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Igor Kurtz

Igor Kurtz

Fact-checking editor

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Igor Kurtz is a fact-checking editor for

Background & Education

Igor Kurtz is a fact checker at Cloudwards. With a robust foundation of 3 years in customer support, including a managerial tenure, and 2 years deep-diving into SEO, Igor has developed a keen eye for accuracy that is critical in the tech-focused realms of VPNs and cloud services.

His previous experience at MyTrendyPhone and other fact-checking roles have honed his ability to identify and correct discrepancies, ensuring that content not only meets but exceeds the expectations for precision and trustworthiness.

When not engrossed in the latest software tools or entertainment platforms, Igor indulges in his passion for music, enjoys weightlifting and feeling the freedom on the road riding motorcycles.

Igor’s educational journey is as diverse as his professional one. He is a trained printing technician and has honed his artistic side with classical singing education. Although he has not pursued additional certifications in writing or tech, his practical experience has equipped him with the skills necessary for his current role.

Igor’s blend of technical savvy, methodical rigor and creative flair makes him an invaluable asset to the Cloudwards team and our audience.

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