Space is a valuable thing no matter the career, industry or position. Desk space, parking space, storage space – there’s never enough of it and there’s always too much stuff to fit in the space. 

So, give your hard drive a break by using online storage: here’s how.

Hard drives, especially, are the type of space, which is a standard part of any computer that can fill up quickly with documents, photos and videos. The next thing you know, you are running out of space and have nowhere to keep newly created content. 

The Online Storage Solution

Online or cloud storage can be utilized to free up space on your hard drive and securely store any and all digital files. Individuals who are looking for a reasonably priced and easy solution to insufficient hard drive space have a plethora of options when it comes to online storage.

Including Google DriveMEGADropbox, SpiderOak ONE and many more. When choosing an online storage provider, make sure to consider how much storage you need, additional necessary features (syncing, sharing) and the amount you want to spend on a service.

Implementing The Cloud

It’s all easy once you have picked a provider. Most cloud storage companies have user-friendly interfaces. As a guide, here are the five steps to use MEGA when freeing up some of the valuable space on your hard drive.

1. Visit the MEGA website and in the top right hand corner, click “Create Account”

2. Enter in your information and click the red arrow that says “Create Account”

3. When you receive the confirmation email from MEGA, click the red button that reads “Activate Account” then enter your username and password

4. Select the account type you would like

 5. You will see this MEGA screen from within you web browser.

6. To transfer a file from your desktop to MEGA, all you have to do is click the file and drag in onto the gray cloud. The file will upload and be stored online and in a viewable, sortable list

Once it is safely stored through MEGA, up to 50GB for free, you can now delete the files that you have uploaded from your desktop. As you choose documents, pictures, and more to upload into MEGA slowly but surely, you will start to see the amount of available space increase on your hard drive.

  • You can earn more free storage, but it expires
  • 15 GB Storage
Pro Lite
  • 1TB transfer
  • 200 GB Storage
Pro II
  • 2TB transfer
  • 1000 GB Storage
  • 8TB transfer
  • 4000 GB Storage
Pro IV
  • 16TB transfer
  • 8000 GB Storage

This gives you the opportunity to download more applications or create more: documents, presentations, spreadsheets and photos. Online storage is also beneficial because if your computer crashes or gets stolen, you still have access to your documents that are stored online and in the cloud.

Why Choose Online Storage?

Many companies, small and large, utilize cloud storage because it is the safest and easiest way to store information. If an office building gets flooded, all the paper documents are destroyed. Servers and hard drives can also be fried and most likely be irreparable. All of that stored information can be lost.

However, if documents were kept via online storage, they can be accessed and recovered when the office building is repaired and employees return to work. The ever-expanding cloud market has so many options when it comes to online storage. Depending on your needs and budget, you will most likely be able to find the platform you need in order to empty your local hard drive.


You’ve seen how easy it is to upload files quickly and safely to MEGA. Keep the space on your hard drive open and securely store all the digital documents from your computer by taking advantage of online or cloud storage today.

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How do you use the cloud to free up space on your own hard drive? Share your tips an d tricks with us in the comments below, and thanks for reading!

Starts from $ 569 per month for 200 GB
Free plan available
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