Microsoft Azure Receives India Government Provisional Accreditation

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Microsoft Azure has announced its receipt of Provision Accreditation from India’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY).

Microsoft Azure receives MeitY provisional accreditation

The Ministry is a division of the Government of India.

It’s in charge of development, promotion, and assistance in matters of  Information Technology, the Internet, and electronics.

The news follows recent announcements about Microsoft expanding in Germany and Norway.

Microsoft Azure and The MeitY Accreditation

Initially, an RFP for “Provisional Empanelment of Cloud Service Offerings of Cloud Service Providers (CSPs)”  was sent out in December of 2015. 

Next, each bidder went through an evaluation process by the ministry.  Finally, the list of successful CSP cloud offerings got released, in late September.

Joining Microsoft on the list of eleven companies are Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, IBM, and several other Indian companies.

The term “Provisional Accreditation” is used for companies which get fast-tracked in the accreditation process. 

Chosen companies may not have addressed all critical areas, due to the short-time frame. The initial certification lasts for two years.

The companies have the option to get the full accreditation as well. This process happens as and when the new guidelines and standards gets published by the Ministry.

The full RFP is available here.

The certification process requires CSPs to comply with standards and guidelines in the following areas:



Data portability

SLAs (service level agreements)

Contractual terms and conditions

The MeitY provisional accreditation means that government agencies and departments may choose Microsoft Azure as a cloud service provider

Also, private sector organizations in regulated industries and other sectoral regulators use MeitY’s guidelines.

As a result, the guidelines and their use by government and regulated industries influence the criteria for using cloud services in the rest of India.

More Announcements from Microsoft Azure

Other recent announcements from the company include:

The release of Azure’s iOS SDK

The release of App Service Mobile Apps .NET Client SDK 3.0.1

The general availability of Windows Server 2016, part of Microsoft’s hybrid cloud strategy

The ability to test Stream Analytics queries in the “new” Azure portal

Will the new MeitY provisional accreditation further Microsoft Azure use in India?  Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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