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ThunderDrive Review

This review as a whole has not been updated since September 2019, but after several reports by readers, both in the comments below and per email, we have decided to withdraw our already tentative recommendation of ThunderDrive. There are simply too many issues with its speeds, pricing policy and support for us to continue like nothing is up with this provider. 

Branko Vlajin
By Branko Vlajin (Writer)
— Last Updated: 2023-01-23T14:30:09+00:00

Editor’s Note Feb. 10, 2020

This review as a whole has not been updated since September 2019, but after several reports by readers, both in the comments below and per email, we have decided to withdraw our already tentative recommendation of ThunderDrive. There are simply too many issues with its speeds, pricing policy and support for us to continue like nothing is up with this provider.

We have a a new version of this review in the editorial calendar and hope to have that to you soon. For now, all ratings have been set to “50” so the star rating isn’t too high for this questionable service.

— Fergus O’Sullivan, chief editor

ThunderDrive is a cloud storage service that seems as though it rushed its way onto the market. It lacks critical features, such as desktop and mobile clients, but those are in the works. Other features that are missing are two-factor authentication, private encryption and file versioning. Plus, it’s lacking help articles and tutorials, which would help you fix any issues you encounter.

As if this wasn’t enough, ThunderDrive doesn’t offer a free plan or a trial, which is plain strange considering this is common practice for other services on the market. If you don’t want to spend any money, read our best cloud storage with large free plans roundup. Most of the services on it are featured in our best cloud storage comparison.

Still, ThunderDrive isn’t without its upsides. It has pricing plans that rival the top services on the market, a strong privacy policy that will satisfy even the most demanding users, hardened data centers will keep your data safe from intruders and fast transfer speeds.

Stick with us if you want to see how ThunderDrive fares in our eight different categories below.

Alternatively, you can check out our best Thunderdrive alternative pCloud with 10GB free storage space.

Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Strong privacy policy
  • Hardened data centers
  • Simple & fast web client
  • Quick transfer speeds
  • Great value


  • No file versioning
  • No block-level sync
  • No desktop app
  • No mobile app
  • No two-factor authentication
  • No private encryption
  • Lackluster customer service

Alternatives for ThunderDrive

  1. 1
    • :
    • :
    • :
    • :
    1000 GB - Unlimited GB starts from $6 / month (All Plans)
  2. 2
    • :
    • :
    • :
    • :
    - Unlimited GB starts from $4.17 / month (save 25%) (All Plans)
  3. 3
    • :
    • :
    • :
    • :
    150 GB - 10 TB starts from $1.67 / month (save 39%) (All Plans)14-day money-back guarantee
  4. 4
    • :
    • :
    • :
    • :
    100 GB - 30 TB starts from $1.67 / month (save 16%) (All Plans)
  5. 5
    • :
    • :
    • :
    • :
    - 5 TB starts from $9.99 / month (save 17%) (All Plans)


50 % – Poor

ThunderDrive is a rare beast, not because its quality features make it stand out, but because it lacks even the standard ones. We could attribute that to the fact that ThunderDrive seems to be a work in progress, but Icedrive is also new and checks more boxes. To see how Icedrive performs, read our Icedrive review.

The most obvious drawback of ThunderDrive is its lack of any kind of desktop or mobile app. You might say that moving everything online is a good choice, but having apps in addition to the web client is important. That said, according to ThunderDrive’s roadmap, the apps are scheduled to be released in the latter half of 2019.

Such apps let you automatically sync files in real time across devices, keeping files up-to-date and preventing you from having to do it manually. The mobile clients usually let you do the same while on the go.

All services in our best cloud storage guide have these apps, so check it out if you’re not keen on missing out on these staple features.

ThunderDrive doesn’t lack file sharing, though, so you can use it to share your online files with friends. That’s more convenient than using USB sticks, external drives or other devices to send them.

ThunderDrive lets you share via a link or invite people to your folder. We’ll talk more about these features in the sharing section below.


There’s a search bar that you can use to quickly find your file or folder. That’s a common feature, but we like how ThunderDrive lets you browse through the most common file types by selecting a type from the menu that opens beneath the search bar. You can also select to see only folders.

ThunderDrive can’t preview Office files, but it can do so for PDF files. It can’t edit files, either. That’s because it doesn’t integrate with Office Online, Google Docs or any other third-party document editor.

If you’re looking for a product that’s an online productivity powerhouse, you should give Box a try because it integrates with Office Online and Google’s Office Suite. You can read more about its productivity features in our Box review. If that doesn’t work for you, consult our best cloud storage for collaboration list.

It comes as no surprise that ThunderDrive doesn’t have an integrated notes app, either. If you need it, read our best note-taking apps article for ideas. The highest-ranked app that’s connected to a cloud storage service is Microsoft OneNote. If you want to learn more about it read our OneNote review.


ThunderDrive lets you preview images, but doesn’t offer features that let you do much else with them. If you need that, you can learn about these services on our best online storage for photos list.

ThunderDrive also doesn’t offer file versioning, which protects against ransomware or accidental file changes and deletions. If that’s a feature you require, read our best cloud storage for versioning roundup. You can also check out our ransomware protection tips.

ThunderDrive Features Overview

Sync Folder
Block-Level Sync
Selective Sync
Bandwidth management
Sync Any Folder
File Sharing
File Link Sharing
Link Passwords
Link Expiry Dates
Folder Sharing
Folder Permissions
Link Download Limits
Upload Links
File Previews
Edit Files
In-App Collaboration
Office Online
Google Docs
Notes App
Media Playback
Mobile Apps
Deleted File Retention
At-Rest Encryption
In-Transit Encryption
Encryption Protocol
Zero Knowledge
Two-Factor Authentication
Server LocationUS
24/7 Support
Live Chat Support
Telephone Support
Email Support
User Forum
Free Plan


50 % – Poor

ThunderDrive doesn’t have a free plan or even a trial, which is a rare approach for a cloud storage service to take. Asking users to subscribe on blind faith alone isn’t a good business strategy. That said, the two pricing plans somewhat make up for that miss.

The Pro plan lets you store up to 2TB of data for $10 per month, which amounts to $120 per year. However, you have to pay for a whole year, as there’s no monthly subscription option. ThunderDrive also doesn’t provide an annual discount, and you’re also limited to 2TB of monthly bandwidth.

If you don’t need so much space, you can choose to subscribe to the Personal plan, which gives you 500GB of storage and the same amount of bandwidth for $60 per year. If you find that ThunderDrive is a great fit, you can also subscribe to lifetime versions of the two plans. Pro Lifetime is $1,200, while Personal Lifetime is $600.

These prices can keep up with some of the most competitive services on the market, such as pCloud and We say “compete,” but ThunderDrive can’t match their value, even though the difference is slight.

pCloud has the same monthly prices, but gives you a discount if you pay for the whole year and doesn’t limit your bandwidth. Plus, pCloud’s lifetime prices are more affordable. You can learn more in our pCloud review.

Both of’s plans are cheaper than ThunderDrive’s. Also, like pCloud, has a free plan, which lets you test the service before subscribing. If you’re interested in, read our review.

Ease of Use

50 % – Poor

Considering that ThunderDrive has only a web client, it should work without a hitch, and it does. It’s also fast and easy to use. Similar to web clients from other services, it has a navigation bar along the left side, shows your files and folders in the center pane and gives you their details in its right sidebar.


The left sidebar lets you navigate between your drive, the content shared with you, recent and favorite items, and trash. You can also use its two buttons to upload files or create a folder.

You don’t have to use the cumbersome button to upload files. Instead, you can just drag-and-drop them. Once you do, you’ll see a transfer window that shows how much time the upload will need to complete. The timer is a nice touch, which not all services have.

The center pane enables you to preview files and folders in a list or grid view. Plus, you can toggle the information sidebar and execute actions, such as move, rename, copy, download and more.

As we’ve mentioned, such ease of use doesn’t extend to the desktop or mobile apps because ThunderDrive doesn’t have them. A workaround until the mobile app comes out is for you to access ThunderDrive using a web browser.

File Sharing & Syncing

50 % – Poor

File sharing and syncing are key cloud storage features because they determine how you’re going to upload your files to the cloud and then share them.

ThunderDrive lets you use its features to share while connected to the web, but sharing from your desktop and mobile is missing for obvious reasons. If sharing is important, and you’d like to have more options, including sharing from different devices, read our best cloud storage for sharing guide.


You can share files and folders from the web client by creating a shareable link. Before you do that, you can tweak the link to have an expiration date, password, disabled editing and disabled download. That’s a strong set of content control features. Once you create a link, you can copy and paste it or post it directly to Facebook, Twitter and Google+.


Sharing a folder requires you to right-click on a folder and choose the poorly named “manage people” option. After that, you will see a window that lets you enter the email addresses of the people you want to add and assign them permission levels, including “can edit,” “can download” and “can view.”

If this was a review of a complete product and not one that’s a work in progress, we would talk about the various desktop client sync options and how well they work. In this case, though, we can say that sync is non-existent. If you require syncing, consult our best cloud storage with sync comparison for some other options.


50 % – Poor

Information about ThunderDrive is sparse, and it wasn’t forthcoming about the location of their data centers. Still, the distance to the servers, presumably, didn’t impact our test results much. We performed our test through a Wi-Fi connection in Belgrade, Serbia, with an upload speed of 7.95Mbps and a download speed of 118.58Mbps.

First attempt:Second attempt:Average:
Upload time00:26:1200:19:1600:22:44
Download time00:02:0300:01:2800:01:46

Our upload time averaged 22 minutes and 44 seconds to upload our 1GB test test folder, which is about three minutes more than the time we would expect without overhead. The download speed was similar because it took about 30 seconds more than it should take in theory. Still, those are fine results.

ThunderDrive has no way to throttle transfer speeds to keep them from taking too much of your data plan, which is to be expected, considering there’s no desktop client. The same can be said about the lack of block-level file copying, either, which would help speed up the transfer of subsequent uploads.


50 % – Poor

ThunderDrive’s security section says that it uses at-rest and in-transit encryption (read our description of encryption article), but it doesn’t mention what kind. We asked support about it, but they referred us back to the security section.

Still, we hope that it uses AES 256-bit, as this is the encryption standard. We do know that ThunderDrive uses TLS/SSL to protect files in transit, and it uses HTTPS to protect your communication with its server.

Because they don’t have a desktop client, we also know that  ThunderDrive can’t provide private, end-to-end encryption. (If you’d like to know more information about that, read our article about zero-knowledge in the cloud and how it works.)

Encryption isn’t everything, because certain password fails can jeopardize even the most secure systems. That’s why two-factor authentication is important. If available and enabled, it requires you to enter a security code in addition to your login credentials when logging in from an unfamiliar computer. Unfortunately, ThunderDrive doesn’t provide it.

That said, ThunderDrive takes great care with how it stores your information in its data centers. It uses Tier-IV facilities that are redundant, and SOC-2 and ISO 27001 compliant. Data centers are staffed during the whole year and on-site security personnel protect against unauthorized entry.

Other security measures include security cameras, biometric readers and two-factor (or greater) authentication mechanisms that secure access to the building.

This is a strong set of measures that protect against physical intrusion. However, if the description of the software protection sounds vague, you can read about other services that are more forthcoming about their security methods in our most secure cloud storage roundup.


50 % – Poor

ThunderDrive doesn’t provide private encryption, which is the best way to ensure users’ privacy, so we have to rely on clauses in ThunderDrive’s privacy policy to help protect user rights. That said, right off the bat it is clear that it is compliant with EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.

It’s a law that fortified users’ privacy when it comes to online data. It’s mandatory for companies operating in the EU but many cloud storage providers that work around the globe comply with its requirements. If you want to learn more about it read our GDPR guide.

ThunderDrive collects your data as a result of your sharing of your data with it, for example when you enter information into a contact form. If you do enter your information in a contact form ThunderDrive stores that information in order to reply to you but it will not share it without your consent. Plus, its system automatically records other data when you visit its website.

This data, called “metadata,” holds technical information such as the type of your web browser, IP address, operating system or time the site was accessed. ThunderDrive uses that data to run and ensure its services.

ThunderDrive also uses cookies to make its service customized to you. Cookies are small text files that don’t represent a security concern but if you want to manage them from your browser you can do so.

If you contact ThunderDrive by email, telephone or fax, your request along with relevant personal data will be stored by ThunderDrive but, like in the case of the contact form, ThunderDrive will not share it without your explicit consent.

Similar to this, ThunderDrive collects information when you register for the service or post comments. That’s all within the scope of normal functioning for a cloud storage service and doesn’t represent anything suspicious.

ThunderDrive uses Google Analytics and Google Ads which analyze your interest and provide relevant ads by using cookies. That said, you can choose to object to remarketing done by Google Analytics and set up your browser to deny Google Ads cookies.

In compliance with the GDPR you have a right to object to data collection in special cases, right to log a complaint with a supervisory agency, right to data portability which lets you transfer the data ThunderDrive collected to you or a third-party and the right to demand processing restrictions in specific cases.

Overall, we couldn’t find any suspicious clauses or wording and the privacy policy is similar to those of other services and it also complies with the GDPR. With that in mind, you should feel safe about your personal data.

Customer Service

50 % – Poor

ThunderDrive doesn’t have an FAQ, user forum or a knowledgebase. The only thing you can do is to contact support via email or contact form. Plus, there’s no way to enter the contact form from the web client. Rather, you have to open a second browser tab and locate the links at the bottom of the homepage. On the plus side, you can also use the chat option to contact support.

We contacted support and got an answer within four hours which is faster than many services. Still, the answer was terse and referred us to the security section which would, presumably, have an answer for us. We hoped for a more detailed response which would enrich the information about the level of encryption we already found in the security section.


No tutorials, help articles videos or answers in FAQs is a big miss, but one that we hope the service will deal with in the future.

The Verdict

ThunderDrive is a checkered service. It does great in some categories such as price, security and privacy but fails in many others. Most notable is the lack of any desktop or mobile client. That means there’s no way to sync your files easily across multiple devices or share from the desktop or mobile. Two-factor authentication is missing, too.

File versioning and private encryption are some of the features we’ve come to expect from top-tier services but ThunderDrive is missing them as well. Still, desktop and mobile clients are in the works and other features are presumably behind them.

On the bright side, ThunderDrive has great pricing plans, a strong privacy policy, hardened data centers, capable sharing, fast speeds and a user-friendly web client. Considering that what’s there works well implies that ThunderDrive is a great service in the works, but one that was released far too soon. Time will tell whether ThunderDrive will live up to its potential.

What do you think about ThunderDrive? Tell us in the comments below. Thank you for reading.

500 GB - 2 TB starts from $5 / month (All Plans)
Visit ThunderDrive
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66 thoughts on “ThunderDrive”

  1. ThunderDrive is a Scam

    1. They advertise having a 30 day refund. When you ask for it, they refuse to refund, coming up with excuses. Forget about ever getting your money back, trust me – I tried.

    2. In a YouTube interview they claim being 6 x faster than Amazon S3. In reality they’re 2 times slower. Another lie.

    3. The software they use is not their own. It’s a $39 script named BeDrive that they installed on some servers of theirs.

    Trust this company at your own peril. All they care about is your money, so I wouldn’t count on your files being safe in their hands.

    For me this is the worst purchase ever.

    Companies that break people’s trust like this make the internet a worse place for everyone that actually does legit business.

  2. I Signed up for a low cost lifetime deal with thunderdrive, and while the service works as intended and speeds are good, I share some of the concerns posted on a trusted review site. Thunderdrive appears to be running on a 3rd party script called BEdrive, which can be seen on “bedrive dot vebto com”. While this is an excellent script and i have no issues with it, my main concern is when others have raised it Thunderdrive will not admit to using this product. Apart from the clear similarities in the UI, its easy to question this. Using firefox for android -use the “add to home screen” icon from inside thunderdrive. The icon is labelled BeDrive, showing the Red shield icon used by BeDrives .ico site. Id rather they just be transparent about this, as a key factor in cloud computing is trust. It also raises questions about the “roadmap” for the product, which doesn’t seem to correspond with bedrive’s views on developing mobile and desktop apps.

  3. Had nothing but trouble with the company after making the mistake of buying several lifetime deals. In the 7 weeks since purchase have not been able to upload any files over 500mg after over 30/40 attempts. 80% of all files just dont complete. The same files are going up to dropbox, mega etc with no problems at all.

    Now files are uploading then disappearing form the folder as if never there.

    I use four of the big cloud storage companies all paid contracts and I’ve never had such slow speeds uploading as this, there claims about speed are just not true. Where is the proof ?

    Support didn’t offer support but just a rude reply claiming i didn’t understand what was happening as if i was some small child, not a 50 year old man with 30 years in computers.

    Very disappointed, i dont see this company lasting to long into the future and my money is as good as lost.

  4. Absolutely nothing is working well with

    I cannot trust

    The payment-process doesnt work.
    The download-process doesnt work well.
    Now I have to worry that even getting back the data does not work.

    But what sense does make?

    Their system gave me the chance to buy an extra-2-TB,
    but my PayPal wasnt accepted (paying 1 minute before
    for stacksocial was working well).

    But even their main-business (backup-cloud) does not seem to work.

    Perhaps the same like with the payment-process…?

    I moved a folder with a lot of data to ThunderDrive.
    To check, if it is fast.
    It had an amount of 10 GB.

    The level indicator of each data is full (seams to be finished after 1hr 20 min).But more than the half of that had a red dot with exclamation mark.

    So it doesnt work.
    I noticed, that only a very few data arrived ThunderDrive.
    Even PDF and MP4-files were only sometimes be moved.
    I checked the same with my two other cloud-accounts.
    Both worked with no problem.

    I had never such an absolutely catastrophic user experience with an online-backup-space.

    Now there is absolutely no trust in ThunderDrive.

    Using ThunderDrive seems to be only wasting time.

  5. ❌ Doesn’t seems to be a legit business. $79 for 2T is a steal, but I did some research.

    ❌ Basically they just bought a $39 Laravel / Angular script from CodeCanyon called BeDrive and installed into a server. That’s ALL! Just the logo is different.

    Google the script name and you’ll find out.

    This video description says, it’s developer interview and it’s not. Maybe they are testing the market, but it’s not the genuine way to do it. 🥴

  6. this service sucks. support is really bad. they have issues expressing themselves in english and understanding issues their website has. they do not want to refund money although you cannot use the service as intended. STAY AWAY!

  7. Unacceptably poor performance with the most basic features you would expect from a service like this missing.

  8. Total garbage service and the people behind it are even worse.
    They double charged me then made me fight them for weeks to get half the money back.
    Then I find out they limit the file size at 5GB and don’t have an app, both things they neglect to mention in any of their advertisements.
    I left a very similar review on Trustpilot and they had the nerve to report my review as fake. I provided Trustpilot with proof I do indeed have a lifetime account with Thunderdrive so that review will be going back up soon.

    Stay far away… These people, “Ashley” and “Amanda” specifically, are complete trash out there scamming. I told you I’d be letting the world know you falsely reported my review to hide your garbage Amanda. Here’s one, I’ll see you on the next review page, and the one after that, and so on!

  9. This is the WORST cloud storage service available today. Absolutely useless. I don’t know about the backend or their servers, but their software flat out sucks! It is sooooo slooowww….. It takes over a minute to load my main page with only 10 folders. I am scared to store anything on this service due to the fact they could go under any day. Forget about tech support. They seem to only care about taking your money the first time. The service is there, but you can do better with your own file server. I have a 1 GB fiber connection and I have been on dial up sites that load faster. The file limitation sucks, most uploads fail. This was the biggest waste of a lifetime of service which like I said, probably will end at the end of this year if I am lucky!

  10. Slowest speed of all services I’ve ever tried. Expect 3-10mbit/s if you upload to their servers in EU (UK).

  11. It’s fairly simple to use with good upload speeds. Sometimes the photos that I upload get rotated but that’s a minor problem. I spent $53 for 2TB of storage which I felt was great. iCloud storage is costing too much extra. There isn’t an app but all you need to do is create a shortcut on your device’s home screen and it’s pretty much an app. This might be a no-name (for now) company but they have good potential. Hopefully the upcoming updates will be good and increase the value of this service more. Overall, I think this is a good, cheap option for cloud storage.

  12. Sharing somewhat sizeable folders has been a major issue with me while using Thunderdrive. I’ve shared photos with clients but they can’t view the entire folder, just the first two or three pictures and the server freezes and they can’t scroll down to view the rest. Customer support told me it’s likely a download speed issue however I tried the same thing with smaller files and the same thing happened. Definitely wouldn’t recommend Thunderdrive, even with the decent pricing off StackSocial etc

  13. Thunderdrive is a SCAM!
    Some examples:
    – They promise super-fast connections but I get an upload of around 100KB/S. Always the same excuse is used; that they are upgrading their servers.
    – Download of larger files or folders is simply not possible, as they would be zipped first. This takes forever and either the browser or their server times out. In fact, download impossible.
    – The UI is just a horror cabinet. It looks nice at the first glimpse but is full of display errors etc.
    – The road map they present… well the show the map, but in reality, the car went off the road a long time ago.

    They have a 30-day money-back policy, but when you want to make use of it… Radio silence…

    I filed a complaint to Paypal as the product doesn’t fit the description. Thunderdrive reacted instantaneously and deleted my account within hours after I requested the money back, without further notice, but I didn’t receive the money yet. That’s all a scam and I am pretty sure in one year Thunderdrive will not exist anymore.

    Keep your fingers off, it’s just another scam. You might get your storage space for a lifetime, paired with a buggy and useless interface, slow connections and horrible support.

  14. Thunderdrive is a SCAM!
    Some examples:
    – They promise super-fast connections but I get an upload of around 100KB/S. Always the same excuse is used; that they are upgrading their servers.
    – Download of larger files or folders is simply not possible, as they would be zipped first. This takes forever and either the browser or their server times out. In fact, download impossible.
    – The UI is just a horror cabinet. It looks nice at the first glimpse but is full of display errors etc.
    – The road map they present… well the show the map, but in reality, the car went off the road a long time ago.

    I filed a complaint to Paypal as the product doesn’t fit the description. Thunderdrive reacted instantaneously and deleted my account within hours after I requested the money back, without further notice, but I didn’t receive the money back. They are more busy to report bad reviews to the corresponding platforms that to work on a good product and good service.

    Keep your fingers off, it’s just another scam. You might get your storage space for a lifetime, paired with a buggy and useless interface, slow connections and horrible support.

  15. From 150 GB folder only 48 GB were uploaded. There is no chance to see what was not uploaded(no error message or files count in folders.). After I deleted all files in the drive still appears that I have 48 GB used. If I’ve tried to download the 48 GB folder, to compare it locally I get a timeout error(probably when preparing the zip… It’s taking a very loooong time). Customer support is useless, they require more info and after that don’t answer any more, or they don’t answer at all. They don’t want to close the account and transfer the money back to my account, I have opened a paypal case. Stay away of this cloud provider.

  16. A few months ago I found a deal for 2TB of storage on for $60. I didn’t do as much research as I should have, thinking “how bad could it get?” Well as it turns out, it could get pretty bad. The entirety of the service is a bare-bones website, which is much slower than it has any right to be given the limited interface and feature list. There is no mobile or desktop application. This wouldn’t necessarily be a deal-breaker, but the fact that it’s essentially impossible to upload more than five files at a time certainly is. When you have 2TB of storage, the expectation is that you could select the contents of an entire hard drive, and walk away while the upload commences. This is not the case. At best, the website does nothing. At worst, it freezes or returns an error, without uploading more than a couple of the files from that selection. There is no option to do a “batch upload” as a workaround, so literally it is impossible to use the space I have paid for. This is a waste of money, and I’m honestly unsure if it is an intentional scam, or if the developers are just wildly incompetent. Save yourself some money and stay away from this service, no matter what kind of deal you’re offered.

  17. Got burned on this one. Can upload, very slow, but cannot download same file. Very bad customer service. Did not offer a refund. A real scam. Disappointed this was offered through PC World service. They did not do anything about this scam as well.

  18. Slow, buggy, not really any good for 2TB upload.
    I signed up for the special offer which was very cheap, around £20 or £30 I do not remember. 2TB of storage for lifetime use.
    I had numerous issues with it, firstly google chrome would not upload at all, so I tried edge. I found it would let me upload 1 item at a time and it takes hours to upload a GB. It wont let you select folders to upload so you have to drag and drop, if you select more than one or two folders it does not upload all of them and cocks up before they are done. Sometimes it said uploads were complete but they were not on the server when refreshed.

    It has taken me about 3 days to upload 25GB.
    This means the 2TB that I am going to upload will take about 240 days I think. Do yourself a favor and get a 8TB backup drive from ebay and save your data to that, I got one for around £130. It transferred 2TB in a couple of hours over usb 3.0.

    They have since completely removed me from their database with no refund and trustpilot took this review down at their request!

  19. It does not work at all
    It does not work at all. It does not upload all files if you are moving big folders (all files are under 5gb). It appears that everything is copied successfully but in fact there are missing files. If I try to download a big file I get connection timeout(and no… I don’t have a slow or poor internet connection). After I deleted everything from Thunderdrive it still appears that I have some space used, even if there are 0 files. Maybe they don’t erase the index of files appropriately. They are hiding the locations of their servers… The support nonexistent, they are always telling you that they’ll be back to support you, but nothing happens. I have asked my money back but they don’t want to refund.

    And btw, you will not be able to report all bad posts… please just improve yourself or support the consequences.

    1. Hi Andrei, just to clarify: here at we only remove posts if they are offensive or are spam. Never do we allow or remove posts at the behest of providers.

  20. ThunderDrive is extremely unreliable. Currently experiencing endless issues when uploading a file, the file does not appear, you need to re-upload it over and over and hope that it reflects on your drive. Reported problems to ThunderDrive but no response. Poor experience, not worth the price 🙁

  21. The service itself is terrible. You will literally spend hours trying upload/download pics and/or transfer between folders. I regret having purchased the service. I wrote a review on Trustpilot and rec’d a response from ThunderDrive. They suggested I reached out through their chat link, so I did and it took the forever to get back to me to let me know they were overloaded and would follow up later. Well, instead of fixing my issue they tried to bribe me with more storage to change my review. I declined so they canceled my service request and closed my case. Forget the professional website reviews. They obviously get paid to write good reviews.

  22. Well I foolishly jumped before I read up on this “service”. Yeah I think it’s as close to being a scam as you can get while barely being legal. I did not get all of the space that I purchased, support is non responsive, file uploads stop when the laptop sleeps, never sure if you can get all files uploaded. My music upload stopped and I’m having a hard time figuring out where it stopped. Just a mess of a service right now which is too bad. Figure they will be out of business soon. I obviously did not read objective reviews until I came here but the good part is I did not lose a lot of money. Irritating none the less but not a budget killer.

  23. I took a chance years ago on a company called Malwarebytes with 3 lifetime licenses and won that gamble. So I figured for the price (I think $39 for 2 TB lifetime lic) I’d take a chance on ThunderDrive……big mistake…….

    1. Barebones interface, similar to Google Drive. Except this interface is for an online storage service that doesn’t really work.

    2. There’s no support. ThunderDrive has neglected all of my emails requesting support

    3. I’ve tried so many times to backup my photos, files, folders, etc., with nothing but issues. Uploads of all files are slow, never completed and you have to guess what made it or not. There’s no log or history of activity

    4. Within the last couple of weeks just getting the site to display my folders takes a long time

    Is this a money making scam? If it’s a legit, I don’t know how this company is still up and running.
    Seems like I gambled on this one, and lost. At least it was only $39.

  24. My internet connection speed is tested on, about 220Mbps download, 280 Mbps upload. I upload a folder of jpg and text document (size of 130MB, 90 files, 10 is jpg). It took 13 mins and 03 sec to uploaded, it is seriously slow just to upload a 130MB folder. The worse part is after the upload there’s a jpg file missing. Should not get any star because it can only upload a maximum of 100 files at a time.

  25. I signed up for Thunderdrive a few months ago. there were running a deal. I had a problem then and got email support right away. been trying to reset my password for 3 weeks now. never get a reset email. sent them emails asking for help. No replies. used their bot to ask for help. no replies. I would say avoid.

  26. Dear editor, thank you very much for your responsive update on the current status of this service. As someone who shelled out real bucks on this service, got no service in return, on top was insulted by this unprofessional entity; I very much appreciate to see an article share a very accurate current view of this “cloud service” in question. Especially, so responsive, it was dealt with ahead of the planned review update. I highly recommend this website for internet recommendations as I see true, unbiased journalism unlike so many others on the Internet who rather have a cut of the score, than share an honest review. With this review, I’m a CloudWards reader for life.

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words.

  27. Upload a test folder for the 2nd time. Folder contents: 60 text document, 20 PDF, 40 jpg (each jpg size 2.37MB), total folder size 99.7MB.
    It took 10 mins and 48 sec. BTW, My internet upload speed tested on is over 500Mbps. Now it’s like being back to 1990 using 1.5Mbps.
    ThunderDrive working hard to block bad users review.

    1. Sorry to hear you’re having a bad time with TD, tho we’ve not blocked any user reviews here.

  28. Firstly, ThunderDrive is working hard to block users comment. Upload a test folder again, Folder contents: 10 text document and 10 jpg, total size 15MB. It took 110 sec to be uploaded. Terrible upload bandwidth, it was unusable. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS CLOUD SERVICE. Deserve zero star rating.
    Bought the storage a few months ago, order nos; 13304688.

    1. Hi, as a point of order, we’re letting most TD related comments through, no censorship here.

  29. Pretty much everything about this service is a horror show. I paid for a lifetime subscription with a promo nearly a year ago and there have been exactly zero updates since then. No app, no desktop client, no web service updates to speak of. The speeds are ungodly slow, and the site interface reliably crashes when you attempt to upload more than a couple files at a time. This makes it all but impossible to utilize the space you are given, even if you supposedly have terabytes free – because you have to upload files in batches of two or three, completely manually. The only action I’ve seen by these ‘developers’ is on message boards trying to remove negative reviews, which makes me think this service has transitioned to a full-on scam. They wrote to TrustPilot to get my review taken down, and TrustPilot only republished it after I showed them proof of my active Thunderdrive account. I don’t entirely know if this is all due to malice or incompetence, but either way, it’s a site you should avoid like covid.

    1. It is malice. I’m thinking of contacting their District Attorney. If anyone has address please help.

  30. I bought this service via a coupon for a lifetime subscription 2+2 TB.
    Everything worked fine at first (even though the speed of the upload wasn’t the best). Then, I did not accessed my account for a few months and when I went back to it in 2020, my email was not recognized from the system (not even possible to recover the password).
    I sent countless emails to the only email they show on the landing page or via the contact form or even waiting with the bot that never connects you with an operator… I never had a single helpful response. Their customer support denies that my email was ever associated with an account even though I accessed it before. Total scam, wish there was a way to get money back.

  31. Simply a disaster!!! I paid for 2x 2TB but got only 2TB. So I contacted them (many times) to increase the volume storage to 4TB, they finally did but 90% of my data stored at Thunderdrive disappeared!!! This company is just a shame!

  32. This is a complete scam. They take your money and don’t provide you with information on how to access the amount of storage you purchased. Will run circles are pins you when you try to get your money refunded. They turned off commenting and messaging on Facebook after I posted comments there.

  33. Get the Android and IOS apps released! I use my thunderdrive to back up images, movies, and music. It’s speed is OK but the web interface is horrible. Get to work and stop making excuses about app delays!!

  34. I buy thunderdrive 1TB Lifetime license. This cloud storage is very good.

  35. Horrible support. Rarely receive an answer when the drive is down. No proactive, or even reactive, communication. Constantly receive the “whoops, looks like something went wrong”error on both iPhone & laptop.

  36. I would simply say – do not buy this. You will be wasting your money. I bought their “lifetime” offer deal. It was good for the first few months – uploading the files and access when I needed. But, since then – everytime I open the page – I just pray I log back and download all files I’ve uploaded, so, I never need to go back to this site. Someone would say – “check your internet speed, bla, bla” but trust me – I’ve a very strong network. I reached out to their so called “24×7” services a few times – never heard back. I know my money is a waste, but, i now just want my files back and delete from their site. They can keep my money!

  37. ThunderDrive is a total scam

    This company has proved themselves to be dishonest business people.
    In addition to the other true reviews about this cloud service, I’d like to add to the truth. I also bought 2 TB lifetime storage through Stack Social a few years ago. When I started to fill up 1 TB of my account, their website constantly refused to receive files (uploaded files didn’t appear on the cloud) and most of the time, it only displayed “Whoops, looks like something went wrong” on a blank screen when I logged back in.
    Their customer service is horrible, almost useless. They always reply promptly to new purchase questions but simply ignore most other emails while they always leave nice words to Trust Pilot reviews that they are willing to assist their users.
    Of course you cannot expect much from a 2 TB lifetime cloud at this bargain ($39-59) but at least they should keep their promise.
    Be careful with this company.

    Update August 2021: Recently, they’ve marketed a website service via email with the same dirty trick. They claimed to offer a LIFETIME website hosting service for 5 websites at only $59, slashed from $749! Can you believe it? The mentioned site was pagebuilder(.)pro and be careful with this site btw. These brass-necked people never stop deceiving people.

  38. Can never access my files. Their chat support is a scam….I never get a reply. I was suckered. I think it was a ponzu scheme in that they took a lot of $ from pay up front deals advertised online and then left town.

  39. They advised desktop and mobile apps will be released in 6 months when I bought 4TB lifetime service in 2019. But 3 years are gone, there is still no app available, and they totally canceled the app plan.

  40. Anyone have a phone number for Thunderdrive support? I have messaged them every way possible with no reply. the only thing I can do is login and view existing files. They will not preview, download. New files will upload and the file sizes are correct but are not viewable. This has been going on for a couple of months at least. Thanks for reading.

    1. I have exactely the same problems, left many emails and tried so many times to contact them without success and still without having the chance to access my files

      1. Same issue here what a total scam merchant I moved to these have the scam merchants Zoolz stole my lifetime account. I certainly know how to pick the rubbish

        1. O have the very same issue, can’t access my files since 2021, tried to reach them by all know possibilities, never had an answer.

  41. Bought ThunderDrive. Uploaded hundreds of pictures. Cannot access the pics. They do not respond to messages. They do not chat in their chatroom. I think they have taken the money and run. If you should hear about a civil law suit, let me know.

  42. Since 10 Months I am unable to login into my account, I had taken 4TB lifetime space. Have send multiple Emails to their help desk / support team. Not reply what so ever.

    If anyone has any solution to this kindly guide.

  43. I purchased 2TB for $44 in July 2019. The price is obviously ridiculous but that’s exactly what I got for it, nothing at all! The site is mostly down during these 3 years or, when it seems to be up, I can see file/folder icons but cannot download, preview, delete or somehow manage my files. My guess is they’re not even there! Steer clear of this monumental scam!

    1. Same situation here! Luckily I never trusted them 100% and had my files in a USB HDD. I thought that deleting everything even from the trash folder would “reset” the index and everything would come back to normal, but… as you said, it is not possible to delete from the trash folder… so… I’ll keep trying every 30 days, maybe they remember they have a couple of servers there called Thunderdrive and… fix the issue!.
      No stars for Thunderdrive

  44. Worst Cloud Storage Ever!!! You can buy it super cheap but don’t. Pay more somewhere else. I uploaded a lot of files and some are missing, I can’t actually view any of them and you cannot see images or video’s. This should be considered a scam except they do give you storage space, it’s just not user friendly at all. I would give this zero stars if that was an option.

  45. No Cloud storage offers a decent, professional backup solution, the file storage solutions, such as Dropbox and pCloud at least allow the use of other programs. Some solutions offer api connections.

    Web only solutions, such as ThunderDrive and Degoo (even if Degoo does have an unsupported backup app) ARE the equivalent of a very big archive box. They are unfit for purpose as a backup solution for a number of reasons.

    These reasons include, but are not limited to

    1) no professional back up policies/strategies
    2) no way to know what files have been backed up (i.e. no way to compare local files with backed up files).
    3) No way to know if the transfer is interrupted, what files still need to be transferred.
    4) Very limited retrieval options.

    If you just want something to store photos in, there are workable, but they are no good as a professional or semi-professional backup solution.

  46. I took a 4Tb plan with thunderdrive when it appeared. The price was incredible. But right now, I can’t ignore the issues. It started with uploaded files that never appeared on my drive and not, I can’t even download the early files I placed there.
    Total waste of money.
    They kicked me out of their facebook page after I told my story.
    They no longer answer the questions that they receive.
    Worst cloud service EVER !
    AVOID IT !!!!!!!!

  47. – Uploads often fail. It will show as uploaded but when you check your storage, the file is missing.
    – Poor User interface. There is NO SORTING OPTION. There UI does show sorting options but no matter what you choose, it will revert to descending, date modified.
    – There is no customer support (unless they deliberately ignore my emails regarding the point below)
    – MOST IMPORTANT: I lost all my files that I stored in the cloud. I can see them but could not read/download any of them after 1 year.

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