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Android is without a doubt the leader of the mobile market. Almost 88 percent of smartphone and tablet owners use an Android device, and for those people, we at decided to see which cloud storage providers are the very best.

 No matter if you want to backup photos, videos or files, each one of these five providers will make the experience as seamless as possible for Android users.

Android is a technological marvel that exploded into the marketplace under Google’s careful guidance, and the user statistics are staggering. Though in the U.S. and a few other select markets, people tend to see iOS as superior, the honest truth is that iOS can’t keep up with Android.

Apple only commands a tiny share of the market compared to Android. In fact, as of 2017, Android owned roughly 88% of the global mobile market, while iOS dropped to about 12.5% in 2016, despite being the next-largest competitor.

Just about every developer in existence wants to code applications for Android, so users are often overwhelmed by the extensive offerings — some of them good, others okay, and many of them terrible. So how do you find the best cloud storage app for Android After all, you don’t want to make the mistake of selecting a sub-par service that’s rife with security problems.

To better understand these challenges, let’s take a closer look at the benefits of using the best online storage services for Android. Too many open source developers and sub-par programmers create applications with bare basic functionality, leaving users dissatisfied and forced to try out several alternatives, before landing on the best option.

Astoundingly, in mid-2015, there were a staggering 1.6 million apps available to Android users in the Google Play store. There are so many storage services and applications for Android users; there’s a high chance someone will download and install an inferior service at one point.

So we decided to do all the heavy lifting for you and present the five best Android cloud storage services and their respective apps — upfront.

But before we get going, let’s take a brief look at the advantages and realities of cloud storage in general. A fantastic benefit of cloud storage is the ability to access information anywhere, anytime and from any platform. In today’s data-driven world, we frequently access data on many different platforms, including smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

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$ 4.34 per month 2000 GBStorage All Plans
Visit IDriveIDrive Review
$ 7.49 per month 100 GBStorage All Plans
Visit SugarSyncSugarSync Review
$ 13.25 per month 1024 GBStorage All Plans
Visit DropboxDropbox Review
$ 4.99 per month 500 GBStorage All Plans
Visit pCloudpCloud Review
Google Drive
$ 1.99 per month 100 GBStorage All Plans
Visit Google DriveGoogle Drive Review

Online Android Storage Benefits

Moving data between systems and keeping up-to-date with the latest version of a file can be challenging. Fortunately, cloud storage will help Android users access the most recent versions of their records, collaborate with others, and share information with friends, family, and coworkers.

Also, considering that Android is a Google-created and focused operating system, it’s much easier to use Google’s online storage solution and ignore other providers. Even though Google provides a robust online storage and backup service, it has some security problems.

The general public was shocked and outraged when Edward Snowden revealed the federal government’s surveillance and monitoring programs. However, most users don’t understand how these risks and security threats work.

Believe it or not, Google was one of many companies that the NSA used in their PRISM program to harvest massive amounts of user data. Though we may not know about every company the NSA has coerced into forfeiting information, we do indeed know that Google was a large target.

For Android users who are terrified of the government stealing their data, we recommend adopting an online storage service that encrypts data from end-to-end, doesn’t know or store users’ encryption keys and preferably is located outside of the U.S. Let’s look more closely at the best cloud storage providers and how they protect your data.


IDrive‘s amazing Android app and insane upload and download speeds make it our top pick. The service is a little on the pricey side, but in return, you get an excellent, fast service.  IDrive isn’t an online storage service; they’re an online backup service that is well-known for its fast download and uploads speeds.

Not only do they secure users’ data with military grade encryption, but they also provide free local backups. It works great with Android thanks to an app that is relatively easy to use for anyone except novice users; that group will probably take a while longer to figure out how to operate it.

IDrive is, however, a bit expensive. Users that want a 1-year subscription pay $52.12, which translates to $4.34 per month, though they lack monthly payment options. 

Other Reasons Why We Like IDrive

IDrive provides 5GB of online backup space for free without asking for any credit card details. It also has some of the fastest speeds on the market and works great with Android.

There’s even a handy “auto-save” feature that continually backs up files and folders at your discretion.

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Though SugarSync  doesn’t have the same great app as IDrive does, it’s a lot more beginner-friendly. SugarSync offers 5GB of free cloud storage for the first 90 days, giving you ample time to try it out before making any purchasing decisions.

Also, users can take advantage of a syncing folder to mirror data on unlimited devices. SugarSync is also very secure, thanks to its end-to-end data encryption. Data first gets encrypted with TLS, and when the data has reached SugarSync’s servers, it is then encrypted with AES-256 for storage.

Other Reasons Why We Like SugarSync

SugarSync is one of our favorite cloud-storage providers, and for a good reason: it’s easy to use and pretty fast. Their servers are fast and reliable and have incredibly useful file-sharing and collaboration features; they also have a handy backup feature.

SugarSync Review

The biggest downside is that it doesn’t offer the same breadth of functions as its competitors, so advanced users may want to look elsewhere.

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Dropbox is a great pick for Android users, thanks to its user-friendly interface and 2GB of free storage. Security conscious users may want to look elsewhere, though. Dropbox lets you share data with friends, family and collaborate with coworkers via a single touch of a button.

Dropbox Transparency Report Graph
Dropbox Transparency Report Graph

Android users who want to test the waters can take advantage of the free 2GB of storage all users get. Users who need more, however, are going to have to pay $9.99 a month for an added 1TB.

Last but not least, Dropbox uses the concept of a shared folder, which allows users to sync their data on an unlimited number of devices, a great function for anyone on the move. The downside is that Dropbox is much more limited in what it can do compared to the others on this list.

Other Reasons Why We Like Dropbox

Dropbox is a fantastic service, and many people have already experienced its simple, clean and easy-to-use interface that allowed it to grow as big as it has.

Dropbox: Project Infinite

It’s free up to 2GB, and almost everyone uses it, making it perfect for non-professional use.

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Few offer the same amount of free storage space as pCloud does, or its incredibly easy-to-use interface. The only thing preventing it from rising higher on the list is its Android app, which could be better.

If you’re the type of person who wants a cheap and efficient cloud storage service that’s easy to use, look no further than pCloud. Some of the other entries on this list have an interface that may come across as confusing to some, but that’s certainly not the case with pCloud.

This fact is also the service’s downside, as advanced users will probably dislike the lack of certain functions. Though the free 10GB of storage might make them think twice, as will the low monthly cost.

Other Reasons Why We Like pCloud

pCloud is a great service for anyone into the “no frills” philosophy of cloud storage. Its PC client is great, and the Android app is no different. Everything is where it needs to be, and since the service offers fewer bells and whistles, you won’t get any information overload.

cloud storage solutions for your business

Not only is it easy-to-use, it also offers an amazing 10GB of free storage. It’s only downside for Android users is that the app could be so much better.

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Google Drive

Though it likely offers the best Android app out there, to no one’s surprise, Google Drive doesn’t rise any higher on our list than five; thanks to its lack of proper syncing features and inadequate security. Google Drive has a great app for Android but lands low on our list because it offers little besides storage.

The syncing feature feels a little lackluster, for instance, and file versioning is pretty much absent. For security lovers, Google Drive is also a disappointment; Google has always proven willing to work with the U.S. authorities, and almost all their servers are in that country.

For those worried about NSA spying, Google Drive is a no-no. The upside to Google Drive is that users get integrated access to the full G-Suite and the ability to use Docs, Sheets, etc. is a great boon for anyone on the move.

Other Reasons Why We Like Google Drive

Google Drive is a great solution for anyone who works online with others as its app lets you do most tasks without too much difficulty.

On top of that it also has some great sharing functions and gives you 15GB of free storage space. It also makes sharing very easy for people who work online.

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There are plenty of cloud-storage services available that offer great Android apps for users. Each of them will help keep your data safe, in case a device gets lost or stolen and will allow you to share files with friends, family, and co-workers.

The five services above are the very best in their field and each offers a unique feature the other does not. Which one do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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