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The only unlimited cloud storage provider out there, OpenDrive's appeal will be limited to people willing to deal with its odd pricing scheme and outdated interface.

Joseph Gildred
By Joseph Gildred
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Starts from $ 417 per month for 500 GB
Free plan available Save 17 % (All Plans)

The world of unlimited cloud storage has a population of one: OpenDrive. The cost is right, too, at just $9.99 per month, the same as 1TB of Dropbox Plus storage.

Cheap, unlimited storage is a nice draw, but execution is just as important. During this OpenDrive review, we’ll find out how the service ranks against the best cloud storage options available today.

If you’re just looking for the highlights, outside of its generous storage allotment, there’s quite a bit to like. OpenDrive is one of the few cloud service to offer both cloud storage and online backup functionality. It also provides zero-knowledge encryption, file sharing and mobile apps.

We were likewise impressed by the fact that the service comes with an integrated notes app and task-management capabilities. You can even share your account with multiple users — four on an unlimited plan — which is otherwise unheard of in the consumer cloud storage field.

While OpenDrive shines on paper, however, we found the service to be somewhat buggy, highlighted by slow and occasionally failed sync processes. The general user experience also feels a bit old-fashioned.

Keep reading to find out what else we did and didn’t like or test the service yourself with a free 5GB account.

Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • Good pricing
  • Productivity tools
  • Backup capabilities
  • Multiple users
  • Private encryption


  • Slow sync speeds
  • Occasional sync failures
  • Limited support
  • No two-factor authentication

Alternatives for OpenDrive

  1. 1
    • Sync Folder
    • File Link Sharing
    • Folder Sharing
    • Versioning
    5 GB - 10 TB
    $ 500
  2. 2
    • Sync Folder
    • File Link Sharing
    • Folder Sharing
    • Versioning
    10-2000 GB
    $ 399
    Save 20 %
  3. 3
    • Sync Folder: No
    • File Link Sharing
    • Folder Sharing
    • Versioning
    10 GB - 5 TB
    $ 164
  4. 4
    • Sync Folder
    • File Link Sharing
    • Folder Sharing
    • Versioning
    15 GB - 30 TB
    $ 167
    Save 16 %
  5. 5
    • Sync Folder
    • File Link Sharing
    • Folder Sharing
    • Versioning
    2000 GB - 3 TB
    $ 999


85 % – Very Good

OpenDrive is primarily a cloud storage service, though it also has limited online backup functionality. This makes it one of the few cloud services that try to do both, although we’d recommend a dedicated online backup service if redundancy is high on your list (we’ll subtly plug our overview of best data recovery solutions here).

Check out our guide on the differences between cloud storage and online backup to learn more about what each type of service can do for you. Our best online backup guide can point you to a dedicated provider, as well, if you need something with more oomph than OpenDrive.

As a cloud storage service, one of OpenDrive’s primary goals is to extend the space available to you on your hard drive by letting you store files on remote servers. It’s the only cloud storage service to provide unlimited storage (though it falls short when it comes to its free plan, read our best free cloud storage article for more information).

That benefit comes at a reasonable cost, too, which we detail in our pricing segment, next. Most people like won’t need that much space, though, and you can opt for less at a slightly lower cost.

OpenDrive can’t be used to backup files from NAS devices, either, while capped storage plans can. See our best backup for NAS guide for other suggestions.

OpenDrive Servers

OpenDrive doesn’t provide a multiregional network of servers like some of the bigger names in the industry (i.e., Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive). It’s only data center is located in Phoenix, Arizona. That may impact speeds some; see our speed overview below section for the details.

In addition to providing file-storage space, OpenDrive also provides OpenDrive capabilities. This means you can make edits to a file on one device, and see those edits reflected on another connected device in near real-time.

OpenDrive also provides a selective sync feature, though it’s a bit oddly implemented. Selective sync lets you store files only on the cloud and not your hard drive, so you can free up space.

OpenDrive can also be used to share files with others. The section of this review called “file sharing & sync” will discuss both features in depth.

Other key features include file versioning and deleted file retention. File versioning lets you rollback unwanted file changes, including inadvertent corruptions. You can store up to an impressive 99 versions for each file.

Deleted files are kept for up to 90 days in a recycle bin, so you can recover them if accidentally erased.

While a smaller player in the market, one of the interesting things about OpenDrive is that it tries to pull off some big player moves. Like Dropbox, it provides a notes application and task management.

You can also create and edit text documents, spreadsheets (.xls) and presentation files from the OpenDrive browser.

These tools are slow and don’t pack much in the way of features, however, unlike the excellent integrated Google Docs suite you get for free with a Google Drive account (read our Google Drive review).

We’re somewhat intrigued by the fact that an OpenDrive personal account lets you do something more traditionally belonging to business cloud storage tools like those found in our best enterprise file sync and share roundup: you can share your account with other users.

Up to four users can use a single subscription, and as the account owner you’ll be able to manage permissions for them. Given that it provides unlimited cloud storage space, this is a pretty tempting proposition for budget shoppers.

Supported computer operating systems include Windows and Mac. There’s no native Linux client, but you can use WebDAV to connect that OS to your cloud storage.

Mobile apps are available for Android and iOS that let you not only access cloud files, but automatically protect mobile files and stream media.

Overall, the OpenDrive feature list is pretty impressive, with both expected (sync, sharing, versioning) and unexpected (notes, task management, backup) inclusions. However, as we’ll see, the execution doesn’t always keep pace.


88 % – Very Good

OpenDrive provides a free plan with 5GB of online storage if you’d like to check it out. Infrascale has added some additional incentives to get more free storage like 2GB for a review, 500MB for a tweet and 500MB for following the company on Facebook or Twitter.

If you’re serious about using OpenDrive, you’ll want a paid subscription. The service provides an interesting mix of options, headlined by its unlimited storage plan for $9.99 monthly or $99 annually.

  • Restricted free plan. 100MB file size limit. 200KB/s bandwidth limit.
  • Storage: 5 GB
Custom (Personal)
  • Can add up to 100TB for an additional cost. Add additional users for $1 per user.
  • Storage: 500 GB
  • Up to 4 account users can share this account and the owner can manage access of each account user.
  • Storage: Unlimited GB
  • Create Notepads, Notes or Notelists, share notes and upload files.
  • Storage: Unlimited GB
  • User Admin Console, Access Management, User Statistics and Reporting, Activity Notifications.
  • Storage: Unlimited GB

If you opt for a free 5GB account, OpenDrive imposes activity restrictions like a 1GB per day bandwidth limit and 100MB file limit.

Unlimited plans don’t have any such limits. Capped plans do limit bandwidth, although the lowest cap is reasonable 25GB per day and you can pay to increase that all the way up to 5TB.

The cost of OpenDrive compares favorably to other cloud storage options. Dropbox, for example, limits to you to 1TB for the same cost as OpenDrive Unlimited. Even’s 2TB, $8 per month plan — one of the better deals in cloud storage (read our review) — loses some luster in comparison.

Ease of Use

68 % – Decent

Signing up for OpenDrive takes a few seconds, after which you’ll be granted access to the browser UI and can download the desktop client.

The browser experience feels a bit dated and doesn’t seem quite as intuitive as some of the more modern options like pCloud (read our pCloud review). However, that doesn’t mean its difficult to use so much as a little boring.

Navigation icons along the left side let you switch between views for:

  • Files: view the files you’ve stored in the cloud
  • Notes: view notes you’ve created
  • Tasks: view your task lists
  • Users: manage access to your account
  • Settings: configure setting
  • Support: get help from OpenDrive

The files view is further divided into folders for your documents, music, pictures and a public folder. These are just the default folders; you can create more as you like. There’s also a “secure” folder that’s protected with private encryption.

At the top of the files view, on the right, you’ll find buttons for uploading and downloading files. However, the browser interface uses drag and drop, too, for convenience.

Each account can have up to four users, which as the account owner you can add from the “users” view.

Users can be given view or edit permissions for both folder and projects, which are groups of folders. You an also limit their storage and daily bandwidth.

The ability to overview usage statistics isn’t given a place of prominence, for example as a central dashboard. Instead, you’ll need to to go into “settings” to view that stuff, and the presentation leaves a bit to be desired.

However, you can see figures for storage space used, and graphs for uploads, downloads and bandwidth used over time.

Much of your use won’t take place over a browser, but through your computer file system. Like most cloud storage tools, uses the sync folder model popularized by Dropbox (read our Dropbox review for the story behind that).

The OpenDrive sync folder is easy enough to use; we’ll point out some trouble performance issues later in this review, however.

OpenDrive also has a desktop UI that you can use to manage sync and backup processes.

For backup, you can only add individual folders and files one at a time to you backup plan, making it much harder to use for this task than a smarter service like Backblaze (read our Backblaze review).

You can, however, set backups to run continuously or on a set schedule.

OpenDrive also has options to let you automatically exclude or include files based on file type, age or size.

Moving on, you can access OpenDrive cloud storage from your smartphone using apps available for Android and iOS. The apps are better designed than the browser experience, and can be used to preview files and even stream media (except for .mkv files, for some reason).

Files can be set for offline access and are shareable. You can also set a phone up to automatically send valuable content like photos, videos and notes to the cloud.

We did have the mobile app crash on us a few times during use. A few others mention the same issue in the Google Play Store comments for OpenDrive, as well as noting slow performance and even glitches with lost files, so it seems like our issues weren’t a complete fluke.

File Sharing & Syncing

60 % – Fair

You can share content stored in the OpenDrive cloud from both the browser and mobile app. To do so from the browser, find the folder or file you want to share and click the “share” icon.

This creates a URL link pointing to the folder or file. If you pick a folder, individual links for content inside it will also get created, a nice touch that provides added control. You can then right-click on any linked content and choose “send by email.”

Beyond that, you’ll have to distribute links manually. There’s no option to drop links automatically into social media services like Facebook and Twitter. That’s not too bad; we’re more concerned about the absence of key settings, which are generally available on more privacy-oriented cloud solutions. Misses include an inability to set link permissions and password expiry dates.

You can set password permissions on individual files, but you have to right-click on a single file and select “properties” to do so.

That helps some, but link passwords and expiry dates directly connected to the share process are a better approach.

Sharing from the mobile app is a pretty simple but likewise limited. Just open any document, video, photo or other file, and tap the “share” icon to copy a file link to your clipboard.

OpenDrive sharing is overall just too limited to make our list of best cloud storage for file sharing, headlined by, a service that hits everywhere OpenDrive misses.

Sync with OpenDrive is pretty straightforward, taking the sync folder model as mentioned earlier in this review. Once you install the desktop client, this folder will be created in your operating system and simply called “OpenDrive.”

Move a file into the sync folder and it will get send to the cloud, then on to any other devices connected to your OpenDrive account.

Any type of file can be synced, although if you’re on a tiered storage account, there is a minimum bandwidth restriction of 25GB per day that limits functionality. As noted earlier, you can pay to increase this limit.

OpenDrive provides selective sync to let you only store files in the cloud and not also on your hard drive. This is key for taking full advantage of that unlimited storage space. However, the implementation is weird: the option to use selective sync is hidden in OpenDrive’s clumsy desktop interface. You have to click a drop-down menu and select “move.”

Then, you can only select one folder or file at a time to move. Most cloud storage services let you manage selective sync for multiple folders and files at once, greatly speeding up the process.

We’ll get into just how efficient OpenDrive is at actually copying files in the next segment. However, we’ll point out now that we did experience failures trying to upload large files. Other user have complained about sync files not appearing in their cloud storage, too.


55 % – Fair

While the mechanism of sync is simple enough in concept, one of the things we’ve found here at is that sync efficiency can vary greatly from one service to another, with Dropbox generally leading the way in execution.

To see just how well OpenDrive’s sync algorithms performed, we conducted a few file transfer tests using a 1GB compressed folder. These tests were performed over a WiFi network from a location in Bangkok with internet speeds of 10 Mbps up and 30 Mbps down.

Your own times will vary depending on where in the world you’re located in proximity to OpenDrive’s OpenDrive. While we were sending them halfway around the world, the results were still more than disappointing, aside from the fact that it gave us time for an nice power nap.

 Test One:Test Two:Average:
Upload:52 minutes58 minutes55 minutes
Download:8 minutes8.5 minutes8.25 minutes

During upload, the process kicked of fast enough, then quickly slowed down and hung several times (or sometimes outright failed).

Granted, in most cases you won’t be uploading 1GB files. However, it can make a difference if you work a large volume on a daily basis.

For comparison, here are the upload results of the same test using a few rival services:

  • 15 minutes
  • pCloud: 22 minutes
  • Google Drive: 11 minutes
  • Dropbox: 9 minutes

Download speeds performed better, more comparable to the rest of the field.


80 % – Good

OpenDrive takes an interesting approach to file scrambling in that it gives you access to both managed and private encryption.

Managed encryption means OpenDrive retains control of your encryption keys, while private encryption — also called zero-knowledge encryption — means that you retain control.

Private encryption is more secure, but if you forget your encryption password, OpenDrive can’t reset it for you. That means you’ll lose access to them, so make sure you secure that password somewhere safe, like a password manager.

OpenDrive Encryption

Files are transferred through a 128-bit TLS/SSL connection and are encrypted server-side using 256-bit AES. Read more about what these features mean in our cloud security overview.

It should be noted that file encryption is only available through the desktop app. Files upload through the browser or mobile app don’t get encrypted.

OpenDrive’s use of file versioning will give you a measure of protection against ransomware. Stored files are also monitored with Comodo HackerGuardian Antivirus Protection to further guard against malware attacks.

You can also set automated reports to monitor account activity that you’ll receive via email.

OpenDrive’s datacenter is protected with a firewall and the network continuously monitored for breaches. The data centers are further secured with video surveillance and onsite security, and the environment controlled to guard against fires and flooding.

OpenDrive is also HIPAA compliant and SAS 70 Type II certified. Files are also stored on multiple servers for redundancy, though not for free accounts. There’s also a 100 percent uptime guarantee in place, which OpenDrive backs with a refund policy.

OpenDrive doesn’t include an option for two-factor authentication, which is a miss. That, along with some of the link-sharing oversights we mentioned earlier (no link passwords or expiry dates) are areas of improvement.


65 % – Decent

OpenDrive provides 24/7 through email. We fired off a few test questions to gauge response time, and were received responses back usually within half day. Not great, but we’ve experienced slower.

Live chat isn’t an option. Telephone support is supposed to be offered during business hours according to OpenDrive’s features overview, but we couldn’t actually find the support number listed anywhere in the OpenDrive support portal.

If you can’t wait for email support, OpenDrive maintains a support archive that’s run through ZenDesk. You’ll find categories for announcements, FAQs, known issues and a knowledge base.

The knowledgebase is limited, though, with only 18 articles at time of writing.  OpenDrive has a blog, but to say it’s not very active would be an understatement. The last entry is dated June, 2016.

The Verdict

The buggy nature of OpenDrive’s sync capabilities are likely the biggest drawback that will keep people from jumping ship from Dropbox or any of the decent Dropbox alternatives on the market. In addition, we’d also like to see two-factor authentication, better support and more modern user experience.

For those that can overlook the occasional hiccup, though, there’s still plenty to like. Unlimited storage, good pricing, backup, zero-knowledge encryption, media streaming, notes and task management top the list.

Though it won’t be winning any prizes from the team, we’re happy to admit that there is some value here for some. We’d love to hear your own thoughts on , which you can add to our comments section, below. Thanks for reading.

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95 thoughts on “OpenDrive”

  1. I have been using OpenDrive for awhile now and with each update it gets better and better as they continue to add more features to the program. My only gripe, and its a small one, is the typeface is a bit off in the mac version on the settings page.

    overall i am very happy with them.

  2. The price is right here. 10 bucks a month gets me unlimited storage that I can access on my PC, laptop AND android tablet. My wife uses it on her ipad and since the files exist in the cloud I save on my phone storage space!

  3. OpenDrive‘s app simply does not work on a Mac (neither Mountain Lion nor Mavericks OS). I bought the unlimited plan then started the backup for about 400 GB of data. After uploading about 20 GB the app said “Succeeded”. So I restarted… numerous times over the course of a couple of weeks. It never finished but it said “Succeeded” each time. So not only does the the app not work, but tells you it is working so you can be fooled into thinking your data is backed up.

    Went back and forth with customer service about a fix they said was coming soon. It never came so i asked for a refund. They said no refunds and informed me, in CAPS, that, “OpenDrive MAKES NO REPRESENTATION, WARRANTY, OR GUARANTY AS TO THE RELIABILITY, TIMELINESS, QUALITY, SUITABILITY, TRUTH, AVAILABILITY, ACCURACY OR COMPLETENESS OF THE SERVICE OR ANY CONTENT ”

    They acknowledged that the service did not work, but would not refund my $130. I cancelled anyway. The whole experience just felt dirty.

    1. Thanks for the heads-up, I was about to install but ‘no thanks’ if the experience is that bad on the Mac!

  4. I subscribed to OpenDrive because I wanted a cloud backup for my iMac files. I am running Mac OS 10.9, Mavericks. It wasn’t until after I had subscribed that I found that the backup function does not work for computers running Mavericks. There was no warning during the subscription process that warned me that this important function would not work for my computer and operating system. At this date, it appears that the sync and backup function has not been work for 6 weeks or so. When I talked to technical support today, I was told those functions would not be working for 2-3 weeks. Probably a best case estimate!

  5. I’m pretty new with OpenDrive, but so far I really like it. The file sharing is especially really awesome, I can’t get enough of that feature. No only can I back up my files, but I can then share those files with friends, family, or even clients, great stuff.

  6. Terrible customer service. They refused to refund charges for my first year of service, even though they never provided a hard drive for manual upload as promised when I signed up. I complained after waiting for two months, and they wouldn’t prorate the months that I spent waiting even though I never uploaded a single thing to their storage or refund the remainder of the year. Then, to make matters worse, they renewed my service for another year and charged me ANOTHER $99, claiming I had never properly cancelled my account. I again contacted them asking for a refund 2 days after they charged my credit card, but they have again refused to refund me. I have filed a complaint with the BBB. I’ve never had a worse experience with a company. I know use Backblaze and couldn’t be happier with them. Stay away from Open Drive!

  7. I’ve tried a lot of things to find the perfect cloud solution. I report, the Open Drive is far from perfect, but it’s far the best option I’ve found.

    Maybe a bit simple, not flashy, but very reliable, the synchronization is good, and the batch file upload is really fast!

    So, I can heartily recommend for everyone!

    1. I`m not agree with You!

      This service is not working at all… as expected. We have lost a lot of files because of the administrators.

      1. I am very sorry that you have experience in this regard.

        At this very moment I’m uploading flawless, with full speed, what I have (20 Mbps).
        It never had any problem with the sharing or uploading by a guest. (These services I use it almost every day.)
        In addition, almost 1TB data of mine is kept in sync between two machines, also in daily use.

        It’s true, I’ve never had any business with the customer support team, it was never necessary, so, I do not know how it works.

        1. I have so far enjoyed my usage of the storage site, its very user friendly and serves me for the purpose i use it for

  8. Yesterday I decided that I will not upload my data any more to that system. Here You have some reasons why:
    – very slow upload, (my DSL 10mbit/upload, 50mbit download) to upload 2GB of files I need 1 day (~12h)!!!! This is limitation setup by windows client.
    – during upload system missing files a specialy if You uploading big folder with hundreds of files (After upload I realised that I have 45% of files with size 0kb – I lost my data)
    – its not encrypted storage, so it means that all Your data are visible for admins
    – test environmnet is connected to production system, so it means that not ready exploitable is connected to Your data – that means that somebody can hack and still Your data
    – is in beta stage but its allowed in production (!!!) , login to keep in my mind that Your password is not encrypted (its only HTTP)
    – if something is wrong, support will always tell You that is problem with Your device or Your network connection. I opened 5 tickets to them and solution for all tickets was the same – latency problem (even if I used professional server connection… )

  9. I`m opendrive customer since few weeks. I cannot say any good word about this company. The biggest problem for me is VERRRRYYYY slow upload. If You are planning to upload some gigs, forget it a specially on MAC platform. Personal for me its not working and I will not use it any more.

  10. Terrible service!
    Its hard to upload even small file. Support always saying that the problem is on the customer side.

    Instead of I suggest to use much better service with geolocated datacenters and perfect support – is a crap. They will also not return Your money if You will not be satisfied. Please be aware from this service! They are focus more on the making money rather than on the perfect service.

  11. Reading that comments I decided that I will not buy account by opendrive. I tried to contact with support several times but without result. Nobody would like to pick up phone.

    Also I tried to upload on demo account several small files, aproximately 80MB. I took almost nine hours. Some files were corrupt.

    It make sense to spend more money for some more stable services.

    This service costs too much and its not stable.

  12. No access to many documents for two months now. Instead of resolving the issue, OpenDrive simply blocked our company from their Twitter feed! It was good when it worked, but right now very poor service

  13. I haven’t used opendrive, but it researching it as a potential cloud storage provider I feel compelled to submit this comment.

    I find “reviews” of this service to be highly polarized.

    Some highly negative posts from disgruntled users reporting actual experiences with the service in which they experienced data loss or poor customer support.

    And (more notably) many, many brief postings plastered all over the web from users urging me to use this service. Generally they don’t go into any depth in these “reviews” and they don’t feel genuine to me. More like a public relations marketing campaign.

    So this coupled with their low pricing (which might indicate that they aren’t spending the money required to support a robust infrastructure) is a big red flag for me. I’m not even willing to initiate a free trial to check it out.

  14. Complete fraud.

    Save yourself the stress and buy a hard drive, online storage at this capacity and price is 100% to good to be true.

    I learnt the hard way.

  15. I’ve just started so I can’t give many details.
    Still with the free version to check how it works on windows. It doesn’t have a linux version though 🙁

  16. I had nothing but headaches with this service. Paid $299 and the app crashes and won’t work on Mac or PC, the webdav does not work and after three months, I’m still waiting for a refund and have filed a complaint with the BBB.

  17. Sooo i just started using OpenDrive and am greatly impressed.

    It has uploaded everything that I could hope for, and is allowing me to save some precious files in the process before re-writing my Mac. Overall iam so happy to have found this program.

    I do have maybe one con?

    It does upload fairly slow for me. BUT considering it’s saving my files.. I can’t even really say that’s a con at all.

    ( Also I am using the free service, and, REALLY happy with it. )

    Sooo i would say get it for anyone looking into it, since it saved me big time!

  18. I’ve been using OpenDrive since BitCasa changed their pricing structure. Overall, I’ve been happy with the service. I currently have 6+TB of data on Opendrive. They have their ups and downs like any other company. There is a lot of functionality in their service that just doesn’t get exploited.

    Sometimes speed is slow, access to files can be disrupted at times, but like I said, it works. I use OpenDrive and Amazon Cloud as online backups, then I burn data to bluray discs. This gives me enough coverage for my backups and access.

  19. This cloud provider has been useless for me for large amounts of data (photographs, etc.). Downloads grind to a halt, for one thing. It’s almost impossible to get my data out! If I try to download more than a few gigs of pictures at a time, OpenDrive gives me a corrupted zip file that I can’t open! After a lot of research, I’m in the process of migrating to pcloud. ( Seems like it’s going to be a much better value for my money.

  20. Used the service for three years on multiple computers. Yes, it was slow in the beginning, but for the last year and a half I have had no issues with upload or download speed (I have had the same Internet service during all this time). The backup/sync software works reliably for me. I have never had any issues with corruption for any files, even those that I have uploaded which I don’t keep locally, but still use. As far as large files, I use it to store hundreds of gigs of raw camera files, audio flac files, and video, among others; I upload and download files with no issues, sometimes 20 or 30 gigs at a time (note: that is using the desktop client, not the web interface, which I only use sporadically). Their iOS app is basic but works. For unlimited storage, it is solid as far as I am concerned. I only wish they offered better encryption.

  21. Don’t use them.

    I’ve had their service for about a year, 2 times (over a couple of months) half my files were not accessible, which meant I wasn’t able to do my job. The second time they simply gave up, one of their hard drives was broken and whatever was there, was lost. They admitted that making their backup’s on the same hard-drive, but on a different partitions was a mistake (I couldn’t believe it when I read that). Currently I cannot access files again, they are broken. So if you wan’t to use this software, be advice, keep your own backup (which kinda beats the purpose for a cloud service)

  22. Most other file sharing companies have hidden (and strict) limits that you usually learn about the hard way (i.e. Dropbox and bandwidth!)

    OpenDrive puts clearly and plainly what you can use their service for, and they even encourage hotlinking! (which most file hosts try to throttle/prevent).

    Great price, great offers.

  23. OpenDrive is a fairly good service. It offers a simple interface, and allows you to get more storage and bandwidth, all for free. 🙂

  24. Unfortunately, the problems started with the dropbox website and with their incomprehensible error 429. But I did not have so much traffic. The site opendrive also have direct links , but given enough traffic. I am used to publish regularly editable tables on other sites , so important and constant synchronization link . I’ll try , and then we will see .

  25. opendrive is a very good sevice and it is free. you can access your drive form you smartphoe. All of the file you upload have two direct links through which you can open or download it directly in the address bar. That is awesome.

  26. WORST F-U-C-K-I-N-G site . They dont refund money as well. Stay away. This is the first time i am writing review . I had to because of SHIT service.

    Slow upload Speed 200kbs
    Files will disappear and u won’t know

  27. They do not have 100% security in their files, if you do not ensure them one by one. Attention! They do not refund the money in the first few days if you are not satisfied.


    If you do not login every 90 days they will delete all your files. I can’t tell you how much this pains me to find out all my files are gone. I am so screwed thank to Open Drive. They didn’t bother to even send me an email telling me the 90 day window was approaching. Will tell all my clients to avoid at all costs.

    “Thank you for contacting OpenDrive, the premier solution for cloud storage, backup and cloud content management.

    We checked the logs and have discovered that your files were removed due to inactivity. It is our policy, as well as part of the terms you agree to when you register, to delete files when a user has not logged in at least once in 90 days. We do this because it is necessary to save server space to keep costs low. Unfortunately, we are unable to recover your files.

    To prevent this from happening again, please be sure to log into your account at least once every 90 days.

    You can also register for a paid account that is not subject to this restriction. We have many affordably priced plans for as little as $5 per month or $50 per year. Please visit to get started.

    We apologize for any inconvenience the file deletion has caused.”

    1. WTF is your problem? Every provider has restrictions on FREE accounts.

      Happy Opendrive customer.

  29. I’ve been using opendrive for a little over 6 months and so far I haven’t encounter many major issues. I created an alarm that reminds me every 80 days to sign in to avoid data loss. And having read a few reviews I’m happy to use it as other services as backup, just in case 😉

  30. I have signed up for the feee version. I am impressed with the sync and backup features.

  31. It’s difficult/impossible to close your account. I’ve been trying for over a week and they just took another payment. There isn’t a simple “close account” button on the website – you have to email support. Then you have to reply to their response to “confirm” that you wish to close the account. Then it still isn’t closed, and the support ticket is ongoing, and they still take your money.

    Stay the hell away is all I’m going to say.

  32. I subscribed for one year. But during the 1st month I saw that opendrive has slow speed for download and upload, some issues with uploading by dragging files in opendrive app…, and I requested to close my account and to refund me money, it passed about 9 days, and they still not gave me an answer. My advice – AVOID OPEN DRIVE. They does not refund money. I appealed to paypal buyer protection and I hope that they will help me to refund my money back.

  33. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! They are a fraud! I tried to cancel my service like two weeks after the term started because all of my files disappeared and they wouldn’t help me unless I gave them a list of every file that was missing (in the thousands – it would’ve taken me months). They refused to give me a refund and Paypal was no help. If you wanna get scammed out of $100 use this company; otherwise use another.

  34. Fast and has a nice simple design. Though I just started using it, friends told me that OpenDrive is a fair and free service for us who are sattisfied with the 5GB. All you have to do to keep your place in the cloud to yourself is login at least once every 9 months!
    I give them the credit they seem to deserve and keep using it for my own goals

  35. I started testing OpenDrive today. It seems a good service of storage space, safe and stable. With unlimited rates of scatter at an acceptable price. I hope that the developers take advantage of the API to create applications to be able to use it even more.

  36. what a scam! do not use them! they simply lie when you reach out to their customer service. I have been told every week that my refund is coming, it’s been 4 months! They just say that whatever problem you are having it’s your computer’s fault. I was never able to upload one video. I asked for a refund the same day I payed after realizing their service wasn’t working. Worst $100 spent of my life.

  37. I tried Open Drive, I liked the software and app, all worked fine. Just didn’t like certain things about it. Phoned their customer support for help, just went around and round in circles with them. Sounded like the guy was stoned out of his face. I was calling from the UK and my phone bill was £87 extra due to phoning USA trying to sort this issue with them. Got nowhere. Asked for a refund, they instead took ANOTHER payment. Have been waiting over a month for refund. THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED. Still owed refund, plus I got charged for paying in $ as im in UK so another cost I wont be getting back. AVOID OPENDRIVE!!!

  38. Beware:
    Unlimited Storage = Limitted Bandwith(200kb/s) after reaching 10TB.
    If you stay below, it is a good Service, if you have more data, like i have, forget it 🙁

    1. Read the Opendrive Terms. The company should pays smth for storage and greedy users are limited to speed. Opendrive provides to you unlimited storage, but with some speed restrictions

  39. I’m new to OpenDrive, but I think I like it. The file sharing is easy and I can back up my files, then share those files with friends & family. Fantastic.

  40. I’ve been trying to use OpenDrive for remote file storage. I find OpenDrive frustrating to use. When I try to copy a folder full of photos or folder full of mixed file types I get a lot of error messages, some very cryptic. Usually, once it throws an error it halts the folder copy. I’m then left being unsure of what was actually copied. Some files simply will not copy due to file naming issues or other cryptic reasons.

    I’ve contacted support via email but they give me either very technical answers that aren’t helpful or, more recently, simply say “it’s not designed to do that”.

    Though I can probably deal with the limitations, I don’t feel comfortable using it as a team storage solution as many of my user have differing experience and technical savvy.

    It’s unfortunate because it looked so promising.

  41. Come on now. Look at that price for unlimited storage. That all by itself is worth using this product. I’ve had open drive ever since the bitcasa fiasco and it only gets better.
    I don’t do a lot of file sharing but I do, do a lot of file retriving and uploading. It’s been a breeze. The PC app needs some help that is for sure but I’ve easily, with vigilance uploaded 40-60 Gb at a time in less than 2 hours. It doesn’t slow my computer like drop box can.
    The one thing I do not like is the billing system. It has been an issue that they don’t record payments that come out of my checking account, but it’s been easily resolved. I think they are understaffed. They have to be otherwise the support issues would be resolved in a faster, more pleasant way. But how about drop box support? It’s hardly better. I’m sticking with them till they kick me out. Although they offer unlimited storage, I persoanlly would not store more than 10 TB without opening another account. There is a point of just being fair and I can understand why they would need to limit bandwidth on accounts that go above that because people would have coplete business storage at essentially no cost and that isn’t in the terms of use . It can be done covertly but it breaks the terms of use spirit too.

    People need to get real and be reasonable on what these businesses can offer, and at what price. I think Open drive has hit a nice middle ground for what they do offer. If you need something else there’s no need to call them names, just go to another cloud solution that fits your particular needs better.

    1. Polish a turd and it’s still a turd .. just because they offer you unlimited turds doesn’t make it better. Download speeds of anything between 300 kbps and 0 kbps, corrupt files, albums with missing songs, 14 hours to download 21gb, numerous error codes … once I’ve got everything downloaded from them, I will not be returning.

  42. Much better than Acronis which team are declined their unlimited plans, offered since ~2015

  43. Great product, use for work and its fantastic. If there was anything I could recommend as a feature it would be an option for 2FA.

  44. I read almost all comments. And I started to use OpenDrive today. My first quick review is file upload still a bit slowly. But these price is the best option for unlimited storage. So for now, I’m verry happy to find this service to use for cloud storage. But I don’t know what is waiting me in the future. Thanks for detailed review.

  45. I’ve been using Opendrive for several years now. I’m VERY dissatisfied but I can’t find any other service that is “unlimited”. But then, although they claim unlimited, Opendrive is very much limited.

    Their interface is poor and difficult to use. Syncs fail often. Forget trying to share an mp3 or other file to someone like you would with Dropbox or Box.

    I had a hard drive crash and went to try to recover some files and realized it had only backed up about 100mb of the hard drive! Set to back up for well over a year. Because it was Drive C it kept failing.

    At 14TB the speed has dropped to unusable levels. When I asked support (very poor support, believe me, I’ve used it multiple times), they said 14tb is too much and I need to get a business account because I backed up multiple computers and I”ve used it from 2 IP addresses (my home and church).

  46. I rely on the “set it and forget it” dependability, the ability to view and recover files remotely, and the security of off site storage.

  47. Simple, free, and tolerates slow internet connections if you’re not using large files.

  48. I’ve been using it for a little while, but so far it has been great. The upload speed is a bit slow on my free account, but nothing too bad. I like the clean interface, easy to use.

  49. Opendrive is currently the only cloud storage operator that offers unlimited data storage space. How is it possible? Simple. It limits the upload speed by discouraging and often making it impossible to upload files. An example? It takes about 10 hours to upload files for a total of 10 GB, if everything is OK and some uploads fail. This explains how it offers unlimited space, simply by making its use impossible.

  50. Great. The upload speed is a bit slow on my free account, but nothing too bad. I like the clean interface, easy to use.

  51. I’ve used dropbox and many many orhers, and have found OpenDrive to be the cleanest set up in cloud storage. You can hotlink, direct link and many more features. Great for mp3 hosting and linking as well. They even have a sync folder to keep your files up to date. Love it!

  52. It has some limitations with the free version but it works for what i wanted it for. i have no complaints so far.

  53. It’s not unlimited, I’ve reached15Tb worth of files and they limited my uploads, I couldn’t even upload a word document anymore. When I got in touch with them they said it’s unlimited to certain point, and if I wanted to upload more I could see other plans and pay for the extra Gb. I work with video editing and have a ton of raw footage, it’s not truly unlimited, they just set a high value and hope for the standard user to never reach it, if you do, you pay extra =/

    1. OD doesnt have unlimited space on storage servers. There is a hard limit of uploading speed when you reach 10TB of used space.

      1. so if I purchases the business unlimited plan, and just so happen to exceed 10TB after extensive usage, I will not be allowed to upload anything? isn’t that false advertising?

  54. For a CURRENT/UPDATED Test, I just tried OpenDrive today 3/19/20 and tried it using an 88MB file and Fast Internet. Upload/Download Test.

    OpenDrive: 8 MIN to upload & 8 MIN to Download
    GoogleDrive: 1:20 upload – 0:08 Download DropBox: 1:06 upload – 0:04 Download

    ALSO NOTE: This was a video file, .MOV.
    I Could NOT view the video in the browser, but could immediately view it in both DropBox and GoogleDrive.
    As we do photography & videography, this was ESSENTIAL. Large Files and Client Delivery, so unfortunately, we CANNOT use OpenDrive.

    1. CORRECTION: I requested a free trial of OpenDrive and the results were different:
      1:27 upload – 0:08 download

      So the Premium Version has faster upload/download speeds.

      Videos do NOT play in Google Chrome.
      Videos play but do NOT have sound in Firefox.
      Videos play fully in Safari, but buffer like crazy!

      So seems like a Great Use…. as long as you’re not a videographer.

      1. OD is great for personal backups and for backup of small office. We aren’t a great company dropbox, just doing small business for small companies and users

  55. I signed up for the FREE Drive. Working Well but I’ve run into bandwidth limits. My fault, I will be more aware of that in the future. Can’t really complain about FREE. Thanks Open Drive!

  56. I was using SpiderOak for backup and sync between my home desktop and laptop. I had all of my files being sync’d. Then it stopped working. SpiderOak said they have a limit of how many files can sync. So I went looking for another provider. I don’t always have both computers on at the same time, especially for the entire time it might take to sync (nor do I want to, say, always leave on my home desktop) so a P2P service like Resilio Sync isn’t going to work. I wanted a zero-knowledge service. OpenDrive works and seems to work well. I don’t use the backup feature since I kept my SpiderOak account (I was an early user and so I have unlimited storage with them). I found it easy to setup. When I called with a question, they were available by phone (SpiderOak is not, and they can take 1-3 days to get back to you). They stuck with my questions until everything was working. I found the interface straightforward except to make sure I used the zero-knowledge folder (the encryption folder), but as I said, they were able to help me immediately by phone. I have had two long video files fail to sync, they said chkdsk might solve the problem, it did not, but the files seemed to have transfered. My ONLY gripe, is at times the service seems to slow down the computer, especially my desktop. You can see the mouse cursor skip. Reading about the backup/sync frequency setting, it seems the software is essentially always running, always checking for file changes, the technical term is continuous polling. SpiderOak does not seem to do that so I would say one change that I would certainly pay more for would be to run in more of an interrupt mode, where OD engages only when the file system makes a change of some sort.

  57. Great price, basic use. It’s not as “easy” as others, and the interface might be a bit “out of date” but it’s a basic application that preforms it’s job as it should, and for a price you can’t beat.

  58. This is a great storage for My Music works. I love Open Drive because I had my project files backup

  59. I think this be only used for desktop, but the opendrive, you can use on mobile browser or desktop browser! You can still upload your files.

  60. Fast upload and also fast download. Great. The platform is easy to use. Thanks.
    Excellent. The best cloud service I used.

  61. Its awesome this service and cheap, It solved all my synchronization problems and now I can share all the files I want with my friends and co-workers. Thank you, you have solved my digital life.

  62. Have been using OpenDrive as our automated daily backup system for over 3 years and works well for my business. Easy to use, set and forget.

  63. Love Open drive , thanks for giving out some free storage , especially in these times , comes in handy

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