IDriveSync Brings Unbreakable Private Encryption – And The Cloud Storage War Continues

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IDrive Sync Secure File Sharing via Drag and Drop

IDrive (Editor Rating: , 5 GB for 0 $/year) just released a new feature for their file synchronisation service IDriveSync that will make security enthusiasts rejoice: private encryption. Many online backup and file synchronisation suffer from one weakness and that is they ‘only’ encrypt files server side with an encryption key created by them. So in theory they could read your files if they wanted to. Sometimes this might be a useful ‘feature’ because as we know people tend to lose their passwords but in the majority of cases security should be of primary attention for all of us as our lives get more and more digital. 

‘Unbreakable’ Private Encryption

The advantages of a private encryption key is that it is set by the user. Everything remains under your control on your computer without sending any key data to IDrive’s servers. That makes your files virtually unhackable and you’ll get another security layer on top. 

Private encryption is nothing new

While IDrive likes to boast that this a revolutionary new feature only offered by them that is of course not entirely true. 

This is just one of the unique inventions of IDriveSync. It now sports out of the box sync that lets users sync data to the cloud directly from source instead of having to drag it to a special folder.

Says their Business Developement Associate Shane Bingham about IDrive’s new feature. If we look at other synchronisation services such as SpiderOak (Editor Rating: , GB for 0 $/year) you’ll notice that they have been offering this feature right from the start. The idea is obviously great because it is without a doubt one of the major shortcomings of popular cloud storage services like Google Drive, SugarSync and Dropbox

What IDrive Sync brings to the table

One of the major advantages of IDrive Sync is that it is very fast. Certainly, a lot faster than Dropbox and Google Drive. Also, IDrive Sync is one of the most affordable syncing services, for only $4.95 per month you’ll 150GB cloud syncing space and if you don’t like to pay you get a generous 10GB for free. 


  • Sync any folder

One of the major advantages is that you can sync any folder you want with IDriveSync. You’re not limited to just one folder like Dropbox or Google Drive is. SugarSync (Editor Rating: , 100 GB for 74.99 $/year) offers the same features and this has proven to be very useful. 

  • File Versioning

File versioning is a very useful feature because it prevents you from losing files after moments of nonattention, e.g. accidentally saving a file after deleting a large portion of it. 

  • Web Dav compatible

You can access your files via Web Dav making your independent of software clients that might clutter you computer. 

Overall impression

IDriveSync is a solid service with a great variety of features at a low price. It brings nothing particularly new to the table that you didn’t get with other services. We like the fact that you’ll get 10GB for free but even that is nothing unique anymore with services offering even more free space. 

The cloud storage marketing has become a war zone. It is incredibly difficult to make a difference. Services need to make sure to adapt to user’s needs and find their niche to survive. It remains questionable if ‘private encryption‘ is the right niche for IDrive

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You can sign up for IDriveSync now to get 10GB of free cloud storage.


One thought on “IDriveSync Brings Unbreakable Private Encryption – And The Cloud Storage War Continues”

  1. Arne,

    While it is true that there are some services that do offer private key encryption, they are not full featured. They lack full featured web or mobile access, you can’t upload/share/move/copy/paste via web or mobile access. IDrivesync is probably the only sync service that is full featured and offers private key encryption option, and as you pointed out, none of the leading services offer this option.

    IDrive Support

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