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★★★ Best Cloud Storage ★★★ Review

What's not to love? A great service

Without a doubt's favorite storage provider, offers ease of use, speed and security at a reasonable price. It also has a nice free plan you can use to test it, and comes out of the box with zero-knowledge encryption included. Read all the details in our full review.

By Joseph Gildred05 Feb'172019-01-16 05:57:55

Starts from$ 408monthly for 500 GB
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Good Cloud Storage

Cloud storage providers with very little to complain about.

pCloud Review

A very secure and private provider.

pCloud is a secure and easy-to-use service that lets you store up to 10GB for free, offers lifetime plans for up to 2TB and generally will make storing files easier than most of the competition. Though it's not completely without its flaws, we won't hesitate to recommend it to most people.

By Joseph Gildred30 Nov'182019-01-09 23:17:35

Starts from$ 399monthly for 500 GB
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Microsoft Azure Review

A solid IaaS provider.

Probably one of the most popular IaaS providers out there, Microsoft Azure offers competitive pricing and fast speeds, as well as integration with a host of third-party transfer software. Read our full Microsoft Azure review for the complete picture.

By Joseph Gildred03 Jul'182018-07-22 07:44:48

MEGA Review

Less free than it seems, but good security.

MEGA is an interesting cloud storage service that has been through a lot of changes. In its current incarnation it's as secure as it always was, but has shrunk its allotment of free storage space; sharing has improved, but could be better, still. Read on for the full MEGA review.

By Branko Vlajin10 Feb'172018-12-26 01:44:00

Starts from$ 569monthly for 200 GB
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Storage Made Easy Review

A cool service that lets you pick where to store files.

Storage Made Easy let's you choose how to store files and with whom, an interesting new take on cloud storage. Though it's not without its faults, storage nerds (we don't judge) will probably love SME, even just to make life a little easier for themselves. Read our full Storage Made Easy review for

By Joseph Gildred18 Apr'182018-05-08 23:00:27

Starts from$ 500monthly for 5 GB
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Amazon S3 Review

A good IaaS provider.

The most popular IaaS service out there, Amazon S3 offers good infrastructure, good speeds, but a murky pricing structure. Check out our likes and dislikes about this file host in our Amazon S3 review.

By Joseph Gildred06 Jul'182018-07-22 07:46:13

Tresorit Review

Bit pricey, but otherwise an excellent service

A solid and highly secure storage provider, Tresorit may be too expensive for the average user.

By Joseph Gildred11 Aug'172018-10-31 01:00:07

Starts from$ 1042monthly for 200 GB
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OK Cloud Storage

Decent, but with small caveats not found in our top picks.

OneDrive Review

A good, fast service that drops a few balls.

OneDrive is Microsoft's entry into the big, bad world of cloud storage, and the behemoth from Redmond has gone in with guns blazing. Offering integration with Office as well as many other apps, plus a decent pricing plan, it seems very little stands in OneDrive's way. Or does it?

By Joseph Gildred14 Nov'152018-10-31 00:59:18

Starts from$ 199monthly for 50 GB
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Amazon Glacier Review

Good cold storage with some hurdles.

With confusing pricing and an odd settings system, Amazon Glacier may at first not seem like a very good IaaS provider. Once you get past these hurdles, though, you'll find it may be one of the best cold storage providers out there. Read our full Amazon Glacier review to find out why.

By Joseph Gildred22 Jul'182018-10-31 00:55:16

Koofr Review

A fast, secure service with a few quirks.

Koofr is a very secure storage service that seems predominantly aimed at keeping small files and sharing them. It covers this very well, and is fast, to boot, but third-party applications seem to have fallen by the wayside. Read our full Koofr review for all the details on this decent service.

By Branko Vlajin11 Dec'182018-12-14 06:11:00

Starts from$ 057monthly for 10 GB
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Dropbox Review

The grandaddy of cloud storage may be falling behind.

The service that made cloud storage pretty much, Dropbox still hasn't fallen victim to the usual trap for trailblazers, offering speed and ease of use. Its security leaves much to be desired, still, though, and it's a bit too cozy with Big Brother if you ask us. Read our Dropbox review for the detai

By Joseph Gildred14 Sep'152019-01-04 00:39:40

Starts from$ 992monthly for 1000 GB
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Google Cloud Review

A lot of pros make for an intriguing IaaS provider.

Google Cloud is an IaaS provider that builds on one of the most robust existing networks out there. Though it's not without its fault, it does deserve consideration if you're shopping for infrastructure. Read our Google Cloud review if you want to know why.

By Joseph Gildred09 Jul'182018-07-22 07:48:32

Backblaze B2 Review

Affordable and easy to use.

Backblaze B2 may be the most affordable and easy to use IaaS provider on the market today. However, a limited server network and a few other, minor issues keep it from a perfect score. Check out our full review to help you decide if Backblaze B2 is the way to go for you.

By Joseph Gildred20 Jul'182018-07-20 06:05:24

Google Drive Review

A great collaboration tool that is lacking in other areas.

Google Drive is probably one of the best cloud collaboration tools out there, but is lacking when it comes to syncing features, security and backup options.

By Joseph Gildred14 Sep'152018-08-01 20:34:54

Starts from$ 199monthly for 100 GB
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SugarSync Review

A decent experience marred by avoidable issues

SugarSync has an excellent set of features, yet also has some drawbacks that may give pause to potential consumers.

By Brian Law03 Feb'172019-01-16 04:59:31

Starts from$ 625monthly for 100 GB
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SecureSafe Review

A secure, but otherwise not very useful service.

Aimed almost exclusively at people that want to store small files and passwords securely, SecureSafe seems to want to straddle password managers and secure storage simultaneously. The results, we have to say, are rather mixed, as you can read in our full SecureSafe review.

By Branko Vlajin08 Nov'182018-11-28 03:37:06

Starts from$ 150monthly for 1 GB
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Amazon Cloud Drive Review

An impressive work in progress

A massive improvement compared to earlier versions, Amazon Drive has a few too many problems to be considered a truly good cloud storage provider.

By Joseph Gildred14 Sep'152018-11-27 09:22:56

Starts from$ 109monthly for 100 GB
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OpenDrive Review

An interesting service that will find a limited audience.

The only unlimited cloud storage provider out there, OpenDrive's appeal will be limited to people willing to deal with its odd pricing scheme and outdated interface.

By Joseph Gildred01 Aug'162018-03-22 13:41:16

Starts from$ 417monthly for 500 GB
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iCloud Review

It's alright, but Apple fans will love it

Apple's built-in cloud storage solution offers ease of use and great pricing, but advanced users may find themselves frustrated with its limited functionality.

By Brian Law24 Aug'172018-03-22 13:45:13

Starts from$ 099monthly for 50 GB
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Jumpshare Review

A solid service, though not a full suite of features

Jumpshare is one of the better sharing services we've reviewed, if only it would offer the whole enchilada...

By Joseph Gildred01 Feb'182018-03-22 13:48:38

Starts from$ 825monthly for 1000 GB
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MiMedia Review

A decent, vut slow service with a questionable UI.

MiMedia is an interesting services that focuses mainly on, well, media files. It offers plenty for users, including a fairly friendly pricing scheme, but its interface and support system could use some definite improvement.

By Branko Vlajin10 Dec'182018-12-10 03:30:09

Starts from$ 708monthly for 500 GB
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HiDrive Review

A decent, yet lackluster service.

Though it offers a few nifty features, on the whole HiDrive just isn't compelling enough to prove up to the competition.

By Joseph Gildred07 Feb'182018-03-22 13:55:30

Starts from$ 259monthly for 100 GB
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MediaFire Review

Cheap, but lacks features

A decent service with some sharp edges, MediaFire offers limited functionality at a low price.

By Brian Law14 Sep'152018-11-27 09:24:47

Starts from$ 375monthly for 1000 GB
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4Sync Review

A simple service focused on storing media.

4Synch is a pretty interesting cloud storage service that seems mainly focused on storing and sharing media files. It does a good job of this, as we describe in this 4Sync review, but its lack of flexibility makes it unattractive for many users.

By Branko Vlajin08 Nov'182018-11-28 03:51:34

Starts from$ 825monthly for 10000 GB
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Rackspace Cloud Files Review

A good, but very expensive service.

Though Rackspace Cloud Files is an excellent provider, its services come at a premium: it is by far the most expensive IaaS provider out there. Read the full breakdown of its pricing structure in our Rackspace review and likely join us in concluding you may want to shop around a bit more.

By Joseph Gildred03 Jul'182018-07-09 02:25:14

Starts from$ 007monthly for 1024000 GB
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Not recommended

Try to stay away from these unless you really have to use one of them.

Yandex Disk Review

Security issues mar this otherwise decent service.

An opaque service that may or may not encrypt your files, Russia-based Yandex Disk is probably not the provider for you, despite having some nifty features.

By Joseph Gildred15 Feb'182018-08-17 07:37:13

Starts from$ 083monthly for 10 GB
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Bitcasa Review

Good idea turned bad, and now defunct.

Bitcasa started as an infinite cloud storage service, back paddled, cut service plans down, increased prices. Lots of customer complaints. Overall, not recommended.

By Mauricio Prinzlau14 Sep'152017-04-27 13:40:17

Starts from$ 825monthly for 1000 GB
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hubiC Review

This service is now mercifully defunct.

A once-promising cloud storage provider that has now closed its digital doors, hubiC was a textbook example of a good parent company badly overextending its resources. Read our hubiC review for the dirty details as well as a link to our best hubiC alternatives article.

By Joseph Gildred26 Apr'172018-05-31 23:29:48

Starts from$ 093monthly for 100 GB
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FlipDrive Review

An almost comically flawed service. Almost.

The FlipDrive experience is marred by issues big and small. Though it has a few redeeming features, by and large we recommend users stay away.

By Joseph Gildred02 Feb'182018-03-22 14:23:22

Starts from$ 417monthly for 25 GB
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Justcloud Review

Do yourself a favor and avoid JustCloud

JustCloud offers a disappointing experience that could possible turn disastrous. recommends against using this service, find out why.

By Brian Law04 Mar'162018-03-22 14:25:41

Starts from$ 761monthly for 75 GB
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