Egnyte CEO Speaks Out About EMC Partnership

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EMC recently removed file-sharing company Egnyte from its Tech Connect partner program. Prompted when Egnyte issued a press release unapproved by EMC.

EMC vs. Egnyte 

Early last week Egnyte’s press release went out announcing that EMC VNX users could now share stored files on the cloud through integration changing VNX enterprise storage into a file services solution. We reported on this whole situation last week, “EMC Ends Partnership With Egnyte Over Unapproved Press Release.

Egnyte CEO, Vineet Jain defended the press release claiming that it didn’t need approval as it only concerned their product. He also thinks that Egnyte may have been released from the partner program so EMC could protect its own file-sharing product, Syncplicity. Box certain doesn’t disapprove this development being one of the major competitors for Egnyte. We have prepared a comparison of Egnyte vs Box in an article for your reference.

“We got compared by the press vis-a-vis Syncplicity and, now it’s my judgment over someone’s else’s, but overall we appear to be a much stronger solution. This [Syncplicity] is a classic file sync and share product and I’ve always said file sync and share is a very good product, but not enough for the enterprise use cases: it only provides a sliver of what an enterprise needs.”

The future of EMC and Egnyte is still unclear. Jain has a strong belief that the success of existing cloud vendors like Dropbox mean companies in the enterprise market must accept and embrace hybrid solutions offered through partnerships. He commented:

“[The] on-premise storage market is definitely being impacted by the migration to the cloud, and we represent the hybrid story, a good additive on top of on-premise rather than taking out on-premise and moving everything to the cloud.”

In response to Egnyte’s comments about the partnership, a spokesman for EMC made this statement:

“Egnyte has been making statements around its relationship with EMC that are not reflective of how EMC sees that relationship. They have been made aware of that but we have decided to go our separate ways. Best of luck to them.”

For the companies involved this is a challenging and frustrating time, but for those of us watching, do you think this is the end of a partnership as a whole or beginning of a dramatic break-up?

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