Fugue Cloud Management Tool Launched for AWS

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Fugue (pronounced few-g) has launched what it calls the “first cloud-native technology that manages the full lifecycle of cloud infrastructure to enterprise IT standards.”

Fugue’s cloud management tool is currently available for Amazon Web Services, but the company plans to extend support to other cloud providers shortly. 

Fugue was launched in 2013, to provide businesses with fundamental management tools for cloud infrastructure operations.

CEO and one of the co-founders, Josh Stella, previously worked for Amazon Web Services as a Principal Architect.

Fugue Cloud Management Tool

The cloud-native tool is designed entirely to automate deployment, operations, and enforcement of cloud infrastructures at scale.

It is designed to be a foundational layer for cloud-based enterprise applications, coming from the cloud and services that automate deployment and management of middleware, databases, and other services that support applications.

It consists of two main components:

♦ Fugue Compositions – Ludwig, a modular compiled language designed for declaring cloud infrastructure and policies as code, is used by enterprise IT groups to establish a set of cloud infrastructure libraries; for specific cloud application requirements. The libraries are shareable across the company, assuring consistency in resource consumption

♦ Fugue Conductor – The orchestration engine runs within a customer’s cloud account, and operates as the core of cloud environments, by automating and enforcing infrastructure and policies continuously. Controlled by the Fugue CLI, this component checks running resources and reconfigures them according to Ludwig’s definitions if inconsistencies occur.

Senior DevOps Engineer at Excella Consulting, Michael Barbine, stated:

Fugue’s continuous policy enforcement capabilities in production alleviate cloud adoption blockers and deliver the agility and control that our customers require. Fugue will help our customers fully realize the power of the cloud

News From The AWS Summit

Held in New York on Thursday, the AWS Summit featured news on several new products and services including:

AWS logo
  • Availability of Amazon’s Kinesis Analytics
  •  New Application Load Balancer
  •  New Import Key Feature for Key Management Service
  • New APIs for Snowball
  •  Amazon API Gateway Support for API Usage Plans
  •  Price Drop on EBS Snapshots and More IOPS Per Volume
  •  IPv6 Support for Amazon S3
  •  ECS Support for  Dynamic Ports

What do you think of Fugue’s attempts to get ahead with AWS? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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