Google Search Now Streams Apps from the Cloud When Not Installed on Phone

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Google Search for mobile is getting a big makeover! Namely, mobile apps will no longer have to have matching web versions to be indexed by its search engine.

Another new tidbit Google has added is that, when it finds in-app content that points to a mobile application the user doesn’t have installed on his or her phone, Google will offer them the option to “stream” the app.

Google Search Won’t Lead to a Functional Mobile Web Version of the App

These “streamed” apps that users find through Google search on their smartphones essentially run on virtual machines located on Google’s cloud (of course), and they work pretty much the same as native applications, responding to the user’s taps, for instance.

What this won’t do is take the user to a working mobile web version of the application.

There are Already Takers

The new streaming option for Google search for mobiles and improved app indexing is slowly getting out, but it is not yet enabled everywhere. Instead, Google decided to give it a little “test ride” through a small group of “handpicked” launch partners such as:

  • My Horoscope
  • Chimani
  • Useful Knots
  • New York Subway
  • Hotel Tonight 

These, and a few others. were the first to show interest in testing Google’s new app index when it was announced at Google I/O this May.

Google’s been Indexing Apps for a While Now

With users steadily migrating from desktop computers to mobile, Google realizes that its Google search could become history if it does not shift to where the users are – smartphones to be precise. 

Google mobile

Because of this, Google is already indexing mobile apps and it’s been doing this for the last two years. At the moment, Google has thousands of applications indexed, which means their content can appear in Google search results. This enables it to point users to apps that are relevant to their search queries.

What do you think about the changes Google is making to its app indexing and Google search? Share your thoughts and ask us questions in the comments below.

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