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Netflix Secret Codes 2024: Full List of Netflix Codes for Movies & Hidden Content

Feel like you’re not seeing everything that’s available on Netflix? Your Netflix homepage is based on what you’ve previously watched, so you’ll only see suggestions for titles in the same genres. To get past this, you can use Netflix secret codes. We’ll show you how in this article.

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Key Takeaways: Netflix Genre & Category Codes

  • Netflix has a list of genre codes that can be used to show all the titles in a specific category.
  • To use a code, all you need to do is add it at the end of a special URL:
  • Due to Netflix’s regional restrictions, some codes might not work in certain countries. However, you can get past geoblocks with a reliable Netflix VPN, like ExpressVPN.

Netflix has enough movies and shows in its library to cause a popcorn shortage at your local store. However, when you’re scrolling through Netflix’s homepage, you might feel like you’re not seeing the full package. Well, that’s because you’re not. The only way to see everything Netflix has to offer is to use this Netflix secret codes list.

Netflix uses an algorithm to customize each user’s experience. It collects data about a user’s interests and what they’ve watched. Netflix then uses that data to recommend similar shows and movies the user might like.

This means your front page is only showing a portion of Netflix’s library. Thankfully, you can sneak past its limited selection and access complete genre lists using specific codes. In this article, we’ll list all the available Netflix codes and show you how to use them.

Note that regional restrictions on Netflix means that some codes might not work in your country. However, a good virtual private network (VPN) can get past those geoblocks — though you’ll need one of the best VPNs that can bypass the Netflix VPN ban.

  • 04/29/2022

    Updated the list of Netflix category codes to include “Short-Ass Movies,” a new Netflix category influenced by SNL’s “Short-Ass Movie” skit (code 81603903).

  • 09/07/2023

    Updated the structure of the article for better clarity.

  • 09/19/2023

    Some readers have pointed out that they could not get certain codes to work. We tested all of the codes and can confirm they are all up to date, as long as you are connected to Netflix via the U.S.

How to Use Netflix Secret Codes

Before we start, note that the below method does not work on the Netflix app — you have to use the website. Thankfully, the process is even easier for app users: Simply copy and paste the code into the Netflix search bar and you’re done!

Alternatively, once you’ve found something you like in the browser, you can add it to “my list” and watch it in the app. 

If you prefer watching Netflix on your laptop, the steps are still super easy to follow. We’ll show you how it works with screenshots.

  1. Find a Code and Enter It at the End of the Netflix Genre Browsing URL

    Find the code for the content category you want to browse in our list below. Once you’ve found it, enter the code at the end of this Netflix URL: Press enter. You’ll now see all the shows and movies associated with that genre.

    secret netflix codes url
  2. Find a Show or Movie You Want to Watch

    Browse through the category and find something you want to watch. If you click a title and scroll down, you can then click on other genres, cast members, the director and so on to bring up other titles you might like.

    netflix secret codes related

Netflix Secret Codes List

In this section, we’ll list all available Netflix codes according to category. Each category has a general code, which we’ve popped in the heading, and subcategories listed below. 

We have tested all of the codes and we’re positive that they all work, though with a small caveat. Netflix’s content differs by country, so whether the codes work and what content is included in the category will depend on where you’re located.

It’s easy to unblock content from different regions, though, and you could use a reliable streaming VPN to get past geoblocks like this. If you want a few quick suggestions, ExpressVPN is our top recommended VPN for Netflix, followed closely by NordVPN.

Action & Adventure — Code 1365

Action Comedies43040
Action Thrillers43048
Asian Action Movies77232
Classic Action & Adventure46576
Comic Book & Superhero Movies10118
Crime Action & Adventure9584
Foreign Action & Adventure11828
Martial Arts Movies8985
Military Action & Adventure2125
Spy Action & Adventure10702

Animation — Code 4698

Adult Animation11881

Anime — Code 7424

Anime Action2653
Anime Comedies9302
Anime Dramas452
Anime Fantasy11146
Anime Features3063
Anime Horror10695
Anime Sci-Fi2729
Anime Series6721

Children & Family Films — Code 783

Animal Tales5507
Education for Kids10659
Family Features51056
Kids Music52843
Kids TV27346
Movies Based on Kids’ Books10056
Movies for Ages 0-26796
Movies for Ages 2-46218
Movies for Ages 5-75455
Movies for Ages 8-10561
Movies for Ages 11-126962
TV Cartoons11177

Classics — Code 31574

Classic Comedies31694
Classic Dramas29809
Classic Foreign Movies32473
Classic Sci-Fi & Fantasy47147
Classic Thrillers46588
Classic War Movies48744
Classic Westerns47465
Film Noir7687
Silent Movies53310

Comedy — Code 6548

Dark Comedies869
Foreign Comedies4426
Late Night Comedies1402
Political Comedies2700
Romantic Comedies5475
Screwball Comedies9702
Slapstick Comedies10256
Sports Comedies5286
Stand-Up Comedy11559
Teen Comedies3519

Documentaries — Code 6839

Biographical Documentaries3652
Crime Documentaries9875
Foreign Documentaries5161
Historical Documentaries5349
Military Documentaries4006
Music & Concert Documentaries90361
Political Documentaries7018
Religious Documentaries10005
Science & Nature Documentaries2595
Social & Cultural Documentaries3675
Sports Documentaries180
Travel & Adventure Documentaries1159

Drama — Code 5763

Biographical Dramas3179
Classic Dramas29809
Courtroom Dramas528582748
Crime Dramas6889
Dramas Based on Books4961
Dramas Based on Real Life3653
Foreign Dramas2150
Gay & Lesbian Dramas500
Independent Dramas384
Military Dramas11
Period Pieces12123
Political Dramas6616
Romantic Dramas1255
Showbiz Dramas5012
Social Issue Dramas3947
Sports Dramas7243
Teen Dramas9299

Horror — Code 8711

B-Horror Movies8195
Creature Features6895
Cult Horror Movies10944
Deep Sea Horror Movies45028
Foreign Horror Movies8654
Goofy Horror Movies4021
Horror Comedy89585
Monster Movies947
Satanic Stories6998
Slasher & Serial Killer Movies8646
Supernatural Horror Movies42023
Survival Horror2939659
Teen Screams52147
Vampire Horror Movies75804
Werewolf Horror Movies75930
Zombie Horror Movies75405

Music — Code 1701

Classic Musicals32392
Country & Western/Folk1105
Disney Musicals59433
Jazz & Easy Listening10271
Kids Music52843
Latin Music10741
Rock & Pop Concerts3278
Showbiz Musicals13573
Stage Musicals55774
Urban & Dance Concerts9472
World Music Concerts2856

Romance — Code 8883

Classic Romantic Movies31273
Quirky Romance36103
Romantic Comedies5475
Romantic Dramas1255
Romantic Favorites502675
Romantic Foreign Movies7153
Romantic Independent Movies9916
Steamy Romantic Movies35800

Sci-Fi & Fantasy — Code 1492

Action Sci-Fi & Fantasy1568
Alien Sci-Fi3327
Classic Sci-Fi & Fantasy47147
Cult Sci-Fi & Fantasy4734
Fantasy Movies9744
Foreign Sci-Fi & Fantasy6485
Sci-Fi Adventure6926
Sci-Fi Dramas3916
Sci-Fi Horror Movies1694
Sci-Fi Thrillers11014

Sports — Code 4370

Baseball Movies12339
Basketball Movies12762
BMX & Extreme Riding4582
Boxing Movies12443
Car & Motorsport Movies49944
Football Movies12803
Martial Arts, Boxing & Wrestling6695
Soccer Movies12549
Sports Comedies5286
Sports Documentaries180
Sports Dramas7243
Sports & Fitness9327

Thrillers — Code 8933

Action Thrillers43048
Classic Thrillers46588
Crime Thrillers10499
Foreign Thrillers10306
Gangster Movies31851
Independent Thrillers3269
Political Thrillers10504
Psychological Thrillers5505
Sci-Fi Thrillers11014
Spy Thrillers9147
Steamy Thrillers972
Supernatural Thrillers11140

TV Shows — Code 83

British TV Shows52117
Classic TV Shows46553
Crime TV Shows26146
Cult TV Shows74652
Food & Travel TV72436
Kids TV27346
Korean TV Shows67879
Military TV Shows25804
Reality TV9833
Science & Nature TV52780
Teen TV Shows60951
TV Action & Adventure10673
TV Comedies10375
TV Documentaries10105
TV Dramas11714
TV Horror83059
TV Mysteries4366
TV Sci-Fi & Fantasy1372

Faith & Spirituality — Code 26835

Faith & Spirituality Movies52804
Spiritual Documentaries2760
Kids Faith & Spirituality751423

Foreign — Code 7462

African Movies3761
Arabic Movies107456
Argentinian Movies100310
Art House Movies29764
Australian Movies5230
Belgian Movies262
Bollywood Movies5480
Brazilian Movies100373
British Movies10757
Canadian Movies107519
Chinese Movies3960
Classic Foreign Movies32473
Dutch Movies10606
Eastern European Movies5254
Foreign Action & Adventure11828
Foreign Comedies4426
Foreign Documentaries5161
Foreign Dramas2150
Foreign Gay & Lesbian Movies8243
Foreign Horror Movies8654
Foreign Sci-Fi & Fantasy6485
Foreign Thrillers10306
French Movies58807
German Movies58886
Greek Movies61115
Indian Movies10463
Irish Movies58750
Italian Movies8221
Japanese Movies10398
Korean Movies5685
Latin American Movies1613
Middle Eastern Movies5875
New Zealand Movies63782
Romantic Foreign Movies7153
Scandinavian Movies9292
Southeast Asian Movies9196
Spanish Movies58741

Cult Movies — Code 7627

B-Horror Movies8195
Campy Movies1252
Cult Comedies9434
Cult Horror Movies10944
Cult Sci-Fi & Fantasy4734

Gay & Lesbian Movies — Code 5977

Foreign Gay & Lesbian Movies8243
Gay & Lesbian Comedies7120
Gay & Lesbian Documentaries4720
Gay & Lesbian Dramas500
Gay & Lesbian TV Shows65263
Romantic Gay & Lesbian Movies3329

Independent Movies — Code 7077

Experimental Movies11079
Independent Action & Adventure11804
Independent Comedies4195
Independent Dramas384
Independent Thrillers3269
Romantic Independent Movies9916

Other Secret Netflix Codes: Unlock More Categories

Besides the genre codes, there are codes and personalized pages that can further tailor your Netflix experience. For instance, aside from Netflix’s “Trending Now” page or its top 10 list, there’s a “Hidden Gems for You” page, which features shows and movies you might have missed.

There are also a few Netflix search codes that can help you narrow your search without choosing a specific genre:

Recently Added1592210
Short-Ass Movie81603903
90-Minute Movies81466194
Two-Hour Movies81396426

Netflix Christmas Codes

If you want to browse through all of Netflix’s Christmas offerings, the following codes will help you.

Seasons Streamings81346420
British Christmas Children & Family Films1527064
Canadian Christmas Children & Family Films1721544
Christmas Children & Family Films1474017
Christmas Comedies1474015
Christmas for Kids1726277
Christmas TV Cartoons1395703
Christmas TV Comedies1395700
European Christmas Children & Family Films1527063
Feel-Good Christmas Children & Family Films1475066
Feel-Good Christmas Films1418977
Festive Family Fun81351538
Festive Favorites107985
Festive Fun393181
Festive Romance394388
Romantic Christmas Films1394527

Netflix Halloween Codes

Family Halloween Treats81346195
Halloween Comedies81510605
Halloween Favorites81336575

How to Find Similar Content on Netflix

If you just finished a movie or series you really liked, you can find similar content by using a special URL and adding the title ID at the end of it. 

  1. Click on the Title and Copy the Title ID

    Let’s say you watched Rick and Morty. All you need to do is copy the ID number at the end of the title’s URL.

    netflix secret codes title id
  2. Add the Title ID to the End of the Similars URL

    Now paste the ID at the end of Netflix’s special URL for similar titles: Press enter.

    netflix secret codes similar titles

Final Thoughts: Using Netflix Codes

Your Netflix account homepage will conjure up shows and movies based on what you’ve watched before, meaning you’re missing out on its full library. The secret Netflix codes in this article might just introduce you to content you haven’t seen before, so why not try them out?

If you’re looking for more Netflix tricks, read our article on the best Netflix hacks, as well as our piece on how to watch Netflix for free.

Have you used Netflix’s category codes before? Have we missed any codes? Do you think Netflix should have a dedicated category page? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section and, as always, thanks for reading.


  • Netflix has category codes you can add at the end of a special URL and browse through all the titles in that category. Simply choose a category, copy the code for it and add it to the end of this URL: You can find the full list of secret Netflix codes below.

  • Copy the Netflix code of your choice and paste it at the end of this URL:

  • Netflix has a “Hidden Gems for You” page that lists shows and movies you might not have seen.

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