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Cloud storage is the buzzword of the year. There are hundreds of services that will store your data on their servers but are they really reliable and trustworthy. The question is which is the best cloud storage service for your needs? We’ve scoured the web and our team of experts tested the major services relentlessly to find the best option for you. Here is the criteria that we use to evaluate each cloud storage service: 


With each service we’re using a test folder of 10GB in size which contains a variety of file formats: photos, videos, presentations, documents and music files. We upload those files, then fake a hard drive failure and try to restore those files from the cloud storage service. If a company supports file sync and sharing we test that as well asking questions like: how does the service handle conflicted copies during file sync? How many file versions are created? Can we protect the shared file with a password? And much more. 

Security and Encryption

If you decide to go for a cloud storage service you need to make sure your data is protected and secure. How can you make sure of that? You need to have a look at our cloud storage comparison chart to see which services offer encryption for your files. If a provider doesn’t encrypt your files you may fall victim to data theft.

Best Cloud Storage Services

Best Cloud Storage Services


When people think about cloud storage they forget that it might take time to upload all of your files to a particular service. We measure the time it takes to upload our test folder and document the results so that you can see which services are the fastest. Of course, speed depends highly on your own Internet connection but it is important to know if a cloud company caps your bandwidth manually. 


While our office is full of geeks we perfectly know that most computer users just want things to work. That’s why we test each service of its ease-of-use. How easy is it to get your files uploaded and downloaded? Can you access your files easily via a web interface? Some services use overly complicated software that confuses the user. We listed the ones at the top that are easy to use.

Customer ratings

All of our reviews take into consideration the customer ratings on our site as well as feedback from the tech forums. If a provider receives particularly bad reviews it will reflect on our final judgement of that service. Take your time and read our customer reviews of the leading cloud storage services. They point out the good and the bad. 

Justcloud Review

JustCloud Review

JustCloud is certainly one of the rising stars in the cloud storage market. Who doesn’t want unlimited cloud storage for their files? If you’re just diving into the cloud storage world give JustCloud a risk free trial. 

Starts from
$ 10.69 per month
Visit JustcloudJustcloud Review

SugarSync Review

SugarSync Review

SugarSync is certainly one of the best cloud storage services as it offers cheap storage and a lot of features like file sharing, sync and a web photo album that you can use to easily store and send your pictures. 

Starts from
$ 7.49 per month
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Dropbox Review

Dropbox Review

Dropbox is certainly the most famous cloud storage service and its file synchronisation capabilities are one of the best. Yet, we are missing proper file encryption. It is compatible with Windows and Mac and apps are available for the major mobile plattforms as well. 

Starts from
$ 13.25 per month
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SpiderOak ONE Review

SpiderOak ONE Review

We love SpiderOak because it is certainly the most secure cloud storage service you can get. With their zero knowledge privacy  you can be sure your data is safe. At times it is difficult to understand how some features are intended. 

Starts from
$ 5.00 per month
Visit SpiderOak ONESpiderOak ONE Review

Google Drive Review

Remarkably flexible cloud storage and collaboration.

Google is useful if you’re already using Google Docs a lot. You can bring your documents to your desktop and keep your files in sync. The overall functionality is similar to Dropbox, yet they still need some time to get better reliability.

Starts from
$ 1.99 per month
Visit Google DriveGoogle Drive Review

Amazon Cloud Drive Review

Amazon Drive Review

Amazon’s Cloud Drive has come a long way but it is still in its infancy. Recently Amazon made the leap and released their desktop app but it can’t compete with ElephantDrive or Dropbox.