iCloud Drive and More from Apple’s WWDC Keynote on iOS 9

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Yesterday’s keynote (video included) event at WWDC 2015 from Apple showcased some cool new features of iOS 9, but many have gone unmentioned. One of them is certainly the optional iCloud Drive app. 

WWDC 2015

A bit surprisingly, but iCloud Drive didn’t get a mention during the keynote. Still, it’s definitely there in the settings. Here are some of the new features Apple has put into its iOS 9.

iCloud Drive

To enable iCloud Drive, the user will have to follow this path on his or her device:

  • Settings >
  • iCloud >
  • iCloud Drive >
  • Show on Home Screen

Once this is activated, a new icon will appear on the home screen and iCloud Drive will be ready for use. The app will probably function in the same way the iCloud Drive folder located in Mac Finder does.

Other New Features on iOS 9

Of course, there are plenty of other new features for iOS 9 that deserve a mention. 

For instance, Apple has significantly improved its personal assistant, Siri, added some new battery saving options and has brought dozens of other big and small improvements. Siri, for instance, has received a makeover and it looks more like it does on the Apple Watch. Now, when Siri is activated (by holding the home button), the user’s iPhone will vibrate.

Apple iOS9

Apple also brings a couple of nice improvements for the battery. For example, the iPhone will now know if it is facing screen down on the table and will not turn it on. This applies even if it receives a notification. 

In addition, iOS 9 also brings some more battery saving enhancement such as the Low Power Mode. The user will get a pop-up message on the iPhone, suggesting to turn on Low Power Mode if his or her device gets to 20% and 10% battery life. With Low Power Mode, the battery will get an extra three hours of use.

Home App

Speaking of battery, it now has its own section in the settings. This is where the Low Power Mode can be turned on and off, and where the user can see more about battery usage, such as which apps drain it the most. Also, there’s a new option for viewing photos on the iPhone or iPad that allows the user to flip through all of his or her photos.

Using the Photos picker in an app, photos can be selected from iCloud Drive or some other source. Of course, this was just a small part of the entire Apple’s iOS 9 keynote.

iOS 9’s Keyboard Updates

The keyboard has also received some improvements, there are new video recording options, a new way to access contacts (by swiping left on the home screen from the Proactive menu), the ability to add email attachments to the messages in the Mail app (this sources documents from iCloud Drive) and much, much more.

What do you think about new iOS 9 features,especially the iCloud Drive? Share your thoughts on the keynote with us in the comments below this article.

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