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JustCloud Review

JustCloud offers a disappointing experience that could possible turn disastrous. recommends against using this service, find out why.

By Brian Law
— Last Updated: 2021-02-25T16:50:33+00:00

JustCloud is an overwhelming disappointment: its feature set is highly limited and it’s ridiculously expensive when compared to any of our other best storage and backup providers. If that weren’t bad enough, users have reported that their files were simply missing from the servers when they needed them.

Though here at we prefer our readers make up their own mind, we’re going to break our own rule and strongly advise against using this service. If you’re still willing to give it a shot, visit Justcloud and sign up, you get 1GB of storage and 15MB of sync space for free.

Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Supports most operating systems
  • Compatible with older operating systems


  • Very expensive
  • Flaky backup
  • Limited feature set
  • Limited syncing
  • No versioning
  • Difficult to use
  • Small free plan

Alternatives for JustCloud

  1. 1
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    1000 GB - Unlimited GB starts from $6 / month (All Plans)
  2. 2
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    - Unlimited GB starts from $4.17 / month (save 25%) (All Plans)
  3. 3
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    150 GB - 10 TB starts from $1.67 / month (save 39%) (All Plans)14-day money-back guarantee
  4. 4
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    100 GB - 30 TB starts from $1.67 / month (save 16%) (All Plans)
  5. 5
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    - 5 TB starts from $9.99 / month (save 17%) (All Plans)


20 % – Terrible

JustCloud does little to stand out from the crowd. It offers a hybrid of backup and cloud storage in a single application.

However, the backup service is rather unreliable and the syncing service is poorly integrated and frustrating to use. JustCloud also allows sharing, but only with other JustCloud users and there are very few of those.

Even the most basic of features that you would expect from a cloud storage service — like automatic syncing of video files in folders or the uploading of files larger than 1GB — are extras that need to be purchased at a high annual cost.

Even the “settings” button opens a recommendation to upgrade your account before sending you to the actual settings menu.


10 % – Terrible

Pricing for JustCloud is extraordinarily steep. Even large plans with a long-term commitment are more expensive than the first tier of storage from providers such as Google Drive (for more info on that, read our Google Drive review).

You could even use a service such as Backblaze (Backblaze review) for its unlimited backup while also using an independent cloud storage solution for day-to-day needs at a lower price than you pay for JustCloud.

JustCloud’s pricing, starting at over $0.14 per GB, just isn’t competitive in a market where most of our other best cloud storage services offer plans that start at $0.02 per GB and get cheaper from there.

Though getting the first gigabyte for free is kind of nice, it pales in comparison to what’s offered by any of our best free cloud storage providers.

Ease of Use

35 % – Terrible

It’s impossible to use JustCloud without feeling like it’s fighting back. The sync folder does not integrate with your computer’s file structure, a feature that is pretty standard for cloud storage solutions, making it accessible only through the JustCloud client.

On top of that, opening a file from JustCloud sends it to your downloads folder. This means that in order to save any changes you make, you will need to manually add the file to JustCloud all over again. To add to this frustration, drag and drop does not consistently work in the interface.

You also can’t upload folders into the JustCloud application, forcing you to do all file management from within the sync folder’s interface, which is quite difficult to use.

If you want to view your backups, there isn’t even a way to do so from the native application. The “my files” button simply takes you to the web interface, which also looks quite dated and is usually not in sync.

Any files I backed up usually did not appear. Instead, the page would report that I hadn’t backed up any files. Despite this, there would still be a notice that I was out of space and needed to purchase more.

File Sharing & Syncing

19 % – Terrible

You can share files using JustCloud, but only with other JustCloud users. The sharing prompt does state that the link will allow access, but this link will lead directly to a page to set up an account. This can be enormously frustrating if you’re expecting to share a single file with someone quickly.

Syncing is also not entirely functional. There is no versioning because files have to be manually uploaded every time you edit them from the sync folder. This also means that, should anything happen while you are making edits, you’ll have to revert to the most recent upload rather than the most recent save.

This is unlike more reputable storage solutions which automatically sync every time you save. The simple fact that a failed drive could destroy your work should keep you away from this service.


10 % – Terrible

The upload speed appears to be quite usable at first.  With my connection of 29.86Mbps down and 6Mbps up, a folder of about 1GB finished backing up in 1:15.

However, I had no way of confirming this speed as the file never appeared in JustCloud’s online interface, even after the 24 hours that it states it may take.

Upload and download speeds seem fast, though it’s hard to confirm, but the time it takes for files to actually sync is measured in days rather than seconds.

Security & Privacy

20 % – Terrible

JustCloud claims to use “265 Bit encryption.” The 256-bit encryption that JustCloud probably means it employs is a nice feature, but your concerns might grow for other reasons than just careless marketing.

JustCloud states that users’ information can be shared with third-party companies for advertising purposes. JustCloud also does have access to your files, so should they ever get hacked or be served with a warrant, your data is at risk.

Not only does it protect your privacy poorly, JustCloud also goes out of its way to dodge any liability. JustCloud states in its privacy policy that they “cannot guarantee complete security.” Or any security even: we advise against keeping anything even remotely sensitive on JustCloud’s servers.

Customer Service

10 % – Terrible

You might expect that if the product is so difficult to operate that you might be able to at least look up how to use it, but JustCloud’s documentation is very limited. The website is of little help and there is no community forum to get help from other users.

Phone support is no better: while JustCloud does boast a 24-hour response time by email — which is better than many other services — the support you’ll receive isn’t worthwhile. Examples abound of JustCloud being just terrible to its customers, including relentless emails after unsubscribing and constant phone calls.

JustCloud even accused a private user of using the service for business, then proceeded to increase the price of its service without permission. Response time isn’t everything: if they’re just unhelpful spam, it’s not worth it.

The Verdict

With poor privacy and security, virtually no integration with your devices, questionable reliability and a hefty price tag, JustCloud just isn’t a wise investment for anyone in any situation.

No matter whether you need cloud storage or backup, you’re better off reading through our best cloud storage picks or checking out our article on best online backup services and picking any other provider. Literally any other will be a better deal than JustCloud.

Do you have any experiences with JustCloud? Let us know in the comments below. Thank you for reading.

75 GB - 1000 GB starts from $7.61 / month (All Plans)
Visit Justcloud
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83 thoughts on “JustCloud”

  1. JustCloud has saved me so many times when my computer has shut down on me for multiple reasons. It is a good backup file for all of my videos, notes, pictures and more. I never have lost anything by accident after using JustCloud for my backup.

    It is very simple to use. You can log into your JustCloud account from anywhere in the world and access your files. You do not have to even use your own desktop or whatever you may use to access the internet. I really like this because I actually travel and I cannot always bring my laptop with me somewhere. This way I can show family members my pictures of my children and our family vacation pictures if they are not with me.

    You also have the option to choose which certain files you would like JustCloud to backup. After this permission, any changes that you may make to your certain file, JustCloud will automatically backup any new information and files added so you do not have to worry about saving anything or forgetting. So this has really helped me.


    –> Here is what I don’t like: you cannot backup files greater than 1GB unless you pay an upgrade. There are many paid upgrades which other services give you for free.

    –> Customer support seems to be not very cooperative. When I tried to explain a problem I had with the installation I got redirected and redirected until I lost patience. After it was my fault but I would have loved to receive some feedback from their end.

    –> Sometimes I have folders that don’t seem to be recognized and I have to pull them in manually – that can be tedious at times but I gues that might be a problem of my old computer, too.

    Hope that helps!

    1. After several years with Justcloud it deleted itself from my computer, yeas really did. Login at website and none of my documents will open, NO customer service at all, they tell you to email support and someone will email you back, responses are unhelpful and as though they never even read your email, Will be looking for a new back up plan with new company, they were good as long as you dont have a technical issue and if you do you are on your own

    2. Email to JustCloud.

      I have been using your product for a while now and have some feed back.
      1) You need to change how you store the data. If I want to take photos from my phone and put them onto my hardrive I have to go to the JustCloud website, look up my phone, individually select each photo and then download it to a folder on my computer. After that I have to move it to a folder on my computer flagged for back up with JustCloud then wait for it to upload to my back up folder in JustCloud server. Why can’t I log onto JustCloud’s server and transfer a group of files from my phones back up to my computers back up?
      2) The painful way you have to upload video files. Going through all of my videos of my children and individually upload them even though the folder their in has already been marked for back up is ridiculous. Having to pay to “upgrade” so that the video upload process is automatic is a clear money grab.
      3) The “Syncronise Folder” is yet another money grab. This feature is identical to how Dropbox store ALL of your data FOR NO EXTRA COST. It make sense to have all of your files stored in one location that you can access from MULTIPLE computers (Instead of buying individual licences) as long as you log in.
      4) You need to make it so that a group of files can be selected and downloaded as a group. What am I supposed to do if my computer dies and I have to download all my files again? Do I have to go through every individual photo and video and download them?
      5) I recently upgraded to an SSD hardrive and now I have to upload all of my files again (90 gigabytes) as JustCloud doesn’t recognise the computer as being the same. The files are in the same location on my computer but the fresh install of Windows has confused your software. Your program needs to look at my data as not belonging to a specific computer, just a specific folder name.
      6) Your JustCloud apps for android and Iphone don’t automatically back up. I have noticed that the only time it will back up is if you open the app. Why doesn’t it (Like Dropbox) detect a new photo has been taken and wait until it connects to WiFi to upload??
      These are just the problems I can think of at the moment. The more I use the software the more I find faults with it. I am sick of seeing advertisement for “upgrades” to my account that are standard features with other back up programs. I won’t be using your services anymore and I want a refund.

      1. Is there a way to export my photos out of Just Cloud to another less expensive cloud service. My yearly charge is coming up and I want to change my cloud service, but have lots of years of photos stored in Just Cloud. Thank you for any info.

    3. You were lucky. In my experience when I needed my files they were either not backed up because of software changes that stopped the backup routine or just recently they scrambled my data when they moved from one server to another. Years of data lost. STAY AWAY

      Justcloud lost 90GB (half) of my files on all of my devices. Their customer support was useless and then eventually stopped responding to my emails. Now they just ask for money to renew my account. I cannot even get my files back to put them onto another company’s platform. This is the most toxic company.

    5. If you have issues with this company, contact:

      [email protected]

      He is the head of operations for JDI Backup, LTD the company that owns JustCloud. Their standard support desk is completely useless. I have spent well over a month going back and forth with a dozen people there to restore 90GB of my files from 5 devices that they lost and they eventually stopped responding- except to ask me to pay my bill! I can’t even get my files off this service to move them to another and 39GB of lost files are from a stolen laptop with no other backup. Sounds like others are in the same boat, so I thought some concerted pressure applied at the top could get this company to change.

    6. You must be an employee of just cloud.

      This company is nothing but a bunch of crooks. I used them for a month, and cancelled their free service back in May of 2017, which was confirmed by them this past week (April 2018) when they charged me $120. When I called asking for a refund, the person i was talking to was extremely rude, and when I asked for a manager, the same guy just… had a better accent, but it was the same guy. All he would tell me to do was call PayPal and dispute the charge that they wouldn’t do anything.

      Horrible company of straight up thieves.

    7. My experience with JustCloud was the unauthorized charge to my credit card after I had canceled the service. I only found out two years later that they were continuing to charge me after acknowledging the cancelation. If you choose to work with them…do not trust them with auto-renew. Trying to work with their people feels like you’re being scammed. AVOID

  2. My 2 cents on JustCloud

    I once lost all of my photos and documents because my computer completely crashed, I was almost devastated over the lose of my pictures (I have a lot of pictures with memories of my grandfather and grandmother whom both had passed away).

    I am a new up and coming photographer so I didn’t want to take the risk of losing my clients pictures or my own personal pictures. I looked around online to find something that would fit me best. I tried a few sites non of which appealed to me, then a friend of mine told me about JustCloud. I went home found it, and looked around on their website. My first thought about it was “Oh my god, this site is created for me” and I’ll tell you why. It fits my needs perfectly. It was easy to backup all of my files, it does it automatically so I don’t have to spend a long time sitting and doing it manually. It’s easy to find what picture or document you are looking for. And my favorite part about JustCloud is that I can share it with my clients and friends right from the website. I can make it private so only the client the pictures is meant for can see it and they can share it with their friends.

    I started out using the premium pack. But I recently had to upgrade to the unlimited pack.

    I would recommend JustCloud to anyone who needed to backup their files.

    Of course the service isn’t perfect and that’s why I end up giving it three stars. They really annoy me with constant popups that ask me to upgrade to X and Y. Hello! JustCloud! I’m already an unlimited subscriber what else do you want?

    Also, I don’t know if it’s just me but I think backups are quite slow and so is file sync. I have upgraded to 15GB syncing space because this is usually enough. But it feels a little sluggish so I’m sticking to Dropbox for my syncing needs now.

  3. JustCloud is a great way to back up data on a computer. I love having the ability to save my files for work, as well as my personal files. The program is easy to use, and is very hassle free in terms of length of time it takes to back up everything. Amazon’s S3 program is the program that runs JustCloud. The Amazon S3 program is known for being reliable, and this shows within the program. The standard JustCloud program is about 1TB which is perfect for my personal data. There are also business plans that are offered for those that want more space. My favorite part about JustCloud is the fact that I am able to save any type of file. Many back up programs that I have come across in the past have kept me from saving multiple file types, therefore forcing me to convert them or not save them at all. The files also work on both MACs and PCs, which makes it easier to share between any people if needed. I also love the fact that there is a new mobile app that can be used for JustCloud! This makes taking my files around with me even easier. The only thing that I am not happy with is the annoying pop ups that try to get me to upgrade. After a while it is fairly easy to get used to them. Overall, I would give the JustCloud backup service four out of five stars.

    1. Jason – you are a troll. This company is terrible and your review reeks of a connection with them.

  4. I think it’s pretty silly that files cannot be organized in the Just Cloud cloud! One should be able to drag & drop between folders! Is this the case with all clouds?!!

  5. Disgusted with their nickel and dime business tactics, a kluge application and poor customer service, I started restoring my files as a prelude to canceling my subscription.
    Less than a third of 511 GB’s of pictures were restored. I got a file not found error for the rest of my files. I began a back and forth dialogue with Just Cloud customer ‘service’. I was told that their (Just Cloud’s) technical team created a bug that inadvertently deleted thousands of my files in March 2014. Thousands of irreplaceable family pictures are gone!
    1) Since Just Cloud’s tech team created a bug that deleted thousands of my pictures in March 2014 I asked why they did not notify me and other customers in March of the fact that they had inadvertently deleted thousands of customers’ files. No answer from Just Cloud
    2) Although I could see the names, file sizes and thumbnails of the files I could not restore on the Just Cloud server, they were gone. Deleted! Just Cloud’s explanation: the name, file size and thumbnail are part of the meta-data for the files. This data still existed on the server but the files themselves were gone. Question: Why keep the file meta-data on the server creating the false impression that the files are still present if they are not? No answer from Just Cloud.
    3) I asked Just Cloud to restore my files from servers at other locations since according to their web site customers’ files are stored on servers at multiple locations for redundancy. Just Cloud’s answer: My files were deleted on all servers at all locations!
    4) I asked Just Cloud to restore my files from an archived server backup made before the bug they created deleted my files in March. Just Cloud’s answer: Just Cloud’s server backups do not work that way.
    Unlimited storage that does not mean “unlimited”, redundant storage that does not mean “redundant” and server backup that does not mean “server backup” is not the worse of it. The worse of it is that they deleted thousands of my files in March 2014 and have yet to notify me and other customers officially that they deleted our files. Customers are finding out, will find out, one by one as they attempt to restore a deleted file that the file is gone. Nada.
    What a disgrace to the cloud storage industry. I bought a blu-ray burner and am going back old school – burning important files to disks and storing them off site. Can’t access them anywhere anytime but at least they are where I put them.

  6. many hidden charges related to file size limit and file count (not total storage size)

    accessing your ftp, it shows correct number of files, say 500,000

    using their desktop software, it doesn’t show all files. so if you need to download/restore all files, the desktop client doesn’t download all files.


  7. Anyone in their sane mind won’t subscribe to this service.
    Compare it to MyPCBackup, and you’ll notice that it is the same service.
    It does backup your files, but it imposes so many restrictions, that, when you pay for it, it is the most expensive one.
    Hard to believe a site that chooses this one as a winner.

  8. I paid for a 3 year subscription for Just cloud. Then a month, ago, the company disabled my online back up claiming that my subscription has expired, without any prior notification for reenrollment. When I looked up my account, I actually still have 19 months of service available. Then the night mare begins. I tried reinstalling the program only to have my anti-virus inform me that the installation file is a Trojan of the Artemis variation, and the site which the software is downloading from is not trustworthy. When I did manage to reinstall it by disabling my anti-virus, Just cloud wants me to pay for a new license.!! This and other problems went on and on, and finally I managed to reinstalled the program in one of 2 computers. Then my antivirus “quarantine” the just cloud program again!! So Really, does any one in the right mind want to risk downloading trojans with their backup software.
    To add insult to injury, JustCloud refused to refund me for the remainder of my subscription by stating that I have already passed the 14 days review date! So Let the buyer beware- switch before you spend tons of time fixing problems that should not be there in the first place.

  9. I just received a notice that I had reached my upper limits on my “unlimited” account. It seems that somewhere in that LONG “Terms & Conditions” there is actually a cap on the amount of space that can be used. Unlimited no longer means unlimited. The cap is at 816 G. Since I am an amateur photographer and take only large MB (RAW) photos, I have now exceeded my “Unlimited” storage. I believe this should be stated up front and in large letters that “Unlimited” is not quite unlimited.

  10. If I could give this service a zero or negative rating, I would.

    I was using JustCloud and had been happy with them until today. I had signed up for an unlimited account for two years. After about six months, they put a hold on my account so that I could no longer backup files, AND removed my access to files that I had previously backed up. They told me that unlimited is not really unlimited and that the amount of space allowed for an “unlimited” account varies, but they could not tell me what that amount is. I had about 800GB backed up. The only way for me to use my account is to “upgrade” for over $650 per year (after already paying about $250). Support is limited, and they tell you to send an email to their legal department if you don’t agree with their false advertising policies. I suspect they will go out of business and leave a lot of people hanging. Avoid them, they are not reputable.

  11. Steer clear at all costs. Service is non-existant. And their “unlimited” storage is a HUGE LIE. Once you hit about 800GB, the service stops backing up files, but doesn’t inform you that it is doing so. They have a clause in their disclosure that UNLIMITED is actually a number that they make up for you as to what they think you should use. You have to pay for each additional added service too. They are a ripoff.

  12. I signed up for ZipCloud over about two years ago. Now I’m looking around because they are doing a bit and switch deal on me. I have always used my external drive as my main documents drive, and in the beginning that was fine with ZipDrive. Now they stopped backing up my files and want me to pay extra.

    JustCloud is the same company as ZipCloud. Same logo, same interface, etc. That should give people reason to wonder about the company.

  13. Be Very Very Careful,

    I had the unlimited account and backed up my PC.

    The software kept reporting complete successful backups time after time, week after week.

    When my PC had a hard drive crash, I though all would be fine but how wrong. On trying to restore my files I found that many hundreds of them must have been corrupted in transmission or storing. The files showed up on the justcloud software, but did not display the icon correctly had no file details and would not restore.

    Support care or concern…. non-existent.

    Honest view they contracted to supply a service and didn’t.

    Summary :- Buy a portable hard drive and do your own backups, its cheaper more secure and more reliable.

  14. “Unlimited” is NOT “unlimited!!!”
    I have over 8000 photos on my computer and wanted cloud storage besides my three external HDs used to back them up. Since I take at least half my photos in RAW format, I have a huge number of GIGs for photos alone. I purchased the “unlimited” option with JustCloud thinking I would back up the whole computer, but once I hit 817 GIGs, the service stopped backing up anymore Kbps, MGs, or GIGs! It simply quit backing up any further. I wrote the co. and received an email stating it was in the agreement I accepted to begin the service, which I will admit I simply agreed to without reading. I simply trusted that “unlimited” meant “unlimited.” WRONG!! I was told I would have to delete items to continue backing up. This is NOT what an “unlimited” service should be. This is false advertising and I am considering filing a complaint with the BBB.

  15. bad.

    limit bandwith, file size, and auto video backup

    i am checking now backblaze or crashplan

  16. JustCloud is not unlimited!

    I have just been told that I reached my limit at 1TB despite signing up for an unlimited deal. If I want to upload any more files, I have to buy a Home Office or Small Business plan. Both limit me to 100GB of storage. If I want to keep my 1TB of storage, it will cost me a minimum of £64.50 a month! If I want up to 2TB of storage, it will cost me a minimum of £114.10 a month!!!

    I only discovered that I had reached my unlimited limit when I went to look for files and found them missing. JustCloud support told me that I had reached exceeded my limit by 50GB under something called ‘fair usage’ in the terms and conditions. But the software allowed me to keep backing up without telling me I had reached a limit.

    If the limit is 1TB then JustCloud should be up front about it and say so.

    I’m now looking for another cloud storage provider.

  17. JustCloud is clearly a Scam. Since I stopped (I never went beyond the free version which was crap) I have had a regular stream of scaremongering emails, signed by “Gabriel” my account anger who is always trying to save me from armageddon. Just looking at the emails they are clearly dishonest. Do not go anywhere near them. The only useful side to the experience was to realize how a slick looking website, with smooth graphics, etc, could be a platform for people who are clearly only into ripping people off. The net is a dangerous place.

  18. I work from home – my mac has just failed and I have been advised that they blocked my backups because I was over my data limit – I purchased the unlimited package for that reason – this company CAPS a unlimited package – be very sceptical about this company – false advertising

  19. Can’t comment on the service, I never got past the deceptive and predatory pricing. I signed up for the $7.95 month-to-month plan, and was offered a 25% discount, then a 70% discount, and shown a (fake) receipt with a charge of $2.95. “Great”, I thought, only to find that my PayPal account had been charged $7.95 for the first month, with a recurring monthly charge of $9.94 scheduled. On the phone I got the explanation that the $7.95 price was with a 20% discount applied, and that $9.94 was the regular price. It’s not a bad price… if they were honest about it, but beware of the trickery.

  20. The service is slow and a bit cumbersome. The site doesn’t make a lot of sense and actually finding your files online is a bit of a mess.
    But more importantly, once you subscribe, you’ll have a hard time unsubscribing from their “service”.

    JustCloud is off cours, like a lot of others, just out to get your money…


    This company lost 5.2 GB of my Data and left me hanging on support for weeks and never fixed the problem. There are much better options.

  22. Don’t do it…

    I was sold “unlimited storage”, and I paid a premium price for it – $280+ for a year.

    But then they simply changed their policy and added several limitations, such as a charge for each external drive, etc… what they call a “fair policy”.

    When I complained they simply blocked my account.

  23. This service is a scam, I´ve been paying $75 for 3 years and now I need to restore files I find my most important folder is empty, they dont answer my emails either.
    Another great feature of JustCloud, if you have a disk crash and you have to reinstall the OS when you reinstall the client it will think is a different computer so you cant make more backups without a new license!!!
    Do yourself a favor, stay away from them.

  24. I subscribed to JustCloud for over 2 years and always had problems. It was always difficult to get tech support, their client was almost virus like on my computer and their service was expensive at $150/year. Recently, my hard-drive crashed and when I needed my back-up data the most from JustCloud I found that they had lost all of it due to a ‘server migration issue’. Not only did they lose all my data, they refused to even refund my subscription fee. These guys are unethical and their business practices border on criminal.

  25. In the past few months they have updated servers or something, and lost a lot of data.

    They are also expensive, especially with OneDrive amd GoogleDrive around nowadays. I am just staying long enough to see whether they can get my data back, then I will be gone. Definitely not renewing.

  26. Justcloud does not perform as advertised. They have lost all of my files just when I needed them. Have a new machine and no access to my previous laptop. They are not responding to requests for assistance. A definite zero stars. Do not use.

  27. I have been using Justcloud for just over a year. And I now learned that my account is on hold due to “unfair usage”. I admit that my usage is very high, the reason is that I have to keep three versions of my +190GB backups due to their system deficiencies. And nobody bothered to inform me that my files are not being backed up anymore! Their support is slow and inaccurate, restores are very slow (on the odd occasion that it actually works) and they are very expensive also. Stay away.

  28. Scam. They tried to extort me by saying I was a business then deleted all of my files. I guess by backing up Excel files I am a business. No support when I called to complain. Never recovered my files.

  29. JustCloud will lose your files, they don’t reply to e-mails or phone calls. There are thousands out there like me that this company has scammed. As a result I have lost 10 years of family history. Please, please, please don’t use JustCloud

  30. I was a JustCloud user for 3 years and renewed for another 3 years. After 1 year into the second contract their product froze while backing up. I contacted support and they got it working for about 1 hour. After several attempts to try to get the product working i have given up and taken my business to CrashPlan, which is a much more reputable product.

    I would not recommend using this product.

  31. I’ve had super bad experience with JustCloud. Early in 2013 I tested and clearly stated to the rep that JustCloud DID NOT meet my needs, however they continued to charge my CC and I did not notice. Recently I’ve exchanged several emails, it have been very difficult to get answers to my questions. Finally they claim they have canceled my account )which they should have done when I told the rep it did not meed my needs) and made a small refund (far short of the payments). In the latest email 2/20/2016 they state “I am sorry to inform but all the account details are deleted and we do not have any records of your card details now. ” Obviously they don’t seem to utilize their back up service. I personally consider them to be a scam. I’d give them a rating of -10 if possible.

    Just as a follow-up. I just got off the phone with the customer service. They realize that I did not really use the account setup in Dec 2013 but refuse to issue any credit charged. They also had the email where I stated that there services did not meed my needs and I stated several reasons as to why it did not meet my needs. The person I spoke to stated that he was not authorized to issue a refun and would not give me any contact within JustCloud that had the authority.
    I highly suggest NOT having any dealings with this company.

  32. I have been waiting for over two months now for this company to restore files which I have been paying them to back up. Justcloud has lost material which is essential for me to run my business and which is going to cost me a great deal of money if they cannot be restored. At this point I am not hopeful that this will be resolved since they only respond to my complaints once a month. I would have to advise you to stay clear of this company. Over 2 months now Justcloud. How much longer will I have to wait and how much more money will your ‘service’ cost me?

  33. Totally useless and a scam. I uploaded almost 1GB of my data, all of which is lost. Not only that, zero response from customer service despite repeated messages on this. Feel totally scammed. Not to mention the files and data I have lost. Hope others learn from my experience.

  34. If you have a portable storage drive, be prepared to pay extra to back it up. And if it has videos on it, that’s another extra fee. And if you want it done in a timely manner….another fee. Their software is fairly seamless to install but constantly displays pop-ups on the computer asking you to refer a friend. I stuck with them for 2 years and then all of the sudden, it was no longer on my computer. When I downloaded it again, I got an email from them saying that I had unauthorized uploads that were not paid for in my subscription. I was going to have to pay even more money to keep what I had in the cloud and to continue using their service. I canceled. The pop-ups and extra “upgrades” were super annoying. My virus protection even said their program was a problem and kept trying to block it.

  35. JustCloud has NOT worked for me. They have been unable to retrieve any of my files after a hard drive crash. I can see all the files on their site but they have been unable to retrieve them. There excuse is a server migration has gone bad. Michael Dust, Just Cloud Customer Service Representative said to “check your account in every 4 Days” maybe someday they’ll be there.

  36. I just got an email from [email protected] saying “There has been a lot of press coverage lately about the Government and Internet Service Providers monitoring your online activity and keeping logs of your browsing history”, and its inviting me to join its service. I regard it low to use such scam stories to trick people into spending their money. What do you think?

  37. TERRIBLE LIARS and THIEVES! DO NOT USE, DO NOT TRUST If I could, I would give negative stars. I quit after the first ‘free’ month as It has lots of hidden charges for every feature. I was offered a special $1 a month promotion and decided to go with this as it was too good to be true – I signed up and forgot about it, until at the end of the year I realized they had been taking $8.95 instead of $1 for the whole year, they refuse to refund the money. I cancelled, and they ‘helped me’ by not cancelling it, incase I needed the data, and so continues to over charge me each month, DO NOT TRUST THESE LIARS AND CHEATS, a scam company that will say anything to keep stealing from your credit card.

  38. Justcloud is indeed cheap – but be careful:
    1. It works poorly in China (it took me about 6 months to back up my 300Gb).
    2. When they say “unlimited” they actually mean 1Tb – and they will cut you off without a warning too!
    3. I had multiple issues with them, both technically and customer service-wise, they made me work so hard for their service… I sometimes wonder why I’m still a customer

  39. JustCloud have the worse support ever! I actually debbuged for them…
    IT does not work from China, and the “unlimited” plan is actually a 1Tb plan…

  40. Lost all our files due to “server migration” , after 3 weeks they did however refund my money which was nothing compared to not having our files returned.

  41. Hello

    I hope that you will publish this.

    Just Cloud is a fraud. They supposedly lost my data and then have been unable to restore it in 6 months.

    They still charged me a renewal even though I specifically told them not to charge my debit card.

    Their web site has a button to stop automatic renewal payments, but guess what, I does not work.

    Please ensure you do not give this company any free publicity and help to protect other users from this company.


  42. I recently purchased a new laptop to replace an aging model. After several weeks, I needed to retrieve some files that I had stored in my JustCloud account, which I have had since 2013. When I logged in, I discovered that the only files that were currently stored on my account were those associated with my new laptop. All the data (about 500GB) from my previous laptop was no longer in my account. All my photos, music and important documents I had been storing since 2013 were gone, and the JustCloud service reps were claiming that I must have deleted the files from my account. I have basically paid this company for absolutely nothing over the past 4 years. Extremely disappointed with company and their ability to actually protect your precious data. DO NOT USE!

  43. I backed up my computer and ran test recovery. It was satisfactory so I set backup and was from time to time just checking message that it ran successfully. All until September, when I needed it.
    At that time I discovered it is not possible to recover. Support ticket was open and I was told it’s known issue that will be resolved in couple days. That was more than a month ago. I contacted them multiple times and received standard, “we are sorry. we are working on it” reply. There’s been over a month that they can not give me access to my files. It looks to me like it’s a scam.

  44. Unbelievable. One of the WORST companies I’ve ever dealt with. I wouldn’t even give them one star. Horrible customer service in India that gets you absolutely nowhere, inept technical support that couldn’t help me get my files and it’s technically IMPOSSIBLE to reach an actual ‘supervisor’ in the US, even though all the emails from JustCloud customer service come from English sounding names. What a f$%&ing scam. Do NOT use them.

    I have requested THREE TIMES for them to cancel and refund my account and each time get responses offering me deeper and deeper discounts. Just close the F***ing account and Refund my money!!!!
    This is bordering on becoming a scam.
    And good luck trying to “turn-off” the automatic billing option on your account…it’s an inactive button.

  46. JustCloud is not reliable. Do not use. I have used JustCloud for about 4 years and like its ease of use. Two years ago I was offered a low unadvertised rate to stay with them after I was experiencing problems when they update their software. When they do that their backup stops working and you don’t get any notification. Unless you check and update the software you are not getting any backup of your data. However, recently my computer crashed and was garbage. I was comfortable that I would be able to recover my files. NOT SO. After numerous attempts and with the assistance of JC Techs, I was told that my data was scrambled when they moved my data from one server to another. So, effect I got no service at all during the last two years because when I needed to recover my files their system didn’t work. They have been “working” on my account for 2 months now and I am still not able to recover my files. To make matters worse they have billed me for the next year and have not offered any compensation. Stay away. If you value your data, get your backup service elsewhere.

  47. Bottom Line: I would not recommend JustCloud.

    I used JustCloud for a couple of years before cancelling a while back. JustCloud just has too many issues:

    1) Other solutions are less expensive.

    2) They nickel and dime you for what I think are practical or necessary features that really should be included in the base price. (e.g., files over 5GB size – extra $20/year, allowing video files to be backed up even if smaller than 5GB – extra $15/year, faster uploading speeds – extra $25/year — see at the bottom for the “upgrade” information. But, from what I can tell, the actual prices are 50% off the posted ones as I was always given a special-today-only-discount of 50% on upgrade features.)

    3) As noted by other reviewers, data was lost! I had been backing up several directories, let’s call them A, B, and C. When I went to go check on my online backups, dir B was missing and dir A was listed twice! So, on the website I would just see the following dirs: “A, A, C”. What happened to B? The content of both “A” dirs were the same. This issue was never resolved. For an online backup company, this kind of problem is really unforgivable.

    4) When cancelling, only the base subscription is refunded and not any of the extra features that were added on. I cancelled my subscription fairly soon (< 1 week) after it renewed and "per policy" only the base subscription was refunded and none of the extra features that renewed along with the base subscription were refunded. (However, it seems I had an easier time cancelling than one of the previous reviewers. I wonder if it's because they lost my data?) Also, upon my refund going through, I promptly cancelled my paypal payment subscription to JustCloud.

    That's my my 2 cents about JustCloud.

  48. I have been using Just Cloud for about 2½ years when suddenly most of my backed up files disappeared (say about 90% of them). This is now 5-6 months and numerous e-mails ago and still none of my missing files are retrievable. Just Cloud attends to each and every of my e-mail queries promising…. and promising and nothing happens. Most of their e-mail replies appear to be automatically generated which I find extremely arrogant. I am afraid my queries are just ending in a big black hole.

    On top, recently my subscription has run out (pre-paid for 3y) and thus – in the view of Just Cloud – I shall renew the subscription before I can even access my account to check if Just Cloud has found my files )-: Just Cloud take no responsibility for taking care of your files!!

    Anyone should consider very carefully before signing up for this so-called back up system.

  49. I had just cloud for a year and when trying to cancel my subscription, I went through a very tough time. I finally had to cancel my credit card they had on file and have it reissued to keep them from charging it. Then the calls started. Each time I told them I didn’t want the service and to take me off their calling list. I am still getting calls and e-mails. I finally put them on as spam. The calls from foreign call centers are still coming.

  50. If you have JustCloud installed, you might want to run a malware check on your machine. I’m not saying they are but an app using the name justcloud was flagged by my malwarebytes scan. Maybe the code is similar to malware. Maybe when I canceled JustCloud, they swapped the app for a malware trojan. There are too many “maybes” to consider using JustCloud for yourself.

  51. I just sent this message to JustCloud:

    I would like to immediately cancel my subscription to JustCloud. And more so: I demand a refund. Please read why:

    Apart from providing lousy service from the start, you have also been billing me several times without notice. And you even upgraded my account without my asking for it and without notice. And making me pay for those upgrades. All without notice.

    I started my subscription to JustCloud a few years ago with a 3-year subscription, paid in one go. As your service was not as I expected, I had never the intention to keep subscribed after those 3 years. You have never sent me any notice of any expiting date of my initial subscription and you have even added upgrades without me knowing it. To my knowledge the subscription would automatically end if I not actively renewed it.

    This morning I suddenly received an e-mail, the first since ages, from which I could deduct that I am still paying and, more so, paying more and more for additional services that I never asked for.

    As you can no doubt see, I have not been using JustCloud for probably some three years now! Please look up my correspondence with your customer service and you will see that I have not been happy with JustCloud from the start. So, what in god’s name made you think that you could silently extend my subscription and add upgrades, all amounting to me paying for absolutely nothing?!


    They just lost over 350GB of my files, my pictures of my children from infancy to present (they are in their 20s) almost shut down my business. REFUSE to help, REFUSE to refund. STAY AWAY!!!!!

  53. IT’S A FRAUD!
    They lost the backed up data for one of my devices, and I could not perform another backup. Their tech support is incompetent, slow to respond. AND !!! Be aware that they deactivated the key to cancel automatic renewals on their website!!! When I emailed them to cancel the account, they referred me back to their “senior tech support” team, and asked me to “wait” etc. I have sent 3 emails so far requesting the cancellation but they are ignoring me. They left me no choice but to report them to

  54. JustCloud is a fraud!

    They lost my data, their tech support is incompetent and slow to respond. They disabled the link to stop automatic renewals!!! The only part of their “business” that is still operational is the billing, draining out the last cents from active credit cards. It took me 3 emails and finally a threat to report them to regulatory agencies to cancel my “service”.


    I removed files to get space back for latest backups, space remained the same. Support non existent. Now they have stopped backups saying account expired even before subscription is up.

    Have moved to Carbonite. far superior service.

  56. This is the absolute worst backup service.

    After 2 years of running the backup APP on laptop without any errors or issues, I tried to restore my files when the hard drive failed.

    All of my files were gone ! They told me this happed due to server migration and would work on it right away without an exact ETA of resolution.

    It has been almost a year, I do not have all of my files. they have given me cryptic answers. All of this leads me to think to myself :

    A. if the backup had stopped working at some point, why did the APP never alert me ?

    B. If my personal files are missing, where did they go ? How do I know someone in Russia is not reading them or looking at them as I type this review ??

    C. I have been reading of similar issues that go back years. why aren’t they able to get their act together and fix this.

    The fact that this service is getting somewhat decent reviews is shocking.

  57. This Just cloud is not good, I had subscription for more than 2 yrs but not good when I try to view any pdf file, it takes very long time to get it and most of my time the backup is not working I reinstall it two times to backup my file and I contact the customer service for help and they keep asking about the problem and the path of these files and at the end they ask you to delete the program and reinstalled again they waste your time to solve simple issue.
    Please do not subscribe with just cloud, try to find other provider.

  58. They cannot access my files from a previous computer even though the info says it is there. Stay away from this company

  59. I have been trying unsuccessfully for a year to get JustCloud to restore my files. They keep telling me it’s in the queue and to check back every 4 days. I would never use JustCloud again based on my experience.

  60. JustCloud have lost just about all of 300GB of my backed up data, in the form of 320,000 files and 17,000 folders. 12 emails back and forth and in every one they ask for the path of the missing file (yes, singular). I tell them the original device no longer exists and I can’t possibly provide 320,000 paths. They reply asking for the path. 12 times. I have tried to process a cancellation. No point in wasting more time asking for a refund. This is the most disgraceful show I have ever encountered, of incompetence and lack of any kind of responsibility. Nobody is even trying to help.

    They have taken my money and not given the service offered in return, by any possible definition. Posting here and anywhere else I can find, to contribute to the attempt to not let this dreadful company continue to get away with it. Just avoid these people and spread the word.

  61. I am sorry to write this about JustCloud (because the people seem very pleasant) but it has failed me – My hard drive crashed and I gave up after 2 months of being told to “check back every four days”….there was a problem on JustCloud’s end and they could not restore my lost data. A refund wasn’t what I really wanted, but I did not get that either. Don’t waste your time or money with this cloud! STAY AWAY

  62. When I sign into JustCloud via my laptop I get a message saying that my account has expired and I cannot access any files. My account is valid until 2018 which JustCloud acknowledge but have still not fixed the problem.
    Over the last couple of years I have found JustCloud administration systems to be very poor and I have successfully challenged attempts to over charge me.
    I have moved to another cloud provider now for piece of mind but whilst my account is still valid I expect to be able to access my files.

  63. Beware.

    JustCloud’s cancellation process borders on fraudulent with multiple emails to customer service, then a “we reduced your subscription by 50%” and hope you continue as a happy customer from here. Good?”

    Not worth the hassle.

  64. I cancelled my Just Cloud account within 30 days of registering so should have had a full refund. They sent me an email asking me to tell them why I was leaving, I didn’t reply and it went over the 30 days before I phoned their useless customer service in India! (That says it all)
    Their email didn’t say my account would still be active until I replied so now they want to deduct a couple of months from my refund.
    The emails I’ve had today just say call our customer service number, what’s the point in doing that? I’d rather stick pins in my eyes.

  65. I canceled my account years ago because of all the above reasons. Today I just got billed through PayPal from them for $202. I tried to call them, and apparently, they don’t take calls anymore. It’s probably a good thing they don’t as I was going to rip them a new one.

  66. I agree with all the poor assessments. I finally got them to issue a refund in full (it took PayPal to do it) and cancelled my account. But a year later JustCloud tried to sneak through another charge. I instructed PayPal to block any further transactions from them.

  67. Avoid this company they are a bunch of crooks! I signed up with a company called PCback ups a few years ago for about £20 a year, was very happy with the service etc.. then they were bought by Just Cloud and suddenly my price is up to £135 per year plus and additional £26 to back up videos. Last year the installed error messages on my account 30 days before the renewal date saying my account was disabled due to non payment even though i was still only 11 months into my 12 month subscription – i forced them to remove this after many emails and reluctantly paid up as i didn’t have an unlimited broadband deal at the time, promising myself this year i would move away which I’ve done. I have unticked the automatic renewal box but still they send me emails telling me it will automatically renew unless I cancel. I can’t vouch for the service as i’ve never had an issue with my device

  68. This scam company deleted 3 years of the photos and movies I had of my children when they were young. I have almost nothing from the first few years of my son’s life now because of these pieces of filth. No response when I tried to find out why my files were simply gone. If you are as dumb as I was to trust this company with something you cherish that is irreplaceable, please think again. I was surprised that they are somehow still in business a few years after losing so many valuable files and never even tried to replace them. I’m stunned too that there hasn’t been a class-action with this. I STILL want my photos and movies back of my kids!! I had pictures of every single day of their lives!!!! Filthy negligent thieves.

  69. The WORST service. Please DO NOT even try them. I lost all my kids pictures from when they were young. No way for you to connect with them, every time you call them – they just tell you that the technical team is working on the issue. HORRIBLE customer service. They should get ZERO stars. What ever country they are operating from, that government should act on them.

  70. Absolute worst experience! After 6 years of using justcloud for nightly back ups in my business, my hard drive crashed. This was 2/29/20; go figure. When I went to retrieve my backed up data, it was not there. After 3 weeks going back and forth via chat and email with support, I had to have data retrieved off the crashed drive locally – at a cost of $1,900!!! justcloud support said they’d had a conversion recently and were working to recover my data. By May, the still had not successfully recovered it (I already paid someone else to get it anyway) and I requested a refund out of principle. What had I been paying for all these years?? I was told they could only refund by most recent payment – just a fraction of what I’d spent with them – and it would take 3-4 months for the refund to be processed. Really!?!?! I contacted billing today, nearly 9 months later asking where my refund was. I was told they had reactivated my account, my data was available and I should download it before 11/30/20 because they would close the account. And that they could not provide any refund because the transaction was so long ago.

    Absolutely ridiculous. I am in a highly regulated industry which requires all sorts of record retention and system back ups.

    How do you give NEGATIVE stars?

  71. Stay away from this company. They lost half of my files and kept making excuses
    If for example I had files 2500-4000 maybe numbers 2500, 2520 3000 and 3022 would be all that was left. I gave up after a year and a half of trying to recover my images. I have them one star if there was a way to give a half star I would have

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