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Woelkli is an excellent cloud storage service that offers protection, ease of use and speed. However, this comes with the downside that plans have little flexibility and are quite pricey. Read our full Woelkli review for the details.

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Starts from $ 755 per month for 10 GB
Free plan available
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Woelkli is based on Nextcloud, which is software that helps you build and maintain your own cloud storage. Building your own cloud has advantages, such as giving you control over it and enabling you to keep your privacy intact. If you’re interested in such IT acrobatics, read our best DIY cloud storage tools article.

Woelkli is headquartered in Switzerland, which has some of the best privacy laws in the world. Because it’s based on Nextcloud, the service has strong security capabilities. Plus, it’s set of native apps and integrations make it a good option for those looking to collaborate.

The web client works well and it’s intuitive and attractive. The same can be said for the mobile app, but the desktop client needs work. Woelkli has strong security features, such as zero-knowledge encryption. Its sync speed is fast, too. Pricing isn’t among its strengths, though.

Woelkli is one of the most expensive services on the market. That, coupled with the fact that it doesn’t offer a lot of storage, makes it a bad value.

In Woelkli review, we’re going to go into the details about the service, so stick with us if you want to know more about it. Otherwise, consult our best cloud storage comparison for alternatives.

Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Fast
  • Decent for sharing
  • Zero-knowledge
  • Swiss privacy laws


  • Expensive
  • Bland desktop client
  • Document editors aren’t free
  • No block-level sync
  • No support for free customers

Alternatives for Woelkli

cloudwards rating
$ per month
top features


88% - Very Good

The core features of any cloud storage solution are sync and share. Syncing to the cloud helps you avoid losing files to hard drive malfunctions and share helps you send them to other people. We’ll look more into how Woelkli tackles those in a section below. Here, we’re going to look at features that aren’t common among cloud storage services.

Woelkli doesn’t integrate with Office Online or Google’s office suite, but it does work with their counterparts, OnlyOffice Online Editor and Collabora Online Office. Those services overlap on many functions, but they differ in regard to supported formats. Depending on the formats you use, you’ll only need one of them.

That’s fortunate because you have to pay to integrate them with Woelkli. Collabora Online Office is $20.12 per month for 20 simultaneous connections. OnlyOffice Online Editor Community Edition provides the same number of connections for the same price. OnlyOffice Online Editor Enterprise Edition offers 50 connections for $80.49 per month.

You can find services that don’t require you to pay for online editors on our list of the best cloud storage for collaboration.

You can preview photos in a nice, basic previewer that’s easy to use. The web app also lets you create albums and share them with your friends and family. You can play videos, too. If you need to store a lot of photos and videos, read our guide to the best online storage for photos and videos.

If you need more options, including offline photo organizers, read our best photo management software article.

Woelkli doesn’t hit all the marks when it comes to multimedia because it can’t play audio files, so music enthusiasts should consult our best cloud storage for music list for an alternative service.

Versioning is available, though. It lets you roll back your files to a previous version if you make a mistake or there’s corruption because of ransomware.

Woelkli comes with an integrated Notes app that you can access from the web client. Its options are basic so it can’t match the apps in our best note-taking apps article. Microsoft OneNote integrates with Microsoft OneDrive and is the top pick on that list. Read more about it in our Microsoft OneDrive review.

You can also work with tasks using the Tasks app. It lets you create, edit and synchronize them. Plus, you can set reminders, mark tasks as important and add comments to them. Tasks can be shared among users who belong to the same multi-user account.

Woelkli works with WebDAV, so you can access your files without having to synchronize them. Using WebDAV you will access your account as a remote drive so that you can get to them without having to download them locally. That’s useful when you need to save space. If you’re unfamiliar with WebDav, read our WebDAV guide.

If you have a lot of contacts and need a way to save them you can use the Contacts app. Besides saving them, you can organize and synchronize them between your desktop and mobile devices. You can do the same for events using the Calendar app. If you have a lot of files you can search through them using the search bar.


40% - Terrible

Woelkli has a 1GB free storage plan which doesn’t make it fit to join the services in our best free cloud storage article. That said, it’s enough to get a feel for the service and decide if it works for you.

Level C1
  • Free plan
  • 1 GB Storage
Level CB
  • 10 GB Storage
1-year plan $ 7.55 / month
$90.55 billed every year
Level C2
  • 50 GB Storage
1-year plan $ 15.09 / month
$181.10 billed every year
Level C3
  • 200 GB Storage
1-year plan $ 32.70 / month
$392.39 billed every year
Level C4
  • 500 GB Storage
1-year plan $ 57.85 / month
$694.23 billed every year
Level C5
  • 10 GB Storage
1-year plan $ 33.54 / month
$402.45 billed every year
Level C6
  • 100 GB Storage
1-year plan $ 41.92 / month
$503.07 billed every year
Level C7
  • 500 GB Storage
1-year plan $ 83.01 / month
$996.08 billed every year

Prices for single-user and multi-user plans doesn’t include a 7.7 percent VAT. Single-user subscription plans are among the most expensive on the market.

For 10GB of storage space, you have to dish out $7.54. pCloud Premium 2TB provides 2TB of storage space for the equivalent of $8 per month if you pay for a year upfront. Read more about it in our pCloud review.

Woelkli’s next plan, Level C2, doubles the price and increases your storage five times to a puny 50GB. Its other plans don’t do much better.

Business plans are expensive, too, and don’t offer sufficient storage for business needs. The first plan starts at 10GB for $402.45 per year, or $33.53 per month, which might be enough for a single business user who mostly works with documents. Level C6 provides 100GB, but it’s $8 per month more. The biggest plan gives you 500GB and costs $83 per month.

Getting unlimited users for a fixed price is a good deal, but Woelkli doesn’t provide much storage. With many users in play, what little storage is offers will run out fast. Other business cloud storage services let you pay per user, which can be more expensive if you have a lot of them, but it’s also more flexible. They offer more storage space, too.

One such service is Sync.com. Its Business Pro plan costs $5 per user and provides each with 1TB of space. You can read more about Sync.com’s plans in our Sync.com review. If you have a lot of users who need to collaborate, it’s best to consult our best enterprise file sync and share providers list, though.

If you don’t know what features you need, our best cloud storage guide will help you choose a service.

Ease of Use

80% - Good

Woekli’s web client is attractive, intuitive and easy to use. It’s also fast. Once you access it, you’ll see your files in a list or grid view. That’s because the Files app is selected by default. You can switch between apps using the list in the top left corner. The apps on it can show you your activities, galleries, contacts, calendar, notes and tasks.

When you’re in the Files app, the menu on the left lets you navigate between all files, recent files, favorites and shares. The top right corner holds the the account menu, notifications, contacts and the search bar, which starts the search as soon as you start typing.

The plus button lets you upload files or create a folder or text file. You can upload using drag and drop, too, but it didn’t always work for us. To perform actions on an individual file, you need to click the three dots and select an action. That’s a fine approach, but we prefer the faster method of right-clicking a file or folder.

You can do the same for multiple files or folders by selecting them and choosing an action from the top.

Using the desktop client is another matter because Woelkli is based on Nextcloud, and that requires you to perform additional steps. Once you’ve installed Nextcloud, you need to connect to Woelkli. You do that by entering the Woelkli server address, your username and your password. Guides for different operating systems are available on this page.

Though the steps for connecting are simple, some mainstream users might prefer a more straightforward approach. You can get one with MEGA, which offers a good user experience, regardless of the client you use. Learn more about it in our MEGA review.

Woelkli’s client follows the common model of sync that Dropbox developed, which means it has a system tray icon and a sync folder. You can right-click the tray icon to open the menu which lets you open the Nextcloud sync folder or the web client. You can also access apps from the web client, see your recent changes and pause sync from the same menu.

Once you open the client, you can see which connection you have established. In this case, it’s a single connection to Woelkli. The app is easy to navigate using the tabs at the top, which show you your connections, activities, general settings and network settings.

The smartphone app is similar to apps from other cloud storage services. Once you open it you see a list of all your files and folders, as well as a plus icon that lets you upload files, take a photo and upload it and upload content from other apps.

You can use the burger icon on the left to access your shares, notifications, photos, set up automatic uploads, view deleted files and more.

File Sharing & Syncing

80% - Good

You can share files using the web, desktop or mobile clients. The web client lets you share files by inviting users and setting appropriate permissions and options. You can do the same when you generate a link. The only file permission is “can edit,” but you can disable downloads, which emulates the “view only” permission. Folders use the same options.

We would prefer to have permission options in a separate window to make it easier for users to set them up.

You can enhance the protection of files by setting a password or expiry date, too. You can also attach a note to the recipient. If you don’t need a download link anymore, you can delete it.

The “shares” page shows what you’ve shared with others, what others have shared with you, what you’ve shared by link and your deleted shares.

To share folders or files using the desktop client, go into the sync folder and right-click the file or folder you want to share. Then, select one of the options corresponding to Nextcloud from the menu. You can copy your link to clipboard, send it via email or share from the client directly, which enables you to use the same options from the web client.

Keep in mind that sharing directly requires you to have contacts on Nextcloud.

The mobile app lets you create a link to copy and paste it or invite users or groups. You can also use any compatible application from your smartphone to send a share link.

You can use the desktop client to sync every file or folder from the cloud or just a few. Plus, you can select which folders from your file system you want to sync to the cloud. It’s easy to do either operation, but they could be done in a more elegant manner.

We tried to sync our test folder, but we received an error that said we didn’t have enough storage space, even though we did. We didn’t experience the same issue uploading through the web client. Other files besides our test folder were synced without a problem. To see how other cloud storage services handle sharing, read our best cloud storage for sharing article.


88% - Very Good

Woelkli keeps your files on servers in Switzerland. Because of that, your transfer speed will depend not only on your internet service provider, but also on how close you are to the alpine meadows.

We were relatively close compared to most of the world when we performed our tests over an Ethernet connection in Belgrade, Serbia, with an upload speed of 6 megabits per second and a download speed of 100 Mbps.

Upload took more time than it should have in theory and and averaged 25 minutes, which is still quite fast. The download speed was even better, clocking an average of one minute and 20 seconds, which is among the best test results we’ve had.

 First attempt: Second attempt:Average:
Upload time00:25:0000:25:3200:25:16
Download time00:01:1800:01:2100:01:20

By default, Woelkli uploads and downloads files without restricting bandwidth. If you’re on a limited plan or just need to restrict bandwidth to increase your system resources, you can throttle your speeds by going to the client’s “network” tab.

Woelkli doesn’t use block-level sync because that would interfere with its zero-knowledge implementation.


88% - Very Good

Having good security isn’t optional because the internet has a lot of cybercriminals. Woelkli’s security is based on Nextcloud’s security features, which are formidable. Chief among them is zero-knowledge encryption, which means Woelkli can’t read your files. To find other zero-knowledge services, read our best zero-knowledge cloud storage services article.

By default, Woelkli disables password recovery to be consistent with its zero-knowledge requirements. If you want to be able to recover your password, you have to enable the ability to do so on the “security” page of your account settings. If you do that, though, you won’t be protected by private encryption anymore.

Woelkli uses the TLS protocol to protect files in-transit from transgressions, such as man-in-the-middle attacks, and AES 256-bit encryption, which scrambles your files at-rest.

Woelkli has two-factor authentication, too. It’s a great feature to stop malicious individuals who’ve stolen your password from accessing your account. You can also request a password and a time-based one-time key to log in. That said, you shouldn’t rely on it. Instead, you should make sure you have a strong password, to begin with.

Pro users can have their files scanned using ClamAV to protect their devices from viruses, trojans and more.


80% - Good

Oriented.net owns Woelkli, and its privacy policy says that the collection of personal information is only required when you submit a request via one of its application forms, call to learn more about its services or products or communicate with its technical support.

Oriented.net doesn’t sell or disclose personal information to third-party affiliates or non-affiliates under any circumstance, except when required by law to protect its rights and property.

Because Woelkli’s based on Nextcloud, we checked Nextcloud’s privacy policy, too. It says Nextcloud Files, which is the foundation of Woelkli, only communicates with servers and doesn’t send data to nextcloud.com.

Nextcloud is also compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation, the umbrella privacy law for EU citizens. You can learn more about it in our GDPR guide.

Because Woelkli uses private encryption, meaning your files are encrypted with your own private encryption key, it doesn’t have access to the content of your files. Plus, it says it doesn’t share any personal information that you provide with third parties.

Private encryption is the best way to ensure your privacy, but we would still like to see a dedicated privacy policy that’s detailed and easy to read, so users could make sure what kind of information Woelkli collects and how it uses it. A good example of such a policy is Tresorit’s privacy policy. You can read more about it in our Tresorit review.

Customer Service

77% - Good

Woelkli doesn’t offer support to free users, but it provides phone and email support during business hours to Pro users. Before contacting Woelkli directly you can use its FAQ and the Nextcloud user manual to figure out the answer to your issue. The FAQ is terse but easy to read, and it’ll help you with common issues. Answers with images or videos would be helpful, though.

The Nextcloud manual is divided into categories to make it easier to find answers to your questions. If that doesn’t help, there’s a search bar on the left that you can use. We wanted to see dedicated articles for Woelkli, though, like many other cloud storage services have, though.

We contacted technical support as a free user and got a response after a couple of days. That’s a slow response, but it’s to be expected considering Woelkli says it doesn’t provide support on the free plan.

The Verdict

Woelkli is a strong service with several drawbacks. It has decent customer service, including email and phone support. Those two options are only available to paying customers, though. Paid plans are Woelkli’s biggest flaw because it’s one of the most expensive services on the market.

We could say the price is justified considering its strong set of features, but that would be turning a blind eye to services that match or exceed its features without making you pay an arm and a leg and provide free collaboration add-ons. That said, it’s great that Woelkli offers private encryption, along with other security features. Its transfer speeds are excellent, too.

Good sharing and content control capabilities are available, too, as are the necessary sync features. Woelkli’s user experience is satisfactory, as well, with the web client being a breeze to use.

What do you think about Woelkli? Does it justify its high price or are you going to go for a solution with better value? You can consult our cloud storage reviews to find one. Let us know what you think in the comments below. Thank you for reading.

Starts from$ 755per month for 10 GB


Sync Folder
Block-Level Sync
Selective Sync
Bandwidth management
Sync Any Folder

File Sharing

File Link Sharing
Link Passwords
Link Expiry Dates
Folder Sharing
Folder Permissions
Link Download Limits
Upload Links


File Previews
Edit Files
In-App Collaboration
Office Online
Google Docs
Notes App
Media Playback
Mobile Apps
Deleted File Retention


At-Rest Encryption
In-Transit Encryption
Encryption Protocol
AES 256-bit
Zero Knowledge
Two-Factor Authentication
Server Location


24/7 Support
Live Chat Support
Telephone Support
Email Support
User Forum


Free Plan

Woelkli Review

A very good, but very expensive provider.

Woelkli is an excellent cloud storage service that offers protection, ease of use and speed. However, this comes with the downside that plans have little flexibility and are quite pricey. Read our full Woelkli review for the details.
Starts from$ 755per month for 10 GB
Visit Woelkli
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