The Top Five Most Generous Free Online Storage Hosts

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Cloud storage services are popping up everywhere. With the ease of use, it is not unheard of for users to have several different accounts so that they can save everything without paying a dime.

In order to help you find the best provider without spending a fortune, we have compiled a list of the five most generous free online storage services.


ADrive no longer offers 50GB of free storage. Read here for more details. ADrive is one of the more generous storage options on the internet. This service isn’t as well-known as their competitors; however, they do give users 50GB of space to save documents.

During the initial 60-day period, consumers are treated to premium features which include: WebDAV, FTP transferring and desktop application.

Those who aren’t interested in paying a monthly fee still get plenty of useful features. These include instant access from anywhere, no need to be at your main computer to view a file. Users can also share files with other users; they do not have to be ADrive customers in order to receive the information.

Plan100GB Plan250GB Plan500GB Plan1TB Plan2TB Plan3TB Plan5TB Plan10TB Plan
Price Plan
$ 2 50monthly
$ 25 00yearly
$ 45 002 years
$ 60 003 years
$ 6 25monthly
$ 62 50yearly
$ 112 502 years
$ 150 003 years
$ 12 50monthly
$ 125 00yearly
$ 225 002 years
$ 300 003 years
$ 25 00monthly
$ 250 00yearly
$ 450 002 years
$ 600 003 years
$ 50 00monthly
$ 500 00yearly
$ 900 002 years
$ 1200 003 years
$ 75 00monthly
$ 750 00yearly
$ 1350 002 years
$ 125 00monthly
$ 1250 00yearly
$ 2250 002 years
$ 700 00monthly
$ 2500 00yearly
$ 4500 003 years
Storage 100 GB 250 GB 500 GB 1000 GB 2000 GB 3000 GB 5000 GB

Three-year pricing plan by request only.

Three-year pricing plan by request only.

Three-year pricing plan by request only.

Sadly, there is no online collaboration feature with the basic service, it’s only available for those who have a paid plan. The free plan does allow users to edit their documents online. Basic plan holders also have access to remote file transfer and an online search tool.


MEGA is probably the best known service with free storage. Like competitor ADrive, users get 50GB of free storage. Customers also get anywhere access as long as they have their security password.

The biggest draw for Mega is the fact that they offer zero-knowledge security. For customers, this means that the service does not store log in information. Passwords are not retained on the company server and additional security passcodes are generated through the use of key and mouse strokes at random.

These additional codes are not stored either.

All files are encrypted during transmission and once saved on the company computers. Of course, this does have some downsides for consumers. If they lose the log in information, it is unrecoverable. Customers will not be able to access their files and these could be lost.

PlanFreePro LitePro IPro IIPro III
Price Plan
$ 5 94monthly
$ 59 53yearly
$ 11 90monthly
$ 118 96yearly
$ 23 80monthly
$ 238 04yearly
$ 35 71monthly
$ 299 90yearly
Storage 15 GB 200 GB 500 GB 2000 GB 4000 GB

Earn more free storage with an incentive program, although rewards expire after a certain period.

1TB Bandwidth.

2TB Bandwidth.

4TB Bandwidth.

8TB Bandwidth.

Despite having zero-knowledge of passwords or content, customers can still share their files with outside users. The recipient is sent an encoded link that will allow them to access the files.


pCloud users can get 10GB of storage free of charge. This service also allows customers to earn additional storage space. Users can refer friends and family to receive more space. They can also perform security steps and follow tutorials to gain more room. Additional space can give them up to 20GB of room.

pCloud has many features that are considered important to most users.

The most important being the ability to not only share files with outside users, but also to restrict those files. The basic service includes collaboration capability with permissions to restrict editing and access by those who are receiving the information.

PlanFreePremiumPremium Plus
Price Plan
$ 4 99monthly
$ 47 88yearly
$ 175 00Lifetime
$ 9 99monthly
$ 95 88yearly
$ 350 00Lifetime
Storage 10 GB 500 GB 2000 GB

Additional features include sync files between devices, never miss an update just because you’re away from your PC! Desktop apps, mobile apps, web browser access, SSL Security and large file sharing.


Microsoft’s OneDrive offers 15GB storage free to personal users. Like pCloud, consumers can get additional storage if they complete a few simple steps. Those with mobile devices can earn an additional 15GB of storage by turning on camera roll uploads.

Users can also earn an additional 500MB for each friend or family member that they refer. This is good for up to 10 new accounts created for a total of 5GB. Consequently, clients can have a total of 35GB if all the steps are completed.

OneDrive allows users to set permissions on files they share with outside users. They can allow the recipients to edit the files that are shared or simply allow them to view the items within their browser.

PlanFree50GB1TB5TBOneDrive BusinessOneDrive Business AdvancedOneDrive Business All-In-One
Price Plan
$ 1 99monthly
$ 23 88yearly
$ 6 99monthly
$ 69 99yearly
$ 9 99monthly
$ 99 99yearly
$ 60 00yearly
$ 120 00yearly
$ 15 00monthly
$ 150 00yearly
Storage 5 GB 50 GB 1000 GB 5000 GB 1000 GB Unlimited GB 1000 GB

Comes with Office 365 Personal.

Comes with Office 365 Home.

Microsoft phone & email support .

Unlimited OneDrive storage.

Comes with full Office 365 suite.

OneDrive has features that will impress some users with anywhere access, web browser support and desktop applications for Windows 7 and 8 (8.1 and 10 have OneDrive built-in). Plus mobile applications for Windows Phone, Android, and iOS. Alongside the ability to edit files within OneDrive.

There are some restrictions. Files cannot be over 10GB in size no matter how the files are uploaded. You also have to install Office apps in order to edit files.

Google Drive

Like OneDrive, Google Drive offers 15GB of free storage. Users who use this cloud storage in order to store photos will notice that this does not count towards the quota in their account. As long as the files are less than 2048 x 2048, they will not take away from the overall total.

Despite getting free unlimited storage of photos as long as they are smaller, users will find that their Gmail storage size is directly tied to their Google Drive storage. Any emails saved will count towards the overall storage quota.

Of course, users are able to share files with others, they do not have to be a Google users. Customers also have the ability to edit files within their account.

Price Plan
$ 1 99monthly
$ 9 99monthly
$ 19 99monthly
$ 99 99monthly
$ 199 99monthly
$ 299 99monthly
Storage 15 GB 100 GB 1000 GB 2000 GB 10000 GB 20000 GB 30000 GB

Free plan.

Annual Discount: 16%

Annual Discount: 17%

Annual Discount: n/a

Annual Discount: n/a

Annual Discount: n/a

Annual Discount: n/a

Any documents created with Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides do not count towards their storage totals. Google does restrict file limit sizes to 5GB or less.


There are a couple that deserve a mention when talking about generous free online storage. Amazon Prime users get unlimited free storage of photos, with 5GB of room for other files.

In addition, offers unlimited free storage. However, this service has several restrictions including advertisements and limitations on who users can share files.

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