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SugarSync Review

SugarSync has an excellent set of features, yet also has some drawbacks that give pause to potential consumers.

By Brian Law
— Last Updated: 16 Jan'19
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Starts from $ 625 monthly for 100 GB (All Plans)
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SugarSync has some worthwhile features, like the ability to sync any folder on your computer and file versioning, as well as solid security. However, its limited storage capacity and spotty customer support don’t impress, especially given a price tag that’s unusually high compared to the competition

SugarSync offers either a limited, 90-day 5GB or a 30-day trial subscription. We’d recommend the 90-day plan as there have been several customer complaints about the difficulty of actually ending a subscription and the 30-day trial requires your billing information.

Read on to see what we liked about SugarSync and why else we ultimately advocate considering the alternatives. Check out our guide to the best cloud storage services to find recommendations that might be better suited to your needs.

Alternatives for SugarSync

Starts from$ 408monthly for 500 GB
  • Zero-knowledge
  • Fast syncing
  • Great interface
  • Secure link sharing
  • No 3rd-party tools
  • No monthly plans
Starts from$ 399monthly for 500 GB
  • Excellent value
  • Zero-knowledge encryption
  • Fast file sync
  • Free plan
  • Crypto costs extra
  • No document editor

Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Syncs any folder
  • No file-size limit
  • Versioning (5 versions)
  • Supports most OSes


  • Comparably expensive
  • No free tier
  • Slow browser downloading
  • No collaboration tools
  • Trial requires payment info


85% - Very Good

SugarSync’s main selling point is its ability to sync any folder on your device. This means you’re not confined to a single sync folder like you are with Dropbox, Google Drive and most other cloud storage services.

SugarSync also supports file versioning that does not count toward your storage limit. However, it only keeps up to five versions, which limits its usefulness.

Versioning lets you undo unwanted file changes without having to reconstruct everything from scratch. It also provides a measure of protection against ransomware, which works by corrupting your files. Simply remove the ransomware from your computer and revert back to uncorrupted versions of files.

Other SugarSync features we like include the SugarSync, which lets you automatically backup the photos you take. Automatic backup saves time and ensures your photos aren’t lost should something happen to your phone.

SugarSync supports file sharing via links. Folder sharing isn’t an option.

SugarSync also supports email uploading, a less common feature with cloud storage solutions, as well as a Microsoft Outlook plugin. If you frequently work with email attachments, this can speed up your workflow.


65% - Decent

SugarSync is expensive, which may drive customers away. $7.49 per month for 100GB of storage is close to what most competitors charge for a full terabyte., in fact, gives you 2TB for $8 per month.

That’s 20 times the storage space you get with SugarSync for just 50 cents more (read our review to find out more).

Plan100GB250GB500GB1TB for Business
Price Plan
$ 7 49monthly
$ 74 99yearly
$ 9 99monthly
$ 99 99yearly
$ 18 95monthly
$ 189 50yearly
$ 55 00monthly
Storage 100 GB 250 GB 500 GB 500 GB

Contact SugarSync for annual pricing

Given SugarSync’s rather high subscription cost, you might expect that SugarSync offers a more feature-rich experience than the competition. It doesn’t. The only exceptional benefit of a SugarSync subscription is the ability to sync any folder, which for most users probably won’t be worth the added cost.

Ease of Use

75% - Good

The SugarSync user experience isn’t particularly inspiring. Its interfaces all look pretty dated, particularly the web app.

File management in the browser is made even more frustrating by a lack of support for folder uploading.

Even deleting files is done in a rather round-about way. You can only do so from the “advanced” menu. This might be useful for preventing accidental deletions but seems completely unnecessary given that SugarSync holds onto deleted files for at least 30 days.

The manner in which SugarSync integrates with your computer’s file system is also a bit strange. Although you can sync any folder, there is a default “my SugarSync” folder that works like the typical sync folder. The issue is that this folder is placed in the existing documents folder.

For Mac users who also use iCloud, this means the folder will be synced with two services. To avoid this problem, you’ll need to relocate the “my SugarSync” folder to a different location like your user directory.

The SugarSync client installation also creates a folder called “SugarSync shared folders.”

The strange thing about this folder is that, based on my testing, it doesn’t actually do anything. Sharing with SugarSync is only supported through links; folder sharing doesn’t seem to be supported any longer.

The mobile app isn’t great, either. It can be hard to navigate and its photo viewer leaves much to be desired. Photos are piled into stacks, which makes them nearly impossible to browse.

It doesn’t help matters that files like PDFs that probably aren’t meant to be in your library also get pulled into the viewer.

There is an option to enable a PIN so you can keep your files extra secure on your smartphone. This option doesn’t work, though, as a keypad does not appear when selecting the field.

Despite these shortcomings, SugarSync’s core features are all functional.

There are also some decent available that do actually work if you’re willing to take the time to learn the apps. It even has a dual panel file transfer monitor, a feature that I have found myself wishing I had for nearly every other service I’ve used.

File Sharing & Syncing

80% - Good

As mentioned earlier, SugarSync sets itself apart from most services when it comes to file syncing: rather than using a single sync folder, SugarSync can be configured to sync any on your computer.

This means that if you already have an organized file structure that you’d like to preserve, SugarSync can work with it as is. You can access all of your synced folders from the desktop app if you’d like.

If you don’t want to use the desktop app, you can stick to using your file explorer or finder, too. You can even get share links and access version history without having to open the application.

However, unlike many other providers, the sync status of these files cannot be monitored without opening the app. Unless you use the desktop app, you’ll need to just trust that everything is behaving properly.

SugarSync’s sharing is not nearly as strong as its sync capabilities. Although the ability to copy sharing links from your native file browser is convenient, sharing is not very versatile overall. You can create share links and delete share links and that’s pretty much all there is to it.

You can’t set up passwords, expiration dates or collaborate on files. A share link simply provides a way for other people to download your file. Any changes they make will apply only to their copy.

SugarSync sharing is functional. Not once in my testing did I run into any problems. It would just be nice to see some more features at this price point.


85% - Very Good

My speed tests for SugarSync returned some interesting results. With my connection giving me 171.10Mb/s down and 11.78Mb/s up, here’s how it went:

1.03 GB Test File
Upload Time:Upload Speed:Download Time:Download Speed:
Test 1:103s80Mb/s495s17Mb/s
Test 2:78s105Mb/s529s16Mb/s

Uploading actually surpassed my Internet speeds by quite a bit.

I assumed something had gone wrong, but the results were roughly the same every time I checked. It seemed there were two possibilities: the file transfer monitor was providing inaccurate data or SugarSync has some very impressive compression built into its app.

Sure enough, when I checked in the browser, the files were there. So, everything seemed to have uploaded correctly. However, when I did my download tests, SugarSync was significantly slower. It wasn’t so slow that it was unusable, but it was surprising given my strong download speeds.

Browser downloading was a different story, though.

I tried downloading the same folder from SugarSync’s website and it took nearly forty minutes. It seems that SugarSync’s speed is largely dependent on the desktop app. If you need to access files from the browser on a regular basis, you should probably look elsewhere.


75% - Good

SugarSync offers a solid approach to security. It uses TLS encryption in transit and 256-bit AES at rest. These are industry standard protocols that should keep your data perfectly safe from attacks.

SugarSync won’t sell your information to advertisers and does not go out of its way to monitor your data as some providers unfortunately do.

However, SugarSync is still not a zero-knowledge provider. This means that it’s possible for company employees to decrypt and read your files. If SugarSync’s servers are hacked and its customer encryption keys compromised, or if SugarSync is legally compelled to release information, your data could be vulnerable.

For the average user, letting SugarSync manage encryption shouldn’t be an issue. That’s how Dropbox, Google Drive and most other cloud storage services work. If privacy is a top concern for you, however, we’d recommend finding a more secure alternative. Read up on the best zero-knowledge cloud storage providers if you’d like some good ideas.

Customer Service

56% - Fair

SugarSync customer support leaves much to be desired. There’s a customer forum and email support, but no phone support. The forum is not very active. Although SugarSync does monitor threads and respond to some posts, many questions go unanswered.

Email support is quick, but not very helpful. I got a response from SugarSync’s support department the same day I filed a request. However, you’ll also only receive a response during business hours, which run from 6am to 5pm PST on weekdays.

SugarSync actually has zero positive reviews and 121 complaints on BBB. A substantial number of these complaints are regarding the billing system. Evidently, it can be difficult to end a subscription.

The only real redeeming quality when it comes to SugarSync support is its help center articles. Many are actually helpful, providing meaningful instruction with animated GIFs showing how to use the software.

The Verdict

SugarSync sets itself apart with the ability to sync any folder on your computer rather than relying on a dedicated sync folder. However, that’s about the only thing it has going for it.

If you can live with a more traditional approach to file synchronization, there are much better options, especially if you’re looking for good value and ample storage space.

If you’re looking for a more secure solution that comes at a reasonable price,'s 2TB plan for just $8 a month is the way to go. If you need a collaboration tool, Google Drive offers several pricing options and Google Docs integration.

Have you had a positive experience with SugarSync that suggests its hefty price might actually be worth it? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks for reading.

Starts from$ 625monthly for 100 GB


Sync Folder
Block-Level Sync
Selective Sync
Bandwidth management
Sync Any Folder

File Sharing

File Link Sharing
Link Passwords
Link Expiry Dates
Folder Sharing
Folder Permissions
Link Download Limits
Upload Links


File Previews
Edit Files
In-App Collaboration
Office Online
Google Docs
Notes App
Media Playback
Mobile Apps
Deleted File Retention


At-Rest Encryption
In-Transit Encryption
Encryption Protocol
AES 256
Zero Knowledge
Two-Factor Authentication
Server Location


24/7 Support
Live Chat Support
Telephone Support
Email Support
User Forum


Free Plan

SugarSync Review

A decent experience marred by avoidable issues

SugarSync has an excellent set of features, yet also has some drawbacks that may give pause to potential consumers.
Starts from$ 625monthly for 100 GB
Visit SugarSync

39 thoughts on “SugarSync”

  1. I have been a sugarsync customer for over 8 months now. Overall, I’m quite happy with the product but of course there are some glitches that you can only experience after using it extensively. The drag-and-drop functionality for example is something that is not working properly for me. I always have to select my files manually that I want to sync.

    In terms of ease of use I think sugar sync is on the easier side (I’m not a tech person so I want my backup service to be easy to use). I backup and sync around 30 GB of files and have not run into performance issues yet. Backups feel fast and synchronization speed is okay.

    If you’re looking to share photos with your friends and family sugar sync is definitely a great option. One of my friends works in tech support and for him sugar sync does not offer enough features that would allow him to customize his backups so if you are an advanced user might choose a different service. Or you might combine sugar saying (or dropbox for that matter) with another backup service like CrashPlan.

  2. I had to make a choice between sugarsync or dropbox. Finally, I went with sugarsync because I can choose any folder that I want to sync. Dropbox limits me to only one central folder and that was something I didn’t want.

    Overall sugarsync is okay, there are no major issues I ran into until now (I must say, I have not been using the service for long time). Can’t say anything about support, because I didn’t contact them.

    Sometimes I feel, sugarsync could be a little faster because I was used to dropbox which always worked fine for me in terms of speed. Sugar sync also launched a new beta version that looks a lot nicer and is easier to use than before.

    I can recommend sugarsync if you are willing to give up some of the third party integration that dropbox allows you. But of course that depends on your needs.

    1. SugarSync has terrible customer service. They do not care at all if you are happy or satisfied with their service, there are no refunds. They never let you know your subscription is set to be auto-renewed so if you don’t put in a reminder for yourself, they charge you and won’t refund. Somehow they charged an expired credit card they had on file. They have NO PHONE NUMBER unless you pay for support. This is ridiculous, DO NOT USE SUGARSYNC!!!!

      1. I had the same thing happen Melissa. I am very annoyed with them. A simple courtesy email for a product we haven’t used for 2 years would be expected.

        Also, they charged me via PayPal where the Recurring Payments and Billing Conditions state “if the customer signed up for the Automatic Payment through an online method, you must provide a simple and easily accessible online cancellation procedure.”

        To cancel an online account, I had to contact them through online chat between the ours of 10am and 2pm PST. This is between 5am and 9am AEST. I do not consider this to be an “easily accessible online cancellation procedure”. I had to wait a long time for a response too.

        1. I had the same thing happen to me as well. I first called last year and asked to reduce my storage allotment. They said I could do that but they wouldn’t give me a pro rated refund even though I was using less storage space. So then I asked to cancel as of this year. They said again that there were no pro rated refunds so if I cancelled at that time I would simply have paid the money for no service for the last nine months. So I asked that my account be cancelled as of my anniversary date. They said that I could not do that at that time but that I needed to contact them just before the expiration date. Then they told me that I couldn’t cancel by email. Then they auto-charged my card without notifying me that the charge was going to take place and despite the fact that I had previously asked to cancel. After they auto-charged my card, I complained and they told me I had to cancel on their website, but that they still wouldn’t refund my auto-charged amount. This despite the fact that their terms of service clearly state that one can cancel via email, phone, or on the website. Be very wary. If you use them, don’t allow them to keep your credit card information on file.

          1. The same thing happened to me. I have incurred $150.00 in charges incurred after a data loss that destroyed my confidence in their service.

            They are scammers.

            Cancel your recurring payment with your bank or Paypal, whichever you used.

      2. SugarSync Customer Service is BAD. *** warning Will Rodgers *** warning***…. Do not deal with these people. In the early days, they seemed pretty good. But they have truly gone to hell in a handbag. Some companies get better as they get big…this one sure did not. I warn you….do not sign up.

      3. I had a similar experience to Melissa and Yolande. Cancellation was difficult, they autorenewed without any warning, and refused to provide a refund. Very difficult to work with. And the desktop app that runs the synching will drastically impact system performance.

  3. I handle IT matter for a non-profit organization. They asked to set up a syncing and backup program for their office and portable computers. After extensive research I chose SugarSync. SugarSync was easy to set up and provides worry free and flawless backup of important files. The president of the organization, who travels extensively to Africa, India and within the U.S. is very well satisfied with the SugarSync service. I definitely recommend SugarSync for businesses and organization looking for reliable file backup.

  4. You cannot backup external drives! This is a wrong information you gave here. I test currently the service and Software with my iMac5k. But frankly, the connection is such slow and yes it´s not my internet connection! So i was coming to your website to find a better provider, but could not find any better one, not yet.

    Happy new year & all the best 🙂

  5. I never had a problem with the software, but I’m not happy with their business practices. When they went to a “pay only” service they offered one year for $35. I signed up because I was using it with school. After a couple of months I transferred everything to Microsoft Onedrive. Last week I got hit with a $75 renewal fee that is apparently not refundable. I do not like companies that do business this way. A simple reminder that your renewal is coming up is all that it would take from a legitimate company who cared about keeping customers. I’ve email the support team via the provided form twice this week. I still haven’t received a response. There is not phone number to call.

    1. Hi Jeff,
      I had the same thing happen to me. I wish they kept their free tier, I don’t use much bandwidth or storage. I paid for the half price year and didn’t expect the renewal cost. I had just lost my job at the time of their silent renewal and it took a serious chunk out of my remaining savings.

      I’ve just done a fair bit of reading around the net and it looks like MEGA has nearly all of the same features I liked, but also has much better encryption. The downside seems to be a lack of file versioning (keeping old versions of your files, or deleted files in a trash folder). I liked that about sugarsync, and used it often.

      We’ll see how we go. The free 50gb is really nice!

  6. I was a paid customer over a year. You might be shocked to find that although you’re paying for backup, your files may not be getting backed up.

    I ran into several situations where SugarSync claimed I was all synced up but files were out of what between the local client and the server. I could modify files, backup, and still the server would not get the modified versions. Since the server didn’t get the modifications, the other clients in the sync didn’t either.

    I happened to find out it wasn’t syncing during some other task, and not when I needed the backups, thankfully. If you rely on them for your important data/pictures/music/etc, you might want to random spot check deep into files/directories and make sure your files are being backed up.

    All this lead to (yet another) interaction with support, who takes days to respond and are quite unhelpful.

  7. I have one question that is important to me.
    Does SugarSync allow to edit a word document while you have it open on the cloud? If yes, does the edited document update automatically back to the source computer in my instance my desktop?
    Does the mobile version of SugarSync support the above?

    1. In a sense, yes. If you open the same file in more than one place, Sugarsync will create one version for each place it was open. You will have to manually merge the multiple docs into a single one and delete the other copies to get a unified edited document.

      This is unlike editing a Word doc on One Drive (both by Microsoft) where the edits in the Word docs are automatically merged (by Word). Note: You won’t find a generic cloud service that will do application-specific document merges (except possibly for text docs).

  8. I’ve been a sugarsync user for 5+ yrs. In the beginning I was thrilled with SS, but each year they slip down lower and lower in support and they keep creeping up in cost.

    I use this for my business so I need this to be bulletproof and when there is a problem I need answers FAST. SS charge an extra $99/yr if you want phone support. OK that’s alot but if the support was good and timely I’d gladly pay it. Sadly, its not. Often it takes 15 minutes or more to reach a human and then its hit or miss whether that human is well trained.

    There are many great things about SugarSync but they are slowly dwindling. And I don’t think I can recommend it any more.

  9. The service is okay, but just try to cancel your account. You have to open an online chat with customer service … and here I am waiting … 7 minutes so far, and I’m now sixth in line to be serviced. Signing up is easy, but they really make it a struggle to cancel.

  10. I have been using SS for years and am very happy with it. I’ve paid for a 2nd subscription for my son in college. It took me awhile to choose, but SS’s ability to let me choose folders to sync was the big deciding factor. They recently DOUBLED my storage allowance for same price!

    I use 4 different device types and have no issues (MAC & PC for full sync, iPhone & iPad for mobile access.) I also have some files in cloud-only backup that I don’t need sync’d.

    One feature that has been a life saver for me is being able to send someone a URL to share a file. At least 50 times, I have been in a taxi, restaurant, or out of the country and I need to give access to important files. SS allows me to create a URL and email it to my colleague without sending the file itself. Often, these files are 25MB+ so saves cell/roaming data costs.

    Also, just got a new Mac laptop. I installed SS first, told it to sync, and in the morning ALL my work files were ready. People couldn’t believe how fast I had my new Mac up and running.

    I love being able to edit text files right in the mobile app (editor needs work) – or swipe through a folder of photos as if they were local. Family is always surprised I can pull up an old photo in a heartbeat.

    Yes, it costs, but it’s worth it to me. Imagine losing your personal photos? Irreplaceable. I’ve tried a local hard drive but it’s too easy to fail unless I want to setup special redundant / mirrored storage. I still sometimes dump a snapshot of my files to a drive but I don’t rely on that.

    The only gripe I had was years ago after first installing it at home… Underpowered PC was consumed trying to upload files… Seemed to take days. Since then (and upgrading home PC) I’ve had to issues.

  11. They make it very difficult for customers to cancel their service. Despite being an internet company, you cannot cancel directly from the site. In this day & age that says a lot about how the company values its customers.

    Be prepared to be locked in for several years if you sign up or avoid & choose a company that doesn’t have shady practices like this.

    Not one to trust & the author of this site lacks credibility if he is recommending it.

  12. I’ve had it for years and they once bailed me out via backup-restore in a HUGE way. Great support. Really not complex – and their pricing reflects the quality of the product.

    I don’t waste money. I use this product because my data are important to me and I feel safe.

  13. Something to be aware of… After several years subscribed to sugarsync, I found I wasn’t using it. for several reasons, but that’s not why I’m commenting. A while back, I got an email from them saying that my credit card wasn’t working anymore and that my account would be deleted if I didn’t fix that. That card had been changed due to fraud but I decided not to update the card number and replied that I wanted to discontinue. I deleted sugarsync from my computer and forgot about it. Then recently, I discovered that they were still charging me. So I contacted them right away and was informed even though they told me they were discontinuing my account, they kept billing me, and that was they way they do it. When I asked why they didn’t send an email saying they had reestablished billed, they said their policy was to keep trying your card. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice this continuing $4.99 fee per month until almost a year later (yes, my bad for not looking at those details), but here’s my complaint… When I contacted them to find out what happened and request a refund from the time they sent “we’re cancelling your account” email to now, I was told “no” by chat person, customer service rep, and supervisor. They repeated that their policy is to send the cancellation notice and keep keep trying to charge clients cards, and no they don’t alert you to that. I told them I thought that their integrity was off to send a cancellation notice without a restatement notice. I requested a refund of at least half the time of over-charging (6 months), thinking I had some fault in letting it go on so long. They finally said that “as a courtesy” they would refund just 1 month and again told me their policy was to keep charging after they send that cancellation email. I obviously didn’t read the fine print, but in case someone runs into something similar, I thought it worth the alert.

  14. Been using for a 1 person small business for years. Overall a great service. Being able to back up any folder with a right click compared to moving files to 1 folder is why this is the best solution for me. A quick right click allows you to send a public read only link or a shared link where individuals can read and write to your computer. Only compliant is the uploads are sometimes slow and it makes my mac fan run way too often. Really like the service though. Oh, it also saves multiple versions of files, so if you overwright something by mistake, you have multiple versions in the cloud. The above review does not seem to mention these intracies. Typical poorly researched article found in today’s journalism. Writing on ipad so excuse errors.

  15. Their cancellation policy stinks. I paid $99 per year for a few years, then began using another backup system. I saw the $99 charge on my credit card and contacted them to cancel effective immediately. They told me OK, but the $99 was never refunded. When I contacted them about it they quoted their policy of “no refunds”…..for any reason? I was forced to pay $99 for an entire years worth of service that I will not use. This is very poor customer service, bordering on a scam. Do not use this company.

    1. Outside of your refund issue… We’ve used SugarSync for the past 4 years and have had our ups and downs with Customer Support but most companies are this way. They have been very helpful in such cases and in fact, have taken advice and implemented features that were needed based on feedback. It’s been a very good experience on our end.

    2. I’ve had similar problems to the above. sugarsync used to have online chat so when problems arise they could be dealt with immediately. now they actually charge for customer service; otherwise it’s all done through email. Do you have any idea. how long it can take to get anything fixed when you have to go back and forth not in real time. when I first joined their customer service was excellent. now it’s one of the worst online services I’ve encountered. I’ll be switching to a different company as soon as I research the best one (obviously one where they’re actually willing to communicate with you). I will then cancel my plan (using the 4 hour window only on weekdays that they allow — what a scam to make it so difficult to discontinue.) I intend to ask for a refund for months not used, if this is denied, I will have my bank reverse the charges. taking money when not supplying a service (especially when the terms of that service have suddenly changed so customer contact is considered a privilege) is not a valid contract. With so many other companies out there now, I don’t understand why they’ve chosen yo get worse rather than better.

  16. Our company has been using SugarSync for over 4 years and counting. We used to have an in-house server where 3 employees would connect to access shared files during work production. Since we’ve moved to SugarSync we have been able to covert our ‘In-house’ server to the cloud using SugarSync. Ever employee installs SugarSync on their company and connects to the folders that are shared. All employees PC’s and laptops are always current with the latest files. Any deletions go into SugarSyncs global trash for recovery if needed.

    Honestly, it has allowed our company to go mobile the past 4 years and we have since let go of our physical office and employees have moved home to their home offices. Works flawlessly. SugarSync wasn’t intended to be an online server but that is how it’s worked for our company and works beautifully.

  17. Good article but I believe For the most part, you missed the main thing that makes SugarSync unique. You stated “The application may not offer anything unique”, although earlier in the article you touched on an extremely unique feature, and probably the most important reason to use sugarsync, the fact that you can sync anything, anywhere on your device without upsetting the hierarchy of you filing method… in other words, your files stay EXACTLY where you want them, not where they want you to put them. This is paramount for anyone that keeps a clean and organized device.

    The other very unique feature is that each device does NOT have to mirror all the other devices… you select what files you want to sync on each device individually. So, I have my desktop and laptop synced exactly, yet I only have a few of those files synced on my phone. My iPad has a few more than the phone, and my surface has even more than those two mobile devices, but not everything the desktop and laptop have.

    These two features are what makes sugarsync stand apart. If you’re just needing online backup, it’s absolutely NOT what you should be using…. far too expensive for that.

    Thanks for allowing me to comment.

  18. Jimmy Flemming, your comment decided the matter for me. I had been seeking clear, real-world explanations of SugarSync’s two critical nuances; that is, flexibility in sourcing and targeting sync’s. Your emphatic and incisive response to the reviewer got my attention and your spot-on address of the subject met my need. My intuition had told me to pick SugarSync, but gut feelings aren’t anything one can take to the boss. Happily, your words lay it out for anyone’s cognizance. Not that the competition lacks advantages, but now I clearly see how to argue rationally in favor of SugarSync over exactly DropBox as collaboration tool for the use of our small advertising agency. Thanks for commenting!

  19. Sugarsync is great …. if it works. And there lies the problem. I sync between 3 computers. Recently, on all of the 3 computers a larger number of files will not up- or download for no obvious reasons (normal pdf/docx/xlsx,png fiels with normal filenames). On one computer, Sugarsync only works after a fresh re-install. After turning the computer off and on, the database will not load. No solutions from the helpdesk. Leaving Sugarsync of no value in my situation. As result I will terminate my subscription and will have to ensure that my computers become in-sync again and remain that way through a different solution. Any suggestions?

    In 2 out of three helpquestions the helpdesk fixes the problem.

  20. I’ve been using SugarSync for about 7 years now, and despite it’s rather hefty price tag I’m sticking with it (But please SugarSync … stop raising your rates – enough!). As other reviewers have noted, for me the real benefit of SugarSync is that it provides “quiet” backup of my files on multiple devices, and I don’t have to think about it, because once I initially setup SugarSync on a device it backs everything up I directed it to, unless and until I tell it to stop. I also use OneDrive and DropBox (in my office), and those products both serve a valuable purpose, but SugarSync is my “overall” back up of those files too – so basically when it comes to those files I’m backed up twice, and not depending solely on one company (for example, Microsoft) for backup of critical files. Also, SugarSync *did* “save” me once, when an IT guy inadvertently deleted all my personal files on a laptop, I was able to restore everything pretty much in minutes using SugarSync. So please, SugarSync, as a long-time and devoted user of your product, please beef up your customer service, and stop with the rate increases for a bit – I’m very pleased with SugarSync overall.

  21. Have been using sugarsync for 4 years but continuously had issues with syncing failing on mac requring a full clean install to get running again, each time costing me time id rather not waste. Today my windows 10 pc stopped syncing all together. No service-status tells me whats going on. A lame post on facebook somewhere says they had issues. Finally fed up with problems and poor tec support. Time to find an alternative

  22. I tried SugarSync, I only wanted to look and test it out, but had to use a card for a trial account. Cancelling is almost impossible! They didn’t reply on twitter, I could find an email address so ended up just putting in fake card details. Now they are emailing saying my payment has failed – well duh! For anyone suffering the same problem, here is their “support” email address: [email protected]

  23. Just don’t! There are so many better services. You basically can’t cancel or downgrade to change your account in anyway, they will never refund you.
    They also never reply to email requests, you have to call them and even then they aren’t every helpful, Ive been double charged, will never see that refund. They even suggested I contact my financial institution to cancel my credit card to stop the charges, for real. I can’t believe it got such a high rating, it is a zero. Don’t do it!

  24. Years ago I started using “free” SugarSync to sync Quicken data between my desktop and laptop for travel. 4 years ago I started paying. Then last month (April 17) I saw noticed it stopped backing up and syncing all my data. I called tech support who tried a couple of kludge fixes which failed. Finally on the third call I reached the tech with some knowledge of their product who told me that they do not do “active databases” including Quicken, my e-mail files etc. – sounds like the files I most want to back up since they change, and are “important” to protect. They do document this on their web site (“Data That Can’t Be Synced”) even though they have not given this info to tech support.
    I cancelled and on uninstall saw the program date was also April 17, 2018. So if you have files that rarely change, OK. But if you have “active data” files, SugarSync has decided not to support them. FYI: Microsoft’s OneDrive is much cheaper and does back up all my data.

  25. Use Dropbox. Save yourself the massive headache of attempting to cancel this overpriced crap. Use Dropbox. Seriously. This company has disabled the button to cancel your PAID account, you must call them within THEIR business hours as their online chat purposely does not work. Legal action must be threatened to get them to enable the cancel button. Which in my case will take 1 year to cancel. They were also charging an expired credit card. Seriously, use Dropbox.

  26. It did what it was supposed to do — until it didn’t. Today, I learned that their most recent upgrade no longer supports Windows XP, just like that. When I called to find out why they didn’t give notice, they claimed they DID give notice — in an e-mail dated 5/16/18. That would’ve been a whole 5 days notice if I had even received such an e-mail.

    Yes, I know XP’s obsolete, and I have it on two computers. But 5 days to go out and buy a new computer, set it up, and load software? Using SugarSync, I might not be able to even transfer the data in 5 days.

  27. Unfortunately I cannot recommend Sugarsync at all. It is one of the more expensive cloud storage solutions however, I was willing to take on the extra cost as I thought some of the features were worth it. Sadly though, it has presented me with numerous problems over the years. Once at capacity certain functions cease to work. I receive endless notifications that the account is at capacity with no way of disabling them. Furthermore, I lose the capability to delete unnecessary files so there is no possible way of rectifying storage issues. This then makes sugarsync redundant as a storage solution. Files can no longer be downloaded and at times the website pages simply won’t load to show my files. This could be a great cloud storage solution yet the problems experienced when dealing with large volumes of information make it too difficult to use. It’s 1 star for me.

  28. Save yourself the hassle and use something else. I can’t put it any other way. OSX is buggy, just stopping for no apparent reason and nary a warning that it does. Different computers showing different usage on the same account. Brutally slow downloads that frequently just stop …. seriously problem when trying to offline non-synced folders of any size. Shows all files synced, but if I close and open again, it suddenly finds a bunch more files to sync????? Customer support? …

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