50GB for some time now to backup my Genealogy files. It’s been fabulous. The upload speed is good, the ease of use is brilliant, the free space available doesn’t compare to other free cloud storage, super security, non-intrusive desktop software. Realtime backup which I want so as I work on my files they are being updated.

  50. I use it to store files by downloading them through url. Then I stream it on my android phone. 50gb is amazing for a free account. Nobody will give you 50gb.

  51. I simply HAVE to say this: I’ve using Mega to backup my main files on laptop. Yesterday I accidentally modified a very important file that I had just moved from one folder to another.

    Mega detected this as a deleted file and passed it to the “Debris” section. This way I could recover this file perfectly. This is a feature (Debris) I had never used before, I’m usually very careful.

    But now that I needed it, to have it so perfectly organized and secure, I can only say

    Thanks Mega!!!!!!!

  52. Well I am using mega for last 2 years and I must say its best in terms of cost, storage and functions and lifetime validity of files. Free storage of 50 GB is very good. My vouches for mega. I just want to know about yearly plans. Suppose my yearly subscription has ended then will my files be safe ?

  53. One of the best and apparently most overlooked features is REAL SELECTIVE SYNC!
    You can choose which *existing* folders you want to sync, it doesn’t force you to put everything into one specific folder.
    AFAIK, this is severely lacking in other cloud storage services, only Sugarsync and had this feature, but that’s gone or for a fee now.

  54. I have not tried MEGA, but wanted to learn about it, so I have read all the posts, here. My reactions are:
    – For serious file back-up and security of your files, it is likely much more wise to purchase a physically small hard drive with some good, reliable back-up software and use that drive, which is not vulnerable to “cloud” file-storage changes of rules or idiosyncracies, and the price is reasonable enough, considering the alternatives.
    — Then, unplug it after each back-up session and store it in a safe place until needed for another back-up or restore session. Large capacity drives, such as the WD Passport 3Tb drive, offer a good amount of secure (if you use it properly) and reliable back-up for around 100USD, and is not subject to the whims of on-line (cloud) storage companies or hackers, when used wisely.

    – For file sharing, MEGA looks good, but caution in what is stored, how it is stored and maintaining both the original file(s) in a safe, locally accessible place, such as on a back-up drive mentioned above, and using reasonable caution about keeping good records for your access to the account and the files stored there. [Keep good records of passwords, web address and what is being stored, in a safe place or places (more than one copy is wise).]

    If you are concerned about others either gaining access to your files or other information, putting that stuff in a publicly accessible place that is the target of a lot of hackers and others, such as NSA, etc. is not the most reasonable thing to do. Remember that if you stick your chin out far enough, you are inviting someone to try to hit it for you and “on line” is an excellent place for some anonymous person or agency to cause you some real pain!

  55. I’ve been trying Mega now for about a week and I must say I love it. I read all the comments and realize how far it has come because I have no real complaints about it so far. The interface is great, easy and intuitive. Drag and drop is a charm and the ability to instantly save mega links is handy.
    I do admit, I’ve only been using it as a file storage unit and have not yet shared links or tried the synching functionality. I am usually a bit wary of these things as I like to manually handle stuff in order to prevent errors or stuff getting deleted/replaced. I will look into this later on though.

    The 50GB free is actually free. The downloads here are generally around 3-5 mb/ps and uploads are around 1.5 mb/ps and that’s fine for me. It does however work best when you don’t run heavy programs or other download clients on the side. I have only experienced 1 large folder upload failing so far which I had to then restart but second time went smooth. My free 50GB account was full within a small day or so and I say that’s pretty damn fast. I did leave it on overnight once to upload though. I don’t get how people get such low speeds? Are you sure your ISP’s or network providers aren’t slowing down your connections? I wonder.

    Anyway, now that the files are all nicely in place and in their respective folders, all is well. I like the fact that Mega lets you upload folders and see the actual folder size and number of contents. I also have a free Google Drive account but it does not allow you to view folder size which is why I am not buying their subscription.

    So far so good with Mega, so for now I’m staying here and considering purchasing a subscription. Tip: Make sure you save, email and write down your password encription key to prevent locking yourself out of your account!

    About physical storage vs cloud: Yes, physical storage has its benefits but don’t ever think physical storages are much safer because they are (to my sad experience) prone to malfunctioning, no matter how good you use or store them. (Multiple) clouds AND physical is recommended at all times if you really don’t want to lose your most important files!

    1. Well said Danny, I did the same yesterday and fully agree with everything you say !!

      Uploaded 4 x 2Gb files in under and hour.

      So far so good

  56. Stay away! Nowhere does it say your 50 free gigs is a time limited trial. Just received an email that my “trial” expires in 7 days and either upgrade or remove my files before they get deleted at the end of the 7 days… total junk. Waste of time now to transfer my files AGAIN to another cloud storage

    1. LOL then you’re on a fake site, or trying to be a dick and deter people from using Mega.

      Screenshot for proof, or go away.

      1. He’s right. You start with a base of 15GB, and get a time-limited registration bonus of 35GB.

  57. I’ve been using Mega (free account) for a few years, mostly to archive photographs in JPG and native RAW format. My main grumble is the occasional and unexplainable ‘hangs’ that occur on seemingly ordinary files, often getting to 90%+ and then trying multiple times to send. Otherwise 50Gb of free storage is a definite plus.

  58. I suppose it could be the encoding time on my end. Any way to upload with encoding ‘off’ to check?

  59. OK… None of the other Cloud storage services that I have tested have come even close to the transfer speeds of

    I’m on Comcast HSI and I can do about 300Mbit down and about 35Mbit upstream.

    My test show that upload to Mega is between 500KB per second and 750KB per second. I was able to transfer a 1GB file in about 30 minutes.

    Downloads are nothing short of incredibly fast using the Mega App on the PC. It topped my downstream speed at 35MB per second!!! Yes 35 megabytes of data every second!!!

    So if transfer speeds are important to you…Go with

    Cons: You can only pay in Euros.

  60. Have anyone tested Mega’s exclude-file feature? I tried to exclude *.JPG but it still uploads them.

  61. Be careful !!!

    Since 2018 Mega has a different goal. For 3 months 35 GB free or 20 GB free with MegaSync. After 3 months the account can only hold 15 GB

  62. People please stay clear from this scam. Their service is very unreliable, the software is crap and the positive reviews must be mostly written by their staff.

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