Cloud storage is more than just a place to store data..

Cheap storage technologies have yielded to a whole new field of applications that aim towards making our lives easier, better and sometimes more pleasurable.

So what are actually the coolest things you can do with it? This top ten guide goes simple file data storage. In this article we’ll cover some great ideas you can do with your new cloud storage freedom.

Store Passwords in the Cloud

If you read our reviews you may know that we think security is very important, especially with our day-to-day internet use. Too many people just use one single password for all their accounts. Now imagine some resourceful hacker had cracked this password and has access to everything you do online.

Horrific, right? That’s why we recommend using a password management program. Those programs will generate and store unique passwords in one single place  (cloud or local). You only have to memorize a master password which will give you access to all  your passwords.

Here, we almost exclusively use 1Password– which we believe is one of the best. 

  • Pro Tip: Use 1Password together with Dropbox to sync your passwords across multiple computers. That way, you’ll have your passwords always with you – even on mobile!

Share Photo Albums in the Cloud

you own a digital camera and I presume it’s fun taking a lot photos with it, especially when on vacation. Wouldn’t it be nice to share memories directly with your relatives?

SugarSync is a nice way to do that because not only can you sync your files across multiple machines but also create photo albums that you can share with anybody. 

Organize Your To-Do Lists

To-Do lists can be very helpful to help organize and prioritize your day, provided you really stick to them and  avoid clutter. Regardless of how you use your to-do’s there are multiple ways to organize your lists via the cloud.

There are some tools that work exclusively in the cloud as a web app, others which can be downloaded and synced to your to-do’s via Dropbox. Our team uses Wunderlist to organize our daily tasks.

The beauty is that it syncs automatically across devices without the need of another syncing program.

Manage Your Thoughts

Sometimes ideas hit at random places. While jogging, on a train, or even on the toilet. It would be a shame to lose those precious ideas for your next project or your novel you’re working on.

Evernote can be a great way (with the correct precautions in place) to capture the most important highlights of the day. Not only can you take text notes virtually anything can be stored audio, images, videos and files.

Basically, anything that triggers a memory or your creativity for later use. And the good thing is that it syncs automatically to multiple devices – just like Wunderlist.

  • Pro Tip: It can even replace Wunderlist because To-Do’s can also managed with it.

Share Your Music With iTunes

We love iTunes! Apple made it very simple to access music from anywhere. You can enable Home Sharing or Music Sharing to make an iTunes library available in your network.

There are even some tools which make files available when you’re away. And there are several other tools available for backing up iTunes.

  • Pro Tip: You can use a NAS to access your iTunes library, creating a personal own media server. 

Combine Your Cloud Storage Services into Single One

So, you are an avid cloud user,  and enjoy several cloud storage accounts like DropboxGoogle Drive and OneDrive and a whole lot more.

It is very tedious, however, having to access multiple services one by one to access certain files.

Fortunately, there are some solutions which the process a  whole lot easier. Services like Cloudz, for example. Cloudz gives you one interface from which to access all your files from different cloud storage services.

Get Creative with Mind Maps

Mindmeister is a great way to use mind maps and with cloud storage, you can access maps from any device. We use it everyday to organize our thoughts on new articles that we could write or structure a new project.

There is a free version that you can try out, but it’s limited to one map only. Also, you can collaborate with other people on maps to become even more productive. 

Setup a Private ownCloud Server

If you don’t want to rely on an external service provider and are worried about file security, then building your own cloud storage and syncing solution might be a good option.

There is a good open-source file sync and sharing solution called ownCloud. They give full control over where your files are stored and who gets access to what. 

  • Pro Tip: Make sure you’re a little tech savvy because setup is not quite easy. If you don’t like fiddling around, then maybe go with a commercial solution. 

Use Dropbox as a Web Server

Dropbox is more than file sync, and third-party apps that make it even more awesome are popping up every other day.

Did you know it is possible to use Dropbox as your private web host? Yes! With a little app which is as easy as pie. Droppages allows you to do just that. 

Starts from $ 825 per month for 1000 GB
Save 17 %

Use Google Drive for Document Management

Google Drive is a wonderful solution if you’re planing larger projects alongside several teams. You can organize folders and spreadsheets while giving access to people, so that everybody can see changes in real time.

We use it everyday to make forecasts or to plan our next article. Also, you can comment on documents and make changes on the fly. The only thing that is missing are email notifications whenever somebody added a document to a folder.

Starts from $ 167 per month for 100 GB
Free plan available Save 16 %


Well, there you have our top ten coolest things which can be done with cloud storage, have any cool ideas you’d like to share with us, don’t hesitate to drop us a hint or tip in the comments below.

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