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How to Get Netflix for Free Netflix Free Trial

Is There a Netflix Free Trial? How to Watch Netflix for Free or Cheap in 2024

The end of the Netflix free trial in Kenya and the enforcement of password-sharing restrictions in the U.S. are part of Netflix’s efforts to get users to sign up for paid plans. Read our guide to learn how to get Netflix for cheap.

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Key Takeaways: Netflix Free Trial Options & Alternatives

  • Netflix doesn’t offer free trials in the U.S. The provider discontinued the free trial in 2020 and has made similar moves in other countries, including terminating the Netflix free trial in Kenya in 2023. 
  • Some major carriers in the U.S., such as T-Mobile, offer Netflix and other streaming services as a free perk. 
  • You can still get Netflix for cheap by splitting the cost with friends or family or using discounted gift cards and promo codes.
  • You can buy cheap Netflix in countries like Turkey, where the Premium plan costs 199.99 TL or $7.17 per month, more than $12 cheaper than the equivalent plan in the U.S.
  • Choose a VPN that has servers in the country you want to purchase a subscription. ExpressVPN is our top VPN suggestion for Turkey, and it has a wide server spread.

While Netflix has an excellent catalog of movies and TV shows, it’s undeniably not a cheap streaming service. The pricing, coupled with the provider’s move to cut the Netflix free trial, can be off-putting. Worse still, the password-sharing crackdown has locked out users who were leeching off their family’s or friends’ Netflix accounts, compelling them to get their own.

If you’re looking to get a Netflix account of your own, there’s an option to get Netflix for free through your carrier. While the method is not technically free and is still dependent on a number of conditions, it’s worth considering. If that doesn’t suit you, we’ll show you how to get Netflix paid plans for cheap.  

  • 02/16/2022

    Changed Netflix’s pricing to reflect the recent increase.

  • 10/03/2023

    This article was updated to reflect Netflix’s decision to deactivate the free Kenya plan.

  • 11/20/2023 Facts checked

    Updated the article to include fresh details about Netflix’s rising prices, Netflix password sharing crackdown, and the discontinuation of free trials worldwide.

Is the Netflix Free Trial Still Available?

Netflix’s free trial is no longer available. The streaming giant phased out the 30-day free trial in the U.S. in October 2020 and scrapped the watch-free options from its website months later. The company made similar moves in 2023 in countries where free trials were available, including Kenya and Vietnam.

Netflix Cancels Its Free Trial in Kenya

The free trial in Kenya was the latest option to watch Netflix movies and shows without paying a dime. Users worldwide could connect to a VPN with a Kenyan server and sign up on Android phones without a credit card. 

Netflix free trials
Netflix announced that when the free plan ends, all free accounts in Kenya will be deleted from Netflix’s database. 

Even though the Netflix content was limited, the free trial gave users an ad-free experience. Moreover, new users got personalized recommendations and options to create multiple profiles, as well as set up parental controls to protect the little ones. 

Sadly, in October 2023, the streaming provider announced plans to discontinue the free trial in Kenya as of Nov. 1, 2023. Instead, Netflix urged users to switch to one of their paid plans.  

How to Get Netflix for Free: Is It Still Possible?

If your budget is too tight to get a paid Netflix account, you’re not out of luck. Some of the major carriers in the United States offer Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and other streaming services as free perks. For example, T-Mobile offers Netflix for free.

Get a Free Netflix Account From T-Mobile

T-Mobile has a promotion dubbed “Netflix on us” where new subscribers get a Netflix subscription at no extra cost. Even though this option isn’t technically free, you may consider it, particularly if you’re shopping for a U.S. phone carrier. 

T-Mobile free Netflix offers
You can get either the Netflix Basic or Standard plan with
a T-Mobile subscription at no extra cost.

With the offer, you get either the Netflix Basic or Standard plan — the Premium plan is not eligible for this promotion. Moreover, only some T-Mobile subscriptions get you the Netflix-for-free perk, and you must meet specific conditions to qualify. 

To get the Netflix Basic plan (with one screen), you have to maintain:

  • One qualifying Go5G Plus, Go5G Next or Magenta MAX line
  • Two or more lines on Magenta or GO5G plans. 

The Netflix Standard plan is available for users with two qualifying lines on Go5G Plus, Go5G Next or Magenta MAX plans. 

How to Get Netflix for Cheap

While the free Netflix offers are worthwhile, they aren’t viable for everyone. For example, the T-Mobile “Netflix on us” offer isn’t available to users outside the U.S.

Plus, Netflix or the internet service provider (ISP) may discontinue these offers at any time. If you dread the uncertainty of the free offer, you could try some of the following options to get Netflix at a discount. These options save money and don’t limit the collection of movies and TV shows at your disposal.  

Reduce Your Bill With Netflix Promo Codes and Gift Cards

Netflix promo codes can help shave a few dollars off your subscription. You can get verified promo codes on Groupon, RetailMeNot and Slickdeals. 

Getting a discounted Netflix gift card is another way to reduce your bills. For example, you can buy discounted gift cards from or MTCGame. The platforms buy unused or partially used Netflix gift cards and sell them at a discount. 

How to Redeem a Gift Card With an Existing Netflix Account

If you’re redeeming a gift card on an existing account, then:

  • Go to the Netflix site
  • Click “redeem gift card” at the footer
  • Enter your gift card code or PIN
  • Hit the “redeem” button
Netflix gift card
Netflix makes it easy for new and current users to redeem their gift cards.

How to Redeem a Gift Card With a New Netflix Account

If you are creating a new account, the option to redeem your gift card is on the payment page. 

  • Go to the Netflix payment page
  • Select “gift code” 
  • Enter the gift code 
  • Hit the “redeem gift code” button
Netflix discounted gift card
You can take advantage of discounted gift cards to claim the Netflix offer.

Get Around the Account-Sharing Ban & Share a Netflix Account

Before the Netflix password-sharing crackdown, you could share an account with members outside your household. These days, only members of the same household can share an account. If you live under the same roof with your friend, leverage this option to split your Netflix subscription bills. 

For example, if you split the U.S. Netflix Premium price among three friends, everyone pays $6.66 per month. Netflix Premium allows up to four devices, meaning each person can stream movies on their devices without a hitch.

You can use Netflix password-sharing workarounds to share accounts with friends and family outside your household. However, if you prefer to play by the new Netflix terms, there’s an option to add an extra member. You can add one extra member on the Standard plan or two with the Premium plan. 

Suppose all three friends don’t live in the same household. You’ll need the Premium plan ($19.99) and pay for two extra member slots for $7.99 each. If you share the total cost, each person will pay $11.99 per month, saving $8 per month. With this option, each extra member gets their own account and password.

Get Netflix in Another Country

Lastly, if the above options aren’t viable, consider buying Netflix in one of the countries where it’s cheaper. Remember, the Netflix pricing structure differs from country to country. While users in some countries, like the U.S., pay higher prices, users in countries like Kenya pay much less. 

How Netflix U.S. Compares With Netflix in Other Countries

Country:Netflix Standard (with ads)Netflix StandardNetflix Premium
🇺🇸 US$6.99$15.49$19.99
🇬🇧 UK$6.08$13.38$19.47
🇰🇪 Kenya$2.01$4.69$7.37
🇧🇷 Brazil$3.73$7.88$11.40
🇹🇷 Turkey$3.59$5.38$7.17
🇦🇱 Albania$5.26$8.42$10.53
🇵🇰 Pakistan$5.40$9.61$13.21
*These rates are based on exchange rates at the time of publishing.

You may incur a small cost to buy the best VPN to access Netflix in another country and get an uninterrupted streaming experience. Luckily, some of the best free VPNs offer servers in countries with cheap Netflix. For example, Windscribe has a free server in Turkey, whereas TunnelBear offers a free server in Kenya. 

How to Use a VPN to Get Netflix for Cheap

In this step-by-step guide, we’ll use ExpressVPN — the best VPN for Netflix — to subscribe to a premium plan on Netflix Turkey. You can also try Windscribe, one of the best free Netflix VPNs

  1. Buy a Turkish Netflix Gift Card

    Go to the MTCGame website and buy a Turkish gift card. Ensure the gift card is in Turkish Lira because Netflix only accepts payments in the currency of the country where you’re creating an account. Additionally, make sure the gift card value equals or exceeds the price of the Netflix plan you’re buying.

    Netflix Turkey gift card
  2. Connect to a Turkish Server

    Open ExpressVPN and connect to a server in Turkey. Do a DNS leak test to confirm that you have a Turkish IP address.

  3. Create a Turkish Netflix Account

    If everything looks OK, search “Netflix Turkey” on your browser and open the website. Enter your email and click “get started.” Create your password, choose a preferred plan and click “next.

    Netflix Turkey account
  4. Redeem Your Gift Card

    On the payment page, select “gift code,” enter the gift card code sent via email and hit “redeem gift code” to complete the signup. Skip the option to “set up payment for later,” and follow along with the signup wizard.

    redeem Netflix gift card
  5. Enjoy Cheap Netflix

    Sign in to your newly created Netflix account from anywhere and enjoy uninterrupted streaming on desktop, mobile or TV.

    binge watch content on Netflix

Renewing your Netflix Turkish Subscription

Netflix serves content based on your current location, not the country where you’re subscribed. In this case, you’re not stuck with Netflix Turkey. If you’re based in the U.S., you’ll access the U.S. library when you log in with the credentials we created. You can also use a VPN to access Netflix libraries worldwide. 

Another thing to note is that your subscription is tied to the pricing model of the country you’re subscribed to — in this case, Turkey. As a result, subsequent subscriptions will be charged based on the Netflix Turkey pricing model. 

Final Thoughts: Netflix for Free or Cheap

Netflix’s free trial may be unavailable, but there are plenty of options to get the streaming service for cheap. You can split the bill with friends and family, or get a discounted gift card to save money. Note, though, that the former may require you to jump through the latest Netflix password-sharing hoops.

If you want a pretty straightforward alternative, buy Netflix in a country where it’s cheaper. You’ll incur a small cost to buy a VPN, but that’s only for the initial subscription. Learn how to get a Turkish IP address. for the setup You won’t need a VPN to renew your Netflix Turkey outside of Turkey though. 

For more Netflix-hack type of articles, check out our piece on Netflix secret codes. It discusses how to access hidden content on the streaming service. If you’re a fan of free entertainment, you might enjoy our article on what is Stremio. This guide reveals how to install and use the platform for finding free content.

Have you subscribed to Netflix in a country where it’s cheap? Which country do you think offers the cheapest Netflix? Did you use a paid VPN or a free one? Which VPN services did you use? We’d like to hear about it in the comment section. As always, thanks for reading.

FAQ: Netflix for Free

  • Netflix no longer offers a 30-day free trial. The streaming service scrapped the offer in October 2020 in the U.S.

  • According to Netflix, the company got rid of the 30-day free in the U.S. to pursue “different marketing promotions” in the country, improve subscribership and give paid users a better experience.

  • Netflix doesn’t have a 14-day free trial or a free trial of any kind.

  • To get Netflix for cheap, you can split the bill with friends and family or get discounted gift cards. However, the best option would be to buy Netflix in a country where it’s cheap.

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