When it comes to cloud storage and online backup, free is one of my favorite words. When I first started backing stuff up online, it would never have occurred to me to pay for storage. Things have changed and there are a couple of services I pay for (like Dropbox) for cloud storage and SugarSync (for online backup), just for the security of knowing they will stick around.

Issues to think about with free storage include limitations on transfer bandwidth, document revision storage and support – and you may also have to deal with intrusive ads. Having said that, no-one likes to spend more money than they need to, so I got to wondering how much cloud storage you could get if you took advantage of all the free storage around.

Let me say upfront that there are new providers all the time, so I know it would be impossible for me to identify every single cloud storage service available. If I miss any of your favorites, just let me know. I also haven’t bothered with any of the providers offering less than 5GB of free storage.

There has to be a cut-off point somewhere – and that is mine. And I’ve also tried to avoid listing one-off mega storage deals or storage available to those with multiple accounts. Instead, I’ve listed the usual amount of storage space available on a single free account with each provider.

Despite those restrictions, I still ended up with a huge amount of free storage – scroll to the end if you can’t wait to find out how much.

Starts from $ 825 per month for 1000 GB
Save 17 %

The Free Cloud Storage Powerhouses

Let’s start with the providers who offer massive amounts of free storage. At last count, three cloud storage providers offer 50GB of storage each on a free account, which means 150GB of space if you use them all. MEGA made headlines when it launched with its offer of 50GB of free online storage, though you will have to upgrade if you need storage in the terabytes and high upload bandwidth.

But it wasn’t the first to offer that amount of space. A few years ago, I tried out Adrive, whose personal basic account had the same amount (now however it only offers a 25GB of free cloud storage.

Google Drive and More

Many of us have Google accounts. In fact, it’s getting harder to operate online without one. Google recently unified its storage to offer users 15GB across Gmail, Google+ Photos and Google Drive accounts linked to the same address.

If you’re using Picasa for photos and work regularly with Google Docs, this is useful. (And if you have both a business and a personal Gmail account, then you will end up with double the amount of storage.)

10GB Cloud Storage and Less

Two more providers offer 10GB of online storage. They are Symform and Bitcasa. Cyphertite offers a respectable 8GB of storage, though that comes with minimal support. MiMedia offers 7GB of storage, and Microsoft’s OneDrive offers 5GB (though some older users of this services managed to score 25GB).

At the bottom of this list are providers offering 5GB of online storage with a free account. While Box occasionally offers 50GB as a signup bonus, the stated amount of free storage is 5GB. Other providers offering this amount include:

Starts from $ 408 per month for 500 GB
Free plan available

What’s the Total?

How much does that add up to? If my maths is right, using the free storage available on all the providers in this list should score you a whopping 277GB of free storage – more than enough to store photos, files and a lot of music. If you’re a videophile, you may have to pay for more, depending on the size of your collection.

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And don’t forget that with all the providers offering 2GB for free you could bump up your overall storage total to nearly 300GB, which is nothing to sniff at! If you do manage to get all that storage, the next issue you face is how to manage it effectively. I hope to look at that in a future article.

How much free cloud storage have you managed to get?

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7 thoughts on “Cloud Storage – How Much Can You Get for Free?”

  1. Great writeup, Sharon! With an account on each of these services, we would also need to consider the complementary Cloud Aggregator service.

    I tried as hard as I could to find the link to the one I was evaluating. I ended up dropping it because it was too clunky.

    Did you have any issues with the services that you tried?



    1. Cloudwards.net

      So far, so good, Mitch. I mainly use SugarSync for everyday backup and then store other files selectively on SkyDrive, DropBox and others. I’ve signed up for a few cloud aggregators but haven’t yet found one that will pull in all my storage. I’ll keep looking, though, and will write it up when I do.

    2. Hi. I just wanted to point out DeGoo’s free cloud storage is 100G. I wonder why more people don’t know about it. Anyway, cheers!

  2. I have several email accounts. If I signed up for free 50GB e.g. with Mega.co.nz using these multiple email addresses, I should get quite a lot of free storage. I know this is unethical even to post in public, but what’s stopping people from abusing the free storage space using multiple email addresses? Does anyone know if these service providers will check for similar IP address to prevent such abuse?

  3. @Mitchell me and my team are working as I speak on an app that will allow you to unify all the space available with different providers into a single transparent drive. We are preparing for beta, so if you want to try it, I invite you to sign-up.

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