Best Cloud Storage

Simply the overall best performing services. Review Review

Without a doubt's favorite storage provider, offers ease of use, speed, security and at a reasonable price.

By Joseph Gildred05 Feb'172017-08-01 00:32:53

Starts from
$ 4.08 per month
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pCloud Review

pCloud Review

A secure cloud storage provider that offers 10GB free with optional private encryption, we recommend pCloud to anyone that needs security and ease of use.

By Eric Bradley04 Sep'162017-08-18 00:19:29

Starts from
$ 4.99 per month
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Good Cloud Storage

Cloud storage providers with very little to complain about.

SugarSync Review

Cloud storage thought "out of the box".

Great file syncing service with good backup options. Decent collaboration features. Sometimes a bit slow.

By Mauricio Prinzlau03 Feb'172017-06-22 15:07:16

Starts from
$ 2.50 per month
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SpiderOak ONE Review

SpiderOak ONE Review

SpiderOak ONE may be the most secure cloud storage provider out there, but it has some weaknesses when it comes to speed and ease-of-use.

By Eric Bradley14 Jul'162017-07-27 05:28:52

Starts from
$ 5.00 per month
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Tresorit Review

Tresorit Review

A solid and highly secure storage provider, Tresorit may be too expensive for the average user.

By Eric Bradley11 Aug'172017-08-11 07:23:40

Starts from
$ 12.50 per month
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OK Cloud Storage

Decent, but with small caveats not found in our top picks.

Google Drive Review

Remarkably flexible cloud storage and collaboration.

Excellent collaboration features through Google Docs. No backup options. Decent file synchronization.

By Mauricio Prinzlau14 Sep'152017-06-26 23:58:11

Starts from
$ 1.99 per month
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ElephantDrive Review

ElephantDrive Review

ElephantDrive is a good provider that offers a little of everything but privacy. Read our review for the full picture.

By Jacob Roach01 Sep'152017-07-31 22:31:00

Starts from
$ 9.95 per month
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MEGA Review

Great sense for security. Massive free 50GB storage.

Best solution if free storage is all you want. Great security features. Decent usability and speed, but minor bugs with file sharing.

By Mauricio Prinzlau10 Feb'172017-06-22 13:11:23

Starts from
$ 4.99 per month
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OneDrive Review

Cloud storage from Microsoft.

Good for Office 365 and Windows OS users. Comes with too many limitations.

By Mauricio Prinzlau14 Nov'152017-07-14 04:31:12

Starts from
$ 1.99 per month
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Amazon Cloud Drive Review

Amazon Drive Review

A massive improvement compared to earlier versions, Amazon Drive has a few too many problems to be considered a truly good cloud storage provider.

By Joseph Gildred14 Sep'152017-08-16 06:41:48

Starts from
$ 1.09 per month
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OpenDrive Review

Yet another unlimited hybrid cloud option.

New version is an improvement. Many unhappy customers. There much better alternatives out there.

By Mauricio Prinzlau01 Aug'162017-07-14 04:31:30

Starts from
$ 5.00 per month
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Livedrive Review

Livedrive Review

A good storage and backup tool with some questionable payment practices and a worrisome privacy policy.

By Eric Bradley14 Aug'162017-07-01 05:22:43

Starts from
$ 8.00 per month
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MediaFire Review

MediaFire Review

A decent service with some sharp edges, MediaFire offers limited functionality at a low price.

By Brian Law14 Sep'152017-07-30 23:55:25

Starts from
$ 5.00 per month
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Dropbox Review

Dropbox Review takes a look at the most famous cloud storage provider out there; it may be the most popular, but is it the best?

By Eric Bradley14 Sep'152017-07-14 04:31:48

Starts from
$ 13.25 per month
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Not recommended

Try to stay away from these unless you really have to use one of them.

Bitcasa Review

Good idea turned bad, and now defunct.

Bitcasa started as an infinite cloud storage service, back paddled, cut service plans down, increased prices. Lots of customer complaints. Overall, not recommended.

By Mauricio Prinzlau14 Sep'152017-04-27 13:40:17

Starts from$ 8 25monthly
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hubiC Review

Crappy cloud service with shiny lures

hubiC is a close-to-defunct cloud hybrid (storage and backup) service that tries to lure users with promises it can't truly deliver on.

By Joseph Gildred26 Apr'172017-06-23 12:15:51

Starts from
$ 1.12 per month
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Justcloud Review

JustCloud Review

JustCloud offers a disappointing experience that could possible turn disastrous. recommends against using this service, find out why.

By Brian Law04 Mar'162017-07-24 00:29:43

Starts from
$ 10.69 per month
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ADrive Review

Cloud storage with FTP access.

Cloud with WebDAV and FTP access. Free 50GB online storage, though not encrypted. Abysmal user interface.

By Mauricio Prinzlau01 Sep'152017-06-27 00:11:10

Starts from
$ 2.50 per month
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