CommVault Makes Simpana for Endpoint Data Protection Made Public

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The New Jersey-based data protection software company, CommVault, went public yesterday with a new backup app, called Simpana for Endpoint Data Protection

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What Does Simpana for Endpoint Data Protection Offer?

The new app should help businesses backup their desktop, laptop and mobile devices and incorporates different features that companies could use in order to satisfy their own needs.

Simpana for Endpoint Data Protection supports automated backups with source-side de-duplication and bandwidth throttling. In addition, it also allows users to access their secure data through either of these three: 

  • Native Windows Explorer integration.
  • Web portal.
  • Mobile application.

Easier File Access and Cooperation, Well Protected Data

Companies can work together and access their files safely, thanks to a file sharing element of Simpana. What this means is that there is no longer a need for consumer cloud services.

In addition, Simpana for Endpoint Data Protection also keeps important and delicate data from unauthorized and prying eyes, thanks to its remote wipe abilities and selective encryption.

Rama Kolappan, head of Mobile Business Unit at CommVault ,said the following about the new endpoint data protection app:

“We are excited to bring Endpoint Data Protection to market with an expanded new feature set and pricing structure that will give customers flexible options in how they want to tackle the growing challenges and complexities around data management beyond IT’s traditional reach.”

CommVault’s senior director also added:

“With data breaches continuing to make headlines and wreaking havoc on corporate reputations, our new solution set is able to give organizations the ‘piece of mind’ of knowing their data is protected while freeing employees access to information residing withing IT.”

CommVault Enters Partnership with NetApp

Simpana for Endpoint Data Protection comes just a day or two following CommVault’s Backup App with NetApp.

The combined effort of CommVault and NetApp uses Simpana’s software and E-Series storage systems from NetApp to offer around 288 TBs for de-duplicated backup capacity.

NetApp appliance

What do you think off ComVault’s efforts in endpoint data protection? Join the discussion on the new Simpana update and the partnership between CommVault and NetApp–below.

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