End of the Unlimited Storage Plan at SOS Online Backup

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SOS Online Backup recently changed its pricing plans, bringing an end to the unlimited storage plan, and changing to tiered plans for business and personal users.

The end of the unlimited data plan was confirmed by sales representatives of the company.

The change was not widely announced  to the public, but seems to have taken place in early April or late March, according to website changes noted on Internet Archive.

End of the Unlimited Storage Plan

As late as April 9, the site had listed unlimited cloud storage for $79.99 a year, the pricing and features page of the site has now been changed, to reflect the new tiered plans.  

No official word about the end of the unlimited storage plan was found on the new site, but SOS has been contacted for a statement. 

New Tiered Plans

New tiered plans for business and personal use are listed below.  

The business plan starts at $29.99 a month or $299.99 a year for 100GB of storage, the highest amount of storage space available is 2TB for $379.99 a month or $3799.99 a year, features included in the business plan are:

  • Unlimited PCs, Macs and Mobile
  •  Supports MS SQL, Exchange & SharePoint
  •  Premier installation service
  •  Satisfies regulatory requirements
  • Optional backup to multiple data centers
  •  24/7 priority phone support

The personal plan starts at $4.99 a month or $44.99 a year for 50GB of storage space,  the 1TB storage plan is $39.99 a month or $399.99 a year, included features are:

  • Up to 5 PCs & Macs, unlimited mobiles
  • Chat support only (no server support)
  •  Triple layer 256-bit encryption and optional private encryption key
  •  No limits on number of files, size or type
  •  External hard drive and network attached storage (NAS) backup

The change follows a similar reduction in space by OneDrive in November 2015, that change was revisited somewhat, following protests by users. While plans remained the same overall, there were tweaks by OneDrive in an effort to appease unhappy customers.  

Price Plan
$ 4 99monthly
$ 44 99yearly
$ 7 99monthly
$ 79 99yearly
$ 9 99monthly
$ 99 99yearly
$ 12 99monthly
$ 129 99yearly
$ 20 99monthly
$ 199 99yearly
$ 39 99monthly
$ 399 99yearly
$ 159 99monthly
$ 1599 99yearly
$ 299 99monthly
$ 2999 99yearly
Storage 50 GB 100 GB 150 GB 250 GB 500 GB 1000 GB 5000 GB 10000 GB

It remains to be seen whether something similar will happen with SOS Online Backup. This article will be updated if and when a statement is received from the company, on the unlimited storage plan’s ending.

In the meanwhile, feel free to comment about the story in the section below.

One thought on “End of the Unlimited Storage Plan at SOS Online Backup”

  1. I was an SOS Online backup customer for three years. They did not notify me of the plan change when it was made, but recently contacted me to let me know that I needed to upgrade my account or it would be terminated. They tried to force me to buy yearly coverage by saying that the monthly plan was not an option for me. After extensive negotiations, they were willing to do a monthly plan but then two days later, charged my credit card for the yearly amount. It took three phone calls to get a refund approved for the extra amount of the yearly plan. I asked them to cancel my plan at the end of the month since they refused to refund the monthly amount. Instead they cancelled my plan early, and I didn’t even get a full month of storage.

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